Kresley Cole Knows A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes

Driving to the beach or sitting by the pool? Summer is the perfect time to get your favorite reads on the go with audiobooks! And anyone who has listened to Kresley Cole’s audiobooks knows that her amazing narrator Robert Petkoff slays accents and melts hearts. Watch the video below to find out why she #loveaudiobooks (besides Robert of course) as a part of A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes, a public awareness video campaign to highlight the advantages of audiobooks and help newbies learn why they should try out the format, which is booming in popularity. (And with Kresley’s sexy books, the handsfree option definitely has potential!)


Are you a listener? Share why you #LoveAudiobooks! And check out more authors sharing their audiobook love here:

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  1. I love audiobooks because they bring the stories to life. I’ve listened to different genres so I’ve felt the goosebumps from a scary scene and I’ve swooned over some steamy scenes. I also listen to audiobooks while working out so I agree with Kresley. I end up working out longer because I don’t want to end at a cliffhanger.

  2. I have just started to see the benefits of audio. I love reading and listening to a book, switching back and forth, so I can devour more books!

  3. I absolutely love listening to audiobooks. When I have to file at work, it makes the time go by so much faster. And long roadtrips with the kids, we listen to a book while they listen to music with their headphones.


    I love audiobooks because I love to read but I just don’t have the time to sit down. So audiobooks make it much easier for me to find books I love and consume them at the rate that makes me happy. I will listen to audiobooks while I’m at the grocery store or exercising, cooking dinner or laundry! They are great!

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