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The ladies chat about an often unsettling, but always exciting genre, true crime, the OJ Simpson trial and Law & Order SVU.

Lauren interviews New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter about her newest and 20th installment in her FBI Series, INSIDIOUS.  FBI agents Savich and Sherlock must discover who is trying to murder Venus Rasmussen, a powerful, wealthy society icon. They soon find out that the danger may be closer than expected.

Finally, the ladies wrap up with the newlywed game.

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Catherine Coulter

Venus Rasmussen, a powerful woman who runs the international conglomerate Rasmussen Industries, believes someone is poisoning her. After Savich and Sherlock visit with her, someone attempts to shoot her in broad daylight. Who’s trying to kill her and why? A member of her rapacious family, or her grandson who’s been missing for ten years and suddenly reappears? Savich and Sherlock must peel away the layers to uncover the incredible truth about who would target Venus. Meanwhile, Special Agent Cam Wittier leaves Washington for Los Angeles to work with local Detective Daniel Montoya to lead the hunt for the Starlet Slasher, a serial killer who has cut the throats of five young actresses. When a sixth young actress is murdered, Cam comes to realize the truth might be closer than she’d ever want to believe.



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  1. firefighter4

    Sherlock of yore

  2. marialuisa

    Modern Sherlock

  3. Sherlock of today – I;ve never wanted to live before “my” time.

  4. I would like to be Sherlock of yore to use my mind and to be able to notice my surrounding to find clues. Technology is a quick fix but it works!

  5. mirahana

    Definitely a Modern Sherlock. Cannot imagine riding around in a coach drawn by horses!

  6. Tink2558

    Sherlock of yore. I love that era. Much harder n multifaceted experience to catch the villain.

  7. Modern Sherlock

  8. Nadlerpg

    New Sherlock

  9. pontoonboat

    I would rather go with the Sherlock Holmes of yore! Prefer the enhanced mystery involved with that technique of solving crime!

  10. Morticia

    Old Sherlock, the horse drawn carriages, foggy evenings, deductions, and of course Dr Watson, and Mrs Bridges..

  11. Sherlock of today. Don’t want to go back in time. Always best to stay in the present and to move forward.

  12. Sherlock of yore things were alot simpler back then

  13. spideriso

    Oh today most def!! I love this author and the characters. all i need to know that the book includes Sherlock and Savich and I am hooked!!! Keep them coming!! XOXO

  14. Sherlock of yore no question!

  15. Old Sherlock. Definitely liked the logic that he had to use back then versus technology. Just loved the back then scenery and descriptions.

  16. purplegems

    New Sherlock with his appeal for the new frontiers.

  17. Debbie T.

    Modern Sherlock. Especially if I could have a modern Savitch with me. 🙂

  18. Deniasha

    Modern Sherlock

  19. Modern Sherlock

  20. misskallie2000

    Modern Sherlock. Love your books Catherine.

  21. monet5280

    Modern Sherlock with a touch of Yore

  22. Janine johnson

    Modern new age


    Modern for sure!!!

  24. Cbat1417

    Even though I like the Sherlock of yore…I would rather be a Sherlock of today.

  25. Kath68144

    I think I’d rather be a modern Sherlock! She seems to have more fun than the old Sherlock.

  26. modern Sherlock

  27. Sherlock of today,,, she is incredible!

  28. nstraatm

    Modern Sherlock, more technology!

  29. Really looking forward to this one and the fact that I’ll actually have more time for reading now that summer is coming to an end!

  30. modern Sherlock for SURE !

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