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With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, the XOXO headquarters are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming days of fun in the sun, and what better way is there to celebrate summer vacation than with a picnic? We have a long list of books that are each good enough to eat (or at least to consume greedily with our eyes) and given all the free time you’ll hopefully have soon, we want to share them with you! Get ready to enjoy a lazy afternoon of reading folks, cause XOXO is here to give it to ya.

That’s right, we have a “perfect picnic” themed sweepstakes featuring tasty books that are sweet (and some a little sexy) as can be! For your chance to win the following five titles, enter the following question in the comments section below: where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

picnic post pic

Sweepstakes ends on July 14th. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here. Thank you for your participation!

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Cookies & Cups Cookbook

Cookies & Cups Cookbook

Shelly Jaronsky

Wildly popular Cookies & Cups blogger Shelly Jaronsky’s eagerly anticipated cookbook features all-new, mouth-watering, delectable sweet treats 100% guaranteed to make you want to eat dessert first.

American Babe

American Babe

Babe Walker

Babe Walker, author of the New York Times bestselling WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS and PSYCHOS, faces her most daunting challenge yet—suburbia—in the third White Girl Problems book. After a freak accident that was definitely not Babe’s fault, her estranged mother offers her the perfect escape from LA: an invite to her grandfather’s eightieth birthday party in Maryland. Way out of her white girl element, Babe learns that the suburbs might actually not be so bad after all... yeah, right.

Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop

Alice Clayton

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton brings her trademark blend of funny and sexy to this second contemporary romance in the brand-new Hudson Valley series! Manhattan's It Girl, Natalie Grayson, has it all: she's a hot exec at a leading advertising firm, known industry-wide for her challenging and edgy campaigns. She's got a large circle of friends, a family that loves her dearly, and her dance card is always full with handsome eligible bachelors. What else could a modern gal-about-town wish for? The answer, of course, is... cheese.

Luck, Love & Lemon Pie

Luck, Love & Lemon Pie

Amy E. Reichert

A novel about a frustrated wife and mother who hatches a scheme to reignite her marriage—and risks everything in a gamble she hopes is a sure bet.

Where the Wild Things Bite

Where the Wild Things Bite

Molly Harper

In Molly Harper’s witty new paranormal romance, a rare-book expert is delivering a package to Half Moon Hollow when her plane goes down, and a sexy vampire comes to her rescue. He’s clearly got ulterior motives, but does he want to date her…or devour her?



440 comments so far

  1. Our town park is beautiful and my favorite spot.

  2. VaDiveMama9

    One of my favorite places to enjoy a picnic is at the pool!

  3. autumnnh

    I like to enjoy a picnic under the trees in our backyard.

  4. hippiechick

    I’ve been wanting most of those books. I’m past that point.

    Now it’s I Gotta, I Must Have, Obssessed With Addiction

  5. decampcera

    Right by the lake a little before dusk, perfect spot with the perfect view.

  6. Dragon_ladyjo

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?
    My favorite is by the beach or in the mountains 💕🏖🏞

  7. stapelgunn

    Our city is on an isthmus. So the best spot is any of the parks near the lakes.

  8. KellyRenee1979

    I love picnics at the parks that have a view of the beach or city of San Diego where I live. 🙂

  9. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? The Beach!! There’s something about sun and sand that makes a sandwich taste sooo good! =)

  10. Hairwavesinthebreeze

    Lake Michigan beach picnics all the way!

  11. My favorite picnic spot is next to the Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC. You can see the WWII Memorial on one side and the Lincoln Monument on the other. It’s my favorite spot.

  12. Central Park, near the bridge! So pretty especially this time of year 🙂

  13. wolf2644

    by the lake

  14. jaimearkin

    My favorite place to picnic is our local park – there is a huge waterpark and a pond and it’s a perfect place to relax for me and for the kids to have fun!

  15. DarylS_1

    we are off on that picnic as soon as I win this. the books are making my mouth hungry for a picnic.

  16. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    Astoria or Central Park on a beautiful summer day. Or honestly, this is NYC, so anywhere that there’s grass 😉

  17. tootsiebutt

    Best spot where I live is Hesperia Lakes. You can go fishing, feed the ducks, the kids can play in a little stream or at the park, and there are so many trees to sit in the shade

  18. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? Mine is in Yosemite!

  19. maria_nanci

    At the beach.

  20. LPWillingham

    I like to picnic at the local lake by the natural geysers.

  21. 1gothickitten

    My favorite place for a picnic is in a pretty park under a shade tree.

  22. Where I live it’s 100 degrees now! So a blanket in the living room of our air conditioned home would be lovely!

  23. iyi060157

    Sunny So Florida beach

  24. thebookbasics

    Such a cute idea, love this picnic set!

  25. mbpartlow

    Favorite spot used to be a hidden park in Clayton, NM, where we’d stop for lunch the first day of a long car trip to go visit family.

  26. thecrazylibrarian

    My favorite place for a picnic is on my picnic table that my father made as a Christmas gift.

  27. Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? At the beach! I love the sand, sun and surf, despite the pesky seagulls.

  28. pammbr2003

    At the lake!!!

  29. Bookworm2005

    George Rogers Park by the Willamette River

  30. salvatorec

    The best spot is my own back yard!!!!

  31. arickman

    Our town park has a nice picnic spot by the lake,

  32. mollyingalls

    The lake where my aunt and uncle live is the place I love to have picnics.

  33. in it to win it

  34. curiouacutecitykitty888

    We live in a major city so our urban parks are situated between a river and a highway. My favorite is spot is Hudson River Park UWS for picnicking and reading.

  35. epanbudd

    My favorite place to picnic is by the lake

  36. Marion96

    In a break in the woods on a little wooden bench on the river.

  37. We head up the canyon and take full advantage of picnicking in the mountains.

  38. tiffany5981

    My own backyard. It’s quiet, peaceful, full of things to do, and the house is close if it starts to rain.

  39. Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? I actually like taking my lunch out on Fountain Square on work days and eating with a good book. Get some sun and fresh air, do some people watching and relax from a stressful day with some Hero.

  40. Readinggirl49

    My back yard

  41. My favorite spot for a picnic? In the middle of a large field under a tree

  42. sarahas8609

    The Jersey Shore

  43. VRValicento

    I love the zoo for a picnic

  44. your1chef

    My favorite spot for a picnic is at my parents lake house on Mille Lacs lake in MN. They have had that small, falling apart house since 1980. To sit in the grass looking out towards the lake is so peaceful, that you can’t help but relax and take a nap after a picnic lunch.

  45. Best place for a picnic is Golden Cate Park in San Francisco-it is really beautiful!

  46. LibChick

    I love summertime reading!

  47. By the canal in my town is the perfect reading spot! Watching people on paddle boats and being in the heart of the city is my favorite!!

  48. My favorite picnic spot is at Caesars Creek State Park. It’s in the woods overlooking the lake.

  49. redheadedjen

    Hmmm. In the back yard or local park. Or maybe at the beach…

  50. TheLoveJunkee

    Our local city park has many beautiful spots for a picnic, but I also like picnicking in my backyard with the kids – it’s easier if I forgot something!

  51. I go to school right on the Boston Common, and when it’s not Snowmageddon, it’s a luscious green grass and benches and tall trees. The squirrels are almost too friendly and fun to watch run around. Plus, there are almost always dogs running around having a great time. It’s such a great place for college picnics.

  52. tranquil80

    Callaway Gardens is my favorite spot to enjoy a picnic.

  53. LibChick

    My favorite spot is by the river where the breeze is soft and cool.

  54. Curlyq71188

    My favorite spot to picnic is on the coast of our local lake. The water creates a great breeze that makes the summer heat much more bearable.

  55. jenndonald

    Up at the lake, it’s so beautiful!

  56. jlytranch

    I would enjoy a picnic under a canopy of shade trees or tents–think lawn party like you might see in a scene from Downton Abbey. Comfortable seating is a must!

  57. jeepforme1923

    We live near a pretty and fairly quiet campground that is a great place to picnic and just enjoy nature.

  58. In a nearby ski town atop one of the slopes, there is a small lake with a small beach and picnic area secluded by large boulders and trees. All through the summer, I love to go there with family and friends. It’s calm and relaxing – perfect for reading – and completely romantic at sunset.

  59. hazxpress

    At the picnic shelter near a lake that has a playground and a beach.

  60. Presque Isle State Park. Thanks for the chance to win!! ☀️🍉🍗🌭🍺🍓🍴

  61. alyssaross

    My family farm is my favorite place to enjoy a picnic.

  62. lauramartone

    I’ve enjoyed picnicking in a lot of wonderful spots, from the Los Angeles County Arboretum to the beaches of South Padre Island, but my favorite spot is wherever I happen to picnic with my husband.

  63. I love going to the mountains and sitting under the whispering pines to read a good book or five

  64. cherimadison

    In a mountain forest picnic area.

  65. bookbunny68

    I live by Hocking Hills in Ohio. That has always been the perfect place to go. Used to go camping all the time when I was younger but now just go for the day.

  66. karatheredhead

    I love to picnic at the park!

  67. gloriamarie

    In my hometown, it was Marquand Park, which I still miss. Now I love to picnic in the Anza-Borrego Desert.

  68. wickster72

    Down by the creek. We get to watch the wild life.

  69. Kshalong

    In my backyard. It’s the best!

  70. I love to picnic at the beach!

  71. mtnhicks

    We live in the Appalachian mountains of NC. There are some beautiful places to picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Park the truck on the side of the parkway- sit on a blanket in the grass or in the bed of the truck, have a picnic and relax while “getting sun” and reading a book. Finish off with a hike on a new to us trail.

  72. My favorite spot to picnic is Balboa Park in San Diego.

  73. I like to have a picnic at an outdoor concert/picnic in the park.

  74. Near a pond, lake, or river. I love being able to enjoy bodies of water if I can on a picnic.

  75. Lola Donnelley

    My favorite picnic place is the lake under a tree

  76. My favorite place to eat a picnic is near the water somewhere. I love to listen to it.

  77. On the dock at the State Park

  78. patriciam2k

    anywhere where you have a lot of trees and open skies!!

  79. Tamanthac

    I prefer a picnic at the beach

  80. allison2554766

    At the beach

  81. swalsh185

    I’ve found some great spots while driving through the national parks, our summer vacation spots. My favorites are in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone!

  82. sheila3321

    My favorite picnic spot is at the beach, under a shady tree.

  83. Wow. It’s tough here in the desert — hard to spread out a blanket on rock landscaping! — but we have so many wonderful parks nearby that anywhere here in town is great. Or my backyard. We have rock landscaping as well but we DO have tables and chairs!

  84. In the park along Lake Michigan.

  85. My favorite spot to have a picnic is at the Hollywood Bowl.

  86. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?
    At my parent’s back yard.

  87. puttputt1198eve

    My favorite place to picnic is in our backyard under the Japanese elm next to the pond and the waterfall.

  88. I love to picnic anywhere near water… A river, stream, lake, or the ocean!

  89. Loni1313

    Pavilion at our county park

  90. sharyonda

    There are so many great spots but my favorite is at night in my garden under the moonlight with citronella candles!

  91. I lived in a city which was fairly big once. Two buildings down from my apartment was a library. Between that building and the building that separated my apartment from seeing the library was a small group of trees. In the middle were a couple of benches and towards the outside was a fountain. It was very peaceful and a great place to relax. To me, that is the perfect type of picnic spot.

  92. I love to picnic at the Japanese Gardens or the Botanic Gardens.

  93. scituatemama

    by the ocean , some sun,surf and food.

  94. scituatemama

    Sun, surf ,sand and finger foods

  95. I like to enjoy our picnics in our back yard under our big tree.

  96. jmcgaugh

    I really enjoy the park just north of town.

  97. daisy2811

    My favorite place is along the lake near my house. It’s great to be able to watch the boats and splash in the lake if you want.

  98. My favorite place to enjoy a picnic is at the beach, a garden, park or even my own back yard!

  99. My favorite place is in our truck bed with my hubby and dog, watching everything from ducks in the park to movies at the local drive in.

  100. I love to picnic by a lake or pond. Thanks for the chance!

  101. aimeemartin

    anywhere with a good view of the sky! Nighttime picnics are my favorite!

  102. Any where near a body of water lol. We have a park with a small lake that is beautiful. I love the ocean but living in Kansas, it’s kind of hard to have a picnic there.

  103. 1badassreader

    In the mountains on a cold day all bundled up, with a steamy book to keep me warm! 😉

  104. ccc_ladybug

    On the beach in Malibu while listening to the waves roll in.

  105. jamibrown28

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

  106. Megrymom88

    Love a picnic at the beach!!

  107. liselle13

    In my own back yard!


    I know it’s not wild and romantic, but in the back yard. Can just run in if you forget anything and my lawn furniture is very comfy and it’s private

  109. Kimbirdie8

    Desoto National Park in Bradenton, Florida

  110. tatsam84

    I live around a couple lakes and enjoy getting together with the family and eating all those favorites they make 🙂

  111. rubyjuls

    My local park looking out over the water 🙂

  112. Tabperry625

    I love to picnic by the pool. Even when it’s too cold to swim.

  113. joycehanc

    I love to picnic in a park. Any one will do, local, state or national park.

  114. Duffymoon73

    I love a picnic on the beach.

  115. Lauriesuz

    My favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is at the state park here in Columbia, SC.

  116. By a lake! Or on a lake- in a kayak- but that is a little trickier

  117. The Rose Gardens are beautiful, smell divine and overlook the city. However if you wander, you can find the Shakespeare garden. It is a sweet little area inside the rose gardens and its our go-to place to lay down a blanket and have picnics during the summer. We listen to music, read and even celebrate our anniversary there because it’s where we got married.

  118. I love picnicking on our deck, looking out onto the bamboo grove in the backyard! Our dog joins the fun and steals food from our plates!

  119. Inside, away from all the bugs!

  120. By the pool with extended family is the way I like to picnic.

  121. On the beach at dusk.

  122. Stone Mountain Park is near where I live. They have a great place to gather, so it’s perfect for picnics!

  123. cmconsaga

    My favorite spot to have a picnic is on the beach with lots of cold drinks and a great book!

  124. onejewel

    I love to picnic in our local park, it’s so peaceful there.

  125. MandieD79

    Anywhere in the shade next to the water… Peaceful…

  126. I enjoy picnics on the front porch.

  127. My favorite spot for a picnic is any place in the shade and wherever my family is!

  128. Vanessa16m

    Mine would be a very romantic spot like by a lake on a very nice day

  129. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? At the beach with an Alice Clayton book. Can’t wait!

  130. Ur1_darkangel

    In our local park. There’s trees to sit under or you can sit in the Pavilion.

  131. michaaaaela

    My favorite place to picnic is at a park, near the water, preferably. Somewhere sunny but in the shade. That’s the ideal spot! We have a ton of perfect places where I live. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Living here in the desert of Arizona, picnics are usually held in the spring and fall. I like to go out on the desert or one of the lakes within a couple of hours drive.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  133. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    By the pier while fishing

  134. My favorite spot for a picnic is at the beach.

  135. Penguins106

    My favorite place is the park

  136. brittneywinters

    I love picnicking outside of Millenium Park in Chicago. There’s an amphitheater with free movies and concerts in the summer that make picnics super fun!

  137. BuffyM60

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? We have beautiful spot along the river that is quiet and peaceful. Lots of trees and flowers. It is great.

  138. The beach 🙂

  139. moschima

    The “where” doesn’t matter as much as the “who with”. So: anyplace as long as the company is good.

  140. Christinak

    I like to go to one of the many parks along the Potomac River in and outside of DC there is still the city bustle but quiet enough to read.

  141. On the beach at sunset!

  142. missmaria

    My favorite spot for a picnic is the beach!

  143. My favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is in the park near the shade of the trees or if it’s raining right on a big blanket on the living room floor.

  144. Elizabeth Bevins

    My favorite place for a picnic is a mossy glade by the creek near our home. I love the sound of the water bubbling and the frogs singing!

  145. kidisitor

    One of our local watering holes that also have picnic areas.

  146. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

  147. Stephanie F

    We have a park right on the lake that is a beautiful spot for picnicking. We go there several times every Spring and Fall.

  148. reneesnooky

    We are close to the river with hiking trails and places to sit and places for picnics – love this time of year!!

  149. ldwrncpn

    in the mountains , by a creek

  150. Hanora1127

    Upstate NY, by the lake!

  151. Jennyfur

    We love to picnic on the Jersey Shore!!!

  152. featherlight

    Downtown, Chattanooga @ Coolidge Park!!

  153. wilmaric

    Definitely the park!

  154. Julie Solorio

    My favorite picnic spot is the beach. Who can resist a few grains of sand in your turkey and cheddar? A few chips thrown to the seagulls keep things exciting. Nothing says summer like eating in the sun and then jumping waves.

  155. pjmillion

    I love to have a picinic in an open field.

  156. My son’s backyard. It’s beautifully landscaped, have great patio, grill & shady. Of course it’s best when the all our family is there!

  157. morebooksthanlivros

    My favorite picnic spot is at our botanic garden. It’s beautiful and peaceful!

  158. I really enjoy going to Ohme Gardens!

  159. We have a county park near by with plenty of picnic areas for the whole family to enjoy. Lots of great nature trails and sounds!!!

  160. Dawn_Roberto

    At our local park or in our backyard with family and friends

  161. The town I live in is right on the river. It is a beautiful place to sit and read.

  162. There are some beautiful spots along Butte Creek where I live that are great from picnics.

  163. HarryBawls

    We have some beautiful beaches in New Jersey and we love to picnic there as well as enjoy everything the beach has to offer. It is wonderful just to sit on the beach with the roaring waves of the ocean, the sea spray and engaged in a great collection of books to escape the realities of day to day life once in a while.

  164. bkhtaylor

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?
    By the river in the mountains near my home.

  165. avehonduras

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? One of my favorite spots for a picnic is up in the foothills where I grew up. There is a small clearing near a little stream which is so much fun to bring food and go swimming.

  166. My favorite spot is sitting the pond at the park.

  167. I love to go to our local park under a huge oak tree.

  168. bkhtaylor

    I love to read hoping we are a good fit.

  169. To enjoy a picnic, I like it to be in front of a lake or similar body of water where you can experience a light breeze.

  170. My favorite picnic spot is a large park near my home that is on a lake. Plenty of covered shelters, grills to use, playground for kids… everything you could want for a fun family picnic!

    Great giveaway!

  171. PaganBrat

    My favorite place to have a picnic is after dark up on a hill overlooking the whole town where you can see all the lights the private little lake and the aqua duct.

  172. vikafika

    Somewhere with a view… preferably overlooking water

  173. labrat35

    I love picnics at the beach.

  174. Terri Shortell

    My favorite place to have a picnic is beside a river. We have several rivers in this area and the scenery is beautiful. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.

  175. We have 2 places in our little town, Weldon Springs has some beautiful spots or Clinton Lake.

  176. vegandaemon

    In the field next to our pond!

  177. groovymom2000

    By the tank at our family farm. You never know what sort of wildlife you might see and it’s convenient for the hubs to go fish while I sneak in some reading time.

  178. Janine johnson

    my own yard is worthy but the best is our beaches my favorite is fort Desoto where the sandollars are found.

  179. andee410

    Love to picnic at the Lake. For some reason food taste better around water. Then can watch the sunset later on.

  180. petunia59

    Love to picnic in any of the beautiful canyons of my hometown!

  181. MarcyMeyer

    In a nice shady spot, next to the lake, which is near our house.

  182. Velvetfog

    In my backyard with my family!

  183. Jorashcar

    The perfect picnic would be at Lake Lanier. It’s so relaxing and free and my dog loves the lake.

  184. I love to picnic at Rockford Park near my house 🙂

  185. briannedanielle

    My favorite place to picnic is next to a bubbling stream, on a blanket, on a cool sunny day.

  186. On my porch all summer long!

  187. ChickoryDoc

    Definitely the beach!

  188. barblima

    On my deck, in the back yard. In Western NY, we have such a short season, we need to take advantage of every wonderful moment we can!

  189. LFroggy24

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? at the park, in a nice shady spot, near the water

  190. frederickrking

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? Outside by the pond and fountain.

  191. themisfit13

    At Central Park in Schenectady, NY

  192. cswanson888

    My favorite place to picnic is on the North Shore of Lake Superior, watching the sailboats, and the waves breaking against th e rocks.

  193. frabjous

    At my local park which has a lake, I love watching the water from under the shade of a tree.

  194. jblairbullard

    My favorite place to picnic is on the trails during a hike or at the beach

  195. pterokenzie

    “Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?”

    My gorgeous local beach 🙂

  196. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? My favorite 2 spots to picnic in DC are Haines Pointe and anywhere in Rock Creek Park next to a creek. Love the sound of running water, wind blowing and the birds singing; reading my book with a glass of wine.

  197. By the beach on the ocean 😎 🌴 😎

  198. In our local park, the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio. It is full of trees and beautiful flowers.

  199. daewalker1

    I love carpet picnics, inside by the fireplace. I love picnics on the boat, in a shady spot with the fishing line in the water. I enjoy park picnics with the family, but as a grandma with three and four year olds, it’s tough to unplug when they are running around like little heathens (LOL). By the pool is good too.

  200. leavemeialone

    The park!!!! 🙂

  201. kcqwilter

    Anywhere I can sit in the shade and read a book!

  202. lissasue25

    Where is your favorite spot to picnic?
    My favorite spot would have to be at our house beside the pool.

  203. The great thing about picnics is they can happen anywhere! But the best place for me is at the beach. It’s wonderful to be in the sun, the cool water and just unload a little feast right there on the beach!

  204. l8blmr54

    At the lake under a big tree!

  205. My favorite picnic spot is on my patio with my hubby and family.

  206. angieg2000

    On my deck in my backyard!

  207. jenn200sx

    I like to picnic at nearby pond. It’s a short walk from my new apartment. There are ducks and geese and a small waterfall that flows into a streams. It’s so relaxing!

  208. bjcsimpson

    On the beach at Navarre, Florida – heaven!

  209. Barbiegirl

    My perfect spot is North Park!

  210. By the lake

  211. MarleesGran

    My back deck in the afternoon when it is shady.

  212. ashley760

    By the creek in my backyard is the best place for a picnic.

  213. Indoors, in front of the TV

  214. mamabrady

    Thanks for the chance to win these tasty looking books! The perfect place for a picnic would be anywhere on the Skyline Drive here in Virginia. The mountains and forests are beautiful. Homemade fried chicken, potato salad, sweet ice tea and your tasty books spread out on a blanket under the shade trees sounds like heaven.

  215. My shady and secluded deck!


    the beach at sunset

  217. pattygangl

    When we picnic in Minnesota, the best spot has to be on the rocky North Shore of Lake Superior just north of Duluth.

  218. marigold

    Best picnic location any where there’s a good book, sunshine and no bugs.

  219. j_touchstone

    by a pool!

  220. Themrshammy

    In my backyard with my kiddos, hubby and dog!

  221. JulyCrab

    In the summer there are many free outdoor concerts in my area, so these are always fun places to have a picnic. Plus many are on or near the Chesapeake Bay!

  222. Tina S Perkins

    All these books are right up my alley but I’m really excited about Cream of the Crop! I LOVED Nuts ! It’s definitely on my keeper shelf.

  223. sidheanlace

    Anywhere there is a breeze heavy enough to keep the bugs away (meaning mosquitoes, dastardly things.) By water, hills, backyard – anywhere.

  224. keyand004

    Picnics by the pool are the best!!

  225. In the park preferably on the ground (who needs a table?) under some nice big leafy trees.

  226. The beach or at an outdoor movie in the park

  227. Debbielie

    I love to picnic on my living room floor, that way I don’t have to wait for the perfect weather and it’s just plan fun.

  228. Lissa7510

    I love to have picnics by a lake where I can watch my children play and the ducks swimming too.

  229. ladystorm

    I guess it might depend on why I am having a picnic. If it’s with a date then in a shady spot by the lake or if it’s with family just out in the backyard is fine. 🙂

  230. I like to have picnics at local parks.

  231. In local parks with friends and familly

  232. in a local park down by the water

  233. nevans72

    Every summer my neighbors will get together and have a block party with lots of great food, music and lots of fun. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors.

  234. theresan

    I enjoy having a picnic beside the river.

  235. We love to picnic when we go to the mountains.

  236. my favorite picnic spot is the beach


    We picnic on our patio with the whole family!

  238. In my own backyard.

  239. bstiffler

    My favorite place to picnic is near the lake by our house. Feeling the breeze coming off the lake makes it so much better. Thanks

  240. Rachelmm

    I love to picnic at a concert on the lawn while listening to great music.

  241. The mountains. There are some beautiful spots there.

  242. Anywhere! I just love a picnic!!

  243. swbookworm

    My favorite place to enjoy a picnic is at Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona where my husband and I spent our honeymoon! ♡

  244. We have a wonderful park nearby with a lake. We have a great spot overlooking the lake where we like to picnic.

  245. hednalibisa

    By the lake with my family.

  246. My favorite picnic spot is a under a huge tree overlooking the lake.

  247. vivsmartinez

    The perfect place to picnic for me would be at a local forest preserve. There one finds hidden streams of water surrounded by endless bundles of trees, it’s quite peaceful and perfect for a quiet picnic date watching over the sunset.

  248. Sjbecker75

    Down by the lake!

  249. meredithfl

    I love to go to the park or the beach.

  250. Texas Book Lover

    I love picnics at the lake with the whole family around!!!

  251. In my backyard with my 2 favorite guys

  252. MicheleG42

    Sunlit meadow in a secluded wood, glass of wine in hand and savory cheeses on my plate, with my husband 🙂

  253. Bibliophile2

    at our local park set back in the woods along the horse trails.

  254. Charicen

    My favorite spot to picnic is at Cameron Park.

  255. Eeyore1110

    A picnic in the park!

  256. On a blanket in front of the TV with my favorite murder mystery on. Champagne, sandwiches, and fruit. No bugs, flying things or rain!

  257. Kris11769

    Love me some good summer reading!! 💗💗💗

  258. margiek13

    My favorite place for a picnic is with my husband in our back yard swing. It’s up on a hill so that it catches the breezes and is shaded.

  259. maryannecl

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    in our backyard

  260. I love to do picnics at a local park under a large tree with great shade.

  261. My favorite place to picnic is in the park with family.

  262. lyloeast

    Farrington Park

  263. Kate Mountain Park in Vermontville NY

  264. I loooove picnics 🙂 My all time favorite place to picnic is at the zoo! So much fun at our Albuquerque BioPark Zoo. Thanks for the chance!

  265. pysupermom

    I’d like to picnic in the mountains in Colorado!!

  266. Sharon Karas

    I love to picnic in a park with trees overhead and a stream or pond close by. I love the quiet of nature and the relaxing atmosphere and good company of my family.


    My favorite spot is curled up on my couch with a nice cold drink and some dark chocolate filled with nuts or sea salt.

  268. Nokomis Beach, for sure …

  269. Amstrickland

    On the back porch

  270. melbraden1

    Cincinnati’s Smale riverfront park

  271. skkgagnon

    I love to picnic at a beach! We have several state and county parks with beautiful lakes and beaches that we love to go to. =D

  272. sandmann58

    On a bench under a nice tree

  273. HotHoney

    Preferably the forest in a secluded spot and don’t forget the corkscrew!

  274. 2fabulouskids

    My favorite is in the park where my husband and I had our first date.

  275. My best picnic spot recently has been at the park by the pool. The company is more important than the location.

  276. Picnic? In the summer? In the deep South? Inside! Carpet picnic…yeah!

  277. In an open space, like a park, or near a lake.

  278. Mushie1095

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?
    My favorite spot is anywhere my friends and family are! It can be on the beach, at the park, in a backyard, on the boardwalk….the possibilities are endless!

  279. My favorite spot to picnic is next to a lake with my family!

  280. I love to picnic along the Chicago lake front.

  281. nowischick

    There’s a state park just down the road from us, and there are so many great little picnic areas in there!

  282. Mamaspooky

    A warm summer day with a slight breeze sitting by the lake with family.

  283. My front porch, with a tall ices tea

  284. Vihousgirl

    I love a picnic on the bedroom floor with my husband. Sooooooooo Romantic!

  285. anidarksky

    My favorite spot to have a picnic is next to the pool. In the summer it is very hot here in Arizona. It’s very refreshing to be able to jump into the water to cool off and have fun 🙂

  286. AlaskaEll

    There’s a state park nearby that is a great place to relax and enjoy life. We are fixing up our backyard so we can picnic more often.

  287. Absolut_goddess69

    I enjoy having lunch at on our blanket spread out on the beach.

  288. My back yard

  289. indoor picnics


    I love to picnic just off the highway on a road trip to who knows where. The promise of adventure makes it exciting!

  291. Central Park (NYC) doesn’t suck

  292. BooknerdSA

    My dad has a house by a river and picnicking there is probably my favorite spot.

  293. in the summer we head up to Lexington for a day of swimming, building sandcastles and a picnic. Even better if we can boat there for the weekend

  294. Carriebellreads

    The best place to picnic is by the lake or river under a shade tree with my family and dog after playing in the water.

  295. cmormann

    A nice city park in our town.

  296. diecastdeb

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    By a cool river where the trout bite but mosquitoes don’t.

  297. At Wildwood Park in Toledo, Ohio, because we can take our dog along, going for a walk after a picnic.

  298. In a park with a waterfall.

  299. plumechat

    My favorite picnic spot is my pack yard, especially on a lazy, Sunday morning. Bird song as my mood music…

  300. I love to picnic with my family in the mountains away from all the distractions of life!

  301. AngelEyes79

    We live on a small farm of about 34 acres. I’ll never forget when my fiancé and I first got together, he took me back on the hill on the tractor to show me the property. The next year, he took me back there, and it was a whole field of wild flowers. Here to find out, he planted them just for me. There is also a very nice shade tree with our initials and the date we got together in that field. So every year when the flowers are bloomed, we have a picnic there. That is absolutely my most favorite place to be now! I can see everything there and it’s so peaceful. It’s like a completely different world up there.

  302. My favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is the beach.

  303. SierraRaven

    My favorite place to have a picnic is at the beach.

  304. gamergirl24

    On the grounds of the observatory overlooking the city as the sun sets.

  305. jenmatt_98

    Grassy hill under a big tree..

  306. Sonyabird

    With my mom and kids in the park.

  307. LadyScandal

    Outside in the grass and in the sun can’t be beat.

  308. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    In the mountains by a stream with my husband

  309. Bubbles4u

    A picnic at a beach not far from home is really special.

  310. krodriguez630

    My favorite place to have a picnic is on a beach.

  311. KeepinSimple

    When the dog days of Summer begin to fade and Fall is sneaking in with the wind, my favorite place to enjoy a picnic is sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck with my legs swinging to the music on the radio while watching for any indication that I may have a fish interested in what I baited my hook with.

  312. By the pool or lake or beach

  313. By the lake in the summer or in a park during fall.

  314. mrsrwalsh

    On the beach at RSPB, Minsmere

  315. FrayedKnot

    My favorite place for a picnic…Cannon Beach in Oregon. A little sandy, but you can always wade into the ocean to rinse off the grit.

  316. DiAragon

    Love to picnic under the shade of trees near a river, lake or secluded beach

  317. Alibrian

    Many years ago my dad shared with me his favorite place to go and spend quiet time. It was a beautiful little meadow hidden deep in the forest. It was so beautiful and full life that it took me a couple of minutes to noticed the quiet trickle of water from the small crystal clear creek that ran through the meadow. That meadow is the absolute best picnic place I have ever found! It works for a romantic get a way or for a family fun day. It also works for just a quiet catch up with old friends picnic and afternoon!

  318. Lbparker06

    I love to picnic in Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

  319. llovejoy66

    If given the choice….in the mountains with a majestic view of the mountains and all it’s glory. In reality, my backyard with my family.

  320. kflynch96

    on my deck with my kids!

  321. murphy1976

    We like to picnic at Stony Brook State Park. We hike the trails and enjoy the water. Then we like to have a nice lunch and relax a bit before enjoying a hike up to the waterfalls.

  322. My favorite spot would be in the shade with a view of the ocean.

  323. ChaunceyANP

    On the boat while out on the Chesapeake Bay!

  324. Especially on a hot day, up near the lake is best!

  325. Gregorinci

    On the beach, under the umbrella, listening to the waves roll in.

  326. Right by the pool.

  327. notwolfy

    love to picnic at the beach!

  328. My favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is Bernheim Forest. Everything about it takes you back to the beauty of nature and it has provided many wonderful memories for my family.

  329. Ladyennui

    My fiancé and I have found the perfect picnic spot in the mountains. It is very secluded. Gorgeous views and we have never seen another soul there!

  330. bloodlines23

    outside in the garden.

  331. Sadly, I don’t go on many picnics but I would love to have a picnic by the beach or by some mountains. In Nebraska, we don’t have either. 🙁

  332. Living in Madison I love having a picnic at the Union

  333. My favorite place to picnic is by the lake. I find it relaxing and more enjoyable.

  334. trangel1

    I’ve always liked to have a picnic at Sequoia Park, during the summer.

  335. jolenebailey25

    Actually, I like to have picnics in my front yard. I have this really pretty tree (It’s just a normal tree, but I find it pretty) that provides a good amount of shade and the grass is super soft underneath. I like to sit under it and read while my crazy kids climb it like monkeys. It’s my happy place.

  336. alisab8888

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? At our local state park

  337. My favourite place for a picnic is in the Yorkshire Dale’s, it doesn’t matter where because it’s all God’s Home County, and every where you turn it is picture perfect.

  338. Kritta22

    Up in the mountains, near cloudcroft, NM!

  339. tinlizzay

    I love having picnics on the beach!


    Love a picnic in the middle of a field surrounded by wild flowers

  341. gkelly1004

    The beach!

  342. AquarianDancer

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?
    At the lake. Sun, sand and water.

  343. tamradovey

    where is your favorite spot to picnic?

  344. Under a shady tree, with a good book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Vcwexler

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

  346. elisemark

    I avoid the sun (VERY light skin), so I picnic in the house. As long as I’m with my family and I have a good book to read, all is good!

  347. By the lake on a sunny day!

  348. My perfect place for picnics is at a park close to the house with a little gazebo to eat at

  349. Roxylynn

    My favorite place for a picnic is at the lake or really anywhere that the special someone takes the time to plan a romantic day spending time together have a sweet picnic! 🙂

  350. millierm

    I have two favorite spots – one is the Arboretum at Penn State near where I live, and when I visit family or go on vacation, I love to go to the beach for a picnic.

  351. Freedom Park in Prescott, WI. The view of the river is so beautiful!

  352. jpardo22

    By a lake. Too much sand gets in my food at the beach.

  353. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    My favorite picnic spot is at one of our local parks, Chicot State Park. It’s beautiful and serene here. I love spreading out a blanket near the lake, under the big, old oaks, and watching the ducks swim along the banks. There’s plenty to do at Chicot; fishing, hiking trails, and camping. My ultimate picnic here includes deli sandwiches, cheese, cracklins (a local fave!), and something sweet to nibble on. Afterwards, I grab a great book and settle in, head on my husband’s stomach (he’s the best pillow) for a very relaxing, peaceful read. The perfect way to end the perfect picnic on a perfect day.

    • Personal Factoid:

      On our first picnic here, before we were married, my husband carved our names in a tree along the pier. That was in 2000. It’s still slightly visible and every time we go I hurry over to the tree to see it. That tree always marks our spot.

  354. marcygold

    I like spreading out a picnic while I’m waiting at a parade or for fireworks. Next best is a picnic lunch down by the beaches of Lake Michigan.

  355. fluffygal09

    With more querida, anywhere 😗

  356. fluffygal09

    By the river under a shade tree on a bench.

  357. sweetchuckie1

    Outside on my screened in patio.

  358. Kandihaldane21

    My favorite picnic places are at parks with the splash pad. If I knew where a beach was I would definitely be taking my family there!!

  359. rock creek park in DC is great!

  360. libra108

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? – My favorite spot is on my couch so I can watch some goofy reality TV shows.

  361. conkers22

    my favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is by the lake. There is always a cool breeze and inviting water

  362. buckbooks

    The Shakespeare Garden in Portland, Oregon’s International Rose Test Garden in June.

  363. exbuffalo2001

    On the end of a little pond on my Aunt’s land in the mountains….it’s absolutely beautiful!

  364. erinreads520

    Not sure if it qualifies officially as a picnic, but the best outdoor dining experiences occur on the beach at the campground where we keep a permanent site. We cut up giant containers of veggies, fruit, cheese, and salami, then add crackers, bottles of water, Capri-Sun 100% juice pouches, and pretzels or other chips. We can graze all day long as we are in and out of the water, and the kids fill up on the (mostly) healthy calories that will keep them swimming!

  365. froggiegirl621

    Anywhere it’s grassy, shady, and serene 🙂

  366. I love out in the country so anywhere is my favorite fields overlooking mountains or just off a nice trail

  367. amber123

    The living room floor. It means I’m at home and completely relaxed!

  368. kimberlybreid

    I would like to picnic at a local lake!

  369. My family gathers at a little park on Wolf Lake in Muskegon, MI every Thursday all summer long. Its not the place but the people you are with that make it special.

  370. rudycwright

    Any lake.

  371. pbrooks17

    Best picnic place – our back deck with kids and grandkids!

  372. kendrapt

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? On the beach or rocks along the Monterey Bay coast!

  373. Anywhere, as long as it’s with my wife, my best friend.

  374. Rodgers9k

    Favorite spot to enjoy a picnic At the zoo

  375. punkassgil

    Bryant Park, NYC. It’s a perfect oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle!

  376. KarnagesMistress

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is awesome! Any of the parks or overlooks will do.

  377. bombi9923

    My favorite place to have a picnic is at our campground in the Adirondack Mountains on NY on a river where we stay from May through Columbus Day!

  378. The top of a mountain is the best. The journey to and back adds to the enjoyment.

  379. I great place for a picnic in Texas is by the lake with a cool breeze blowing and birds singing.

  380. artie2kat

    My picnic spot is on a quiet beach in Oregon. Talk about relaxing!

  381. morganoreilly

    Picnic in the park! Preferably Central Park!

  382. indigo73

    The beach is always my favorite place for a picnic.

  383. Tokamura

    My favorite place to picnic is on the bluffs at Sunset Cliffs overlooking the ocean because that’s where my husband proposed 21 years ago!

  384. I love my Uncle’s farm – wonderful space and beautiful willow trees to have a picnic under.

  385. Love city parks they are best for picnics! 🙂

  386. momlrg04

    Where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    My own backyard!!

  387. kimlrkim

    In Florence there is a park name McFarland off the river. So peaceful. Love it. My hubby took me just after we were married. Great memories.

  388. I enjoy picnicking in my side yard

  389. lmcfinney

    My backyard.

  390. smorris1219

    I think having my husband there with me is all I need for,the perfect picnic–the rest is only details. But if you are asking for the details, then I would say the perfect place would be somewhere in the Loire Valley at sunset, overlooking the river.

  391. mdmawhinney

    By a lake peaceful in both looks and sound 😀

  392. ohheyitslexayy

    I think the perfect place to have a picnic is at this little lookout by my house. It’s so relaxing and I love the big shade tree. I go and read under that tree almost every day:). Picnics would also be perfect there too!

  393. On a beach.

  394. Susan0138

    A picnic at the beach is amazing! But just not on a very windy day lol.

  395. linda604b

    At my daughter’s house beside the pool or on her shady front porch.

  396. Babsy13

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    My favorite place to picnic is in my son’s beautiful backyard surrounded by family, friends, music, laughter, and yummy food. We always have a wonderful time.

  397. Rubyalison

    My favorite picnic spot is at the park next to a stretch of beach near where my grandparents lived.

  398. JeanneB

    We like to picnic at Chestnut Ridge Park.


    My favorite place is anywhere with my husband and kids.

  400. Morelia Garcia

    My favorite spot to enjoy a picnic is the beach or this cute outdoor theater that often times screens movies or theatrical plays!

  401. A picnic in the park for me

  402. susanbeamon

    I used to lie to picnic at the park or the beach, depending on the direction i drove, but with the increase in rude adults drinking, children allowed to run wild and dogs just allowed to run off-leach, I stay home and picnic in my back yard. It’s quieter and my food stays mine until I eat it.

  403. Laurie Oh

    I have two….
    There is a building on the US Capitol grounds called the Summer House. It has a fountain that was once used for horses and humans alike. It has beautiful brick and wrought iron work that I love.

    This one is a sneaky spot that not many people get to, but….US Botanic Gardens — they have an outdoor garden with seating around a water feature that is perfect for a quiet picnic or to read.

  404. Memamich

    With my family wherever they plan their picnic!

  405. aprager

    Any available picnic table is a good enough place for a picnic for me!

  406. aculver1

    My favorite picnic spot is at any of the beaches of Florida. Grab an umbrella, LOTS of sunblock, and enjoy sweet watermelon, cool drinks, and HOT bodies!

  407. turtle6422

    At the beach. Thanks for the chance.

  408. sunshinehdfan

    My favorite place to picnic is at the covered bridge which has a little area to grill at. It’s just the best place in the world.

  409. Alisha1821

    My favorite place for a picnic is in my backyard!

  410. DragonLadyHebden

    On the moors above where I live there is a spot called Castle Carr that is open once a year with a huge fountain – by water is spectacular!

  411. branpeyt

    on the beach watching the sunset.

  412. 1960cindy

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? mine is the beach!!

  413. At a lakefront in s secluded area

  414. where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    The Park

  415. olivia686

    My favorite place for a picnic was Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California. We had homemade Muffaletta sandwiches and enjoyed tossing treats to the chipmunks scampering around the table.

  416. adina39

    the beach

  417. mycatismybookmark

    local park

  418. Panda83

    My family’s farm. wide open space 🙂

  419. lecutrone

    Either a small park here beside the lake or in Central Park!

  420. Freese27

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic? Red Rock Canyon after a nice hike.

  421. drskvorak

    These books all look amazing! I would love to win some summer reading material!

  422. drskvorak

    My favorite place to read is at home, in a quiet spot.

  423. Diane Sallans

    the last picnic I was on was in a meadow along the Skyline Drive in Virginia – beautiful views, yummy food and wonderful company.

  424. YankeeBelle03

    where is your favorite spot to enjoy a picnic?

    the lake right outside of town – a gazebo, a trail to walk, it’s perfect

  425. On my boat at Lake of the Ozarks.

  426. I’m terrible and don’t like to be outside where the bugs and the dirt live. I like to have a picnic on the floor of the living room in my house or the sun room of my parents house. There are windows lining three of the four walls and you can still SEE the outdoors 🙂

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