XOXO After Darkcast: Adventures in Babysitting

nannylandCan you believe they ever let us take care of children? Well, it was a simpler time…

The ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast talk about their own history with sitters, as sitters, and sometimes as quitters! Then, Lauren interviews Jane Elizabeth Hughes, author of the brand new novel NANNYLAND, which we decide is part Bridget Jones, part Lady Jane, and part Sound of Music! (Kate still won’t let us sing.) And finally, we wrap up with a game of “Top That,” in which we try to imagine the absolute worst things you could hear from your babysitter when you get home.


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Jane Elizabeth Hughes

This delightful, romantic debut follows a sophisticated Manhattanite who trades her fast-paced Wall Street life for the English countryside, and unexpectedly becomes a nanny to the children of a widowed British lord. Who is as infuriating as he is intriguing...



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  1. Excellent podcast. This book sounds amazing!

  2. Laurie Oh


  3. Scifigirl1986

    I loved this episode! I’ve never been a babysitter, but I’ve watched my younger brother and cousins. When I was about 5, my mom asked me to make sure my brother, who was 2, didn’t leave the living room while she went into the bathroom for a minute. I don’t have much memory of what happened, but from what my mom figured out, my ponytail holder had gone under the crack in the door and I wanted to get it back, so I opened the door and my brother toddled his way to the stairs and fell all the way down to the first floor. It has been almost 25 years and my mom is still mad at me for this. (My brother was fine–he had a lump on his forehead. His head is almost as hard as a bowling ball and always has been.)

    Then, when I was 14, I was asked to watch my 1 year old cousin. I had her on the couch and she was playing with the remote control, which she thought was a cell phone. I guess she got annoyed with it and decided it would be a good idea to toss the remote away. I went to grab it before it ended up being stepped on and by the time I turned around she’d rolled onto the floor and hit her head. Yeah, I never told anyone about that one. I brought her upstairs to my grandmother and told her I couldn’t figure out why the baby was crying.

  4. vmcbooks

    Great Podcast! I will definitely add this book to my must read pile.

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