It’s a “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Shower Sweeps!

In case you haven’t heard the news, everyone’s gal pal Bridget Jones is having a baby! When we found out this movie was coming, we just knew we needed to find a way to celebrate. What’s better than a shower where fictional characters have the babies, but YOU get the presents? That’s right, nothing! (except maybe Patrick Dempsey, heeeellllloooo baby daddy).

That’s right! We want to give you a chance to win some our of fav baby-centric novels as a baby shower party favor! To enter for your chance to win Beautiful Beloved, Her Forever Hero, The Single Undead Moms Club, A Lowcountry Wedding, and Dragon’s Lair, please answer the following question in the comments section below: who would you choose to be your baby daddy, Patrick Dempsey or Colin Firth?


Sweepstakes ends October 5th, 2016. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here. Thank you for your participation!

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Beautiful Beloved

Beautiful Beloved

Christina Lauren

Book 7 in the Beautiful series. Parenthood: It's not for the weak of heart. Sara Dillon and the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella (from Beautiful Stranger) try to find a balance between their wild sexcapades and the demands that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy. *** And introducing, Niall Stella, the stiff-upper-Brit hero of Beautiful Secret!!! ***

Her Forever Hero

Her Forever Hero

Melody Anne

The jury is out on whether this match is made in heaven—but with sexy Camden Whitman as lead counsel, they’ll surely find in this sizzling couple’s favor! You’ll want to see the ultra-sexy new Unexpected Heroes romance, based on New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne’s unmatched Billionaire Bachelors series, in chambers.

The Single Undead Moms Club

The Single Undead Moms Club

Molly Harper

In the next book in Molly Harper’s Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, Libby (a widow-turned-vampire) struggles with her transition, and finds out it sucks to be the only vampire member of the PTA…

Lowcountry Wedding

Lowcountry Wedding

Mary Alice Monroe

Nothing could be more enchanting than a summer wedding—or two!—in Charleston’s fabled lowcountry. A centuries-old plantation, an avenue of ancient oaks dripping moss, a storied ballroom, a sand dune at sunset… Yet when a stranger arrives, a long held family secret could silence the bells ringing for the Muir sisters. Scandals surface, family bonds are questioned, and promises are broken and renewed.

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair

Chantal Fernando

She's a good girl, a law student; he's vice prez of the Wind Dragons MC. Forget "opposites attract": this is opposites COMBUST.



192 comments so far

  1. Diane Sallans

    Definitely Colin Firth – love him as Darcy (both versions).

  2. Colin Firth!

  3. featherlight

    Patrick Dempsey!! He’ll always be McDreamy to me!!❤️
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. I’d choose Colin Firth.

  5. VanillaOrchids

    I’m a fan of both actors but in this instance, I have to go with Colin Firth.

    By the way, loved the movie. 😊

  6. Colin Firth for me 🙂

  7. Colin Firth! Whether he’s playing Mr. Darcy or Mark Darcy it is Colin Firth forever!

  8. kosherpickle

    my wife says Patrick Dempsey


    Colin Firth for me!

  10. Oh, Colin Firth all the way. Mm-hmm. (I’ll leave McDreamy for Dr. Grey.)

  11. Colin Firth

  12. Ashley_cool19

    Patrick Dempsey

  13. Patrick Dempsey

  14. Patrick Dempsey!

  15. susansmoaks

    i would choose patrick dempsey

  16. Colin Firth is my choice

  17. I have to go with Patrick Dempsey for this one!

  18. As much as I love Patrick Dempsey, it will always be Colin for me- my favorite Mr. Darcy!

  19. Colin Firth for me – love him in every movie I have ever seen him in!!

  20. Definitely Patrick Dempsey!

  21. slbuchanan91

    I enjoy Colin Firth, but definitely Patrick Dempsey for me.

  22. Definitely Patrick Dempsey! yowza

  23. Patrick Dempsey. Love those rugged looks.

  24. Patrick Dempsey!

  25. I love Colin Firth for dad!

  26. Patrick Dempsey !!

  27. KarnagesMistress

    Patrick Dempsey , because we are both Porsche people! I’ll be the ride-along mechanic, and he can drive.

  28. Colin Firth, for sure.

  29. I don’t know how Bridget made a choice, so hard!! But personally, I’m a huge sucker for McDreamy so I would pick Patrick:)

  30. Patrick Dempsey for sure.

  31. Patrick Dempsey! I thought he was very attractive in Enchanted!

  32. francisellen

    Patrick Dempsey….both are great guys but have always loved McDreamy lol


    Patrick Dempsey.

  34. I would choose Colin, he seems so secure.

  35. soulkissed2003

    Colin Firth, for sure.

  36. Patrick Dempsey it is!

  37. littlecity413

    I would choose Colin Firth!

  38. Both very fine, but Colin!

  39. Colin Firth…

  40. Patrick Dempsey for sure

  41. That’s tough! But I’d have to go with Patrick Dempsey 🙂

  42. Specialk401

    Colin Firth!! Love the accent!!

  43. I love both of them but I think I would go with Patrick Dempsey. Thank you for the chance! ♡♡♡

  44. Patrick Dempsey

  45. Colin Firth because he is Amazing! Good Luck All…

  46. Colin of course

  47. Patrick!!!

  48. Patrick Dempsey, duhhhh!!!

  49. Colin Firth…!! Sigh…a girl can dream, can’t she?

  50. trbbookblog

    Colin Firth for sure <3

  51. Patrick Dempsey!

  52. Dragons Lady

    Patrick Dempsey for me!

  53. Dragons Lady

    Patrick Dempsey for me! I just Love him.

  54. Patrick Dempsey , the sparkle in his eyes draws me in every time!

  55. Patrick Dempsey

  56. I love Patrick Dempsey, but Colin Firth ALL THE WAY! Love that man!

  57. I’d like both 😉 but Colin Firth mm I’d pick him.

  58. I would go with Colin Firth.

  59. Patrick dempsey

  60. Theresa A Fischer

    Patrick Dempsey!

  61. Patrick Dempsey for sure!

  62. While Patrick Dempsey is definitely McDreamy, I’d have to choose Colin Firth! Love him ever since the first time I saw Love Actually.

  63. momof3boysj

    Team Colin, Team Darcy for sure!!!


  64. I have to go with McDreamy Patrick Dempsey!!

  65. Patrick Dempsey of course! 🙂

  66. Patrick Dempsey!!!

  67. I would choose Patrick Dempsey, for sure!

  68. Colin Firth

  69. I’m a fan of both actors – I have enjoyed different movies by each. But I would have to choose Colin Firth.

  70. Colin Firth!!

  71. Colin Firth…..wait, I changed my mind. I choose Patrick Dempsey. I need a do-over….okay, Colin Firth. No wait……Patrick Dempsey. I could keep this up all day….good thing I don’t really have to choose.

  72. Colin Firth is sweet and strong. Still waters run deep.

  73. Chantawadee

    Colin Firth, for sure. What child wouldn’t love to tell their classmates, “My father, Sir Colin Firth, once played King George VI!”

  74. Colin Firth, for sure.

  75. Patrick Dempsey!

  76. Patrick Dempsey. Yummy.

  77. Patrick Dempsey

  78. I would have to go with Colin Firth.

  79. Patrick Dempsey!

  80. Definitely Colin Firth. Love him as both his incarnations of Mr Darcy. Looks quite dashing with his salt and pepper hair.

  81. Colin Firth, without a doubt – love awkward British men!!

  82. Patrick Dempsey

  83. AutumnRiker

    Patrick Dempsey in a heart beat. Mmmmm. I would totally have baby with that hunk of man candy.

  84. Definitely Patrick Dempsey!

  85. Patrick Dempsey!

  86. I would choose Colin Firth. He just seems so much more in touch with feelings.

  87. Colin Firth, if he likes cats.

  88. Definitely Patrick Dempsey

  89. Patrick Dempsey… its hard to beat McDreamy

  90. Patrick Dempsey – McDreamy

  91. Patrick was so attentive and loving in the movie but it’s Colin/Mr Darcy that she should be with!

  92. froggiegirl621

    Colin Firth. No brainer!

  93. Colin Firth, 20 years ago.

  94. Colin Fifth, for always!

  95. my4boysand1

    I would pick Patrick Dempsey

  96. Colin Firth, no contest. Sorry Patrick – you’re just not my cup of tea.

  97. McDreamy… I mean Patrick Dempsey. Thanks for the chance!!!

  98. emolina0813

    I’m going to have to go for Patrick Dempsey! 💙

  99. I love them both, but I would definitely choose Colin Firth. He’s freaking Mr. Darcy! <3

  100. Colin Firth

  101. No question Colin Firth

  102. viceriously

    McDreamy vs. Darcy– tough call!! But I’m Team Colin all the way.

  103. Totally Colin Firth! I could listen to that accent for decades!

  104. Patrick Dempsey

  105. valleylibrarian

    No question at all, Colin Firth.

  106. Colin Firth every time.

  107. Petitenpretty

    I’d choose Colin Firth. He’s so sexy and I love his personality.

  108. Colin Firth! I appreciate Patrick Dempsey and all but no contest.

  109. cherimadison

    Patrick Dempsey without a doubt!

  110. ooh what a tough decision!
    Love the British accent but I think the ruggedness of McDreamy wins out. Patrick Dempsey it is.

  111. Colin Firth all day, every day!

  112. Patrick Dempsey!!

  113. Rjfarrell123

    Love them both, but would choose Patrick Dempsey if asked to choose!

  114. Honestly I don’t know. I’m guessing Firth since I figure he will redeem himself in the end. 🙂

  115. Colin Firth all the way!

  116. Colin Firth

  117. Oh my! Think I’ll go with Patrick. Or maybe Colin. Hate to make hard choices!

  118. Patrick Dempsey

  119. jamiefinger

    Has to be Colin Firth

  120. Colin Firth for sure! Love him!

  121. sammatthews

    I would ALWAYS pick Colin Firth!!

  122. Starshine4U

    Patrick Dempsey!

  123. Beautynbooks83

    Patrick Dempsey hands down!

  124. Wanda Banks

    Patrick Dempsey!

  125. Terri Shortell

    Colin Firth

  126. Patrick Dempsey.

  127. Colin Firth, of course!

  128. Tough choice. Firth? Yes. Because Mr. Darcy rules, and remember that scene with the leather pants in “What a Girl Wants?” AWESOME FATHERING there.

  129. OHHHHH!! Colin Firth.

  130. Uh, Colin Firth, of course!!

  131. Colin Firth, because he would love me just the way I am.

  132. Colin all the way!

  133. Patrick Dempsey … Mc Dreamy lol

  134. Mommanatrix

    Colin Firth! <3 Mr. Darcy!!

  135. Colin Firth

  136. I’d choose Colin Firth in a heartbeat!

  137. Colin Firth, hands down!

  138. Patrick Dempsey

  139. Patrick Dempsey

  140. Colin Firth

  141. Definitely Colin Firth. Absolutely no doubt about it…

  142. Patrick Dempsy !….HAWT !

  143. Listen, I’ve had my experience with good looking men. Doesn’t mean they make great partners. Obviously, Dempsey is an attractive choice BUT, I’ve been following Bridget Jones from the beginning and the relationship Bridget shares with Mr. Darcy is priceless and the absolute perfect match. I’m going to be devastated if these two don’t go the distance and create a brood of little Darcy’s. My pick: COLIN FIRTH.

    I’ve got to read the book BEFORE the movie. Love the series!!!

  144. Patrick Dempsey

  145. Texas Book Lover

    McDreamy will always get my vote!!!!

  146. Patrick Dempsey!

  147. roseyrivera

    Definitely Patrick Dempsey

  148. Faithfulcajun

    For sure, Patrick Dempsey !!!!

  149. Colin Firth

  150. I just saw the movie yesterday and LOVED IT!
    I would definitely choose Patrick Dempsey! Always for #TeamMcDreamy 😉

  151. Colin Firth

  152. Patrick Dempsey definitely!

  153. Colin Firth, I hope he chose me too!!!

  154. ReaderGirl82

    Umm hello, Mr Darcy, Collin Firth!

  155. Patrick Dempsey !!

  156. Rstroud9520

    I like Patrick Dempsey (who wouldn’t?), but I loooove Colin Firth!! Colin Firth for my baby daddy!!

  157. Definitely Colin Firth!

  158. This is a tough one, but if I am being honest, I love me some eye candy! 0_0. Thats me making googly eyes. The winner is PATRICK DEMPSEY

  159. Colin Firth, just love him!

  160. crazygirl412

    Colin Firth all the way!

  161. Patrick Dempsey!

  162. Colin Firth would be my pick . He seems steady

  163. I would definitely pick Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy in a heartbeat!

  164. Patrick Dempsey.

  165. Patrick Dempsey

  166. I would pick Patrick Dempsey, I think he is the best looking.

  167. socialjsmith

    Hmmm. If I were to find it was physically possible for me to get pregnant, I’d be very surprised. But if I HAD to get pregnant, it would be y Colin, I suppose.

  168. Patrick Dempsey – hands down!

  169. Calumniall

    Patrick dempsey forever and always

  170. Wifeairforce

    Colin firth

  171. jenniferedit

    Patrick Dempsey, although it’s not a landslide by any means….

  172. Colin Firth

  173. sweetnkue

    Colin all the way!

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