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This sweepstakes is now closed. No more entries will be accepted. Thank you for your participation! We are so excited that two of our favorite authors, Nina Bocci and Alice Clayton, have teamed up to co-write ROMAN CRAZY: a sexy, laugh-out-loud modern romance about a newly single woman and her journey to find love again! Check out the book description below! (we’re dyyyyyyying to read this)

Avery Bardot steps off the plane in Rome, looking for a fresh start. She’s left behind a soon-to-be ex-husband in Boston and plans to spend the summer with her best friend Daisy, licking her wounds—and perhaps a gelato or two. But when her American-expat friend throws her a welcome party on her first night, Avery’s thrown for a loop when she sees a man she never thought she’d see again: Italian architect Marcello Bianchi.
Marcello was the man—the one who got away. And now her past is colliding with her present, a present where she should be mourning the loss of her marriage and—hey, that fettuccine is delicious! And so is Marcello…

Slipping easily into the good life of summertime in Rome, Avery spends her days exploring a city that makes art historians swoon, and her nights swooning over her unexpected what was old is new again romance. It’s heady, it’s fevered, it’s wanton, and it’s crazy. But could this really be her new life? Or is it just a temporary reprieve before returning to the land of twin-set cardigans and crustless sandwiches?

To celebrate the release of Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci’s co-writing debut, ROMAN CRAZY, we have a sweeps full of great prizes for the well-traveled woman! To enter for your chance to win a copy of the book, a travel journal, a Kindle Fire and more, answer the following question in the comments section below: in which part of the world would you want to have a fantasy-romantic affair? ~Oooo, steamy~

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Sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents only and ends September 6th, 2016. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here. ROMAN CRAZY is now available for pre-order and hits stores on September 13th!

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Roman Crazy

Roman Crazy

Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci

Like "Roman Holiday" for a new generation! A woman leaving heartbreak behind in Boston comes to Rome to lick her wounds and enjoy La Bella Vita...but she never expected to come face to face with Marcello, the one who got away...



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  1. EbookObsessed

    I wouldn’t mind a tour of Italy from a handsome native.

  2. avephoenix

    For a fantasy-romantic affair it has to be Italy, and at some point my favorite son Al Di La needs to be playing in the background.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  3. Fiji- or any South Pacific island, really.

  4. Italy would be nice, but a fantasy-romantic affair on the island of Bora Bora would do it for me.

  5. I would love to have an adventure like that, handsome man giving me a tour of Italy. Thanks for a chance at this amazing giveaway

  6. kidisitor

    It may not be as romantic as other places, but London. So much to see and do together. 🙂 Though I’m down with most anywhere in Europe. 😉

  7. Undrcvrangl

    NZ, Fiji. Samoan Isles, Bahamas, Ireland, or The United Kingdom. Oceania..

  8. libraryofaredhead

    A fantasy-romantic affair would not be complete unless it was in Scotland or Ireland. Nothing compares to a handsome Scottish/Irish man with a thick accent. Thank you for the amazing giveaway!!

  9. turtle6422

    Beaches are always romantic places. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Give me a laddy to escort me around the emerald isle and share a bottle of Irish whiskey. Leprechaun not invited.

  11. swbookworm

    I have always dreamed of having a fantasy romantic affair in Ireland! 🍀🍀🍀

  12. love_tea78

    Definitely Italy or France. I would love to go to Provence. Thank you for the giveaway

  13. LostInThePages

    Scotland. New Zealand. Spain. Ireland. Italy. Greece. I’ll spin a globe and point as long as there’s romance involved I’m there!;)

  14. nowischick

    Snuggled up in Switzerland for me!

  15. I’d like to have it in Paris.

  16. Italy! Or maybe Ireland or Australia.

  17. I would love to have an affair in Paris. Thanks for the chance!

  18. RobGrieco

    Anywhere in Italy! 🙂

  19. Not international 😔

  20. Greece! Would flip Out good loed thar accent! !

  21. Italy is my choice. An adventure in the city of love and passion would be the best kind of adventure to have.

    • amoginesq

      Tialy has a lot to offer, particularly the Amalfi coast and Tuscany. Paris a close second but Italy would be my first choice.

  22. Italy would be very romantic, but, I would love to be in a beautiful beach in Bali..

  23. beckyrae99

    I would love Italy or even Australia. Thank you for the chance.

  24. lynds1205

    London is where I have always wanted to go!

  25. Paris would be fabulous!!! Thanks!

  26. BarbaraLack

    I would want to have a fantasy romantic affair in Scotland. Sneaking kisses in the old Scottish Castles would be very romantic to me!

  27. skkgagnon

    Paris is so romantic along with their countryside all make the perfect setting for me! Thanks!

  28. earth2mother

    It’s always been my dream to travel on the Orient Express (blame Santa Barbara, an old 80s Soap Opera). I’ve always envisioned hopping aboard the train and traveling/relaxing against the backdrop of beautiful country side landscapes and hopping off at local stops for plenty of shopping.

    To me, this would be MY IDEAL VACATION!

  29. Kornnuggets

    Oooo….the Maldives would be an awesome fantasy-romantic affair for me.

  30. cdelos3874

    My location for a fantasy-romantic affair would have to be Paris because come on it’s the city of love.

  31. Realtastypages

    Paris for me. First wkd break I had with my now husband was Paris and he took me to the restaurant in the Eiffel tower it was just amazing! second most romantic holiday we’ve taken was Venice oh what a city!

  32. Paris of course. That would be a wonderful place to have a fantasy-romantic affair.

  33. I would love to travel around spain

  34. jessijohnson

    Paris at the Eiffel Tower

  35. If I were to do it, it would be Italy.

  36. mirandaelaine

    Would love time in New Zealand

  37. Baby11696

    Anywhere in the Caribbean, it’s just beautiful there and perfect romantic settings.

  38. Jenn.m.walls

    My top place would be Ireland, followed closing by the South Pacific

  39. Lorinda H


  40. I would like to meet someone in Bora Bora with lots of sun and sand!

  41. I would want to stay in USA travel it on back of a Harley with a side trip to Austriala

  42. BookDestroyer

    A love affair in Paris, France

  43. Diana Tidlund

    I’d want to be in alaska in a cabin with just hubby and some firewood to keep warm by along with him… after 24 years together its still just him… I don’t need anything else

  44. froggiegirl621

    Italy! The food and wine and scenery is an instant mood-setter…I think it would be impossible not to fall in love.

  45. I would have to choose Italy and it would involve lots of pasta and wine.😺 A close tie would be tropical paradise Bora Bora.🌴

  46. I would love to be romanced in ANYWHERE in Greece. *sigh*

  47. I would love to have a romantic getaway in a private bungalow on Fiji.

  48. Any island with sweet ocean breezes and white sandy beaches.

  49. I would love to have a romantic affair in Italy or Paris

  50. arianemarie65

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia but lately I’ve dreamed of going to Ireland.

  51. Mysticall21

    I would love to go to Greece.

  52. terriesin

    My number one place would be Ireland. I love all the green and beauty of it from pictures and the history and superstitions…not to mention those accents! *sigh. I would want to meet a sexy stranger there and have a road trip romance moving from place to place. Like Ireland’s sexiest tour guide LOL I may or may not have thought about it once or twice <3

  53. christag1990

    I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, Russia and Germany, so…. Yeah. One of those places!!

  54. I would so so love to go to Tuscany! I cant even imagine how beautiful it is!! Thanks for the chance…can no wait for this book, already pre ordered my copy!!!

  55. Ireland!!! I would love to have a love affair there! Such a gorgeous place and Irish accents are HOT!!!

  56. Twomuch2read

    My fantasy – Romantic affair would be in Iceland while skydiving for the first time!

  57. kainani72

    I’d love to have my romantic getaway in Positano, Italy…

  58. I would love to meet someone in Bali and have a whirlwind adventure of fun, sun, and soak in some amazing culture.

  59. LoveLife3

    My romantic affair would happen in Paris,France!! ❤❤

  60. abankston

    Paris for sure! it is so beautiful there – the perfect setting for romance!

  61. Melanie B

    In Paris, the city of lovers

  62. urnodaisy

    Italy or Greece!

  63. Ireland or scottland. Romantic castles says all

  64. bookstagrammingbabe

    I’d have to say either Italy or Paris. Nothing sounds better than having a fantasy romantic affair at 😁

  65. Some place warm and tropical, like Hawaii!

  66. KristieLea07

    I would choose Greece, I’ve always wanted to go there, and I imagine all the men are gorgeous!

  67. jenndonald

    I would say Bora Bora, it’s my dream vacation and it’s so beautiful and romantic!

  68. Greece or Ireland!

  69. Patti (@TheLoveJunkee)

    Greece, Spain, or Italy sound so romantic!

  70. mpottorff

    Paris or Ireland

  71. I think the Bahamas would be a lovely location. Or maybe Ireland. Thank you for the chance!

  72. Rhianna1223

    I would love Paris or Las Vegas.

  73. In Iceland with Bjork.

  74. shannonrw

    Italy would be a gorgeous place.

  75. Ireland, love a sexy Irish accent

  76. Bihreadr66

    I would love to have a romantic holiday in the Bahamas, South America, or Spain!❤️❤️❤️

  77. Zeussmom2015


  78. Annie2700

    I would love a romantic holiday in Ireland or on the moors of Scotland!!!!

  79. Kellydefries

    Italy or paris, definitely

  80. BrooklynMiller

    Sounds cliche but, Paris!

  81. Extreme.bookaholics.blog

    I would love a holiday in Ireland or Greece. Somewhere I’ll never likely go in the future lol but it would the best trip for a romantic getaway 😍

  82. I am torn between saying Italy or Australia. Though why can’t I go down under with a hot Italian!

  83. bluegenie

    If I was to swept off my feet I would love for it to be in Britain, Scotland or Greece even but it would be an adventure to travel around Europe and explore.

  84. Scotland or Ireland…or anywhere in the UK really 🙂

  85. DianaPage

    If it were safe I’d love to find an old stans palace on the Bosporus in Turkey to have a tryst

  86. Fantasy Romantic Affair Location
    Oceanfront location in Borgarfjordur Eystri, East Iceland with ocean waves and the adventure of scouting puffins – romantic and focused.

  87. Tamara600

    I would love to go to Hawaii.

  88. catlover415

    Italy is always going to top my list as nothing beats the romance of Venice at dusk, just simply awe-inspiring and breathtaking. I would love to visit Spain someday as I think it would be amazing.

  89. I am not really a traveler, so my idea would be an adventure in the mountains.

  90. Italy, France, Greece…anywhere but my house!

  91. LeighKramer

    I cannot resist a good Irishman! I really need to get back to Ireland for another visit.

  92. I think I’d pick Europe!

  93. laceyblossom

    Italy or Ireland!

  94. Sherelleellis

    Scotland or Italy
    I wouldn’t mind Barbados either!

  95. eahbalice

    I visited Italy when I was 17 and fell in love. I have always wanted to go back. It’s by far the most romantic place I’ve ever been to.

  96. Debbiemc2466

    For me, I think it would be Scotland first . I love the accent and then to learn my heritage and experience first-hand the clan ways! Next, Italy to feed my soul and body.

  97. Italy is on the list of places to go, I just need a hot Italian lover to find me there!

  98. Diane Sallans

    Italy would be a fabulous choice – particularly Venice!

  99. decadents1

    Maldives 🙂

  100. Ireland! Visiting the cliffs of Moher or the Ring of Kerry…Connemara??? Anywhere there! 😉

  101. bellalatina23

    It would either be in UK or Ireland… Not only would the men be hot but the scenery would be beautiful… Now that would make it even more romantic… (big plus the accents❤)

  102. ReaderGirl82

    Either Paris, Venice, or Amsterdam. There are so many beautiful places in the world!

  103. Australia or Paris

  104. Ireland or Scotland. Thanks for the chance!

  105. The hills of Scotland would be an awesome place to have a steamy romantic affair.

  106. paris or rome, i love accents and could listen to most accents all night

  107. Qnoftheryche

    My dream location… Italy! I’m usually a beach girl but tucked away are my romantic thoughts of Italy!!!!

  108. Palau or London would be fabulous!

  109. I’ve been to several regions of Italy, but I would LOVE to have a romantic adventure in Capri.

  110. anidarksky

    Ireland! I do love the accent along with the beautiful, lush green fields. I am part Irish and have never been to the country. I believe the setting would make for a killer romantic novel

  111. I like the cover.

  112. Portugal from Lisbon to Portallegre. Mmm… Maybe the Azores as well. Just for good measure!

  113. I’d want a romantic affair in either Ireland or London. <3

  114. London, Paris, or Vienna would be nice.

  115. The Ice Hotel in Norway.

  116. Italy and France would be perfect for a fantasy romance affair.

  117. Ireland or Scotland, it used to be Greece.

  118. rachgeers

    Tuscany! Beautiful countryside, wonderful wine, cute villages.

  119. tinlizzay

    Anywhere in Europe would be fabulous

  120. dfrenchkis

    I would love to be in New Zealand hiking the south island

  121. BookBuffoonery

    I would want to have a romantic affair in England.

  122. Kdougherty

    Paris, France!

  123. Italy, but also Argentina or Chile

  124. mfredharvey

    ANYWHERE but HERE!!! Thank you.

  125. kmillerarndt

    Florence is a beautiful city and has wonderful art venues to explore. It is perfect city to walk through with a special person for special memories.

  126. Cabookworm

    In Scotland! In the highlands or the Isle of Skye! Anywhere in Scotland would be so romantic, all the romance novels paint such lovely pictures of it! I’ve gone online and just drooled over the beautiful places they write about!! I’d just love to have a sweep you off your feet romance there!!

  127. mhoram777


  128. Australia and Greece.

  129. The Scottish Highlands, as long as the weather is reasonably warm!

  130. MRose1251

    London, where they speak a language I understand. Of course body language is universal!

  131. pamster53

    I can’t dispute that Italy, like Sienna, Lucca or Orvieto, would be the best place for a romantic affair… but, does it have to be a fantasty??? ;-(

  132. kellee9679

    I’d love to go to Tuscany or any area in Italy/France wine country. I’ve never been, but live vicariously through the characters of my favorite novels,while drinking lovely Italian and French wine! I’m excited for Roman Crazy to be released! Thanks for the contest😘

  133. Rome, Pisa, Tuscany ! Portofino or anywhere in Italy!

  134. I’ve always had an obsession with Australia. Ireland would be a close second.

  135. ingmankidsmom

    At first I was thinking France or Italy, but then I realized my choice would be Ireland. Where sometimes the weather is as moody as I am!

  136. The Scottish countryside!

  137. quinnprunty

    Either in Florence, Italy or Paris, France.
    I’m in love with both cities…

  138. Somewhere in England. I’m a die hard anglophile and I love all of those small towns.

  139. shanjenna

    I would love to be on some exotic beach with the whitest sand and the bluest water on the planet!! We’ll stay in a cute little bungalow with a swinging hammock big enough for two!!

  140. Italy would be great, but an island in Maldives or a South Pacific island would work too!!

  141. I’m torn between Italy and Scotland. Either one would be perfect with the right person.

  142. It would have to be Paris!

  143. blacksnake

    Paris, the City of Love…

  144. With the right person, anywhere would be there perfect fantasy romance affair. All a matter of perspective! 🙂

  145. Rome, just like in these stories (and I have never been there)

  146. I’ve always been fixated on Greece. So, I would definitely want to have a fantasy romance affair there. I would meet my mystery man in Santorini.

  147. ravensfan

    I’d say Italy would be the perfect place.

  148. Gotta be the Greek islands!

  149. featherlight

    I’ve always wanted to go to Paris!!

  150. The Greek Isles sounds romantic to me.

  151. Italy or Ireland <3

  152. sandmann58

    REO it looked so nice during the olympics

  153. Camibalthrop

    Always wanted to see Italy and a new kindle fire would be awesomely fantastic to win !

  154. Since Roman Holiday is one of my all-time favorite movies, I would definitely choose Italy. So romantic!

  155. Oh, Ireland for sure. So pretty and romantic. A handsome Gaelic guide would be fantastic.

  156. Romance and Italy go together so well.

  157. My dream is to go to Italy one day. I love everything Italian, including the men 🙂 That would be the ultimate place for me!

  158. Scotland would have to be the first choice… Just for the landscape and accent of course. A close second is Italy. All the wonderful food, ancient buildings and scenery. A person could get use to that.

  159. I think I’d love a heated affair in Greece. Take in the art and the history as well

  160. leslie.lucak@gmail.com

    Why Lake Como in Italy of course!

  161. France or perhaps northern Michigan. They’re at the same latitude!

  162. karatheredhead

    Paris would be great for a romance affair, but Italy is definitely my second pick 🙂

  163. Sharon White

    I would love to give Scotland a try. Already had a real romance in Italy and Getmany.

  164. Julilynne

    I would love for my Steamy romantic affair to take place in Italy!! Oh la la ❤️

  165. a fantasy romance in Ireland would be my dream

  166. Any of the Greek Islands would be perfect for a fantasy-romantic affair! Just don’t tell my boyfriend!

  167. It would have to be the Highlands of Scotland. It is so beautiful. It’s like being in 2 different times. On the 1 hand you have Edinburg which is a modern city with old world charm on the other is the Moors. It’s like going back in time.

  168. I would love to see all of Europe!

  169. Samhyatte

    I think I’d go with France. Paris seems super romantic.

  170. Love Italy, especially Isle of Capri and Sorrento! You gotta see Florence too!

  171. RomanceLIS

    My immediate thought is… Italy! Ireland is a close second.

  172. tguernsey


  173. I think I would go to southern Florida for my fantasy/affair. This doesn’t sound completely exciting, but I know I love it down there, and I know the less clothes I wear, the sexier I feel.

  174. I a huge Audrey fan – and “Roman Holiday” was the first movie I ever saw of hers! Such a classic!
    Plus, anything by Alice Clayton is a must read – so it is perfect!

  175. viceriously

    Roman Holiday made a huge impression on me, so I wouldhave to go with Italy. But if I could find a Gregory Peck look-alike, anywhere at all would work.

  176. The south of France, the Italian coast or maybe Lake Como/Bellagio.

  177. I would travel to Italy , like Amalfi coast!

  178. kasruesao

    Paris! I think that would so romantic plus I’ve always wanted to go.

  179. I would love to be off on a romantic escapade in Dubai! So mysterious and romantic.

  180. Lisanne624

    Venice seems awfully romantic!

  181. jaimearkin

    I would have to go with Italy! It seems like such a romantic country 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  182. I’d have to go with Scottland. I’ve always wanted to visit and stay in a castle. <3

  183. England would be a nice place

  184. Oh I have no idea. I love an Irish accent so I would say Ireland.

  185. exbuffalo2001

    Mine would be Venice….


    I would love to have a romantic fling in Ireland!

  187. Paris, France

  188. I think either Prague or Greece

  189. Scotland, Ireland. I always wanted to visit so in my mind those seems romantic. Hey anyplace is good right now!

  190. adugas65@gmail.com

    Rome, of course!

  191. Without a doubt, it would be anywhere in Italy!

  192. smeek1958

    The UK for me. From London to Scotland and everything in between!

  193. Exotic Morocco

  194. Owl Always Be Reading

    In Scotland! I just started watching Outlander and all I can say is, JAMIE FRASER!

  195. Norway or Ireland….

  196. Charriess

    I would love to go to Spain on a Romantic Holiday with My Soul Mate The Love Of My Life

  197. ooh! Italy baby, food, fun and passion

  198. 1badassreader

    Paris, never been, but it just sounds sooo romantic! I loved the way Will Traynor spoke of it in Me Before You.

  199. have to say Rome, Italy

  200. Italy or Scotland

  201. dferrell05

    Scotland definitely!!

  202. RobGrieco

    Assuming a man can enter this contest as well – How about a romantic excursion touring Italia! 🙂

  203. kosherpickle

    in which part of the world would you want to have a fantasy-romantic affair? I would have to say Barbados.

  204. Wifeairforce

    I would love to go back to Germany there are so many castles and out of the way places in the woods to spend a Holliday. Or Brussels the gardens are awesome.

  205. encgolsen

    Maybe it’s all those Nora Roberts novels I read at an impressionable age, but I’ll have to go with Ireland on this one.

  206. Any place with the right man. Venice, Paris, Moorea.

  207. It would definitely be Santorini, Greece! I have been many times and would go again and again! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


  208. sandym204

    I want to have an affair with my husband in Tuscany, France.

  209. mrstrooper

    I would love to go to Venice, Italy.

  210. Hawaii would be nice for an encounter. Warm and lush, with ocean views and sounds.

  211. I would love to have a fantasy-romantic affair in Honolulu, HI. What better place than paradise?

  212. I would love to go to Italy. Rome, Venice and just roaming the country. Always thought that would be one of the most romantic places to go.

  213. nelswadycki

    I didn’t read all the comments, but Paris seemed to pop up quite often. And for good reason. So many tiny shops and restaurants on charming side streets. Easily to get lost with someone special.

  214. Paris France, the city of lights, how romantic would that be… Ohh lala!

  215. orelukjp0

    I’d choose Wales.

  216. Really, anywhere with narrow streets and interesting old architecture. I’m not really a love on the beach kind of person.

  217. susansmoaks

    Costa Rica is the place I dream about.

  218. The Amalfi Coast would be wonderful.

  219. A Scottish Castle

  220. Bora Bora works for me!

  221. j_touchstone

    A very private island, with warm water and beaches.

  222. karen30111

    I would like to have a fantasy affair in Bermuda. A gorgeous Island man to serve my every need, lol.

  223. jodimarinich

    i would go to italy!!!

  224. There are two places I’d love to have a fantasy affair. I have always been fascinated by England’s literature history and to have a knowledge tour guide would be great. Either that, or a handsome Greek who knows all about the Greek Islands and their mythology.

  225. lisarut07

    I’d love to have a Romantic affair in the Amalfi, right there on the beautiful coast with my hubby.

  226. Morelia Garcia

    As romantic as it is in Italy, I would have to choose Ireland. It’s such a beautiful place with some manly hunks! (aka Jamie Fraser)

  227. jenn200sx

    Any southern European country really. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal; they would all work for me.

  228. I would love to go to Ireland.

  229. The Amalfi Coast in Italy

  230. Colombia! Can’t get Romancing the Stone out of my head. 😉

  231. I look forward to the opportunity to read a romance based in Rome while touring the area and experiencing the culture, fashion, people and food.

  232. Hope to win this

  233. hbrown@isea.org

    I would definitely go with Australia! I have traveled all over the US and Europe and would love to experience a romantic affair down under!

  234. Bellearielparis

    Paris, of course…can’t you tell from my “pen name”?

  235. Scotland or Ireland is the place for me!

  236. Tuscany Italy would be my place, with my husband of course!

  237. yellowkayaker

    I would choose Paris of course.

  238. I would go to Italy or Rome! They seem like the perfect place to get lost in an epic romance!

  239. Chrisbails

    I’d love to go to England and have an affair with a hot British guy or two. I have always wanted to go and love British accents.

  240. shelley582

    Would love Rome, but think I would go to London.

  241. bookbunny68

    I have to say Australia. I would love to see the wildlife there and the Great Barrier Reef

  242. London or Italy

  243. lilyelement

    I think I’d have to go with Paris!

  244. flowers27

    I would love to visit London.

  245. wickster72


  246. Scotland! Or maybe Iceland. Somewhere rugged, windswept and full of legend. Lots of opportunity for snuggling and stories. 🙂

  247. Bookworm2005

    Tuscany or the Amalfi coast would be my choice. I had a wild time in Rome when I was 21, but would love to see other regions of Italy. Ciao Bella!

  248. Fordmotor

    Paris. Because it’s a city that pledges allegiance to romantic love.

  249. I would love a tour of Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Turin, Verona … 🙂

  250. MichellesAngels

    I’m on the fence here. What better place to have a romantic affair than the city of love itself, Paris. And all of Europe, would make a fantastic place.

    But, on the other hand, I think a nice secluded tropical place would be perfect also. With the beach, drinks and a little but all to yourselves.

    So, maybe start in Paris and end up on a Beach somewhere. That would be awesome. Ty so much for the chance. ❤️

  251. I would love to explore Italy!

  252. Brownkim_65


  253. KShadeslady

    London would my pick. I love it there.

  254. lenamoster

    I spent a summer in Ireland on study abroad and fell in love with everything there, and would love to go back. That’s got to be my answer!

  255. maggiojudy

    I would like to visit all of Italy, it is top on the list.

  256. Somewhere on a Mediterranean beach, with warm water, great sight seeing nearby, and, most importantly, the right guy!

  257. I believe it would have to be Italy!

  258. Italy would be wonderful.

  259. There are many places I would love to travel to, but there are only a few that I think are romantic for me. Scotland, Southern France, Greece, Rome, the Virgin islands, and Honolulu.

  260. brookers2

    I’m an Outlander fan from way back, so of course I’d have to say Scotland!

  261. Californiagang

    Switzerland or New Zealand!

  262. okbarbie5

    I would love to visit Italy. My husbands parents were both born there. Scotland would be my second choice. Love this giveaway!

  263. Specialk401

    I can’t help but think in the Swiss Alps, sitting by a fireplace trying to stay warm together!

  264. Spain would be my country of choice for a romantic holiday!

  265. Somewhere warm, but not too hot; the weather should be pleasant and not rainy. The food needs to be fabulous. I’m not a picky eater, but don’t put slimy, strange items on my plate! Beautiful scenery, sandy beaches would be nice. With someone to wait on me hand-and-foot!

  266. Debconstien

    OHHH of course it would have to be Rome!!

  267. Bora Bora where it is hot, tropical, sexy and romantic.
    Beautiful beaches clear water and a frisky man.

  268. tiffany5981

    Scotland…Yum! You’ve got to love a man in a kilt.

  269. Ireland… I have many fantasies about visiting Ireland and meeting a nice Irishman!

  270. meredithfl

    Maybe Scotland or Australia

  271. I’d like a romantic fantasy in Italy or Spain. The area sounds beautiful and there’d be a lot of wine!

  272. Jennifer huelsebusch

    London or Paris come to mind first but any European city will do! Books sounds great!

  273. Cindy6105

    I think that it really doesn’t matter where you are, if you’re with the love of your life you can have a romantic holiday as long as you’re together. If I have to pick though, I think either Fiji or the south of France would be conducive to romance.

  274. suemlando

    I would love Switzerland in the Alp’s by a roaring fire in a chalet.

  275. London, England please!

  276. Dream about an over water bungalow in Maldives.

  277. Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies. It would start with a train trip across Canada and end with staying in the beautiful lodge there.

  278. Kieralovesbooks

    I would love to visit Greece, with the perfect guy, seeing the sights.

  279. I would Choose the Caribbean, maybe whilst on a cruise.

  280. tiffany.watkins

    I think a Hawaiian island would be a romantic venue. Maybe even Ireland too!

  281. Christinak

    I would prefer a remote mountain lake for my fantasy romantic affair – someplace like Vermont or the Adirondacks.

  282. cherimadison

    Argentina. He could dance his way into my heart!

  283. Themrshammy

    Santorini or Mykonos in Greece. Blue water, white buildings, good food … I’m getting all excited just thinking about it.

  284. Fox224503

    Fiji or somewhere exotic like that

  285. Hawaii or Ireland

  286. avidreader4fun

    I’d have to say Scotland or Ireland for my romantic tryst

  287. gerrissister

    My fav Suzanne Pleshette/Troy Donohue -Rome Adventure,of course.

  288. OaktownGal

    I would like to go to Rome because it seems to be so romantica.

  289. crazygirl412

    Fantasy-romantic affair in Europe please. ^_^

  290. pattygangl

    I would want to have a fantasy-romantic affair in the Fall in a secluded cabin in the Boundry Waters of Minnesota. A perfect time for rolling around in the falling leaves, hot cocoa, a roaring fire and feathery comforters to cuddle under!

  291. trinachase

    Would love to go to Scotland!!

  292. I think any place can be romantic as long as you’re with the right person. My dream place would be Ireland or Italy

  293. I’d love to have a fantasy-romantic affair in Tuscany. I can see it now… great food & wine, not to mention the amazing countryside views…

  294. The clear waters of Bora Bora

  295. Audylisa97

    Scotland would’ve my fantasy

  296. locksleyb

    I’d probably go with somewhere in Spain or Belguim. Maybe even the Netherlands. Really, though, there are so many beautiful places in the world, it’s a tough choice!

  297. Rachelcanales83

    A castle in Scotland would be magical

  298. Duffymoon73

    Definitely France or Italy.

  299. Although Rome would be an awesome destination to have a love affair, I would also choose Ireland to have a romantic fling with a hot guy of course!

  300. Megrymom88

    Thanks for the chance!

  301. I would love to take a romantic tour of Greece and Italy!

  302. Paris of course!

  303. On the Almalfi Coast would be an awesime place. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  304. jonilosmom

    London sounds good.

  305. Santorini or lake Cuomo

  306. In Ireland! I’ve always wanted to go there 😀

  307. oooh….Bali would be a dream.

  308. fplastini

    I’d choose somewhere in Italy with a tall dark haired dark eyed Italian man and some great Italian food!

  309. susanjemail

    Travelling all around Europe, or maybe somewhere in the Mediterranean, or somewhere tropical. Really anything works.

  310. addiedean

    Prague! Some of my runners up are Vienna, Ireland and London…. hell all of Europe!

  311. mjtdisney

    A villa in the wine country of Italy would be fabulous. Or maybe in Paris. Thanks for the chance.

  312. For me it would have to be Morocco! Sweaty and hot, with amazing food and views. And men.

  313. wendykalthoff

    I would go to paris, london, or rome. I also would condsier hawaii or anywhere on a mediterrean cruise ship.

  314. wendykalthoff

    My ideal place would be actually lying on the beach in the bahamas.

  315. PatLewisTX

    I would run away to the Greek Islands. The heat of the sun and the warmth of the people could lead to an exciting adventure–with the right one at my side!

  316. I would love a romantic romp in Australia

  317. Anywhere in Italy would work for me. It’s my favorite European country.

  318. rmille2309

    Myknos or Bora Bora. A deep blue sea and a beach. Perfect!

  319. I have Paris on my bucket list for retirement!

  320. I’d like to be snowed in at a beautiful mountain cabin in the Swiss Alps.

  321. I think London would be super romantic!

  322. Ireland, that accent is so damn sexy

  323. hippiechick

    Ahh easy…….. Stranded with my handsomely rugged Tarzan in a South American jungle , complete with treehouse and indoor plumbing. Nothing romantic about peeing in the bushes.

  324. Paris, the city of Love!

  325. Scotland because it’s beautiful to me!

  326. joliemisek

    Barcelona, Spain

  327. Scotland or Tuscany might be realistically doable, but Tahiti, Fiji, or Australia are my fantasy places!

  328. angieg2000

    I’d love a romance in Scotland!

  329. trigger7373

    I would love to be swept off my feet in Paris.

  330. Azores is very romantic

  331. I would love to spend alone time in Mykonos!

  332. Scotland, of course

  333. fangswandsfairy

    I think I would want it right where I am, New England. A: because I am too lazy to travel for passion and, B: I’ve been having one for almost 35 years with my husband.

  334. mayfield@honeygrove.org

    Scotland – preferably in the country – in a castle – with a man in a kilt!! Ahhh – Romance…..

  335. The warm weather and gorgeous scenery of the Caribbean would be a good place to get nice and steamy!

  336. I have always dreamed of world travel. I would try to choose between Paris, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean, if it was cruise it would be even more a dream come true

  337. donnae402

    For sure London, England!

  338. Morocco would be my choice. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  339. I think Hawaii would be perfect

  340. AthertonQueen

    My favorite city is London but Paris would do nicely too!

  341. your1chef

    Tough decision because I want to see so many places… but I think I would choose Italy first.

  342. leavemeialone

    Denmark because I’ve always wanted to go there. I love how they bike everywhere.

  343. Italy or France

  344. lauramartone

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having a fantasy romance in a whole slew of places… Key West, Costa Rica, Venice, Tuscany, Scotland, heck, even Paris. You name a place, my naughty imagination has probably already been there.

  345. Bahamas and Greece; I need blue watered beaches.

  346. Venice would be a wonderful place. So full of history, romance and great food and wine . I went there once and fell in love with the city and the people

  347. elite4me2

    First of All I Just Want to Say Thank You So Very Much for this Amazing & Very Generous Giveaway! I Love to Read and I Do a Ton of it Especially Lately, as I Was in a Motorcycle Accident So I Have Been Out of Work for a Bit! I Have a Lot of Chronic Pain & Several Bulging & Herniated Discs in My Neck So I Have a Lot of Down Time and I Read to Pass the Time Away but I Enjoy it a Lot So I Don’t Mind! Also I Could Definitely Use this Kindle Fire b/c My Samsung Tablet Broke & I Can’t Read All of My eBooks Since I Don’t Have a Smartphone or a Laptop! Right Now I Just Have to Borrow My Mom’s Laptop b/c I Can’t Afford to Buy to Buy Anything Else Right Now but a Laptop is Awfully Big to Lag Around with Me to Read On! I I Have Never Seen Roman Holiday So I’m Also Really Excited About that but Most of All I’m Excited About the Book Roman Crazy b/c it Sounds Exactly Like the Kind of Book I Generally Read! Which Comes to the Question You Asked About “Which Part of the World Would I Like to Have a Fantasy Romantic Affair?” That’s a Hard Question for Me b/c I Have So Many Places that I Would Love to Visit Seeing as How I Have Never Traveled Outside of the Us; I Haven’t Even Been on a Plane! The One Place I Would Love to Go if I Had a Romantic Interest Would Be Alaska; I Know it Isn’t Nothing Special to Some & it’s Definitely Not Some of Tropical Places that I Know Most People are Going to Choose but I Have Always Wanted to Go to Alaska! I Love the Snow and There is Something So Romantic About Staying in a Log Cabin and Curling Up in Front of the Fireplace With Your Significant Other! Plus I Have Always Wanted to See the Magical Light Show of the Aurora Lights, Now if That isn’t Romantic than I Don’t Know What is! Thanks Again So Much for this Fantastic Giveaway, I Really Do Truly Appreciate it! Well I Hope You Have a Blessed Day! Good Luck Everybody! – Jana

  348. The place I would choose is a slow cruise down the Nile River with a side trip to the Pyramids

  349. easymacbb

    If its a fantasy, then probably in bed next to my wife so there’s less chance she’ll find out.

  350. JannetKwan8

    I would like to go to Tahiti or Italy.

  351. Wandering around the Greek isles sounds perfect!

  352. I would love to have a fantasy romance in Norway, perhaps Sweden.

  353. Best place for a steamy romance, the Greek isle of Santorini. Sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and wine!

  354. susanbeamon

    I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been to, like Australia. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, sailing in Sydney Harbor, lazing in the sun. All good.

  355. I would pick any city in Italy or in Greece for a romantic affair.

  356. cconrad47

    I would love, love, love a romantic tour of Italy!

  357. Spain for sure, cause after the loving you gotta eat!

  358. Scotland, because KILTS! lol

  359. I’ve always dreamt of going to Paris, visit the Eiffel Tower and maybe even fall in love.

  360. There are just to many places that I want to go to and I honestly really couldn’t care less where as long as my guide was really hot

  361. The Netherlands.

  362. wrmousey1028

    Italy! Thank you

  363. a small island with a small bed and breakfast cottage, Fall colors, peak of season.

  364. The Austrian Alps!

  365. If I had to choose, it would be somewhere in the Rocky Mountains …. a snug, cozy log cabin, glowing embers in the fireplace….

  366. I would love to find romance in beautiful Paris amid the beauty of the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower.

  367. Love and lust are better in Bali, I’ve been told – would be awesome to try to prove.

  368. rangerxenos

    New Zealand.

  369. valleylibrarian

    Spain would be the spot!

  370. Barbiegirl

    Paris or Rome with a tall,dark and handsome man!

  371. vivlynn720

    I would love it to be in Paris, or Ireland. That would be so romantic, my dream!

  372. Ibiza because it’s exciting and a bit mysterious.

  373. KimberleyC

    I’d have to choose Ireland and Scotland!
    What can I say, I find a brogue sexy☺️

  374. I have never been out of the United States. So I have many places I would go. Italy looks beautiful and scrumptious food.

  375. Fantasy romantic? I love Italy! Venice is magical, or the south of Italy, where I’ve never been… But Really romantic? Spain & Portugal with hubs, as I’ve never been there, and would love us to be able to eat and drink and dance our way around both places!!!

  376. Penguins106

    Ireland, Italy, England

  377. jrapp1990

    My fantasy romantic getaway would be either Fiji, Bora Bora, any of the remote islands of Hawaii.

  378. Rome, Italy 🙂 I love history and that country has some of the oldest. Thanks for sharing!

  379. I would love to have a romantic affair in Italy.

  380. I’ve always wanted to visit Florence and see Rome again. Italy is where I want to have a steamy romance this year!

  381. I think Ireland would be my number one location or some where in the mountains with breath taking views and forest for miles.

  382. 2readorNOT

    Australia or New Zealand would be nice and steamy!!

  383. Waterfalls, beaches and a beautiful sunset – Hawaii sounds perfect!

  384. rlzoeller

    In the South Pacific….Fiji or Tahiti

  385. bearsilu2

    i would like to go toScottland for an affair. I love the scenery!

  386. crystalnewman51

    I would have to pick Scotland. There is just something romantic to me about going there.

  387. The wine regions of France or Italy. The cities are a must-see, but the wine regions are 100 times more romantic!

  388. hamburgerearmuffs

    Ireland romance for me!

  389. liviekitty

    Scotland, please!

  390. Scotland! It has to be Scotland. Getting lost in the moors.

  391. Most definitely Paris!

  392. Cost Rica seems it would be a magical place.

  393. my4boysand1

    I would have to say somewhere in Italy would be were I would want to have one! my4boysand1 at gmail.com

  394. vanesseva

    A romantic fling in an English town filled with the old stone cottages covered in ivy and roses in the garden.

  395. jessnik79

    Belize or Costa Rica – tropical paradises to share with my special someone 🙂

  396. Greece would be perfect.

  397. emolina0813

    I wouldn’t mind having a fantasy romance in Tahiti/Moorea 😄😍. And thanks for the giveaway! 💙

  398. Natedawg73115

    Amsterdam Everything goes.

  399. Definitely Italy! On the coast! Or in Tuscany!

  400. smfsprout

    I would love romance on a developed yet uninhabited island. Ahhhhhh.

  401. Greece, Santorini to be exact! This red hot American woman next to white cubicle houses and the blue Aegean Sea. *sigh*

  402. Italy – It’s always been a dream place for me. It has everything…beaches, great food, romantic settings, great food, beaches…(oh, do I repeat myself?), and dark handsome men with alluring accents. Yeah, that too. I want to see it all, live it all, breathe it all in, and hopefully become something better because of it.

  403. Mngirl 98

    Sweden, being at the ocean is very romantic

  404. Ireland! Lots of reasons to stay inside!

  405. It’s so hard to pick just one! Italy would be a good place to start.

  406. margiek13

    I would love to go to Scotland and Ireland to see where my ancestors and my husband’s came from.

  407. asansebas

    in Paris Thank You1

  408. I would pick in the desert near an oasis. It would be very hot and very steamy.

  409. jblairbullard

    Barcelona. I’ve never been but it looks beautiful and the Mediterranean is right there. Perfection.

  410. I’d get my groove back in the Caribbean.

  411. kassieK222

    I would love a fantasy romance at Lake Tahoe.

  412. I’ll pick Iceland — smart, beautiful people and a unique country.

  413. BooknerdSA

    I think Greece would be the perfect place.

  414. Rome works for me or maybe Venice….

  415. Go big or go home. I say Europe- there are just wayyyyy too many beautiful places to choose from. Venice, Paris, Tuscany, Spain, Ireland and London….. sooooo sososo many.

  416. The Greek Island of Santorini would be a magical place to fall in love with my husband all over again. Since this is a fantasy thought, would help if husband could also own a fabulous yacht, then we could also cruise the Mediterranean after the beautiful Aegean. Works for me!💏

  417. cheleghao43

    The most romantic place just has to be Hawaii!

  418. I’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany, Italy, ever since I watched Under The Tuscan Sun when it first came out!

  419. Fantasy romances require exotic locations, so give me New Zealand, Japan and Alaska. I need some history, beautiful terrain and a little bit of goofiness — plus some simple but yummy food. If he can deliver those he doesn’t even have to be drop dead gorgeous!

  420. On an English estate so I can fulfill my pride and prejudice fantasy

  421. Phyrenzi33

    Paris would be lovely.

  422. FrayedKnot

    San Francisco…or Cannon Beach OR.

  423. I would love to have a tropical adventure in Hawaii.

  424. sheena1982

    I would love to have a hot steamy and breath taking affair in Jamaica with my Husband . To role Play oh so much fun in American fantasy to become a reality!

  425. SKlocinski

    Paris, Ile-de-France, France

  426. Wongbetty99

    Hawaii the most fragrant place.

  427. I would choose Puerto Rico or New Zealand for a romance.

  428. Paris would work for me-if I could be persuaded to leave the Louvre!

  429. Santorini or just about any other Greek Island

  430. Rome would be pretty fab, but maybe some place like Chile!

  431. divingintobooks

    I would love to go to Tuscany for my fantasy romance!

  432. Would definitely be Sorrento Italy

  433. I do not fly so I will pick a place built for romance: Intercourse, PA

  434. Mbrowningasea

    In which part of the world would you want to have a fantasy-romantic affair? ~Oooo, steamy~

    Gettysburg, PA! A beautiful area for romance with a romance writer.

  435. i’d love to visit hawaii

  436. Definitely Tuscany!

  437. Ireland and Scotlanf

  438. I can’t think of more romantic place to have a steamy affair than on the island of Ikaria in Greece. Actually, I did have one there! Incredible!

  439. llovejoy66

    I would love to have a romantic holiday traveling through Australia ….having some shrimp on the barbie .

  440. Italy seems really romantic.

  441. DrunkOnABook

    My romantic getaway would have to be Paris or Australia. But also, for some reason, Seattle? I really picture finding love and staying in Seattle.

  442. susanchester

    Someplace steamy and tropical-Hawaii maybe!


  444. On the beach in Panama.

  445. VanillaOrchids

    I have to go with England! 🙂

  446. krather99bq

    I have always wanted to see Paris-“The City of Lights” which is also known as the heart of fashion and since I love fashion but of course my choice would be Paris.

  447. I love the authors, so this will be an easy must read for me.

  448. Capri Italy would do it for me!!!

  449. kansassweet

    A cruise of the greek islands sounds wonderful. Sun, history, food, cute guy to be with. Heaven to me. 🙂

  450. catlover415

    Italy was my dream destination and it didn’t disappoint and without a doubt, Venice is IT for me. Loved the culture, Ferrari, Fendi, Gucci, food, country, and let’s be honest, Italian men..ooh la la

  451. Barcelona, definitely. So friendly, such good food!

  452. countrygirl37

    Greece! Love the way they celebrate life and love!

  453. strawberry3d

    SanteFe New Mexico

  454. Sounds exciting. Would love to read it.

  455. saturdaynightfever

    Hawaii would be my choice!

  456. skalobster11

    The galapagos islands!

  457. Scotland!

  458. It would have to be Paris

  459. Rome, Ireland or Italy for me!

  460. Ireland would be my choice but I hate long flights , so the full treatment at Poconos PA would be my compromise.

  461. Gelato and ….the Tuscan fields! Or Luca, or, heck, anywhere in Italy!

  462. Ireland would be nice!

  463. karenshiau

    Paris. Like this beautiful, romantic city of light.

  464. I would want to have a fantasy-romantic affair in Hawaii..I love the beach!

  465. In the big apple, NYC!

  466. Would love to have international love in New Zealand!!!!!

  467. oliviatapia123

    I would love to go to Rome!

  468. BBrittBrat1398

    I would love to be in Venice.

  469. I would pick the spy world in Europe

  470. thereadingwives

    The English country side

  471. bridget3496


  472. ktwebb2416

    I would love to have a romantic affair in any big European city like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Florence, Moscow, if that counts. It would be so magical exploring a huge city rich in history, food traditions, and art.

  473. Jamaica, Seychelles or Switzerland 🙂

  474. Scotland, the land of my heritage and of course the guys in kilts wouldn’t be too shabby either!

  475. parkeremma2003


    parkeremma2003 at yahoo dot com

  476. I would like to go to Scotland.

  477. i would pick brazil

  478. bbybrwneyez34

    It would have to be the Bahamas

  479. I would love a steamy romance at a quaint beach village.

  480. I would choose Paris!

  481. chromiumman

    after watching the Olympics, i’ll say Rio

  482. Italy and practically anywhere there would work, but Capri might be my favorite spot.

  483. My choice would be Italy.

  484. dream4more

    Italy would be so romantic!!

  485. I would love to have one in Hawaii!!

  486. martalynne

    Definitely the highlands Scotland. I love the language and the accent. Burr.

  487. I would want it in New Zealand. It seems like there could be a lot of great scenery and adventure

  488. greece would be nice

  489. AlreadyLostIt

    in the Irish country side

  490. i won’t mind to have fantasy-romantic affair in France.

  491. Ireland, France or Costa Rica all would be great places for my fantasy romances.

  492. Mildredmayo

    I choose Hawaii.

  493. Paris the city of lights and love.

  494. The top country on my bucket list is England

  495. International romance would have to be Italy!

  496. I would to have a romance in Italy.

  497. sunshinehdfan

    It would have to be in Paris

  498. What an incredible giveaway La Dolce Vita.xo

  499. Oh to answer your question London but I can’t argue with Italy

  500. syncingcoin

    I would have to say Australia. I’ve always wanted to go there. I think it could be a lot of fun.

  501. An English Country Cottage!!

  502. On the beaches of Waikiki

  503. I would go to New Zealand! It is so beautiful!

  504. Hawaii would be my fantasy

  505. I have always been a fan of Australia, dream of going there one day. Because of that I would have to say Sydney.

  506. It would be amazing to go to Spain

  507. I would love to tour Italy. I have always dreamed of going there and trying the cuisine and wines while staying in a villa.

  508. I have always wanted to see Malta but it’s sort of dangerous to go too.So Paris would be good!!

  509. buttmuffin

    the Amalfi Coast, Italy 🙂 it is gorgeous

  510. aprilarmstrong

    Paris is where I would go.

  511. The Amalfi Coast.

  512. trishamckee

    Oh it would have to be Ireland – okay, wait. If it is during the day, then Ireland. But at night, Paris.

  513. The part of the world that I would you want to have a fantasy-romantic affair Would be the hot country of Australia.

  514. Hmmm. Never thought about it, but I’ve always loved the south of France.

  515. Mercedes71

    Andalucia , Spain!

  516. garrettsa mbo

    I would want to have one in Paris.

  517. Honeypie411

    Paris or Italy would be si romantic!

  518. JollyRancher

    Ireland. And not the touristy part. Out in the wild gorgeous countryside. Just something base, wild, and free.

  519. I would like to go perfume shopping in Paris!

  520. Asia is steamy, hot, and exotic (I think), so that’s where I’d have my fling!

  521. codidaniels

    Ireland for sure. So green and chilly I’d need someone to keep me warm! I blame P.S. I love you…

  522. Emeraldizzz

    I’ve never been out of the U.S., so anywhere else would be awesome! Italy, Spain and France are top fantasy favorites!

  523. Mommy2lena4404

    I would love to have a romance anywhere in italy or in Paris.

  524. Rome, Milan or Venice for sure.

  525. Rome, enjoying a cocktail outside the Spanish Steps followed by a magnificent pasta dinner! Romantic hotel looking out on a piazza!

  526. jenniedies

    My dream location for a romantic setting would be on a patio of a cafe deep in the heart of Italy sipping wine and enjoying dessert in the middle of the day.

  527. Scandinavia

  528. I’d love to have a “tour” of Italy 🙂

  529. hamptonette

    Monte Carlo! show me a yacht in Monaco and you will show me a piece of paradise!

  530. I wish to have an erotic affair with a handsome tour guide in Italy! (to which my hubby saids I’m neurotic!) LOL

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