Seeking Mr. Wrong: When Good Girls Go Bad

We can’t wait to introduce you to the most adorable “dirty book” you’ll read this month! Natalie Charles’s new romance, SEEKING MR. WRONG, stars Lettie, a kindergarten teacher and children’s book writer whose publisher decides to switch to the erotica market…which means that Lettie’s got some homework to do! She needs some help to get her writing spicy, so she turns to the school’s dangerously sexy vice principal for help. Now, who wants to stay after class?


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  1. kimbacaffeinate

    The premise for this sounds like such fun. I love a little romcom.

  2. This one sounds soo good! I Have it on my TBR list!

  3. This sounds like a fun story.

  4. I LOVE the sound of this! *adds to TBR*

  5. I loved this one! Such a fun story!

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