Enter for a chance to win a special signed edition of INSIDIOUS by Catherine Coulter!

Our friends at Gallery Books are thrilled to publish Insidious this August: the 20th book in the famed FBI Series by #1 bestselling author and thriller/suspense queen Catherine Coulter! In this fast-paced, heart-pounding installment, FBI agents Savich and Sherlock must discover who is trying to murder Venus Rasmussen, a powerful, wealthy society icon. They soon find out that the danger may be closer than expected.

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To honor such an exciting event, we want to give you a chance to win a special signed edition of the book from Catherine Coulter herself!

To enter, simply answer the following question in the comments section below: would you rather be a modern Sherlock (like the one in Catherine’s FBI seriesor a Sherlock of yore?

Sweepstakes ends August 4th, 2016. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.

Insidious by Catherine Coulter is now available for pre-order. It will be available in stores on August 9th. Thank you for participating!

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Catherine Coulter

Venus Rasmussen, a powerful woman who runs the international conglomerate Rasmussen Industries, believes someone is poisoning her. After Savich and Sherlock visit with her, someone attempts to shoot her in broad daylight. Who’s trying to kill her and why? A member of her rapacious family, or her grandson who’s been missing for ten years and suddenly reappears? Savich and Sherlock must peel away the layers to uncover the incredible truth about who would target Venus. Meanwhile, Special Agent Cam Wittier leaves Washington for Los Angeles to work with local Detective Daniel Montoya to lead the hunt for the Starlet Slasher, a serial killer who has cut the throats of five young actresses. When a sixth young actress is murdered, Cam comes to realize the truth might be closer than she’d ever want to believe.



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  1. bookbunny68

    Modern Sherlock. We have technology now and science has come so far since then that helps with solving crimes. Plus could travel more easily to different places.

  2. I would rather be a modern Sherlock because modern tools, scientific evidence, or advanced technology could be of great assistance.

  3. Mystic12

    Modern Sherlock: technology today kick as, theirs nothing you can’t do on the net.

  4. Modern sherlock. it would be more interesting now with modern technology and telecommunications, social media, digital and phone cameras. Lots to explore in the modern age for sherlock

  5. Steve Harris

    I would say a blend / mix of both old and new would be cool. Modern Sherlock armed with all of the technology available today. Sherlock of yore to add a twist / hint of the days gone by.

  6. modern Sherlock

  7. The modern Sherlock. I love technology, so this scenario really appeals to me!

  8. hippiechick

    For certain, a Sherlock of yore. Much more interesting having to rely on instinct, clues and intellect . And the clothes were pretty hip, too.

    I wouldn’t find it very interesting if technology did most of the work for me . It would be like having the pieces to a puzzle numbered .

  9. VanillaOrchids

    I have to go with Sherlock of yore. I’m fascinated with the time period.

  10. I would hope for a mixture of both worlds, like in “Elementary” – TV series with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

  11. Modern Sherlock, for sure!

  12. teacup66

    modern Sherlock, I/they need all the help possible!

  13. JulyCrab

    For sure I,d want to be a Sherlock of yore. Really enjoy that time period, from the social customs to the clothing. Plus the power of the mind to deduce who the criminal is more intriguing.

  14. A Sherlock of today as we have new technology available to assist an investigator that they did not gave in times of yore. Yes the detective had to rely more than n good instincts as well as phenomenal interrogation all techniques as without a confession they couldn’t prove any of their conjectures. Nowadays various tests can prove someone’s innocence or guilt, without obtaining a confession, or tests assist in getting a confession.

  15. noweyeball

    It doesn’t matter to me I love both

  16. I love the old Sherlock of course but all characters must evolve with the times right?? So, a little bit of both worlds would be awesome… the look of Sherlock but with all the modern advances!

  17. Modern Sherlock!

  18. Plum_Troll

    I would rather be a modern Sherlock, it would be endlessly entertaining. 🙂

  19. Modern Sherlock!

  20. franstipe

    a modern Sherlock in the days of yore! A strong, intelligent and beautiful female character, who gives Scotland Yard a run for its money!

  21. Sherlock of yore. Classic mysteries are the best.

  22. Sherlock of yore

  23. Modern Sherlock

  24. a modern Sherlock. 🙂

  25. A modern Sherlock.

  26. I think I’d prefer to be a modern version. In addition to having the better technology, we also have better toilets, electricity, more comfortable fashions, and so forth.

  27. TKDecker23

    Modern Sherlock

  28. scottpj17

    I prefer to be a modern day Sherlock Holmes. All of today’s technology would make the job so much easier.

  29. s2herron

    A modern day Sherlock! I can’t imagine not having technology to help with solving cases.

  30. I would rather be the old Sherlock, much more mystery.

  31. Modern day Holmes

  32. I would love to be a modern Sherlock. More tools to solve mysteries at my disposal.

  33. Modern Sherlock – the technology and the cases will be more challenging. But who will be the modern Watson – live partner or a computer?

  34. kensueuk@aol.com

    Definately modern, as long as my Dr Watson was a forensic scientist!

  35. The modern Sherlock has a lot more investigative tools at his disposal, so I think I’d rather be a Sherlock of yore relying upon my and Watson’s deductive reasoning.

  36. chiccycle

    I am all about modern!

  37. Ricardobach

    Modern Sherlock

  38. I’d rather be a modern Sherlock, since the world is ever changing

  39. blondiebarb

    A modern Sherlock

  40. red66060

    Older, because it would be pretty awesome to rely on your own knowledge and instincts!

  41. cornwe25

    A Sherlock of yore. I would have to rely on myself and figure out the clues without relying on modern tech to figure it out for me.

  42. sasscath

    Modern Sherlock

  43. bookworm 531

    Modern Sherlock – the technology, advancement in women’s rights, wardrobe, etc.

  44. ruthing73

    Modern day since we have so much going on for us in the way of technology, social media and tracking devices.

  45. Marciec39@aol.com

    I would like to be a combination of old and modern. The combination has the advantage of the old world courtesy and the modern technology. She can use the modern technologies to help her use her instincts and logic to figure out what is going on and solve the crimes.

  46. Susan512

    I’d rather be a Sherlock of yore!

  47. Old Sherlock I would have had to really do deductive reasoning without all of the modern snoop items available.

  48. dawna@isaacsandalley.com

    Modern Sherlock – prefer technology and cases are more challenging.

  49. Modern Sherlock. The technology, tools, and general knowledge that was previously unavailable would leave a smaller margin of error.

  50. cherimadison

    Definitely a modern-day Sherlock. I live now, so I want to take advantage of all our modern-day techniques.

  51. I might have to go with a modern sherlock

  52. Old Sherlock for sure

  53. Bigma1948

    Modern Sherlock.

  54. pfallon@tivertonlibrary.org

    I would rather be a Sherlock of yore. I would love to travel back in time to check it out. But only temporarily!

  55. Sharon White

    The original Sherlock. Those must have been fascinating times.

  56. dawnw1105

    Modern Sherlock – women were too restricted in prior times!

  57. I would love to be somewhat like the old Sherlock, but with todays’ technology. So I guess I want to be a combination of the old and the new. I would have to have a modern day Watson though.

  58. Waterlily76

    Modern Sherlock–criminals are so clever these days you need all the help technology can provide.

  59. jerseygirl2323@hotmail.com

    Modern Sherlock!

  60. bombi9923

    I would rather be a Sherlock Holmes of yore, as we did not have the modern technology, so it would be more challenging and rewarding to me.
    I also like the clothes, times, and even furnishings in Sherlock Holmes’ day, so it would be more attractive for me overall in those days!

  61. absolutartist1

    modern – definitely!

  62. comicvixen

    Definitely, modern Sherlock!

  63. ltdtreas

    Modern Sherlock – With all the new technology of today, the job is alot easier than long ago

  64. Bookworm2005

    I’d prefer old school Sherlock who had nothing but his brilliant mind and powers of observation and deduction to solve the case, but always prevailed!

  65. Tina1023

    Modern Sherlock!

  66. Alicia376

    I would definitely choose to be a modern Sherlock. The increase in technology and forensics would make my choice an easy one. Can’t wait to read Insidious!

  67. kkennedy013

    Modern Sherlock a la Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Can’t wait for Series 4.

  68. Modern. Agatha. Christie

  69. I would want to be Sherlock in modern times…today’s technology is great!

  70. jeandbower@gmail.com

    I would prefer to be a modern Sherlock. The modern technology would be a tremendous help to advance the solution.

  71. puttputt1198eve

    Sherlock of yore always sounds so much more romantic, but I’m addicted to modern conveniences. So it’s the modern Sherlock for me!

  72. The Sherlock of yore

  73. I’m a big fan of the Sherlock of yore but I don’t mind a bit of rule bending!

  74. theresan

    I like to be a modern day Sherlock.

  75. Carving Gal

    Modern Sherlock!

  76. brandiablr@gmail.com

    Modern Sherlock for sure!

  77. tunisalj

    I would rather be a modern sherlock. There is much to be said about good old fashion police work. It will never fail you. It is the basis of the now. Technology just enhances that knowledge and allows for more thoroughness.

  78. KimberleyC

    Modern day for sure. All the new tests and gadgets.

  79. delmaluna

    I would rather be a modern Sherlock. There are so many more tools available now.

  80. beckymmoe

    Modern, definitely! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  81. Tahartley83

    I would like Sherlock from the olden times. 😀

  82. brendanelson

    Id have to go with the old Sherlock but more in the mould of Basil Rathbones interpretations in black and white films with bumbling Dr Watson

  83. bjcsimpson

    Modern Sherlock, hands down! Love all of today’s cyber technology tools!

  84. scharle4

    Modern Sherlock–more tools and historical knowledge to go off of to solve cases. 🙂

  85. debbishaw

    modern detective lots of tech helps

  86. JulieReviewsBooks

    Modern Sherlock – I want to have all the technology and tools to help me.

  87. No question about it – modern Sherlock, absolutely!

  88. Modern day Sherlock

  89. Lindaoakton

    Modern day – there are so many ways that technology has helped detecting

  90. Edmssm1995

    I think I’d rather be a modern Sherlock because of the advances in modern science to help solve crimes.

  91. shashy2012

    Modern Sherlock!!!

  92. elisemark

    Modern. Use old fashioned observation along with modern technology. Get the best of both worlds!

  93. I would like to be a modern day Sherlock!!

  94. k_schrieber@hotmail.com

    Modern Sherlock. I love technology

  95. JosieAlexander

    Modern Sherlock…no contest!

  96. Sherlock of yore of course!

  97. midnightallie

    A modern Sherlock. More access to information and more knowledge gained from years of crime solving.

  98. dawn_roberto16

    I think I would prefer modern Sherlock. 🙂

  99. acarrillo9393

    I would wanna be a modern sherlock.They have all the cool gadgets.

  100. hamptonette

    honestly would not make a good Sherlock in any era, my worst trait has to be that I am not observant 🙁

  101. rinkobc9

    For sure a modern Sherlock!! No contest!

  102. kshelady

    Would love to be a modern Sherlock. Had a chance to go to Quantico and volunteer there for 6 weeks, unfortunately I didn’t have some to watch my small children at the time and couldn’t go. Oh but the desire to know who, what, where, why and how have never diminished even though the years have passed.

  103. modern Sherlock as I want to be a CSI agent

  104. Angelbabiescattery

    A modern Sherlock

  105. featherlight

    Definitely Modern Sherlock

  106. tesart111

    Would like to be modern Sherlock. More information accessible andmire training and guns.

  107. smokeydog1212

    I would definitely want to be modern Sherlock. Can’t do without my computer!

  108. the3bunch

    Modern Sherlock – I like my conveniences and books!

  109. sismarty

    Sherlock of yore!!! I’ve always have wished that I can go back in time. Reading is my only way of getting close to that feeling. Your imagination can soar through reading.

  110. twohorses

    A modern Sherlock, I’m a retired deputy and love Coulter, would love a signed copy!!!!

  111. Sunnymay

    The Olde Sherlock intrigues me more. I like learning how the pries of yore set their tripas and stings and methods of surveillance.

  112. MochasMom

    I’d rather be a modern Sherlock with technology:)

  113. rrshep52

    a modern Sherlock

  114. Virginiandfan

    I think I would want to be a modern day Sherlock.

  115. briannedanielle

    I would rather be a modern Sherlock, when you can use logic and deduction PLUS all of the tools of modern science!

  116. Iloveguero

    Modern Sherlock

  117. stitchkat

    Hard choice! Modern Sherlock – she’s a woman! I would love to see what Sherlock of yore might have done with modern technology.

  118. Absolutely a modern Sherlock! Must have computer assistance for research.

  119. SandraBrowy

    Modern Sherlock. Criminals are becoming more aware of ways to prevent clues being left.

  120. LillianQ

    Definitely a modern Sherlock. She can hold her own in any situation while still being a great wife/partner and mother. Plus she has kick ass hair (never mess with a redhead)!

  121. librarylove

    I would go for modern detecting because of all the advances in forensic evidence.

  122. desdemona

    I would love to be a Sherlock from Days of Yore! With no modern equipment to help solve the mysteries it would make it much more brain based & instinct driven.

  123. Texas Book Lover

    Modern for sure. I wouldn’t last an hour in the past without modern conveniences.

  124. CassieBrode

    It was a hard choice, but Modern Sherlock would be my pick.

  125. keizerfire

    Modern, no matter how unromantic, I’m addicted to my porcelain bathroom fixtures and running water!!

  126. jamscrib

    Sherlock of yore, I would love to live in that time period.

  127. Moore6468@comcast.net

    I would rather be the modern Sherlock!

  128. Horsemom

    New Sherlock. I love the characters in this series and the author. It’s about the only book I purchase new and in paper because I just can’t wait to read!

  129. a modern Sherlock

  130. Prekrasan

    Modern Sherlock, definitely. There are so many more possibilities now than there were before, what with the way technology has advanced.

  131. Definitely a Modern Day Sherlock…

  132. charf47@gmail.com

    Modern Sherlock. I would be able to have modern technology to support the intuitive side of old fashioned investigation.

  133. Definitely Modern Sherlock. She gets to go home with Savich. Old time Sherlock just had Dr. Watson. No comparison.

  134. MicheleG42

    Old school, because a detective needed keen observational skills, a deep understanding of human nature, and excellent disguises! Tech is great, but being able to solve a crime WITHOUT it? That rocks! Plus the clothes were cool 🙂

  135. franperry4

    I’ll take modern day for sure. So many advantages to use.

  136. Barbiegirl

    Modern Sherlock! Would love to win this awesome book!

  137. WhereIsTheFire

    A Sherlock of today would be fantastic!

  138. judydoucett

    I would to be a modern Sherlock

  139. Beccadell1

    Love Sherlock!

  140. Definitely a modern sherlock – cannot always understand the english they use.

  141. A modern Sherlock.

  142. conniv316

    Sherlock of modern day, what with advancements in all the areas of solving crimes, I would find my man quickly and get another crime to solve.

  143. marleenandlouie

    Oh please, the Sherlock of yore. To have an analytical mind like that, wow!

  144. sneshick@msn.com

    Modern for sure

  145. LouisianaReader

    The one in Catherine’s series

  146. I’d rather be a modern day Sherlock who can use all the technology and all my own smarts to solve crimes and mysteries.

  147. themisfit13

    Sherlock of yore, would love to be in that era.

  148. llovejoy66

    I’m a huge fan of the PBS Sherlock series, so i get how a modern day Sherlock could work …i think without the knowledge of CSI , etc it would be impossible to be a Sherlock of old.

  149. I love the style and skill set of the old Sherlock. That said, I am firmly rooted in modern times; so a combo of sorts would work well for me.

  150. rhschuldt

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. I’d like the idea of being a modern day Sherlock because I’m too spoiled by modern conveniences.

  151. Modern day Sherlock, I like my modern conveniences.

  152. I would definitely want to be a modern Sherlock. With today’s rapidly advancing technology in the forensic science area, you are able to obtain certain evidence now to help prove the cases that you are working on. And, it would also help if you have a masters degree in the fields of criminal psychology and profiling.

  153. modern Sherlock, with technology now and the mind. So much is possible.

  154. I would definitely want to be a modern sherlock.

  155. Newt4209

    I’d prefer to be a Sherlock of yore because I would love to have lived in a time period where problems were solved solely with intuition and intellect.

  156. hamburgerearmuffs

    Definitely a modern Sherlock!!

  157. Sherlock of yore. The power of observation and deduction is more interesting than all the scientific mumbo-jumbo of today.

  158. Sherlock of yore appeals to me!

  159. Modern Sherlock

  160. wagneretta

    A modern Sherlock teamed with the modern Savich.

  161. BarbaraM

    I think I would prefer being a modern Sherlock Holmes, because I would have vastly more tools at my disposal to help me solve crimes.

  162. happymar

    I would prefer modern Sherlock due to modern technologies. Granted, I (Sherlock), would not need them, it would be nice for others to have to sometimes verify my results.

  163. olivia461

    I’d rather be a modern Sherlock Holmes like in the book. the advances in forensics and DNA have come a long way since days of old. Modern technology helps out a lot.

  164. CelticMarine

    Would prefer to be modern. Love the amenities of today and the new technology.

  165. Modern Sherlock able to use all the new methods

  166. Modern, there are so many advances to aid deduction to solve crimes today.

  167. cmormann

    A modern Sherlock so I could have all the technology of today.

  168. sandy53swker

    I love the cover! The venus flytrap is such a tricky plant…. It lures it’s prey into its grip! This book sounds very alluring,too!

  169. Countrysunrise

    As much as I would be tempted to be a Sherlock of yore, I would rather be a modern-day Sherlock, because they have so much more at their advantage in the way of crime-solving tools!! Thank you for the terrific giveaway!!

  170. The Modern Sherlock

  171. mbaccile

    Modern Sherlock!!

  172. j_touchstone


  173. meanmjean

    modern day with Savich and Sherlock

  174. CHatmaker93

    A modern Sherlock. Scanning the internet for clues.

  175. kendrapt

    Modern Sherlock….so many more ways to test evidence.

  176. Jodihudson

    Modern Sherlock for,sure!

  177. Sherlock of yore. I just love doing observation and deduction. I had fun back when my geometry class has that course. I just love that puzzle-problem solving method.

  178. simcmannis@aol.com

    Female Sherlock

  179. Sherlock of yore

  180. Modern. There are so many new ways to investigate and search in our era than Sherlock’s and need are coming up frequently.

  181. Alice Boni

    I would choose the old Sherlock. His thought processes fascinated me.

  182. gloriasmith

    modern sherlock

  183. Modern Sherlock, we can do so much more with forensic science today. Makes things more interesting.

  184. rswitalski

    Modern Sherlock – so curious to see what is next in technology advances to help solve crimes.

  185. Sherlock of yore!

  186. mikadiddle

    I would rather be a Sherlock from the olden days, traveling across Europe and working with Scotland Yard.

  187. Sherlock of yesteryear. Take away the tech and you can still rely on the mind, powers of observation, etc.

  188. Leseratte

    Sherlock of yore. Times were simpler, and I’d get to wear a funky hat!

  189. crazygirl412

    Modern Sherlock so there’s a higher chance of me solving the crime and saving people faster.

  190. Memamich

    I’m trend toward modern Sherlock.

  191. Modern Sherlock:

  192. Susan0138

    Modern Sherlock. I think it would be very interesting to see how he would solve crimes with all the new technology today.

  193. Insidious sounds great! I think I would rather be a modern Sherlock Homes ♡ Thank you

  194. Rachie25

    Modern Sherlock more things you can solve these days with DNA

  195. Marthasch

    Modern Sherlock.

  196. annie1948

    Modern Sherlock….she has it all!!! Brains, beauty and brawn!

  197. reneesnooky

    for sure the modern sherlock

  198. avehonduras

    Definitely a Sherlock of yore!

  199. I don’t know, it could be a good thing to be from both times. Modern Sherlock because of all the technology and resources available. But Sherlock of yore, that would probably be more interesting. You would have to figure things out the old fashioned way, with your brain and things around you. Good question!!

  200. Modern – a lot can be found by using common sense, but technology is a huge time saver ! The web, Dna testing, faxing other states ect…

  201. Sharlyn2

    I would prefer to be a modern day Sherlock

  202. The modern Sherlock. Just look at all the new toys he can use in addition to what he already has,

  203. RobGrieco

    A modern Sherlock for sure!!!

  204. alterlisa

    Definitely a modern Holmes! While I love reading or watch the Holmes of old, I love my creature comforts!

  205. Diane Sallans

    Tho I do enjoy historical stories, I just love the modern Sherlock – so many new investigative tools.

  206. KellyG629

    Modern Sherlock – I like technology!

  207. Phyrenzi33

    Modern Sherlock…there are many different technologies and techniques to help solve mysteries in this modern era

  208. Corgimom

    Modern Sherlock.

  209. Future Sherlock that is in the world today, using all the next generation spyware that no one else has.

  210. joycehanc

    I would definitely rather be a modern sherlock. For one thing, a female wouldn’t have been accepted in that position in the past. Also, the clothing could be a lot more casual today.

  211. Most definitely modern Sherlock.

  212. Maisfeeka

    Oh, I think a modern Sherlock for sure! So much fun with all the new things going on!

  213. Id choose to be a modern Sherlock. I love the use of technology to spy.heheh

  214. nevans72

    I am a huge history buff and I would have to say I would want to be the older Sherlock because it was pre technology era and to solve a crime would take a lot of brains and bravado. I love reading anything from 1700 to the ww2 era. I am fascinated by the way of life in that time.

  215. LPWillingham

    I love science, so definitely modern Sherlock!

  216. cakochano

    Sherlock of yore

  217. I would prefer to be a Sherlock of yore. That time in history has always fascinated me.

  218. Modern day Sherlock with a keen senses of the first sherlock.

  219. I’d like to be a Sherlock of yore. I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong place and time. It would be fantastic (though I do understand how rough it would be) to go back to that era in England.
    I would very much love to win. I’m going through breast cancer treatment for the second time and I’m gathering “fast paced, heart-pounding” books to read after my Mastectomy. Thanks.

  220. hazxpress

    Modern day, as more technology is available. BUT the Sherlock of yore is very fascinating in having solved cases by using the tools at his disposal as well as being more involved (hands on) with the cases. Such as not relying on a group of detectives to do his investigating.

  221. libra108

    Sherlock of Yore for me. Prefer to figure things out without techie gear.

  222. modern sherlock

  223. Harleyclark

    Modern Sherlock for sure. I love Sherlock/Savich.

  224. Gmrandall

    Modern day, the Sherlock of current day keeps the audience on their seats with all the intriguing twists and turns I am always waiting for the next book to come out and see what the writer has up her sleeve.

  225. Modern Sherlock – I’m not sure I could cope with the social conditions of the old – interesting though it might be

  226. aabijo43

    Modern day Sherlock. She is sexy.

  227. sunshinehdfan

    Sherlock of yore

  228. I like the modern day Sherlock.

  229. Modern Sherlock. There are so many technological advantages nowadays.

  230. lauramartone

    Actually, I’d rather be Doctor Watson! 😉

  231. Courtney_S

    I would rather be modern Sherlock because she is a kick@$$ female. She is exactly the kind of woman that we should all be looking up to.

  232. HotHoney

    Oh Sherlock of yore for sure! Time travel anyone?

  233. gincam44

    Sherlock of yore–deductive reasoning and keen powers of observation, plus an encompassing understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of human nature.

  234. tinlizzay

    Modern day for sure!

  235. Modern Sherlock! They wore too many clothes back then (too hot), not to mention all of the things that we have to help find out who and where they did it. Also think of how fast we can travel now, much easier.

  236. katrinav1976

    Modern Sherlock.

  237. adarst213

    I’d rather be a modern Sherlock with all the technology available to help today!

  238. kerel409

    Modern Sherlock with all the different techs that we have now makes job easier!!!!

  239. Definitely a modern Sherlock with all the science and forensics labs.

  240. A modern sherlock with the deductive reasoning of the original sherlock.

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