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Can we get a whoop whoop that it’s finally summer? Well, at least the weather is tricking us into thinking it’s officially summer (which is June 20th btw), but who cares, right? It’s warm, WE’LL TAKE IT.

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To celebrate the fact that we’ll soon be sweating our backsides off on a beach somewhere, we’re giving away an uh-mazing book bundle plus a Gallery Books beach bag to hold all your new reads! There’s nothing better than a good beach book, amiright? And when you enter for a chance to win these great reads, you’ll have enough to keep you occupied all the way through labor day.

To enter, answer this question in the comments section below: what is your favorite genre of book to read on the beach?

Sweepstakes ends June 7th. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.

Happy Summer Reading!

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The Tumbling Turner Sisters

The Tumbling Turner Sisters

Juliette Fay

For fans of Orphan Train and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, a compelling historical novel from “one of the best authors of women’s fiction” (Library Journal). Set against the turbulent backdrop of American Vaudeville, four sisters embark on an unexpected adventure—and a last-ditch effort to save their family.

Dangerous Age

Dangerous Age

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Couture royalty meets downtown grit and heady artists mingle with freewheeling socialites in A Dangerous Age, a sophisticated, indulgent, and delicious novel of contemporary New York City that women of all ages will devour.

In a Dark, Dark Wood

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Ruth Ware

What should be a cozy and fun-filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn in Ruth Ware’s suspenseful, compulsive, and darkly twisted psychological thriller.

Lowcountry Wedding

Lowcountry Wedding

Mary Alice Monroe

Nothing could be more enchanting than a summer wedding—or two!—in Charleston’s fabled lowcountry. A centuries-old plantation, an avenue of ancient oaks dripping moss, a storied ballroom, a sand dune at sunset… Yet when a stranger arrives, a long held family secret could silence the bells ringing for the Muir sisters. Scandals surface, family bonds are questioned, and promises are broken and renewed.

Everywhere and Every Way

Everywhere and Every Way

Jennifer Probst

Hot on the heels of her beloved Marriage to a Billionaire novels, New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst nails it with the first in an all-new sexy romance series featuring red-hot contractor siblings who give the Property Brothers a run for their money!



775 comments so far

  1. red66060

    Love to read a good mystery/love story combo on the beach!

  2. Something easy on the heart and mind… Romantic humor!

  3. hippiechick

    My preference is Mystery/thriller or horror (i.e. Stephen King). But really, I would read anything the beach . Beach + book(s)= relaxation

  4. I like reading romance books.

  5. Carriebellreads

    I love a good romance or romantic comedy. There’s nothing better than laying on the beach or by the pool with a good romance story.

  6. BookDivaReads

    Doesn’t matter what the genre is, I simply enjoy a good read.

  7. I love to read chick lit and thrillers at the beach.

  8. Trishalovesbooks

    I love to read happy romances and chick lit. Makes me smile.

  9. pagesandpatterns

    I’ll read anything at the beach, as long as it good!

  10. Kimbokatbo

    Love reading southern romance, especially set in the lowcountry of South Carolina.

  11. frabjous

    When I’m at the the beach I just want to relax and have fun, so for me it would be a rom com or anything light and funny nothing serious.

  12. Libscigal

    I like women’s fiction with a Southern twist of humor, mystery and page turning good writing.

  13. Emaleelikessocks

    Took my crayons, and moved! Man 3rd grade was rough!

  14. polarstar

    Vampire books are the best. Thrillers next. Anything dark.

  15. I love to read something light and funny at the beach, usually a romance of some kind, thanks for the giveaway!

  16. cmnrandau

    Love romance and cozy mysteries.

  17. Connie Fischer

    I love, love, love historical romance. Reading on the beach is the best. I can sit for hours under the umbrella, feeling those delicious breezes blowing across my body as I totally relax and become one with the story I am reading.

  18. mgkamish

    I go for either a cozy mystery or chick lit. Anything with a cover and pages in between if I’m on a beach, though! LOL!

  19. Love to read anything that is a good read at the beach.

  20. Swiseesq

    Thrillers are the best beach reads

  21. chickey

    Something lighthearted, a fun swoony contemporary, but honestly, I’ll read anything on the beach as long as it’s good! So probably a great dystopian as a fun alternative (and as a clear contrast to my lovely beachness). 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. Angelamj

    Toss up between mystery or romance. Reading mystery on a bright beach keeps me from getting too jumpy 😉

  23. Light and romantic is the perfect beach read.

  24. kyothecat

    I love reading action/adventure like Captain Blood!

  25. mtnhicks

    I haven’t been to the beach in “forever” but plan a trip this summer. I’m taking with me a good mystery thriller/romance. Can’t wait for the trip and can’t wait to begin another good book!

  26. mary.geenen

    Historical romance…nothing better 🙂

  27. jenpaul13

    I’ll read pretty much anything, anywhere, but fantasy at a beach seems quite fitting to lose yourself.

  28. colleenm83

    Witty chick-lit!

  29. I like reading romance!

  30. morganoreilly

    Best thing to read on the beach…. would have to be something light – Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorites but any romance would work!

  31. Kristy0220

    I love reading a good romance or suspense thriller at the beach!

  32. ljlmeow74

    I love to read southern humor – MaryKay Andrews, Dorothea Benton Frank, Anne River Siddons, etc

  33. I love to read all sorts on the beach but chick lit and fun easy reads are my favorite during the summer!

  34. LibChick

    Yay! Summer is here and the reading is easy.

  35. Romance beach reads, definitely.

  36. Hmm, since I do spend quite a bit of time at the beach it’s hard to pick one genre. It’s more about my mood and such. I like too many genres,, LOL!

  37. RobGrieco

    Mystery/Suspense without a doubt! 🙂

  38. russann


  39. briannamoira

    romantic suspense or anything light and fun that also takes place in the summer/at the beach!

  40. danacobern-k

    Murder always relaxes me. Is that a bad thing?

  41. kosherpickle

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre

  42. marthariffic

    I like reading fun and light stuff at the beach. Goes well with sunscreen smears and sand!

  43. kwhit14

    I love reading something set an an exotic location, preferably with a love story in it too.

  44. My beach reading is romance & chick lit- something fun & light

  45. VRValicento

    Anything romance.

  46. On the beach, I like reading romantic comedies but will mix in a romantic mystery/thriller every now and then.

  47. I love a good mystery with a hint of romance

  48. mrstrooper


  49. epanbudd

    I love to read romance on the beach

  50. splanz102

    I love romantic storylines and historical romance.

  51. Contemporary romance! If it’s funny, that’s even better!

  52. Rebecca

    I loved the marriage to a billionaire series and can’t wait to read the billionaire builders next!!! That will start my summer off right

  53. SwanValkyrie

    Fantasy, scifi, or horror.

  54. For beach reads, I prefer either a light romantic comedy. Otherwise I get really into the story, and then I burn because I’m not paying attention to anything… o.O

  55. A funny, light-hearted romance

  56. Mysteries. Or. Good. Horror

  57. My favorites to read at the beach are Romantic Suspense

  58. sschmitter

    My favorites are mysteries or romances.

  59. Paranormal romance

  60. julierod

    Really depends on my mood on what I feel like reading. Most likely it would be a romance book

  61. For the beach, I love light romantic comedies.

  62. fordja628

    I love to read a good mystery or a fast, simple read.


    I take all kinds of genres to the beach. But mostly I take fantasy books.

  64. Franieee

    I love reading anything hot and steamy. 😊

  65. damuddah

    It doesn’t matter the genre….as long as I’m reading!

  66. frogs13

    Chick lit, women’s fiction, mystery-thrillers – pretty much anything! I just love to read.

  67. cdlampley

    Thrillers and contemporary would be my go to.


    Sand, sea and suspense!

  69. camillep1

    I love to read and write erotica. Though romantic thrillers are a lot of fun too.

  70. ingodzhndz

    I love a good mystery to read at the beach, but also great family sagas.


    I like a beach read to be sweet and romantic; some drama is good, but it should be low on angst, humorous, and balanced by some sexy times. 😉

  72. Fayrelight

    My favorite beach reads are cozy mysteries.

  73. barbc824

    I love a page turning Mystery/Thriller!

  74. 62Bonita

    I love all types of historical romances. Regency, western, pioneers, pirates, highlanders – I love them all!!


    Good Mystery

  76. I’d say Women’s or Southern fiction for reading on the beach. 🙂

  77. sarahas8609

    Young adult fiction/chick lit

  78. dt reads

    romance paranormal or otherwise

  79. Julie W

    Love a good mystery or historical fiction!

  80. Chandra

    Thrillers – always love a good psychological thriller!

  81. suzebomb

    I just love reading good books. But there is nothing like a good beach read for the summertime!

  82. anaboo24

    I love mystery, romance or a combination of both.

  83. Strawberry54216

    I love to read on the beach is chik lit.

  84. vegandaemon


  85. Marianne W

    I love to read paranormal and suspense. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  86. Queenjewels

    Romantic comedies

  87. missdarcy87

    When I’m at the beach, I like to read contemporary fiction, or some New Adult romance. Something light.

  88. adivineeternity

    Yes? I like to read at the beach? Umm, I read a lot of fantasy, but contemporary fiction, classics, or anything very light and funny work well for me.

  89. KristineEL

    I like a good mystery to read on the beach, or something lighthearted and funny.

  90. Mama Twiggy

    Romance all the way.


    I actually enjoy memoirs, but thrillers are good on the beach too.

  92. I enjoy Historical Christian Fiction and Contemporary Romance.

  93. Mysteries or something funny.

  94. shrub62

    I like a good mystery/romance to read on the beach.

  95. wendyk65

    I love to read Chick lit or Young Adult it is not to compicated or hard to read.

  96. broohee

    Usually something funny! I love romantic comedies or chick lit.

  97. brichardson

    I love beach mysteries best.

  98. susan259

    I love to read just about anything on the beach! Mysteries, young adult, magazines. Bring on the beach and bring on summer.


    Love, mystery,action.

  100. DeborahW

    I love a funny light hearted comedy or a juicy murder mystery with a female lead

  101. Historical romances!

  102. AtTheMapleTable

    I love a great romance when at the beach!

  103. plathwood

    Would love to win and take the bag and books outside to read on the patio.

  104. ruthiealice

    A nice beach read and the sun and sand is all I need to be happy. Anything that is romantic and fun to read.

  105. bookshellz

    My favorite genre of book to read on the beach is romance (or any sub-genre within romance)! I can’t wait to read Everywhere and Every Way by Jennifer Probst! Thank you for the chance to win!

  106. miaross1961

    Women’s fiction or a memoir are my favorites with my toes in the sand.

  107. daweiner

    I love romance and women’s fiction.

  108. Christina Gobin

    I like a good Romance any day of the week.

  109. gkelly1004

    I love to read romance novels when I am on the beach!

  110. BookwormBR

    I love to read contemporary romances or a good general women’s fiction on the beach.

  111. Megrymom88

    I love reading both romance and mysteries on the beach!

  112. cherokeern

    On a beach I love to read paranormal, mystery and even romance. Yes you guessed it I just love to read.

  113. missmeigs

    romance novels!

  114. brittneywinters

    I’m a sucker for a good contemporary romance! I’ll also take a Regency historical as well!

  115. PatLewisTX

    Really don’t like the beach BUT love the cool air of the mountains to relax with literary fiction which make me think. Use my mind while resting my body.

  116. tiffany5981

    I love romance…with a twist, add some comedy, mystery, or maybe a little paranormal and I’m on cloud nine.

  117. I like reading romance mystery combos.


    Anything I can get my hands on!!

  119. mzpoodle2u

    Honestly, I’m not picky! I’ll take whatever book is handy or happens to be nearest when on my way to the beach. With having to ensure that everything is packed for my 6 yo, husband, dogs, etc… it’s hard enough to remember my own name – let alone a specific book. *smile*

  120. Kaylecatlett

    I love reading mysteries on the beach or while sitting outside in the sun…because I tend to get the chills when I’m reading thrillers 😉 I’m very excited about this giveaway because “In a Dark Dark Wood” by Ruth Ware is one of my favorite books and I do not own it. I’d love to though!

  121. JoBell34

    When it’s hot outside I like to read an even hotter book! Throw in a mystery or two here and there to change it up a little too!

  122. Turtleg

    Either a romance or a chicken lit….. To take me away…..

  123. Rainydaye3

    A good book in any genre works but I a partial to suspense/thriller

  124. wahb528

    I just love to read! If I had to pick a favorite genre, which I obviously do for this contest, I would say Biographies. But generally I define my reading tastes as “eclectic “

  125. Lblashill

    Historical fiction and romance books! Then I get lost in the happy at the beach!

  126. elbaserrano

    I read contemporary and historical romance books, I also read mysteries, suspense, comedy and thrillers.

  127. Turtleg

    Either a romance or a chick-lit….. To take me away….

  128. any genre will do

  129. DebReads4fun

    Historical fiction and psychological thrillers are my favorites to read on the beach.

  130. darlenekendall

    I read everything but my preference is romance.

  131. Katburnham

    I like to read mystery books.

  132. I like good Southern stories but am a mystery lover!

  133. brmetcalf

    When I go to the beach, I usually take along with me whatever book I’m reading at that time. I prefer love stories or mysteries. Thanks for having this contest!

  134. ElfOwl49

    Romantic suspense, second chance, paranormal, almost anything light — all I want is a good read!

  135. Dictionary101

    Summer reading, whether beach- or poolside, should be light. I like Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, Sue Grafton. For something requiring a bit more concentration, Patricia Cornwell, Steve Martini, John Sanford. Reading for pleasure makes summer special!!!

  136. aniyah2105

    Suspenseful novels, with a nice plot twist.

  137. EugeniaR

    I like reading Victorian Romance, and Mystery.

  138. kamibryant

    I like to read a light sweet romance , something funny. Or a cozy mystery.

  139. drskvorak

    I love reading any good book at the beach, but my favorite genre is romance.

  140. I love to read mysteries and romance novels during the summer.

  141. Danielle B.

    Almost anywhere else my go-to is paranormal fantasy but relaxing on the beach is more of a romcom or good old contemporary romance situation.

  142. mysteries

  143. mrfs2boys

    Love to read romances whether they are historical or modern day. Particularly like to read novels set in the south.

  144. A little mystery with a great romance.

  145. debbishaw

    romance 🙂

  146. Curlyq71188

    I love so many genres, it’s hard to choose. I suppose either mystery/horror or high fantasy.

  147. theresia

    I love to read paranormal/romance/thriller and romance comedies

  148. Chris Shipley

    I love to read historical and current biographical books

  149. patty6304

    Would love to have these books to keep me reading this summer. I love mysteries and am sure I would enjoy reading them and then be sble to pass them on to friends who enjoy the same type of books.

  150. lenamoster

    Either urban paranormal or historical romance!

  151. mnjlove66

    I love to read almost anything but at the beach a nice romantic/comedy or cozy mystery would be best.

  152. susan4608

    I love Sci Fi.

  153. Dreamweaver

    I would love to read anything on the Beach. Genres, don’t matter ad much as my favorite authors. Keep them coming.

  154. Lauriesuz

    I like PNR and erotic reads anytime.

  155. mariesmith

    I love to read, Romance, Humor,mystery, suspence, just about anything….:)

  156. formulalady

    I read most books but my favorites are romance and mystery

  157. bluebelle01

    Something scary or something romantic. If it’s scary at least I will be out in the sunshine and not so scared and jump at every noise.

  158. joycee9

    I love reading romance novels.

  159. stefter

    I prefer romance!!!

  160. JoniStern

    I love reading chick lit and romance novels. Sitting at the beach, smelling the ocean, and reading a good book is a great way to spend a day!

  161. srebeccalubin

    Chick Lit! Especially British Chick Lit.

  162. hawes180

    I prefer Amish or Christian fiction,but will read almost anything.

  163. doobygirl12

    When on the beach I like an easy breezy read that puts me in a summery feeling. Usually this means a a fun chick lit book.

  164. bookworm0709

    I love to read zombie apocalypse books on the beach.

  165. Lately romantic suspense has been my genre of choice. But I still love PNR from my favorite authors.

  166. Historical fiction/historical romance

  167. mbpartlow

    Love a light and breezy chick lit, some kick-butt urban fantasy, some old-fashioned horror (maybe a ghost story), a gripping thriller–okay, I’ll read anything!

  168. bookwitch

    I’m a mood read so I’m not specific to beach but it is fun to read a light romance when trying to relax.

  169. scoster

    My favorite beach read genre is generally Southern fiction from Pat Conroy to Fannie Flagg. Give it to me!

  170. My favorite kind of book to read on the beach would a collection of short funny essays – such as those by David Sedaris.

  171. cparker030

    I love a fast-paced thriller or psych suspense that keeps me guessing right up until the end

  172. shirleylaw

    I prefer sweet contemporary romances to read on the beach.

  173. Drummrgrl86

    I love to read YA, new adult, fantasy, chick lit, any book that sounds interesting!

  174. NawtyNa

    My fav genres to read while on the beach is erotica, paranormal romances, mysteries, action/adventures, sci-fi with a supernatural twist, comedy. Basically I love to read.

  175. michele918

    Romantic Suspense!

  176. At the beach I like light reading about basically anything that is funny, adventurous, and even light romance. I like what I imagine what others are calling chick lit… I like that!

  177. Teri406

    I love a good old steamy romance with some suspense thrown in for good measure. It can be a historical romance or current, either one.

  178. Divagal30

    I love to read hot romance on the beach, just chilling with a cocktail

  179. Diane Sallans

    I love to read romance – but it can be historical, suspense or light contemporary!

  180. greeno66

    I love to read anything on the beach! Whatever my current read may be it’s always with me.

  181. aculver1

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE happy romance stories to read on the beach, especially if they are set on a beach. There’s nothing better than imagining the man of your dreams walking up to you in the hot sand and sweeping you away to cool off in the water. 🙂

  182. plskorka

    I love romantic comedies that make you laugh so hard you want to cry. Also, there isn’t anything better than an action packed romance novel, with beautiful sweaty Navy Seals saving the day and getting you through those hot summer nights. Love the summer!

  183. encgolsen

    I like to read thrillers on the beach, but if I run out of those I’m happy to read anything that’s handy.

  184. I enjoy reading novels that are set in the World War II era.

  185. Sandymilette

    Anything to take me to a new world, a new life. Am escape from reality . A vacation from life.

  186. Cjasper75

    I love to read YA mystery

  187. jenniferdeanaz

    Intrigue or easy reading…

  188. happymar

    I love a good suspenseful thriller.

  189. breeshanice

    Definitely a rom com or something sci-fi! Can’t go wrong with either genre while hanging out at the beach!

  190. funnurse97

    I like to read romance and historical romance books at the beach

  191. jimduggan

    thrillers & mysteries and sci-fi

  192. Romance/Mystery/Sci-Fi – those are my go-to books to read on the beach – but sometimes I actually chose a book by its cover, LOL!

  193. smartrob

    I don’t like the beach but, if i did, i would read a mystery/thriller.

  194. Hard to decide: romance, mystery, sci-fi, historical. I love all them.

  195. Carol L

    I do love to read Historical Romance and Historicl Fiction
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  196. jeislaw

    I like mysteries

  197. Supera710

    I love a book that has the main setting on the beach, either chick lit or general fiction usually.

  198. groovymom2000

    Romance – I am a complete romance junkie!! YA or Contemporary makes no difference to me.

  199. chisosmom

    It really dosen’t matter, have a TBR pile about a mile high. Keep getting caught by my favs releasing new titles. LOL

  200. Wifeairforce

    Right now I’m reading historical, Julie garwood. Next I thinking of picking up J.R. Ward black dagger brotherhood.

  201. Chick lit or a good thriller makes a good beach read for me.

  202. Michelle2077

    I’d still read my horror/supernatural even at the beach!

  203. I just love to read and I’m a romance junkie, all kinds of romance.

  204. chrissy3562

    I read romance on the beach.

  205. mtnlibgal

    Oh, I LOVE a mystery! But I’ll read almost anything 🙂

  206. Donamuree

    Romantic Suspense and Erotica are my favorite ANYTIME read. But reading them on a beach under the hot sun makes them even better!!!!

  207. Bgperronne

    I love a good victorian romance on the beach!

  208. Lsmdtb5

    Anything and everything. I’m a teacher so summers are my reading days!

  209. justjennifer

    I love romance mysteries on the beach!

  210. LPWillingham

    I prefer reading something light & fun, with a little bit of spice to it!

  211. Romance of course!

  212. I love to read romance novels when laying around on the beach.

  213. Jessysmom55

    Love a good romantic with some mild mystery but mostly romantic.


  214. marierichards

    anything steamy!

  215. bookbunny68

    I love to read a light, funny romance.

  216. cathyts

    For the beach, I like to read romance or mysteries.

  217. cbells87

    I love reading contemporary at the beach. Or any book that takes place in the summer.

  218. tuscdeb

    Romance that’s set in Cape Cod

  219. tinlizzay

    Chick lit!

  220. Sennebec

    Mysteries always do it for me.

  221. I like to read historical fiction and chick lit on the beach!


    I love reading a good scifi or horror story. something that will just take me away from any real reality.
    but just being on the beach reading the waves works good for me. 🙂

  223. On a summer beachy day, probably something New Adult. Last summer I read the That Boy triology by Jillian Dodd when I was on vacation and it was awesome!

  224. Lmccray

    I love contemporary romance or fantasy , but I’ll read anything !

  225. rwalbridge

    My favorite genre of book to read on the beach (and anywhere) is fantasy.

  226. Romance or urban fantasy.

  227. HarryBawls

    Suspense, history and mysteries.


    I love to read romance…all kinds.

  229. TXCharley

    I just LOVE a trashy (the trashier the better!) chick-lit for lolling on the beach!!

  230. Love anything with a little romance, but a good mystery suspense keeps me turning those pages. I♥reading! ☺

  231. barblima

    Mysteries usually, but any good writers. I LOVE Fannie Flagg!

  232. ConnieW

    Paranormal, shifters

  233. BookLoverChelle

    I love contemporary romance novels, something light, funny, and sexy.

  234. Norleen

    Historical romance

  235. mbkcons

    Romance is always fun on the beach. I could use a good dose of ‘take me away’ right now and all summer long!

  236. Kristal020700

    I don’t have one in specific, I’ll read anything!!

  237. I love mysteries, so I think a cozy mystery would be terrific reading for the beach.

  238. avidreaderwoman

    It’s the beach calling! I’m on my way with my romance and southern woman’s lit books.

  239. Make mine THRILLERS – any time, any place, any where!

  240. swalsh185

    Romances and mysteries!

  241. Carol M

    I enjoy reading different genres but do tend to read more mysteries/thrillers. Thank you for the giveaway!

  242. jamibee

    My favorite genre to read on the beach is rom-com.

  243. shelnmay

    I like to read romance on the beach.

  244. mgolinski

    On the beach…a good Suspense or Women’s Lit. But will read just about anything, in general.

  245. laddy87

    i’m a book worm, so i’ll read a little of everything.

  246. sg911911

    I’ll read almost anything but I find Chick Lit or a Thriller to be the best choices for the beach.

  247. ga_mart

    A lusty romance.

  248. ldwrncpn

    Historical fiction is great!

  249. pattyann147

    A little suspense
    A few surprises
    Interesting characters and lots of love .

  250. mrjims48

    Fantasy, mystery, science fiction even!

  251. At the beach I love to read Thrillers.

  252. MrsDanielGillies

    When I’m at the beach, I like reading plain old fiction. Something about two best friends or family or things that are likely to happen ordinarily in life.

  253. jeleming

    Paranormal romance or a thriller

  254. Vsmarsh

    When I’m on the beach I love to read any light story that has a beach setting – nothing heavy or dark!

  255. Sharon Karas

    Anything that I am in the middle of-Romance, mystery, suspense, SciFi, fantasy-whatever catches my interest at that moment.

  256. addiedean

    I love a good paranormal romance or a mystery/thriller!

  257. Lynnsaint

    I read horror anytime of the year!!!!!

  258. kate.j.48

    Best beach books are suspense novels. Think “Gone Girl” or classic Ian Fleming/James Bond tomes.

  259. Tina1023

    I love reading steamy romance with a little mystery involved.

  260. Shirley Benat

    If I have to choose only one category it would be romantic suspense

  261. Shirley Benat

    Romantic suspense

  262. sfsabia

    I’ll read just about anything but women’s fiction is my favorite to read on the beach.

  263. Vegyogini

    Literary fiction! Thanks for the giveaway.

  264. Khedger

    I love romantic comedy or just plain romance!

  265. wisemetis

    I love a good fantasy novel.

  266. Bookworm2005

    Urban fantasy, erotic romance, mystery, a well written series, so the story can go on.

  267. Lwaxana48

    In the summertime I like to re-read classic mysteries from writers such as Dorothy L. Sayers and Agatha Christie. I never get tired of ’em!

  268. jesshaz78

    Romances are great beach reading. Something light and fun to go with a beautiful day.

  269. slaydmt

    My favorites are usually suspense/thriller types regardless of the location!

  270. clennek

    My favorite beach read is a nicely paced, exciting mystery set in a tropical location on a beach.

  271. linda604b

    For the beach, it would have to be a great romance.

  272. bookl8y

    My favorite beach reads are chick lit.

  273. jeanjoseph32207

    I love anything romance 🙂

  274. I love reading mystery/thriller

  275. MarleesGran

    Only feel comfortable when I have my Kindle handy with a good read going!

  276. Lori Hammons

    I love all genre’s of romance, my most favorite being paranormal.

  277. l8blmr54

    I love to lay on the beach and read contemporary romances.

  278. queeniecondie

    Romance for sure.

  279. i love reading all kind of romance books and I hope I get a chance to win

  280. missjenniferlowe

    My favorite genre at the beach (or anywhere else) is a mystery!

  281. ktpotat

    Mysteries and thrillers.

  282. clane0743

    a good mystery

  283. Ah, I love to read on the beach, pretty much anything, but nothing beats a good mystery or a fun paranormal romance for my summer beach reading!

  284. pattygangl

    I like to read romance novels at the beach.

  285. Ricardobach

    I like reading dark pul p fiction like that could be made Into film noirs. Like Cornell Woolrich.

  286. CrystalGB

    I like to read paranormal, contemporary and historicals.

  287. ladystorm

    If I was near a beach I would probably still read mysteries as that is the genre I am into right now. Anything from cozies to dark crime novels. 🙂

  288. tburkhardt001

    I love the romance books for a fun summertime light read. It gets you away and is fun to find some characters find their true love!!!

  289. MicheleG42

    Anything that takes me to another world…whether an Agatha Christie-era mystery, a good fantasy, sci-fi, a fast-paced thriller, even horror from beyond the stars, mwahahaha! But probably not JAWS, not at the beach 🙂

  290. jmach226

    I love reading thrillers set in a beach town 🙂

  291. GretchenH

    historical fiction or other light and fun fiction is my favorite beach read

  292. joycet0514

    I want to read something compelling that isn’t too literary in the heat. Could be any genre as long as it is smart and moves well and holds my interest.

  293. nkd1945
    I enjoy all types of fiction…sounds like a great prize pac!

  294. Eflage01

    My favorite genre of book to read on the beach is romance. What better to suit the hot sandy beach than a hot, steamy, romance novel?

  295. jacquiehamilton

    Romantic suspense is the best

  296. Kimbirdie8

    summer beach reads: dystopias

  297. Bweaving

    Paranormal, mystery or sweet romance for the beach.

  298. I enjoy Western Romance Novels along with Historical Romance Novels. They make for great beach reads!!

  299. I like to read romance/chick lit – preferably by the pool as I don’t get to the beach on a yearly basis.

  300. Crimsonlpn

    I love thrillers and horror books. But I have a new addiction to dark erotica and erotic romance. Honestly, any books on the beach are good reads. 🙂

  301. The setting doesn’t matter – I love to read anything, anytime!!!

  302. Susan T

    Generally I read any sub-genre as long as it has good story line, romance and HEA.

  303. elisemark

    Romance on the beach. Lately, the New Adult books have caught my interest.

  304. j_touchstone

    romance or sci-fi or paranormal or…

  305. eternitylush

    Hmmm.. I love fiction stories so the main genre I would read is romance or teen fiction. Orrr I woud read some stories from honeyb I love her stories. Zane is awesome as well 😀

  306. Bookteacher

    Something with suspense and danger


    Hot sun and a hot romance!

  308. Historical fiction

  309. Librarygal

    If not a cozy mystery paperback, then anything about a truly supernatural ghost to put a touch of chill into the hot beach weather….

  310. LisaBaker19

    Romance and suspense are my favs!

  311. msheredia

    I love to read anything by the beach! It is super relaxing. I do tend to have a preference for a great love story and intense drama.

  312. GlassTiger

    Usually poetry. Poems are often short, so I can run off like a nut and do other things, yet they’re still incredibly beautiful and poignant. (I have two poetry books I especially enjoy traveling with: ‘Good Poems,’ collected by Garrison Keillor, and ‘The Black Poets,’ collected by Dudley Randall.)

  313. tculowery

    I like to read thrillers on the beach.

  314. Anything fiction! However the best is paranormal, sci-fi, or historical.

  315. stoubre


  316. AthertonQueen

    Usually short stories or something biographical.

  317. I like to read thrillers and mysteries at the beach.

  318. suz4au0608

    I like to either read something light at the beach. Nothing too serious!

  319. KaraQuade

    I love a good romance or paranormal romance. They are the best!

  320. mollylyon69

    I like a good RomCom.

  321. Trudy D

    I prefer to read second chance romances.

  322. SisterGordon311

    Mystery is what I like to read

  323. Women’s fiction

  324. Thriller or Paranormal. WOW. This is a fantastic contest. I’m praying to the Goddess of Contests for a win. Thanks for the chance. WOW…..

  325. stibbett

    I really cannot narrow it down to just one genre… however, I have found that I do read more romance than any other.

  326. DianaAtTheBeach

    Lately, fantasy.

  327. dbasalik

    Reading at the beach is the best! Reading a great mystery, romance, or chick lit only makes it better!


    I love to read a good romantic suspense or paranormal romance. Especially on the beach!

  329. turtle6422

    Urban fantasy. It’s my favorite genre to read anytime. Thanks.

  330. Mystery/Suspense

  331. pamster53

    Chick-lit would be my go-to beach read!


    A good murder mystery or thriller

  333. MomOfTwins89

    I love to read about anything, but for a good beach read I would have to go with a sizzling romance under the sizzling sun. Thanks for the chance to win

  334. jojofraz

    Romantic suspense is the best! On the beach, at the airport, in a snow storm, at the dr’s office…. 🙂

  335. Mary Brodeur

    Stephen King & Harlequin Intrigue

  336. Angelique C

    I love to read on the beach or in a boat , usually anything and everything but I tend to gravitate towards YA or Paranormal

  337. bombi9923

    My favorite genre is romance!

  338. Tamara600

    I love any kind of romance. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful prize!

  339. sher1171

    Romantic Suspense is the best-or a Belle Andre, Susan Mallory book. There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach, working on your tan, sipping a grown-up beverage and reading a great book.

  340. Zelli16

    I love mysteries, romance, and action.

  341. Romance and humor

  342. I like romance and paranormal novels at the beach.

  343. TStonefld

    I like to read mysteries and thrillers on the beach!

  344. jarjenzac

    I love a mystery to read on the beach!!!

  345. clowell

    I love to read a good romance novel on the beach.

  346. Beccadell1

    I love to read a good mystery, romance or thriller.

  347. lmcfinney

    I’ll read anything but prefer romance.

  348. bzimmermann

    A romance or comedy

  349. KathyLyonsAuthor

    I can read almost anything so long as it’s FUNNY and has ROMANCE! (Though my fav is paranormal romance)

  350. bioteach33

    At the beach or anywhere else, I love to read mysteries as well as contemporary and historical fiction and romance.

  351. thecharmed4

    I love to read most anything but I would have to say Romance.

  352. Mycirenae

    Favorite author Christine Feehan

  353. My summer reads are one that gives me a good laugh, a warm cozy feeling, or a great romance!
    A good Daniel Silva would also be a beach read of choice.

  354. ablondeperson

    I’m a mystery fan myself.

  355. DarylS_1

    I read anything and everything. Just give me a good book and I am a happy person.

  356. I’ll read anything I can get my hands on! 😎

  357. mnemnoth

    At the beach, I love to read romances that take place in the mountains with snow!

  358. Empress Reece

    My favorite beach reads are YA, dystopian/post-apocalyptic & space operas.

  359. TheLoveJunkee

    Romance or YA, preferably something humorous 🙂

  360. I love a good romantic suspense, becuase why pick just ONE genre when you can combine them!!

  361. Urban paranormal or romantic suspense (I love to read about the danger, but I’d hate to experience it).


    What is your favorite genre of book to read on the beach? My fave is to read a romance novel with a beach setting.

  363. I love suspense romance novels

  364. Kbass804

    I’ll read anything at the beach as long as it’s not an ugly cry book 😆

  365. squidgers

    Love reading a romantic comedy!

  366. KimberleyC

    I love books where girlfriends get together and help each other. More storylines and excitement

  367. Popular fiction, history, romance, historical fiction, paranormal, biographies, mysteries, I’ve read them all at the beach. It all depends upon the mood I’m in for that day.

  368. kendram

    Science Fiction! The best beach read there is.

  369. I love reading everything I get my hands on especially romance/paranormal/mystery/erotica
    A little sand , sun, water thrown in and I’m at my happiest it’s to bad the closes I get is a kiddie pool in the back yard now that I live in Indiana lol

  370. Lrraymond1

    At the beach, I like to read the hottest romances or erotica I can find on my kindle. Everyone thinks my red face is from the sun! Elsewhere, I read those as well as non-fiction, mysteries and comedy.

  371. While I usually like BDSM books, on the beach I prefer light and short-romance anthologies are perfect.

  372. cmconsaga

    I love paranormal chick lit for the beach…there is usually humor and romance, as well as a good dose of supernatural fun! It is great for the beach because I love to escape reality while on vacation.

  373. jmartin

    Pretty much any type of romance!

  374. Bookbaba

    What a terrific, generous giveaway! I can’t wait to win.

  375. I love contemporary romance for the beach.

  376. Tompkinsgb

    I love to read a good mystery – any time!!

  377. moonlady62

    science fiction/fantasy

  378. maggieburkhart

    I love a good romance or a john Sanford. I just love that Flowers

  379. Definitely a good angsty romance!

  380. ShaggyDocious

    I’ll read anything, anywhere, anytime.

  381. Dianne11

    Many of these books are on my TBR list for the beach this summer.

  382. Taralfarrell

    Anything and everything I can. It doesn’t matter to me as long as there is good character development!

  383. Victor49

    Historical Romance

  384. Victor49

    My favorite is historical romance

  385. I read a bit of everything but on the beach I like a collection of short stories or essays so I don’t mind stopping often to swim. Stories need to be mystery or literary fiction while the essays need to be somewhat light, maybe food (MLK Fisher) or humor.

  386. giger0718

    Reading on the beach? Steamy romance, of course!

  387. Waterlily76

    A mystery or thriller keeps me enthralled.

  388. crazygirl412

    My favorite genre would be paranormal books. But on a beach I would probably want to read a book from the romance genre.

  389. Tammy G


  390. I read mysteries and thrillers everywhere I go — airports, appointments, lounges, but ESPECIALLY at the beach. I have one of those beach tents, and I sit inside, enjoy the view and the sounds and read, read, read,


    At the beach I like to read romance or young adult novels.

  392. vampiress

    Doesn’t matter if its on the beach, in your room, on the road, or any other place, just pick up a book to read. I read romance, romantic suspense, shape shifters, vampire romance, romantic comedy. I read to get lost in a different world!

  393. Kelly Bells

    I love reading historical fictions, such as Gone With the Wind, and anything by Stephen King while on the beach. But, let’s be honest, being on the beach with any book is what a majority of us look forward to all year.

  394. DarthKitty

    As long as I’m at the beach I look forward to anything that peaks my interest regardless of genre.

  395. sabrinaluckie

    On the beach I love to read books that make me laugh

  396. Deshango

    I love a good romance to read on the beach!

  397. lccavanaugh

    Historical romance, for sure. There’s nothing like resting on my side on a beach blanket, under an umbrella, head propped up by a rolled beach towel, holding onto an open paperback, and reading about fictional characters of the British aristocracy in the mid-1800s.

  398. celineac

    SWEET GIVEAWAY!! My summer read is usually cozy mystery, but I also like to get lost in historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy books!

  399. JulyCrab

    I really enjoy mysteries that have a female lead as the detective. A little romance thrown in is great also!

  400. gloriamarie

    romance, of course, and cozy mysteries especially if there is romance involved


    At the beach or anywhere I can read just about anything but I especially love to read mysteries and thrillers.

  402. janetequigley

    I love a good beach romance based in the Low Country

  403. abankston

    ROMANCE! This is an amazing giveaway ~ thank you for the chance 🙂

  404. Mariana Nhi

    My everyday favorite is Fantasy. Though, if it’s the beach in particular, than nothing is more perfect than some humorous Contemporary Romance. There is something about the combination of hot sand, people-watching, and a chick flick book in hand that just absolutely fascinated me. ❤

  405. JaLa2007

    I love to read erotica and romance novels 🙂

  406. samjeanmary

    I agree with the majority of the comments ^. I always gravitate towards my light romance books, especially the ones where the characters are on vacation at the beach too! Although one summer I had to read Moby Dick and I brought it with me everywhere, especially to the beach and the lake. I guess it was fitting because it was about being around the water too!

  407. I love relaxing on the beach with a good read.

  408. aimeemartin

    Girly, gossipy, romance novels!

  409. I love relaxing on the beach with a good read. My favorite summer books are novels that take place at a summer beach town (usually consist of some romance and family drama).

  410. joycehanc

    I love to read mysteries. Anywhere, anytime.

  411. 62snowmen


  412. amberhamilton90

    It doesn’t matter where I am I prefer Erotic Romance. At the beach I still prefer an erotic romance novel I just want it to be sexy and fun rather than intense.

  413. IsaboeOfLumatere

    I’ll read anything and everything at the beach! Although romances are my favorite genre.

  414. No favorite genre – it depends on my mood.

  415. Jeanne39

    I love to read historical romances

  416. acovarrubias

    I haven’t gotten to lay on the beach and read in a few years, but hopefully this is the year that changes. If I was laying on the beach reading… it would be something with romance, a little mystery, and a few laughs. Perfection!

  417. Shebear

    Whichever book I may be involved with at the time.

  418. tennis mom

    Historic Romance and historic fiction

  419. tennis mom

    also like biographies.

  420. patsend

    My favorite is mysteries of any kind.

  421. CaptivatedBookLover

    So many genres within romance. I would choose a romantic – suspense novel. The hotter the better! Then I would cross my fingers and hope I won’t be interrupted while I’m reading!

  422. dporras

    I love to read all books but romance is my favorite

  423. shashy2012

    I love everything, but preferred romance, suspense and erotica

  424. krather99bq

    My favorite thing to read is a good paranormal romance it makes for a pulse pounding, romance that I can not put down and when I am done I wish there was more.

  425. Suzanne

    I love Paranormal Romances!!!!

  426. I like to read books with strong heroines and snappy dialogue. There needs to be plenty going on so that I don’t fall asleep and get a burn.

  427. nevans72


  428. mjreynolds32

    I love a good chick lit novel or the latest Stephen King (except Duma Key – that was way too scary to read on the beach!) Thanks for the chance!

  429. My very favorite genre to read at the beach or anywhere, is historical fiction and literary fiction.

  430. torresmom3

    I love reading fiction during the summer!

  431. Jhutches

    My favorite genre is always historical fiction!

  432. missrabia

    The best genre to read while the sun is shining on the crisp waters on the beach is romance. Just imagine. Perhaps one day your own Prince Charming/heroic male lead will come gallantly running down the shoreline. I mean, a girl can dream right?

  433. My very favorite genre to read at the beach is comedy.

  434. ttronnes

    Mystery and literary fiction.

  435. My favorite genre to read at the beach is a good regency romance but any historical romance will do.

  436. Plsbitemenow

    Favorite genre to read at the beach….all of them as long as it has a good story line I am hooked.

  437. mzavala11188

    I love to read a good young adult book about first love.

  438. Contemporary/Paranormal/ Suspense Romance are my favorites to read anywhere.

  439. labatten

    I love a great murder mystery for beach reading.

  440. Betenglish

    I like a good beach romance but any romance will do in a pinch.

  441. I love science fiction, mysteries and paranormal equally.

  442. swbookworm

    I love Rom-Com as my favorite genre for a beach read!

  443. Pantone2955cdt

    Love to read something light hearted during the summer

  444. Love to read mysteries and light romance.

  445. Historical fiction or southern drama.

  446. Literary fiction or chick lit

  447. KryssyB

    I tend to be very relaxed while on the beach, so I usually bring a novel that’s full of suspense and drama.

  448. Rose22545

    Love to read paranormal and historical series. Combine the two and I’m really in heaven!

  449. Katterley


  450. Dgforest

    I like lighthearted chick lit or murder mysteries for my summer reads. I save the heavier stuff for being wrapped up in an Afghan with a cup of tea.

  451. karen656

    I love to read romance books but indulge in mystery or fantasy once in a while for a change of pace.

  452. barbk913

    love to read anything !

  453. bjcsimpson

    Romance or mystery – depends on my mood. The beach is my favorite place to read and chill out!

  454. Sharond

    I enjoy a good romance, contemporary or paranormal.


    Anything by Janet Evanovich, Lisa Scottoline, or A.W. Exley! I love comedy, Romance, Sizzle, History, and Mystery! Mostly I like all books!

  456. fplastini

    I don’t really have a favorite because I love all genre’s. But lately I have been reading more fantasy and historical fiction.

  457. neuferdavid

    I love the romantic comedy writers who serve steamy comic relief on every page. It is that kind of writing that produces the relaxation that I so need after a long day: I open the book, am born away to the sexy, funny story of the writer’s imagination. Did I mention that the story is written so well that relief is a necessity when I put the book down? 🙂

  458. rrshep52

    When I’m on the beach, I love to read romantic stories on exotic islands.

  459. I love to read Contemporary novels by the beach, because I can relax and enjoy the book

  460. neuferdavid

    Yep, I missed the part about the beach, as I miss everything when I am into a food read. Where did the people go?

  461. I think my favorite book to read in the pool or just relaxing on the deck with a cool drink is romance. I love to ‘chillax’ all summer with as many hours as possible dedicated to reading & relaxing. LOL

  462. beckymmoe

    Romance! It’s my favorite to read anywhere, really 🙂

  463. turangalydia

    Love short stories the best but read all genres epics and shorts.

  464. kmannrn

    Romantic Suspense

  465. I love reading contemporary romance books on the beach.

  466. donnap105

    Science fiction!

  467. Reneeboomer

    Mysteries, romantic comedy, and thrillers

  468. lesaneace

    Romance, definitely.

  469. marshaest

    Mysteries and light reading.

  470. a good paranormal romance is great

  471. Barbiegirl

    I love to read Paranormal Books!

  472. Beltlasvegas

    Otherworld fantasy, or romance or everything is good to read at the beach

  473. AngelicaLara

    Paranormal Romance

  474. Texas Book Lover

    My favorite is romance and ask it’s sub-genres.

    Thanks so much!

  475. Love a good romance!!

  476. anticatnapoleon

    Either a fluffy contemporary, historical-fiction, or a nice bone-chilling horror/mystery

  477. treasurygirl

    I love to read history and/or mysteries!

  478. Wagnerjb

    Romance or mysteries.

  479. Marion96

    Romance books are essential for the beach.

  480. msdebms

    I like my books like I like my beaches…HOT…with muscle-bound men as far as the eye can see. Plus, the twinkle in my eye and the big grin on my face is a great icebreaker.

  481. KristinaD77

    I love fantasy/sci-fi but also love a good cozy mystery.

  482. bozjovi

    I love to read a juicy steamy romance novel at the beach!!! 😉

  483. Countrysunrise

    The book would actually depend on my mood that day. It could be anything from Fiction to Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, to Chick-Lit. I’ve enjoyed them all on the beach, and have even been known to venture out to the water, but don’t tell anyone!!

  484. missmaria

    I love to read contemporary romances on the beach!

  485. kflynch96

    a quick and easy read for the beach!!

  486. theresan

    My favorite is romantic suspense.

  487. susanbeamon

    Pretty much what I read all year long, only lighter in tone and most surely all fiction.

  488. Mystery and adventure, but it has to have a romantic love interest!

  489. Penguins106


  490. Jessicahaywood


  491. kcmmp13

    I love reading contemporary books on the beach. Or a mystery is always good.

  492. Ladyennui

    Mystery/thriller or a good rom com 🙂

  493. Lesbian romance!

  494. Rita Richards

    A good mystery preferably but really anything that grabs me from the first page.

  495. racegirl1022

    Romance novels & a big sun hat

  496. geminieyez83

    Any genre is a good read while on the beach. Especially a steamy romance followed by a dip in the water to cool you off, then back to sunny beach and my book!

  497. librarylove

    On the beach I like to read romances set in the winter time. Makes me feel cooler!

  498. Sarimerejo

    I love contemporary romance

  499. Germylew

    I love to read sci-fi and fantasy anywhere and anytime!

  500. peacefulsea03

    Love to read paranormal romance

  501. Great page turners

  502. Rachael Brown

    Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance

  503. maryleva

    Love fiction especially southern novels and have been known to read a historical romance here and there.

  504. Emorvant

    My favorite to read on the beach that is light and funny!

  505. mmjosie

    anything with romance, but especially PNR

  506. I like to read a romance or mystery book.

  507. rcpinkie

    For the beach I prefer to read contemporary romance or chick-lit.

  508. artisbread

    Young Adult Contemporary Romance!

  509. Dmguzzardi

    I love a great mystery with a twist ending.

  510. reneesnooky

    I love a great mystery with a little or lot romance

  511. I love to read a book on the beach that catches my interest.

  512. Katryna

    I love reading most anything as long as it has a happy ending.

  513. JeanneM

    My favorite books to read as I sit back and enjoy the beach are historical romance books!

  514. a light, funny romance

  515. smfsprout

    I love to read historical romance at the beach.

  516. nthomaslewis

    Romantic Comedy

  517. lzeigler

    I love to read romance or romantic suspense on the beach but also love mystery, historical, and some paranormal. I’ll even read the cereal box!

  518. Editrix

    Horror–because I’m surrounded by people.

  519. hazxpress

    I enjoy reading mysteries, sci-fi and horror.

  520. I love a good historical fiction.

  521. gamistress66

    romance — historical, paranormal, sci fi; it’s all good 🙂

  522. ljcc7799

    My Summer reading: Historical Romance specially Regency!

  523. efender1

    rom com 🙂 thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  524. Historical fiction or chick lit form any part of the world!

  525. Twolfe360

    Fantast of course I love reading it anywhere


    Romantic Suspense is my beach read of choice!

  527. Cheryl P

    Romantic suspense with a touch of paranormal

  528. kmatuszak91

    The beach doesn’t change what I like to read…so horror, suspense, maybe a little paranormal stuff thrown in. If it’s written well, I’ll dig it.

  529. sasscath

    Chick lit/ girl power

  530. your1chef

    With the sun shining and breeze blowing, it is a perfect time to read a suspenseful thriller!

  531. Eeyore1110

    I like to read romance on the beach:)

  532. hinojosmargie

    I enjoy reading romance and mystery novels

  533. Ann L Dorr

    Romantic suspense, mystery and historical fiction!

  534. aavogel

    a good mystery book Stuart Kaminsky now deceased.

  535. anidarksky

    I am a romantic at heart, All kinds such as paranormal, suspense, comedy, contemporary and even historical,

  536. cconrad47

    Mystery, suspense and espionage are my favorite reads.

  537. firefighter4

    I love to read romance in time gone bye thrilling exciting, adventurous and spell bounding!

  538. tteague

    I love to read light comedic contemporary/historical romance novels on vacation.

  539. wrmousey1028

    romance novels, thanks

  540. I just love to read!!!! I am heading to Edist Beach and would love this great set to bring to the beach . All of my sisters in law and nieces read, it would be great to share, uh….. maybe!!!!!!!!!!!

  541. brcoley

    Horror or fantasy

  542. I like anything with a good story, historical, romance, thriller, etc..

  543. julesrules46

    I love to read anything at the beach, but Romance & Comedy are the best. Swooning & laughing is fun when you get funny looks from strangers while reading.

  544. mguerra13

    Love romantic suspense!

  545. labrat35

    Contemporary romance!

  546. when I’m headed to the coast for some “fun in the sun” I like to read romantic suspense – love this gift thanks for the chance to enter

  547. unicornni

    I love reading paranormal romance

  548. Rrand01

    I enjoy reading anything depending on my mood. I love to be out with my family . Romance is my favorite for fun!

  549. sweetnkue

    Romance, currently paranormal romance

  550. davincilover

    Literary fiction and women’s literature.

  551. kimlrkim

    I love any subgenre of romance, from light to dark.

  552. If I’m sitting on a beach, under a palm tree with a drink….I really enjoy a good RomCom. Something light and funny. I’ll save my “heavier” reading for when I’m inside.

  553. riordanma

    Lucky me! I love to read.

  554. Reb3l95

    Love to read a good mystery

  555. Love a good romance

  556. aureusone

    I love to escape with a good ole “Bless Her Heart” southern romance/chick lit novel and some thrillers that I am unable to solve correctly until the very last paragraph. Just makes my soul smile:-) Thank you for this opportunity!

  557. laurenpeterson2014

    I love humorous chick lit. Jen Lancaster is my favorite author.

  558. rudycwright


  559. Suesreadyread

    Love to read any genre of romance novels.

  560. I will read whatever I can get my hands on if I’m at the beach! I’m at the beach, does it matter!!! J/K, i would probably read a contemporary romance 🙂

  561. Wandahamm

    My favorite beach read would be a fun romantic comedy with a touch of mystery. Nothing like people watching and picking people out on the beach to put as the characters in the book. Hot steamy guys, the shy ordinary girl, the innocent gramma stirring the pot secretly.

  562. trichie

    I prefer a romance for the beach. Something fun!

  563. Nanda62

    Historical romance is my favorite beach read.

  564. jadethelibrarian

    Either literary fiction or a good scifi read! Thanks for the chance!

  565. New releases, legal thrillers, young adult

  566. lmcitrin60

    Read on the beach, favorite genre . . . well, it’s been a long time since I had a chance to read on a beach, but I used to do it all of the time when I was growing up in San Diego. Then it would have been biographies and light romances. Now it would be romcoms or erotica, with a little historical fiction (romance/mystery thrown in) or ????

  567. sandmann58

    I’ll read just about anything but if I had to choose a good Mystery would do it for me

  568. Shell74

    Chick Lit or Contemporary Romance.

  569. ktwebb2416

    I love reading classic romances or mystery/thrillers on the beach!…but I would read just about anything out under an umbrella in the sun!

  570. Cattnrnd

    Paranormal romance

  571. HMSHoney24

    Chick Lit or Biographies ♥

  572. mom5taz

    i love reading mystery or love romance while I’m at the beach.

  573. mom5taz

    i love reading mystery while I’m at the beach.

  574. A mystery or thriller.

  575. Any book that goes with me to the beach is my favorite genre to read beach side, but if I had to choose, I would say historical romance.

  576. fluffy417

    I love to read mysteries and thrillers while on the beach.

  577. tatsam84

    Love the romances at the beach! Thanks!

  578. Memamich

    I love to read contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance especially when it has adventure and is also thrilling!


    Mysteries and historical.

  580. ChaunceyANP

    Romantic Suspense or Chick Lit are my go to beach reads! Started a poolside book club that we call Smut, Sun & Cocktails so we can bond over romances, an adult beverage and compare tan lines!


    Love cozy mysteries

  582. lesliemp_

    I love new adult and contemporary romance for a beach read

  583. Romance/mystery

  584. JillBean

    I love paranormal romance/urban fantasy at the beach!!

  585. curiouacutecitykitty888

    Historical Fiction cause sometime I put my book down and just like my mind wonder with the wave to a different time period.

  586. sittsgirls

    The beach is made for romance novels!

  587. PGanley

    I love to read paranormal, action books like Lindsey McKenna and Laura Kaye.

  588. I love rom coms and fantasy romance at the beach!

  589. conniv316

    I love a good thriller and always try to figure it out!


    Mystery /Thriller

  591. rzackula

    I love a good mystery, but really, short books fit summer the best.

  592. I’ll read anything, as long as I’m on the beach! The beach and I have been apart for far too long…

  593. catlover415

    I’ll take just about any romance on the beach, how can you go wrong with the sun, a great book and your drink of choice?

  594. Holmgirl

    I will read anything as long as I’m at the beach!

  595. I love to read Suspense/Romance. But I will read just about anything as long as it holds my interest long enough!

  596. donner28

    I really love thriller/mysteries, but love to read just about anything.

  597. ninipascua

    Love reading Romance 🙂


    I love any book that can capture my attention from the very beginning. Once I’m in I won’t stop until I finish the book.

  599. Regency

    Best books for beach reading are road trip books or a really good thriller.

  600. erotica, romance

  601. blazegirl

    I love reading celebrity biographies under a beach umbrella– the trashier the better. I have no shame!

  602. I love watching all the nubile young men and reading erotica

  603. Contemporary romance.

  604. I like to read either Romance or Chick Lit on the beach!

  605. baaiello

    I love so many genres: Thriller, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Non-Fiction & especially Young Adult!

  606. christine-happybooklover

    I love to have a couple books with me at the beach, a good suspense novel, and a women’s fiction novel, both novels full of a great story.

  607. I love to read historical romance. Fun, easy reads! Thanks for the opportunity!

  608. tcarter

    A good love story on a lovely beach spells HEAVAN!

  609. onthewingsofabook

    I’ll read anything usually. Romance and fantasy are my favorites probably. I just made a tent outside over my hammock and I have a few private and relaxing “hiding spots” near the beach and boat docks where I like to go as well!

  610. AdaVanessa

    My favorite beach reads are romance novels! Every love story is better when read at the beach! 🙂

  611. I love romance, something with a little humor in it.

  612. nstudie

    I love a good romance 🙂

  613. Chick lot.

  614. Mdeland

    I live close to the Great lakes and can be at the beach in 10 minutes. Would love to go to the beach and read.

  615. amber123

    Romance! I mean, you’re already hot, right?

  616. mbiancac

    Count me in! I need some new reading material…

  617. SusiQPuella

    If I get a chance to read while relaxing on the beach, I am up for anything! I love lighthearted, funny romance novels or a book that just lets me escape reality for a bit.

  618. I like Scandinavian detective stories or something by McCall Smith.

  619. llovejoy66

    Any kind of romance…paranormal, N/A , erotica …..All of the above. Jennifer Probst would be an awesome beach read…I adore her books !!!

  620. mfranklin2

    I enjoy reading all kinds of books outdoors, historical fiction is my favorite of all! I must admit, I have never been to the beach!!! I have, however, read great books which include beaches. So that is that!!!

  621. Geriffic

    Nothing like a good mystery or fantasy/sci-fi book to enjoy at the beach.


    I love to buy the new bestseller at the airport and read it on the beach – it is my treat to myself

  623. Diane81

    Summer beach reads, of course! It is tradition and there are specific authors who are known for summer beach novels usually romance, or thrillers or the latest best seller – fiction. Must read them ideally on the beach, under a beach umbrella, or at the pool wearing a big floppy hat, (wear that at the beach, too) and with a cool and refreshing drink – cocktails if it’s happy hour! Also reading on the deck as the sun sets and the only sound is the crash of the waves, and your heartbeat as you turn the page!

  624. mrsrwalsh

    A crime thriller of who dun it.

  625. gretagarbo

    I would read a psychological Thriller.

  626. Suspense. Mystery. Paranormal. Romance.

  627. Beach reads for any day at the beach, with the beach is the backdrop you can really feel as you are “in” the story

  628. sunshinehdfan

    Nothing like a great mystery on the beach!

  629. Megblod

    I love a really good romance.

  630. Cgerwin5

    I like to read biographies.

  631. MaryEve

    My favorite beach reads are anything by Mary Alice Monroe or Dorothea Benton Frank. Both authors write great stories that center around the Lowcountry of South Carolina, one of my favorite destinations. One cannot go wrong with anything by MAM. These books will put you in a beach ready mood.

  632. Cardenfran

    I will read almost anything at the beach. My favorites are romance and mystery books.

  633. Lillie1959

    I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading no matter what it is. But especially romances and mysteries. Who am I kidding? I read encyclopedias and cereal boxes! In desperate need of new books!!! 🙂

  634. My favorite is low country or any fiction set in the Carolinas especially mystery with a little romance.. I am a retired librarian so I am enjoying having the time to read be it at the beach or lake or anywhere retirement takes me!

  635. Readaholic

    A good romantic comedy with a bit of mystery. I want it all!

  636. MLegz13

    Depending on my mood either women detective fiction or chic lit.

  637. Love a good romance, preferably with a beach setting. Throw in dolphins and you have a perfect beach read. Mary Alice Monroe ‘s Lowcountry Summer series fits the ticket!

  638. Sandy S

    A beach read has to be easy to pick up where last left off. Genre? probably light romance.

  639. brichardson

    I love beach mysteries the best.

  640. SweetMama

    Environmental fiction and historical fiction.

  641. Chrisb1948

    Romance and Thrillers are the best

  642. bozocat

    Anything & everything!

  643. dgleeson

    Medical mysteries

  644. oliviatapia123


  645. attessac

    I like to read romantic suspense books

  646. jamminsport

    Nonfiction 🙂 Maybe something about food!

  647. cpr040304

    I love psychological thrillers they make my heart race.

  648. playplace

    Action Romance and Paranormal erotica make great beach reads

  649. Once I’ve read the latest book that I have waited to be released I can and do read anything xx

  650. lea_fran

    psychological thrillers

  651. In general, I like murder mystery type books. But at the beach, something lighter, more fun. I love the low country books when at the coast. Even when I am not at the coast. They are great for summer weekends –like this Memorial Day weekend.

    But ultimately, I just like to read and will read any and everything–even cereal boxes!

  652. didiblue52

    I love books that use the natural elements of the region interwoven into a good story. Mary Alice Monroe is an author who has never failed to meet my needs as a reader. Love to read more authors too!!!

  653. smmagers

    My favorite beach read is southern romance.

  654. I love drama to read during beach time

  655. sesquius

    Fiction, romance and biographies.

  656. desdemona

    I love to read non fiction historical books.

  657. sweeper78

    I like reading graphic novels at the beach.

  658. contemporary

  659. terrymike

    romance novels on the beach

  660. batkisses

    I like to read pretty much any genre. I especially like mystery/thrillers.

  661. candlefox

    Contemporary romance or mystery/thriller are my go to beach reading genres.

  662. AvidReader999

    A book that I can get lost in and one that leaves me wanting more

  663. sandyalip

    I love to read mysteries on the beach and anywhere.

  664. rivertany

    I love to read narrative non-fiction, adventure/disaster stories

  665. BookAttict

    I live in Florida, where reading on the beach is a year-round activity, so I’ll read just about anything — especially urban fantasy, thrillers and historical or contemporary romance.

  666. artie2kat

    historical novels

  667. Beachgirl80

    I love to read southern novels that take place in beach towns in the south!

  668. Reyac410

    Love to read historical romance and romantic comedy.

  669. happyreader

    Any light and frothy romance.

  670. Susan0138

    Definitely a romance novel!!

  671. dimartin

    Light romance fiction

  672. shirleyt1982

    I love to read anything I can get my hands on. But on the beach, maybe some light reading of biographies of great horses!!

  673. onegatofan

    Historical romances for me.

  674. c1ns_14

    My favorite beach reads are mysteries, fantasy, or historical fiction, with characters I can identify with and fall in book love with 🙂

  675. I read a lot of genres, but love general fiction and mysteries best.

  676. Chrisbails

    I love a good contemporary romance. I love also a great series

  677. ezmerelda

    Honestly, I read almost all sorts of fiction, but, most often, read paranormal romance, erotic romance and thriller.

  678. I like to read books at the beach that allow me to get a little distracted but pick them right back up – that could be almost any genre really; just has to be a book that can hold my interest through many interruptions. Romance, chick lit, women’s fiction, literary fiction, a great thriller, any one will do. 🙂

  679. Dianne11

    Mysteries. Will take several with me to the beach.

  680. dreemilyn

    Definitely romance!

  681. lisamcf


  682. mickatmom

    Romance and mysteries!

  683. rlzoeller

    my fave is chick lit….romantic comedies, cozy mysteries

  684. Terry W

    A legal thriller that will keep me enthralled at the beach, through dinner, and into the wee hours of the morning.

  685. Panda83

    I love to read almost anything. Maybe some kind of Adventure/Romance book.

  686. zwong25

    magical realism

  687. Wow, 687 comments ahead of me! Just wanted to say that when I’m on the beach on a hot day, I actually like to read Christmas-y stories or romances set in wintertime, on ski slopes, etc.. Christmas in July? Absolutely! It helps me to cool off, if even just in my imagination, lol.

  688. meredithfl

    A light-hearted, contemporary romance.

  689. jeislaw

    Legal thrillers

  690. rikkuxv

    Contemporary or Historical Fiction, bonus points if it involves a beach.

  691. romerowm

    I love regency romance!

  692. 3goodkids

    I like to read end of the world type scenarios.

  693. debraj1102

    I love reading romance books about Pirates in the old days when I am at the beach!

  694. Savernal

    Beach read must be light, interruptable stories. Goofy plots like screwball romances, or over the top space operas. Anything with humor, intentional or not. Nothing too scary.

  695. Brain candy is best! Something light and fun, cozy mystery or fantasy.

  696. daniellalucia

    my favorite genre is a good mystery/ detective novel!

  697. jodi325

    I love to reread favorites on the beach. When I get interrupted, it is easy to pick up where I left off.

  698. rinkobc9

    The best thing about going to the beach is bringing along a great book!! What fun it is to get lost in reading! I love to read romance, erotica and thrillers!!

  699. Chick-lit

  700. starzine


  701. diane92345

    I love reading a dark psychological thriller while the sun shines down on me.

  702. jaymesmith


  703. lesabible

    I love mysteries

  704. Mandy24

    I love romance books

  705. alohasue

    Romance or mystery, preferably both in the same book!

  706. Hot romance……… hotter the better

  707. Babsy13

    Any book that makes me curl my toes in the sand!

  708. MandieD79

    Thrillers… Always…

  709. wolf2644

    romance books.

  710. kfenters2011

    I love a good romance novel!

  711. Contemporary romance with an exotic destination as an integral part of the story.

  712. jeislaw

    Murder mysteries

  713. tolortega

    I like to read chick lit and romance books on the beach.

    missysweepsalot at gmail dot com

  714. jeislaw

    I like legal novels

  715. Tanya Guthrie

    I usually go with Romance or YA.

  716. KimCote

    I like to take magazines with current events. Otherwise the books I like to read are memoirs, and fiction; survival, etc.

  717. Anything that makes me laugh or smile or takes me to faraway places. So comedy, romance and historical fiction are on the list.

  718. adarst213

    I love murder mysteries!

  719. kimberlybreid

    My favorites are Romantic Thrillers!

  720. Dfge841

    I love to rad romance!!!!!

  721. kethrysweeps

    I love a good fantasy book on the beach!


    I love to read love stories on the beach

  723. Samigirl28

    I like to read Military romance

  724. mycatlovesme

    i love a romance novel.

  725. orelukjp0

    I love Contemporary Romance and Romantic Comedies.

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