Romeo O Romeo, Where The F Are You

Is there anyone else out there wondering where their one true love is? (hi! you’re not alone!!) Well weirdly enough a man felt that way too and decided to do something about it. The man we’re talking about is Glenn Dixon, author of Juliet’s Answer. Tired of feeling like love wasn’t in the cards for him, Glenn make the bold decision to quit his job as a high-school English teacher and move to Verona, Italy to volunteer his time to answering letters to Juliet.

Wait, that’s a real thing?

Yes, it is!


Glenn spend months answering letters to Juliet in an attempt to heal his own heartbreak and to find a cure for loneliness. What he discovers about love, and about himself, will change his life forever.

Now Glenn is here to give you the love advice you never knew you needed! For the chance to win your own personalized answer to a love letter “from Juliet” all you have to do is tell us about your love troubles in the comments section below! The winner will also receive a copy of Juliet’s Answer.

Sweepstakes ends on 2/17.  Open to U.S. residents only. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.

Want to know more? Listen to our interview with JULIET’S ANSWER author Glenn Dixon here!


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Juliet’s Answer

Juliet’s Answer

Glenn Dixon

The true story of a lovelorn man who quits his job as a Shakespeare teacher and heads for Verona, to answer letters left for the most famous lover of all, Juliet. Guess it's really true that those who can't do, teach. (J/K! We love teachers!)



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  1. How do I enter this contest???

    • And behold, your question is answered! While we (and Juliet) were expecting questions about love, this counts! You can consider yourself entered. -L, the XOXOAD editors

  2. I can’t seem to pick the right guy. While it goes well it never lasts. Should I just sit back and let love find me or go on the hunt. 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. momof3boysj

    I don’t really have any love troubles, but I would love to win a copy of the book.


  4. Tigress1981

    I almost ended my engagement after nearly 3 years together for a coworker who was sweet and sparked my attention. The coworker was cute, sweet, and a fun flirt. When I got home I looked my fiance in the eyes at saw our future together…him playing with our future kids. I couldn’t let that go. I immediately stopped flirting back with the coworker but didn’t try to avoid him. Now, 3 kids and 15 years later, it was the best decision I ever made.

  5. Love trouble……. guess mine would be the best way to reconnect after a very hard year

  6. Juliet, is it wrong to love my cats more than my husband? 🙂

  7. My only child who was 22 years old and the very center of our lives and our love was run over by a bus and killed over 7 years ago. My husband and I had trouble communicating at the beginning and it was a difficult and long hard road to be on. We didn’t talk we fought I cried. He left me I left him. I became deeply depressed and so did he. Finally we came through it. We found out that our love for our son and each other held us together and keeps us fighting for what’s right and to help make the world a much better place.

  8. I was married young, got divorced and married my childhood sweetheart and then he died. I remarried again and we celebrate our 20th anniversary this month. I still love the husband who died and have never loved anyone but him. My husband has his faults galore and is too serious, not romantic at all, and boring, but down deep he has been good to me. Should I stay at this late in my life or should I go?

  9. M problem is I don’t have any Romeo.

  10. Love troubles? That is my trouble, I can’t find love. I haven’t had a relationship…ever! I have looked in all the logical places, but refuse to go on-line to look (have had too many friends end up in bad relationships formed on-line – abuse, lies, already married, etc).

  11. SexyMadamSec

    Dear Juliet,

    I am a 24 year old woman who has focused on her education, graduate degree, and applying for future jobs. I am in the extremely fun position (read: sarcasm) of living in my hometown-suburb with my parents. I can’t find anyone in this town that I can see myself with long-term, and anyone I find online…well it feels cliched to say they only want one thing. My question is in several parts “How do I meet/date someone while living with my parents?” or just “How does anyone meet anyone these days?”

    <3 Stuck in the Suburbs

  12. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  13. I’ve been married almost 30 years. It would take lots more room to write all the love problems I am having!!

  14. I don’t have any love troubles. It’s that bad?

  15. cheriebradley

    Will I ever find love again?

  16. Dear Juliet, my wish from you would be a way to bridge the long distance between my love and myself….different states separate us but only in miles, not affection…

    So Juliet, that is my wish….and to be entered into this contest.. Much love, A Hopeful Heart ❤️

  17. Love, love, love your book giveaways.

  18. featherlight

    No troubles with love except that my husband works 7 hours away! He’s home for the weekend! Yay! I guess what they say is true- absence does make the heart grow fonder!!❤ Thanks for the chance!

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  20. I have this book in my TBR pile. I can’t wait to read it!

  21. No troubles. Don’t want to get into a relationship at the moment.

  22. sunshinehdfan

    Well I’ve been with this guy for 25 years and engaged for 19 years. I can’t seem to take the plunge. Maybe in 25 more years.

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