No Tricks, Just Treats in This Halloween Sweeps!

We want everyone to have a spooooooky good time this Halloween, whether you like partying with your favorite ghosts and goblins, or jump-scaring the neighborhood kids when they ring your bell for trick-or-treat. So we’re dropping this bundle of suspenseful, sexy, and sometimes downright scary books into your bag–and we’ll even throw in some Halloween candy for good measure! To enter for a chance to win all the books you see here, just tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

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Sweepstakes ends November 4th. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.

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  1. My go to all time favourite is a wicked witch.

  2. My go to has always been witch, but I’m considering pirate this year.

  3. I love pirate costumes or maybe that’s just an excuse to carry a bottle of rum aroundπŸ˜‰

  4. shelley582

    My favorite costume was Cousin It from the Addams Family.

  5. My favorite costume? Well, my mother made all of our costumes every year (a tradition I continued with my own son), so thats a tough question. For me, it was a witch costume she made using an old satin skirt of hers. Of the costumes I made, I would have to say a Megaman costume because it was so complicated & came out so amazing.

  6. Readsalot81

    Hmmm, one time I went as the second hump on a camel πŸ™‚ Odd, but fun. Even did a little dance wherever we went lol

  7. My mom worked super hard when I was 7 and made me a horse to ride. You know the type, my legs are the horse’s and there are fake legs on the sides. I think both my sister and brother rocked it, now the grandchildren do. It’s great.

  8. I’m not typically a big costume wearing person. I do always like Alice in Wonderland costumes when I see them.

  9. My mom made me a Peter Pan costume when I was a kid, and I loved it!! I think I wore it 2 or 3 years in a row…I’ve never had one I loved that much since.

  10. Little Red Riding Hood

  11. I don’t dress up, but I just got Maleficent socks at Disneyland, and I am very excited to wear them.

  12. A slip with “Freud” written all over it. πŸ˜€

    • jenniferedit

      That’s hysterical! Would have loved to have heard the reactions you got from that. I’m sure it took a few seconds, then the double take, then laughter. Whomever thought of that idea gets the award for Most Original!

  13. angieg2000

    I always love Werewolf costumes!

  14. My favorite costume was Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have that gypsy spirit πŸ™‚

  15. I love wicked witch costumes, the scarier the better!

  16. bookbunny68

    I don’t dress up but I love seeing the homemade ones over the store bought.

  17. TARDIS costume or Wednesday Addams – depending on how I’m feeling.

  18. Long ago and far away I was at a night club where a couple were dressed up as 2 boobs in a bra!
    The favorite I’ve ever worn is my grass skirt and coconut bra!

  19. my favorite is trinity from the matrix!

  20. Silverwolf

    The costume I had the most fun with was the year I dressed up as a dominatrix, the responses were hilarious

  21. I went as the headless horseman one year but the horse got more candy and treats so now I just go to as a witch.

  22. I dressed as the caterpillar in A But’s Life, “I’m a beautiful butterfly!”

  23. A witch of course, but the scary kind like from the wizard of oz!

  24. I let my kids pick out my costume every year and my favorite one was a Q-Tip. I had never seen anyone dressed up as one before.

  25. My favorite costume was probably when I was a fairy princess as a kid.

  26. Chloegirl0405

    A Witch or a female vampire

  27. evanlynn13

    My fav was when I dressed up as a cereal killer. I had a box of cereal tied around my neck with a rubber knife in the middle of it and fake blood; then a sign that stated “cereal killer”.

  28. Waterlily76

    No need to dress up this Halloween–Husband has had an operation on his nose and at the moment looks a real monster with a big konk and two black eyes.


    Despite all the wonderful costumes I’ve seen, I would have to fall back on the good old bed sheet turned into a ghost costume. It’s simple, easy and can be cut up into cleaning rags after the holiday!

  30. wickster72

    My favorite is when my daughter dressed up as Harley Quinn. She looked just like her

  31. Huskergirl

    My t-shirt that says “Happy Halloween” πŸ™‚

  32. My favorite, standby costume is a genie. Like from “I dream of……


    Good zombie costumes


    When I was in middle school my mom made epic costumes for my sister and I. I was Cruella de Vil and sis was a dalmatian puppy. Best Halloween ever!

  35. Our family went to a halloween party dressed as Hefty Bags and Wimpy Bags one year. And won the prize. So those are my favorites of course.

  36. I love “punny” costumes.

  37. My fav costume is my sexy pirate

  38. My favorite Halloween costume is a naughty nun. I had a full habit costume, accessorized it with a giant cross necklace, and a hollow bible which I filled with a vibrator, a flask and a wind-up hopping penis.

  39. Patti (@TheLoveJunkee)

    I have never done this one but I love when people make the costume where it looks like someone is giving them a piggy-back ride!

  40. My favorite costume was my daughter’s cat and mouse. She wore a cat costume, and we made her pony into a mouse with a gray sheet, ears, whiskers, and tail (using pipe insulation!). She rode the pony, who, luckily, took it in good humor.

  41. roseyrivera

    I like a scary costume, this year my is going as a werewolf and it’s real scary!!!

  42. My favorite costume is one that my daughter wore as an infant and that was a mouse, complete with tail. She was darling!

  43. jenndonald

    One year I was Snow White and I loved it so much, I actually got my costume from the Disney Store and I totally felt like a princess! πŸ™‚

  44. mminerva96

    My favorite Halloween costume is definitely the ghost. Just go with your friends and buy some cheap sheets and draw on them, and have fun! And eat candy!

  45. drlynneadler

    One of the characters from Cats.

  46. HeatherM70

    When I was a kid, my mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll costume and I won a costume contest for it. It was adorable. My girls like princess and witch costumes.

  47. Many years ago my son wanted to dress up in a ghoulish costume for Halloween, so he dressed in black, added a huge black trench coat, and I put on him a white face with black makeup. He looked quite scary if I say so myself!

  48. My husband and I always dress as Dracula and his wife, not original but it works!

  49. I love going as a spooky dead girl!

  50. Mclteasley

    A ghost!


    I dressed up as a fairy with a rainbow fantastic tutu with matching chiffon in my hair. πŸ™‚

  52. One of my favorites costumes as a kid was a supergirl costume.

  53. Debconstien

    A witch or jester

  54. A Vampiressssssssss!

  55. Butterfly! It was so fun and different. There were no other insects in the party.

  56. As a kid it was a mouse costume. As an adult, since I won it and it’s easy, a sheep costume.

  57. socialjsmith

    I always dress like a pirate at home. Pretty much everyone does that, right? It’s not just me? …Great Bunch Of Books in this contest!

  58. papabear3rd

    We did a storm trooper using PVC piping for the armour one year for my son which was awesome. Also did an F4 Phantom plane on wheels where he was the pilot in a “flight suit” and we had taken apart a toy gun and hooked it up to a joy stick so he could shoot. People kept asking if it could really fly. For my daughter, we did a unicorn with a molded head and a light up horn. We won a lot of contests when the kids were small, and had a lot of fun making the costumes.

  59. When I was a girl, my friends and I were Jem and the Holograms!

  60. lenamoster

    My favorite that I’ve done has been a couples costume with my husband–Kaylee and Jayne from Firefly!

  61. My favorite costume was myself and 3 friends dressed as the 3 blind mice and thgthge Farmer’s wife. We had a blast!

  62. πŸ‘»I really enjoyed my daughters library book “The Haunting of Sunshine Girl”!!!πŸ‘» I was on the edge of my seat and excited to see what happened next with every turn of the page, I absolutely loved it!!!πŸ‘»

  63. Oops wrong question and answer!!!!!

  64. My favorite costume is a Baby Ladybug🐞 I’ll always remember my daughters adorable squishy cheeks in her first cozy little costume as we ventured out to get candy for momma!πŸ˜‰ After all 2 months old is toooooooo young for sweets yet!!!!🍫

  65. jennwolf13

    I like fairy costumes.

  66. alicnava@xoxo

    I love all costumes with day of the dead themes. Sugar skull makeup.

  67. I once went to a party and a man came in dressed in a really nice suit and he turned around and there was no suit in the back, just him naked

  68. My boyfriend and I went as a pregnant nun and a priest. You should of seen the looks. Lol

  69. A witch. There are so many fun variations!


    My favorite costume was a ghost

  71. A baby in diapers with a pacifier!

  72. The spookiest books I have ever read are Stephen King’s books. Just about all of them.

  73. My favorite is the witch.

  74. Not particularly a favorite, but one year I went as an M&M. Ironically that was the one candy I didn’t get. All time favorite has to be Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  75. Kimber2629

    My all time Favorite is Elvira although this year I’m going to be Frankenstines Bride πŸ˜€

  76. shirleylaw

    Mine is the Witch Grizzelda who is my profile photo on Facebook all the month of October!

  77. Christinak

    Once when handing out candy a little boy about six cane to my door dressed in khakis and a button down shirt. When I asked him about his costume he said he was a Steven. His mom than told me how he really wanted to be a monster that year but when he put in his costume it scared him. So he was dressed as himself – Steven for Halloween.

  78. I’ve never dressed up for Halloween, so I don’t have a favorite costume.

  79. RStefani72

    One year in high school I fully dedicated myself to my Madonna costume, bleach blonde hair and all, wasn’t easy as a natural dark brown! These days I do love an evil witch! Most wonderful collection of books to win! Happy Halloween

  80. Beccadell1

    A construction worker

  81. momof3boysj

    a witch, of course!

  82. My favorite is a vampire.

  83. I dress up as Amelia Earhart in a flying outfit reminding you of the 1930s.

  84. My favorite costume is Dr. Frank N Furter, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. A few years back my husband took me to a live performance and I dressed as Janet, it was so fun!!

  85. I like dressing up as a character from literature.

  86. A box troll, so you can jump out and scare people XD

  87. The costume everyone else liked was a Titanic nonsurvivor (shortly after the movie). Old fashioned clothes and a life vest dripping with (plastic) icicles and white and blue face paint. My favorite was a couch potato (muumuu, fuzzy bear slippers and a tv remote) because it was so comfortable.

  88. My favorite costume was the neighborhood dentist’s kids. Every year one of them wore the giant tube of toothpaste until they all grew out of it! They loved getting candy because they were the house that gave out toothbrushes!

  89. meredithfl

    My favorite is a picture I’ve seen on the internet–it’s a set of twins dressed up like Twinkies.

  90. featherlight

    Last year me and my sister-in-law were Lavern and Shirley. Our husbands were Squiggy and Lenny! It was pretty awesome!!

  91. hippiechick

    It’s one I made my two daughters. Their bottom halves were Top Hats , , and their top halves were rabbits holding magician wands. Took me forever to find a way to get the brim of the hats to stay up! Their costumes won 1st place at the Town Club. No prize, just recognition which was enough gor them.

  92. A jack-o-lantern

  93. Definitely a pirate.

  94. My favorite Halloween costume is an oldie, but goody. There’s nothing better than a witch. I’m not talking about slapping a witch hat on my head and be done with it. Go big or go home with green face paint, warty nose and a scary cackle to greet the trick or treaters.

  95. Polishlass

    One of the seven dwarfs

  96. clbsweetie

    My favorite costume is dressing from the 80’s. Nothing like dressing up from the good times.

  97. Mrs. Frankenstein

  98. SMJMOM0811

    My all time favorite costume for myself is a vampire or any type of Renaissance costume. My favorite costumes for my kids so far is Disney princess with full skirt for my daughter and authentic pirate for my son.

  99. Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas


    I love the “invisible kid” costume in the commercial where a little boyhas a foot injury, so his friend collects treats for him in his “boot”!

  101. Every year I like to make a new costume. I get a little competitive around halloween, this year I’m going a little steam punk! But my favorite is probably Marie Antoinette. That took yards of fabric and I found a fabulous wig. The only problem is, I can’t drive in the dress or the wig! It’s all too big, too much. So it’s a bit hard to get around in. I don’t know how they did that back then.

  102. I love my Star Wars Mandalorian costume (Boba Fett with boobs and girl colors).

  103. I would say the Grim Reaper, because my sweet grandbaby is one this Halloween. And he is the cutest thing ever.

  104. jenniferedit

    I haven’t dressed up in years, but as a kid I loved to be a witch — I had a really good cackle! — or a ballerina. If I had a costume party to go to now, I’d love to wear a dress with a hoop skirt a la Gone With the Wind. I couldn’t handle that kind of dressing in real life, but for a few hours, it’d be lots of fun!

  105. krather99bq

    I have not dressed up since when I was a kid. My favorite is or I would love to dress up as a Gothic Vampire. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

  106. We always had homemade costumes and went as gypsies with our mother’s old necklaces, long skirts, and shawls.

  107. Spooky costumes are my favorite. #1 a witch- so many different ways to dress as a witch, mom painted me green like the wicked witch of the west and I won the Halloween contest that year, think I was @ seven. # 2 Vampire, sexy and scary. #3 Zombie-easiest homemade costume ever.#4 Ghost, classic, simple and mysteriously creepy.

  108. Once my wife and I went as convicts connected by leg chains.

  109. I haven’t dressed up in years, but I love everything Star Wars! My daughter is going to be Rey this year! πŸ™‚

  110. Sometimes, I like to dress up as a cowgirl!

  111. I have fond childhood memories of being a Gypsy Princess!

  112. Wongbetty99

    Definitely,nice witch

  113. People are scary enough already based on all the harm we do…but if I needed to choose I would most definitely dress up like a wrinkled and torn apart book. At least in my case, my worse nightmare

  114. Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

  115. Fairy godmother for sure

  116. I love when kids make their own costumes – it shows their creativity! I saw one this year who built his own cardboard airplane!

  117. I once dressed as a coal miner, complete with coal dust, boots, light and lunch pail in honor of my Dad.

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