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Trust us, no one here at XOXO After Dark wants summer to end, but every once in awhile it’s okay to wish for cooler weather to break the scorching summer heat. But instead of wishing for snow, how about we giveaway some ~cool~ books to read in the comfort of air conditioning with a chilled drink? It may not be Christmas yet, but we’re ready for Christmas in July!

One lucky reader has the chance to win the following books with (n)ice covers: The Missing Place by Sophie Littlefield; Heart of Ice by P.J. Parrish; Change of Heart by Jude Deveraux; What Happens Under the Mistletoe by Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp and Meredith Duran; Baby It’s Cold Outside by Jennifer Probst, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, Melody Anne and Kate Meader; and last but not least Shiver by Karen Robards!

Christmas in July Sweeps

To enter for your chance to win answer the following question in the comments section below: what is your favorite way to cool off in the summer?

Sweepstakes ends August 9th. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here. Thank you for participating!

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87 comments so far

  1. Aeward5909

    Heading to the pool with a historical romance book is my fav way to cool down 🙂

  2. Plum_Troll

    My favourite way to cool down in the summer is heading down to a friends pool with a tote full of books.

  3. After work relax on the patio with a great book. I love reading books paperback or hard cover only.

  4. lynned1111

    Love to lounge in the pool.

  5. Reading by the pool!

  6. I cool myself down by hosing myself with the water hose on my deck.

  7. franstipe

    A dish of ice cream, a great book and feet up in the sometimes shade, sometimes sun on the deck!

  8. Going to an air conditioned bookstore – good for mind, body and soul!

  9. I use a fan and a good book in a very comfortable chair with my feet elevated.

  10. scottpj17

    My favorite way to cool off in the summer is to get a large glass loaded with ice and sweet tea, my current book that I’m reading, and go climb into the hammock in the backyard.

  11. redskinfan4ever

    hanging out in my pool skinny dipping with a hippie juice

  12. Swimming.

  13. Quick dip in the ocean!

  14. ruthing73

    My favorite was to cool off is to go the beach.

  15. Air Conditioning! And, a bowl of Vanilla ice cream… 🙂

  16. blondiebarb

    spending the day at the beach

  17. fishbourne

    Swimming or weeding my garden while I have the sprinklers on

  18. Sharon White

    Read in an air conditioned room.

  19. jerseygirl2323@hotmail.com

    Floating down the river in a tube with a cold beer in my hand.

  20. DarylS_1

    going to my backyard where my pool is

  21. No pol,but a beach chair in the shade is good too!!

  22. joliemisek

    Read in the shade! 🙂

  23. annettena

    I stay in the shade if I am outside and near an AC unit if I ma inside.

  24. JulieReviewsBooks

    Taking a dip in my parents pool with a frosty drink and a good book on hand for when I get out.

  25. Lindaoakton

    Sipping lemonade in the shade

  26. One way is to stay in my ir conditione home and have a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  27. Good book, fan, and an ice cold glass of white wine!

  28. shashy2012

    Rean in a hamaca 🙂

  29. Edmssm1995

    I love the cool breeze off the ocean when you’re relaxing at the beach!

  30. coloradocowgirl

    My favorite way to cool off in the summer (not that it gets that hot here, at least temperature-wise) is to load up the hubby and the dogs and head to the high country. We can be at 12,000 feet in less than an hour.

  31. Charliegirl01

    I like to curl up in my bed with a book, with a fan blowing gently upon my body.

  32. In the pool and afterwards are the couch with good book

  33. jonilosmom

    Reading with the AC on high.

  34. wickster72

    I stay inside and read

  35. Deniasha

    Chilling out with a fan blasting me with cool air 🙂 Dxx

  36. McCutch12

    A chilled marguerita and a hot romance book!

  37. librarylove

    My favorite way to cool off during summer is air conditioning + fans+iced coffee.

  38. Texas Book Lover

    A big glass of sweet tea in the AC!

  39. Staying indoors with the A/C on and waiting for the fall season to arrive.

  40. keizerfire


  41. rosebud101

    To sit in the air conditoner with a good book

  42. Indoors with the A/C on; reading a great book; and drinking Mandarin orange sparkling water.

  43. misskallie2000

    Nice cool air conditioning.

  44. Barbiegirl

    Sipping icetea and reading a good book! Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  45. I enjoy sitting in the a/c curled up with a really good book! I can easily lose hours that way!

  46. LouisianaReader

    A good cold drink

  47. Cbat1417

    Sitting by the pool reading a good romance is a good way to cool down as well as heat up

  48. My favorite way to cool off in the summer is to go to the air conditioned Concord Mall, where my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble is located. I love to go into the air conditioned Barnes and Noble bookstore to browse the books, dvds, music cds, the cafe food and drink items for a couple of hours. I love to get their large Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino iced coffee drink! LOL!

  49. rhschuldt

    Reading in my air conditioned apartment

  50. Showering myself with water while dressed.

  51. staying indoors in an air conditioned room with my books

  52. margiek13

    Staying outside in my swing with a glass of water and several good books and my sewing.

  53. Out on my shaded porch with my plants, a good book, a iced peach tea, and a chocolate chip cookie. If too hot, i’ll plug in a fan.

  54. sandy53swker

    I live in a very hot place! This year we had record high temperatures! I like to get in the pool on a floating chair and read books about cold places.

  55. Heathfell

    Chill with a good book with the ac on high

  56. adamandia

    Take a dip and swim in the beautiful beaches in Greece !!!! Cannot wait my vacation time is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. CHatmaker93

    Sit in front of a fan in an air conditioned house, prop up my feet, with a big glass of iced cold sweet tea and a good romance novel.

  58. kendrapt

    AC and fans and a super cold shower and a tall glass of ice tea with lots of lemon

  59. Jodihudson

    Swimming in my pool!

  60. simcmannis@aol.com

    Icy drinks and cool books.

  61. My favorite way to cool off in the summer is with a new ice cold tea and a good book or a book on my tablet in front of a big fan with the air conditioner running at full blast. That’s the good life!

  62. rswitalski

    a/c, sweet tea and a book!

  63. comfortable place to sit, an ice cold drink and a good books

  64. Going for a swim!

  65. sher1171

    long fast boat ride on the lake

  66. In my air conditioned house, I sit in my recliner with my personal fan going, my chilled glass of summer wine and a great book on my kindle.

  67. reneesnooky

    In the living room with airconditioner on and reading my book

  68. Diane Sallans

    either air conditioning or a pool

  69. Reading in air conditioning while eating ice cream.

  70. Corgimom

    Spending the day at a water park with NO kids and a good book.

  71. Outside hot tub at midnight with a chilled glass of wine, starring up at the stars.

  72. Ice tea a book in the AC

  73. liviekitty

    Relaxing in the shade (or A/C) with a tall glass of lemonade or iced tea with a good book or good friends.

  74. unionbev

    Either the beach with a good book, or an air conditioned room and a glass of lemonade.

  75. I love to sit on our quiet deck, in the shade with an icy gin and tonic.

  76. Stay in my house with the air conditioning on full blast! What a great group of books. It pays to stay in the site and poke around for a while. 🙂 I’d LOVE to win. Thanks!

  77. libra108

    My favorite way is to sit in the shade with a nice breeze and a good book.

  78. Richardsdm

    No air conditioning, so it’s sitting in front of the fan with a book and some cold water

  79. VanillaOrchids

    I’d have to say going for a swim but we no longer have a swimming pool. Although I do live right along the river, but I’ve never been in it. I will say that a nice big glass of ice water is great too.

  80. I love to cool down at my neighborhood pool with a book & an iced coffee

  81. Swimming in a pool or a lake. Drinking lemonade.

  82. I love to cool down with a good book and an Italian Ice

  83. kateivan

    Gelato and a good book by the pool!

  84. pumpysmom

    swimming in the ocean

  85. To either eat some ice cream or drink a milkshake

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