CLOSED:Sweeps: Moms Need Books Too!

Hello XOXOers! Abzurdity here with some great sweeps news: It’s almost Mother’s Day, and because we love our readers (and their moms), we’re having a sweepstakes in their honor! You could win all the books featured below, carefully selected to appeal to moms of all stripes. (And hey, if you keep one or two for yourself, we won’t tell!)

My own mom not only taught me to read, but she was instrumental in fostering a love of books and libraries that has (obviously) carried on into my adult life, and really made me what I am.

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment below telling us a favorite memory of your own mom.

This sweepstakes is open only to U.S. residents. For complete rules, please click here.

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Inside the O’Briens

Inside the O’Briens

Lisa Genova

From award-winning, New York Times bestselling author and neuroscientist Lisa Genova comes a “heartbreaking…very human novel” (Matthew Thomas, author of We Are Not Ourselves) that does for Huntington’s disease what her debut novel Still Alice did for Alzheimer’s.



Pamela Redmond Satran

A hilarious and insightful story that proves you're only as young as you feel--now a TV series from the creator of Sex and the City, starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff!

Little House Living

Little House Living

Merissa A. Alink

From the immensely popular blogger behind Little House Living comes a motivational homemaking book, inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie, featuring creative, fun ways to live your life simply and frugally.

What Was Mine

What Was Mine

Helen Klein Ross

Simply told but deeply affecting, in the bestselling tradition of Alice McDermott and Tom Perrotta, this urgent novel unravels the heartrending yet unsentimental tale of a woman who kidnaps a baby in a superstore- and gets away with it for twenty-one years.

Game of Crowns

Game of Crowns

Christopher Andersen

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of WILLIAM AND KATE and THE DAY DIANA DIED takes a compulsively readable look into the relationships and rivalries of Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Kate Middleton.

You Got This!

You Got This!

Maya S. Penn

Everyone is talking about the entrepreneur, animator, eco-designer, and girls’ rights activist Maya Penn. Her TEDWomen Talk has been viewed over 1,200,000 million times (and is one of the top 15 TEDWomen Talks of all time). Now this amazing teenager has written an inspirational handbook for teens and young adults to help them discover their passions and maximize their full potential for a creative, successful life.



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  1. kimbacaffeinate

    Fantastic giveaway. Not an entry, but my Mom loved to read and I can remember sneaking her medical thrillers and romances as a young teen to We laugh about it now.

    • oldtimeradio

      Love this giveaway! Hope I win this for my girlfriend, she’ll devour each book!

    • My favorite memory of my mother is the day she taught me how to make CHRISTMAS ROLLS that are a family tradition to eat on Christmas morning. They are an all day process. The dough has to rise twice and then one more time after they are all put together and put on baking sheets. Full of love and yummy!

    • friendslibrary

      My mommy died when I was three. I was not allowed to visit her in the hospital, but I remember her waving from her window.

    • catm1949

      My favorite memory of my Mother is her reading her True Crime magazines and books, She loved to read and instilled her love of reading in all 4 of us girls. We are all avid readers and have passed our love of reading on to the next generations in our families. As she got her older and was losing her sight she loved to have us read to her, not her usual books but whatever we were reading at the time she loved. The last few years with my Mother were unforgettable.

    • countrygirl37

      There are so many good memories of her, that it is hard to choose one, because she was the Best! I guess my best memory was when, as a family of 6 children, money was tight because my Mom was a stay-at-home Mom and my Father was sole provider on a truck drivers wages. I had a recital for a Christmas concert and needed a fancy dress to wear. My Mother traded babysitting for a couple of neighbors( What`s 2 or 3 more?) to buy the fabric and hand sewed the most beautiful dress I had ever laid eyes on! I was complimented by many on the dress and they were amazed that it was made at home. She made me feel like one in a million !

  2. swbookworm

    This is especially timely as my Mom just passed away last month. This Mother’s Day will be the toughest. The best memory I have of my Mom is her teaching me to bake. I am not much of a cook. However, baking is a form of therapy for me!

  3. jmelj1974

    One of my favorite memories of my mom is her taking me to the skating rink near our house every week when I was about 12 years old. She would bring a bag of knitting items and knit patiently while I skated for hours.

  4. Special summer activities that kept us busy when out of school like visiting parks and museums 🙂

  5. ingodzhndz

    My favorite memory of my mom is that she always has taken the time to find out what I need–whether it is a listening ear or advice, she gives it freely.

  6. These are some o my favorite books! If you ever want to try DIY remedies you should get “Little House Living” – this book is amazing!

  7. lccavanaugh

    Mom died two years ago at 103, was a life-long learner. Born in 1911, she became a “ward” of the state, but felt safe at school so she became a teacher. Worked her way through teachers’ college, taught junior high in MA, and rode a train from MA to CO every summer to earn her Masters degree. Taught grades 4-6 for years and retired. Continued to teach English and quilting to hundreds of adults during retirement. Loved to explore the derivation of words and common phrases.

  8. JackieBlem

    My mother was a great reader, and she gave me the love of books.

  9. Every moment with my mom is just everything to me. We didn’t see each other for 9 years for immigration issues. Now that she’s here for 6 years now with me, every second of everyday with her will always be a special memory to me.

  10. Back n the early 1980’s, my mom felt guilty for having to go back to work. Before she left for work in the mornng, she would bake a cake and leave it unfrosted in the oven, so my two brothers and I had warm cake for breakfast before school. 💜

  11. So many beautiful memories. Only wish she were still here so we could have a wonderful lunch together in Chinatown , Boston.

  12. jenniferdeanaz

    My mom didn’t drive so sometimes during summer, we would walk to the library. She taught me to love reading and to this day I can’t read enough! She always told me “you are a survivor” and to this day, I remember that when i’m having a bad day.

  13. We used to make paper snowflakes together and put them on the window around christmas time.

  14. a.renee2003

    My favorite memory of my mum was back during my first year of college & marriage. My Mum and Dad were pivotal in keeping some normalcy for my daughter while my husband and I worked like crazy to save money for a house and manage our degrees. My Mum kept my daughter and helped teach her when I could not. My daughter is amazing to this day because of the Team Work provided. It truly took a mini-village to raise my child.

  15. queeniecondie

    My favorite memories are when she was teaching me to ride a horse. I was terrified but I knew she wouldn’t let me get hurt. I was 3.


    Mom let us go the public library when ever we wanted! We all grew up to be readers!!

  17. Dianne11

    Trips to the library. I grew up in a city with a great library system, and mother took us every week until I was old enough to ride the bus, going alone to the library

  18. Lollyluv

    I really want to read Game of Crowns. Looks so good!

  19. bookworm4evs

    Reading books together like I LOVE YOU, STINKYFACE! So cute. We always had this time together to bond and form a love of reading.

  20. I miss my Mom dearly. She was always there for me. I could talk to her about absolutely anything and she never judged me. The memory that I miss most is her smile and her laugh. She also taught me how to cook and how to be a great Mom. She was always so full of life. I wish she were here with me now. I love you, Mom

  21. clane0743

    My mom could make do with anything. We wouldn’t have survived without her. And she was a very loving and protective person. Sure do miss her!

  22. In the mid-to-late 60’s, I read GONE WITH THE WIND several times (simply because I LOVED it!) This was due to my Mother having the book for me to read. When it was shown at our local walk-in theater, my Mother-older sister-and I went to see it. I’ll never forget that movie, and the memories of the very first time watching it with my Mother.

  23. missmeigs

    Every night, my mom would read to myself and my four sisters for hours on end. I loved it!

  24. I am the oldest child. My mother was/is legally blind. When I first went to school, I told my teacher I had to learn to read because my mom couldn’t. This, of course, prompted a call home. My mother had to explain that she could read, she just couldn’t see to anymore!

  25. dbasalik

    I remember my mom taking me to the public library and waiting patiently while I poured through the shelves of books. She was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her children were well educated.

  26. Letsgocats

    Perfect memory for this promotion: She taught me to read!

  27. maris8614

    My most memorable memory of my mom was always being there to take care of me. She still now even will send me things just to make me smile when she knows I am having a rough day and will take the time to listen to me as well. She is truly a wonderful mother and I am very lucky that she is mine!

  28. My mom is gone now (but I can read them since I am a mom, too.)
    I remember walking to the bus stop with her when I was little. She could walk about a 13 minute mile and my little legs had to pretty much run to keep up but I really wanted to walk with her every day in summer. It was a mile up and down hills but I loved our time together.

  29. ithriveonstress

    My mom is gone now, but she would never have read any of these books. What she did read was True Romance, Love Story, and all those romance magazines. I remember as kids, my sis and I sneaking them just like boys with Play Boy.
    When we got caught, we got “the look” that made us feel horrible. We couldn’t wait to be old enough to read our own. We are both huge readers now. I sure miss my mom!!!

  30. debraski

    We went to Six Flags way back when Lightning Loops first came out. I needed to go on that ride. My mom was so nervous about me riding it that she went into the arcade and played skeeball for the first time. Although since she didn’t know how to play, she was throwing the balls at the machine. She nearly got kicked out of the arcade. And I was fine.

  31. katiebig

    My mom is my best friend. 6 years ago I needed a heart transplant and she has been there for me every step of the way. She left my now ex husband and me stay at her house as she lived near the hospital. She took care of me while the explore played video games. And now with other issues I face she is there for me. In every way, I couldn’t do it without her.

  32. karatheredhead

    My mom taught me to read too! My favorite memory is when she helped me study for vocabulary tests and she made me recite definitions word for word, no variations, it was very funny!

  33. sarah719

    I have so many memories with my mother. One is that my father would watch Unsolved Mysteries in the evenings and it would scare me, so while he was watching that, she would read little house on the prairie with me.

  34. Anniesmb

    I remember I was about 6 and I had a collection of hair barrettes that I carried with me everywhere in a little plastic case. My mom and I were traveling by subway into Manhattan from the Bronx, and when we got off the train, I realized I left the barrette collection on my seat. I was devastated. I had to have had 50 barrettes in there! My mom marched us over to Woolworth’s and bought me 50 more!!

  35. My mom is an avid reader as am I. She used to go by and check on me and always caught me reading instead of sleeping. She bought me a small flashlight to read by so I wasn’t straining my eyes.

  36. Even though I lost my mom when I was 10, I have so many wonderful memories. She was always my biggest fan and supporter. I remember how she would take me to the library every week and ask the librarian to show me the new books, since I had read most of the books in the library.

  37. stibbett

    I have many lovely memories with my mother, but I believe the best would be buying matching dresses & shoes, having a photo shoot wearing them (my father took the pictures), then hanging out for the day/evening with her in Old Sacramento. We has so much fun!

  38. lenny100

    my mom loves to ask what we liked for dinner i told her whwn she nade it i sais oh i dont like that

  39. vickestolte

    One of my fave memories with my mom was all the camping trips we used to do together as I was growing up. She used to always pack enough food to feed an army and if she happened to forget anything she would compromise. She is no longer with us anymore but I’d like to think she is watching over me.

  40. Ever since i can remember i loved to read, even as a little girl. I inherit that from my mom. Shes the strongest woman i know. You learn by example and i have a great one. My love of reading got me through college and has giving me experiences i would have never had. I read everyday and would feel empty without my books. I have my awesome mom to thank for that. Love you mom!

  41. mzpoodle2u

    It was summertime and I was outside playing with my younger brother. Mom called us to come in for a second… a benign request. Once we headed to the backyard and came around the corner to the patio – *WHAMMO* – she hit us in the face with a spoonful of Cool-Whip. What ensued was 30 minutes of pure fun! Whipped cream smeared on laughing faces. Full bodies hugs, transferring whipped cream from one victim to another. We topped it off by taking turns hosing off the covered clothing, hair, faces, appendages using the garden hose. This is seriously one of my most favorite memories. For once, there weren’t bills to worry about or whether or not dinner would be ready on time. Mom was able to just be free and have fun with us.

  42. thorak226

    I remember being 4 years old and sitting with my mom learning to read from one of the first-grade readers. Because my mom started me reading so early, I entered first grade reading two grade levels higher. My mom and I would go to the public library often and we became friends with the librarians there. Mom always encouraged me to read and join in book discussions. I miss her every day, even 14 years later. RIP Mom and thank you for instilling a love of reading in me.

  43. amanda8760

    My mom adopted me as a baby and I think that makes her extra special.

  44. When I was a little girl, after dinner my father would perch on a stool in our kitchen and read out loud books to my mother (and us kids) while my mom washed dishes. He had such a lovely reading voice that mom would often take longer to complete the task so we could hear more. Other times she would sit on the floor with us to snuggle while he read Narnia, Wind in the Willows or the Swiss Family Robinson. Books have always been a huge part of my family. I cannot separate one idea from the other

  45. barblima

    My mama was so good to us. It was a Beaver Cleaver life. It’s been 26 years since she passed and I still miss her.

  46. aimeemartin

    My mother has taught me some of my favorite things in life. She taught me to bake and the importance of being exact and having precision. It’s really the difference between a fantastic apple pie and a disaster. She also instilled a love of reading into me from a very young age.

    We were very poor when I was a child, so we didn’t have much. Books were my escape. My mother, divorced from my abusive father when I was very young, single handedly raised us 6 kids and went back to school to become a nurse. With everything stacked against her, she finished her degree for the benefit of giving us a better life, as well as herself.

    I never really appreciated her until I became an adult and a single mother myself. She is my rock and whenever I feel that life is too hard and overwhelming. I think about what she endured and pick up my phone just to chat with her or take her out for a mani pedi.

    She would LOVE a slew of new books to read, (as will I when she’s finished!)

  47. Marilyn1950

    My mom is having some health challenges right now at 88 years young. We are having some tender moments lately. The other day she turned to me and profusely thanked me for helping her out so much right now. I hugged her and said, “You have always been there for me, Mom. I am only returning your love and kindness. “

  48. Gemarasco

    I think I got my love of reading from my mother who was a voracious reader herself.

  49. blondiebarb

    Missing Mom we had wonderful times together on vacations etc.

  50. RockMJ79

    my favorite memories are those huge sunday breakfasts that she would make us and when we were really little how she would wrap me up in my huge blanket like a burritto and take me to my grandma’s before she went to work which was super early.

  51. LauAlmaraz

    My mom passed away 3 years ago I misses her so much but I also remember her daily as my Maik adiction is read a lot and she was the one who introduce me in the books. World and since the I need to read anything on daily basis this is a way to feel her close yo me Noe I teach my own daugther to be an adict yo books this is our favorite hobby

  52. wolf2644

    sunday morning breakfast. which meant homemade biscuits.

  53. tinlizzie2

    Cooking. My Mom was a wonderful cook- and at holiday time, she made so many special dishes!

  54. No matter how bad things got when we were little my mom always found a way for us to make it.

  55. Wilsonfurr5

    Always excited for the next book in the stack! This was my Mothers favorite thing and now also my own. Just giddy starting a new book!

  56. Since becoming a mom myself a little over a year ago, my mom has been my strongest support from outside of my house.

    I would be totally lost right now without her.

  57. joancat117

    My Mon was my best friend We when to movies, trips and functions together She never judged me just accepted me for who I am Miss her much

  58. JulieReviewsBooks

    My mother sharing her love of books with me when I was young. We continue to make memories discussing books we have both read.

  59. My mother gave me the gift of never being alone once I had a book. I can go anywhere, be anything, disappear into centuries past or the future. A lifelong gift which I am passing on to my own children. What greater gift could someone give?

  60. leaninglights

    My mom and I have always been best friends. We would take amazing road trips to visit family and friends when I was growing up and I remember car rides and adventures full of laughter and fun. One of my favorite memories was when we went to Alexandra, Virginia for my mom’s high school reunion. I met and became friends with her friends’ kids and to this day, the next generation lives on. I learned to be passionate and live life to the fullest from my beautiful mama. I am so thankful for her <3

  61. Hard to pick just one, but I loved going back to visit on business trips…we’d each take our favorite couch and read for hours. I miss her everyday.

  62. red66060

    We took a trip to Hollywood when I was a junior in high school and my dad got one of those maps to the stars and we were driving around checking out all of the celebrity houses (in a convertible) and we drove by Kurt Douglas’ house and he was outside and my mom stood on the front seat and started waving and screaming his name like a giddy teenager. It was sooooo embarassing, but one of my favorite memories!

  63. lisawright

    Not only did mom teach me how to read,but she made every book an adventure. I’ve taught my kids the same way and now my every time I read adventure books I can hear my mom’s voice as the charactes. Thank you momma

  64. Books are my favorite gifts to receive! I would especially like the knitting book–my newest hobby

  65. my favorite memory is when I broke my arm and she left work to come get me and she stayed home with me all day just to distract me and take care of me! 🙂 I really would love to get this for my mom!!

  66. My mom is a beautiful and active 83 year old Lady. She’s incredibly strong – has been widowed since she was 52 years old and dealt with all adversities without batting an eye. She loves to read, embroider and crochet in her spare time, which there’s not much of. But her love of reading is what has inspired me to be the reader I am.

  67. tlstevens58

    My mom got me interested in reading. She would recommend books she read when she was my age. One of the funniest things we did was have a pepsi fight in the kitchen. I got her a bottle shook it up when she opened it she got sprayed then she got me with the kitchen sink hose. The fight was fun but the clean up, not so much. It took a few hours there was pepsi and water all over.

  68. My Mom was always our role model. We lived in a one bedroom apartment, 5 of us but she made “our palace”. She showed us to always appreciate what you have and remember where you came from. I would love to share another moment with her. She was the BEST!!!!

  69. PAdoglady

    My mom was a hard worker and during her down time, she enjoyed reading. I got my love of reading from her.

  70. jhealey0227

    So many memories of my mom that it’s hard to pick just one but the one that comes to mind is when I graduated from high school, I was a teenage mom, my daughter was almost one years old, she walked the stage with me to get my diploma and my mom was there cheering me on and when the ceremony was over she told me she knew I could do it and there was never a doubt in her mind I would graduate and become the person she knew I would become. In that moment I knew no matter what life through at me, I’ll always have my moms support and love while she was cheering me on in the stands.

  71. Bzelenka

    My mother and I used to go shopping together. It was actually something we did with her mother. So, three generations, walking around Target or Kmart or the outlets just enjoying each other.

  72. annakaye

    spending time together just talking and sharing a cinnimon rol

  73. I’m a mom, and I would love this…hint, hint!

  74. clairecherven

    Mom was a library director and every afternoon after school we would sit for about an hour and talk about what I read that day or how I liked the books that she had recommended. Why can’t I go back to that great time?

  75. eddyrobey

    Letha Mae taught me to bake a pie

  76. chrisreads

    I used to sneak my mom’s romance novels from her drawer. I became a life long reader because of my moms love to read.

  77. marieburton2004

    I loved going to the beach with my mom growing up, she tried to keep us kids occupied as much as possible when we were younger. I miss those days, and the beach since now we are very far from the shore! I am sure she does too.

  78. ngel3046

    I’m sure that everyone thinks their mom is the best, but my mom seriously is. I’ve never met a kinder, more giving, more selfless person in my entire life. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her inner strength and positive outlook throughout all the chemo, surgeries, and radiation was truly inspirational. I’m looking forward to only happy memories for many years to come!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and all those who want to become mothers!!

  79. reniazen

    That’s a great question, thanks for the giveaway!

    I think my favorite memories of my Mom all revolve around reading honestly. She used to take us to this library that had a covered wagon you could sit in to read, and she’d take us to the bookstore for a special treat sometimes! Even now we get together to go to book sales and take the little ones to the bookstore 🙂

  80. we used to go to Barnes & Noble, when it first opened on 18th street and buy tons of books
    it was always a fun outing

  81. I have tons of amazing memories with my mom, but one of my favorite memories is her reading me bedtime stories every night before bed and going to the local library every Saturday so we could find books to read that upcoming week. Every once in a while we even got ice cream after leaving the library. It’s because of her that I’m the bookwork that I am today. <3

  82. I remember my mom becoming very frustrated when she heard another women refuse to buy a Lilltr Golden Book for her daughter. The little girl was beside herself, could not stop crying. My mom said later, “She shoulda put that beer back and bought the book!”

  83. a favorite memory of my Mom would include the many times she read to me, especially poetry. and the time she made me little finger puppets.

  84. SusiQPuella

    I always had a tough time sleeping so when I would wake up, my mom would make a sandwich for me and we would sit and watch TV together for a little while. The house was quiet, and it was just her and I cuddled on the couch. Eventually, I would get sleepy and go back to bed. She is still the best mom ever and we continue to share special times together. Only difference is that now when we relax on the couch, we BOTH fall asleep!

  85. My Dad brought home an octopus that he had bought from a fisherman, as a treat for my Mom who had grown up eating fresh seafood in Hawaii. My sisters and I were watching a 1950’s horror film about a giant octopus rising up out of the ocean while she was cooking this octopus. I decided I wanted a drink of water and went into the kitchen just as she put that octopus into the water. The octopus in the pot was trying to get out just as I walked in. My Mom was beating on the head with a wooden spoon to keep it in the pot . I started screaming, my sisters were all screaming, my Mom was screaming and hitting this octopus. My young mind thought this octopus was going to eat us. I have never been able to eat octopus/calamari. In hindsight it was probably hysterical


    My Mom was the BEST! She never worked – never even drove till I was out of High School. I remember vividly summer days when we would walk 2 miles to visit the library and then spend the afternoon at the pool to escape long hot Texas afternoons. She always made these trips – as everything else she did – an adventure!

  87. Dani_megan

    Baking with my mom

  88. pagesandpatterns

    I have many favorite memories of my mom, it’s hard to choose just one. Any time it’s just the two of us hanging out it always a great one!

  89. Erica S.

    Every memory is a favorite of mine. However, my all time favorite memories are watching my mother interact with her grandchildren (my 3 wild, crazy, yet oh so loveable boys). It could be a simple thing as coloring or picnics on the beach and running through the waves….always melts my heart and keeps her young she says!

  90. I remember at Christmas time all the cookies she would bake for our family, cut outs, pinwheels, no bakes, drop cookies and a whole lot more that took a lot of work. God bless her soul.

  91. Willowysp

    My favorite memory of my mom is the ones we continue to make as we work on art projects together. She is an amazing painter, but is always ready and willing to jump in and help with whatever creative endeavor I want to tackle – or to make one of her own alongside me. I treasure these times together.

  92. greeno66

    My mom used to read all the time and all 4of us kids still read often. I think this was one of her greatest gifts! Now I’ve passed this on to my kids who both love to read. My mom doesn’t read at all now due to memory problems but she really enjoys audio books.

  93. Donna Butler

    One of my most cherished memories is one of the last! My mother and I spent her last Mother’s Day together, just the two of us. We went shopping and then out to lunch. I’ll never forget that day!

  94. I am living back with my elderly parents which makes for lots of fodder for stories.Someone told me the other day that I looked like what my mom looked like when they first met her “the breath taking mommy”. That made us both happy.My mom has always been my rock ,I hope I can return the favor and at least be a pebble.

  95. voxlibris

    My favorite memory of my mom is going with her to visit my grandma and my mom’s sisters. Seeing her with her family made her more human to me.

  96. Growing up I was adopted but my mother raised me to be a book smart woman reading keeps ur mind open to different possibilities so reading has always been my favorite pass time my mother passed on but I keep her memory in my heart

  97. lisasassi

    My favorite memories with my mom were any time we were baking or cooking something special for the holidays. Struffuli at Christmas, sweet braided bread at Easter, her mother’s top secret stuffing for Thanksgiving … so many fun times.

  98. My Mom was a wonderful person and only wanted the best for me. I miss her every day.

  99. My mother has a great love for books and I for sure got that from her!

  100. frederickrking

    Several good memories of Mom. I want her remembered most for the devotion she had in organizing EBI. Eaton, Barry, and Ionia counties were brought together for a workshop where mentally retarded people were able to contribute their abilities.

    More personal? I remember Mom sunning in the back yard when I opened the window to play The Stripper on my 1-2 year old trombone. 🙂


    My Mom was always younger than the other Moms, plus she would treat the whole class when I was in grade school! Miss her.

  102. aheltsley

    Great giveaway! My favorite memory is being sick when I was 5. My mom and I made a pallet on the ground and snuggled while we watched tv sitcoms all day.

  103. conehead

    One of my favorite memories was that my mom and I shared the same graduation day from community college. We both graduated with honors!


    My favorite memory of my mom is how she was there for me so much after I had each of my kids. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

  105. ravensfan

    Some of my best memories of my mom are of cooking with her in her kitchen. The kitchen was small and spare, but she cooked with love and the food was awesome.

  106. phyllisgee

    Favorite memory of my own mom is that she was like no other mother. As a centenarian she remains one tough mother. She exemplifies healthy, successful aging.

  107. Mary Beth

    When I was little, my Mom & I would take the bus into town on Wednesdays. That was Ladies Day at all the theaters in Pittsburgh. We would have lunch at an automat, where all the food was in little glass cases & you just opened the door and got what you wanted. Mom let me pick out whatever struck my fancy and then we would see a movie. I remember seeing HELP! (Beatles movie) & It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World (the original wit Spencer Tracy). What great memories!

  108. thecharmed4

    Gosh I have so many wonderful memories of my Mom but I guess the one that stands out most is when my sister and I were around six or seven years old and my Mom, my grandmother and my sister and I spent a week or so in Treasure Island Florida. We enjoyed each others company and had so much fun.

  109. DarylS_1

    It’s so hard to say what my Mom did for me since my Mom now lives with us because she has dementia. Everything she did was the best and I cannot say what one thing was better. I miss my Mom already.

  110. BookDivaReads

    My mom has always promoted reading and learning and one of my favorite memories is when she took me to our public library and I received my own library card. I think I was about 6 years old. Every Saturday after that, she’d take me downtown so I could go to the library and check out books.

  111. slimotheus

    Mom comforting me after being teased my first day at school for being left-handed. She’s a lefty, too!

  112. rinkobc9

    My mother has since long passed from ovarian cancer. We had beautiful times on Sunday afternoons (without my father, just girl time). We often went to our favorite cafe for flavored coffee and pastries! Then we’d be off to do some shopping! It was the best of times! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and for bringing a smile back to my face thinking about her! RIP Margie R.

  113. With a family of 8 there was little money for extras when I was growing up. My mother always managed to find a way to buy me books, and I have continued that with my children and grandchildren

  114. One of my favorite memories is sitting in the living room with me and my mom reading . It always makes me feel the comfort of sharing this time with her as we both read our boks. I have her to thasnk for my love of reading books. Whenever Mom wasn’t home we all knew to check the library very near our house.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  115. mfeneide

    I often purchase books for my mom. This would be a nice gift for her. Wonderful books that she would love to read. Thank you.

  116. reneesnooky

    My mother taught us how to knit – unfortunately we spent more time ripping our knitting and laughing – then knitting. But she did teach us how to read and read many stories to us – Each of us has received the love of books from mom… what an awesome gift to give your child.

  117. My Mom and everyone in my family always read a lot and I still love to read a good book.

  118. joycehanc

    My favorite memory of my mother is her teaching me to bake.

  119. ezrasmom

    As a Mom my memory is reading to my kids in bed. All smelling fresh hair still a bit wet. I love those memories. Quiet joyful times.

  120. itsbrittanybitch

    One of the great memories I have of my mother that I still vividly remeber today was when I was in 9th grade, there was a boy that was so mean to me and would tease me all day every day. I would come home sad everyday sometime crying and one day when she picked me up from school she asked which one he was. she didn’t say anything then drove off. The next day after school I walk out and she’s standing there waiting for him, mind you my mom’s 5 foot 2 and he was a big guy. she didn’t say a word to me just walked up to him and said the he better stay the hell away from her daughter or he would have to deal with her. I would have been embarrassed but the guy had a true honest look of fear in his eyes. My mom doesn’t play. since then I always knew if nobody has my back, my mother for sure does and she’d protect me from anything.

  121. Teafunny

    My favorite memory of my mom was a “you had to be there” moment. It involved Christmas morning and opening gifts. We all laughed for half an hour or more and it still brings a smile to my face when someone mentions it.

  122. tiffany5981

    My mom, as well as my step mom and my grandmothers taught me the love of reading. They took the time to read to me as a child and showed me how books can take you to magical places if you just open your imagination. I’m lucky to have such strong female role models to look up to as a raise my own daughter.

  123. I_use_my_Smarticles

    My mom taught us to garden. We had a big plot of land…filled with lots of veggies and some fruit trees. We could go right outside and snack!

  124. I always remember my Moms hands. They prepared the most delicious foods, kneaded dough, tended her garden, stroked my head when I was sick, and touched me in a loving and tender way. She was my comfort and I miss her more than I can express.

  125. I loved it when my Mom used to come into school and help out. It was always fun doing arts and crafts with her.

  126. pammbr2003

    My favorite memory is watching old movies with her.

  127. bombi9923

    My Mom died when I was 21 and she was only 46! I remember my grandmother making our favorite chocolate cream pie and my Mom and I loving it so much that we would each each one half of the pie!

  128. tatsam84

    Happy Mother’s Day all! What a great batch of
    books! Here’s hoping 🙂

  129. I have so many good memories of my Mom, but one in particular is when my Mom moved up North to San Francisco and I had not seen her in almost 3 years! One day I was cleaning my house and my two children were running around and all of a sudden my oldest son yelled “Grandma! Mama Grandma is here!” I went running out there and there she was and it was just like yesterday instead of 3 years, and she was moving back down to Culver City, so we were able to see each other once a week at least and sometimes on her weekends off, she would come and stay the whole weekend or we would go spend the weekend with her. We shared the love of reading and we always swapped books! I realized once I turned 31 that my Mom and I were no longer just Mother and daughter but we have become best friends over the years! My Mom had me when she was 18, and so we have been able to have a great relationship over the years.

  130. BetsyPauzauskie

    Around 60 years ago, as a 5 to 6-year-old child, I remember going to our hometown Children’s Library with my mother and discovering a gigantic Fairy Book (truly exceedingly large, maybe 1 & 1/2 feet x 3 feet in size! ) We sat together and read that glorious book! The pictures fascinated me! It was the day I fell head over heels in love with a book! Mom would personally read 2 or 3 books in an evening. When reading the Fairy Book I began to understand why Mom loved reading books. I have her to thank for our countless library excursions and my own ensuing love of books.

  131. Cooking with my Mom.


    Teaching me how to cook old hand me down recipes!

  133. epanbudd

    She was my biggest fan, I could tell her absolutely everything. Loved our chats, and wish she was here so I could talk to her.

  134. hadunfey75

    So many great memories. One of my favorites is surprising her with a trip to Sanibel, FL after my Father passed away. It was a wonderful trip and we discovered a beautiful new place to visit…and Dad was with us in spirit.

  135. Favorite memories is how we always would go back to her childhood home during the holidays.

  136. Cheryl H.

    One of my favorite memories with my mom was shortly before she died. We sat on her bed and talked about life and the love. She died when I was very young.

  137. llevine72

    My mom and I attended our first Barbie doll convention together in 2007. It was supposed to be a one-time thing but now we attend every year together. It is so much fun!

  138. Queerbec

    Staying up late on school nights and watching the late night talk shows together. That’s how I was introduced to the likes of Steve Allen and Jack

  139. My mom always loved to read and she shared that love with my sister and it Now, as an adult, we are always reading books and sharing them with each other.

  140. bestemor2000

    Great giveaway opportunity. My favorite memories of my mother involve the many times she would take a book from the shelf to have a teaching, learning sharing moment with me. It was either to read poetry, the lyrics to a song, how to do something in the garden or kitchen. Our library was always a center point of our family life.

  141. RBennett0220

    My favorite memory of my mom is when my and I pranked my dad back. He would always hide from us a jump out at us and scare us but one day my mom and plan the ultimate revenge. We waited till my dad got out the shower, my jumped from behind the closet door and I sprayed him with silly string it was so funny. I love my mom.

  142. my mom died when i was a teenager but i remember my mom encouraging me to read books when i was younger. she was an avid reader herself. she emphasized the importance of education.


    There are too many great memories to choose from.

  144. heights91

    My mother combed or braided my hair every morning before middle school

  145. linnybugw

    My Mom is in heaven now but there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about her.
    Bless her heart, she would cry if I did not stop and have a coffee with her on my way home from work. She was not only my Mom but my best friend.

  146. Bookaddict89

    My favorite memory I have of my mom is every year on Christmas Eve right before my sister and I would go to sleep she would read to us The Night Before Christmas.

  147. Tamra Phelps

    One of my favorite memories is when my Mom got to come home 2 years ago after spending 6 months in hospitals & an assisted living facility after taking a bad fall. Needless to say, that felt like a huge accomplishment!

  148. Baking together

  149. My favorite memory is the whole family getting together and Mom making chicken and dumplings. My sister and I have tried, but we can’t even come close to hers.

  150. My Mother and I used to share books back and forth all the time. She was a 7th grade English teacher for 25 years, called them “The Range of The Strange” and she loved them. She and I loved to read the same books, passing them back and forth between houses. She passed her love of reading on to me, more than to my sisters. I miss that the most about her now that’s she’s gone.

  151. kathleenh511

    My favorite memory of my Mom is watching her in her garden. Whenever she saw a different flower that she liked, she would ask about it and many times she would come home with a new addition for her heart garden. It was a garden where my grandfather shaped into a heart….. that was where all her roses were planted.

  152. rwalbridge

    My favorite memory is going with my mom to work during the summer. I was very young and would take naps under her desk with my own pillow and blankets. Then we would get delicious donuts at lunch time 🙂

  153. Karinsoule

    I was too busy to be able to enjoy reading as a kid. Just the amount that I needed to do for school was beyond what my love for all physical activities could allow for. And we lived on a dairy farm. For my Mom, reading was an escape from everything physical and emotional. I remember her telling me that “I had to start a book and read at least 1 chapter!!” before I could do what I really wanted to do one afternoon. When I finished reading she asked which chapters I read. l said something in the middle of the book like 15. She was furious, but that was how little I knew about pleasure reading at the time.
    Since then I have found so much joy and comfort in reading like the rest of you. Today, thank Mom for Shari g this with me in her own way. Also, for giving me a “what not to do” with my own child. I have been reading to my eight year old son since he was born. And as fate would have it he loves to read and has become quite good at it !!

  154. sydney85

    Mom and I would catch a bus to go to the library most weeks to pick out a bag full of books to read for the week. We would talk non-stop to and from about books we wanted to read.

  155. My mom worked nights for many years, so she was never much of a reader. When she retired, she discovered how much she liked to read and became a voracious reader. She is gone now, but one of the many things I do to keep her memory alive is to read her favorite authors! That makes me think of her often.

  156. sharyonda

    One that involves me, my mom and reading. Some of my best memories are of my mom on numerous occasions finding me in my walk-in closet on the floor with flashlight in hand reading one of my many 📚 ordered via some online book club or taken from local public library (support your local library summer reading program…it produces kids like me who turn into adult readers) she wouldn’t get 😠 at me she’d just tell me I could stay up as long as I want to reading, but no 😴 in classes at 🏫 or skipping doing my 🏫 homework or letting my grades suffer. It only made me love her more as she gave me the voice and chance to chart my own education and destiny through reading. With my mom’s encouragement reading also broadened my travel adventures over the years and continue to do so even today.

  157. block1224

    I grew up in Puerto Rico; I remember Mami wanted me to learn English; she would sit for hours reading those Jane/Dick children’s books, while I would cry “No quiero ingles!!!” – her persistence paid off because I learned English, became a teacher, and LOVE reading books – gracias, Mami 🙂

  158. klynnk1971

    Hot spaghetti. Mom and I didn’t always relate, but when it was just us we’d whip up a batch of pan fried hot spaghetti. One of our rare intimate moments and one of my most beloved memories.

  159. Charriess

    My favorite memory of my mom is how she encouraged me to read every day, by surrounding me with a home library. She showed be the value of a library card and how to use it wisely. We had very little money when I was growing up, but she always managed to save money for my school club book orders from Scholastic or Troll (I always had the biggest order). She subscribed me to Dr. Suess book clubs and Sweet Pickles weekly readers. My love of reading and books grew over the years. I owe the earliest memories of literacy development to my beautiful mother. She shared with me the ability to travel the world between the pages of a book. I share those same values and foundations with my own children and the students in my classroom. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  160. aculver1

    The best memory I have of my mom is every morning her waking me up with a hug and a kiss. Then her helping me get dressed and ready for whatever the day held for me, whether that was visiting grandparents or going to work with her.

  161. sierramuse8

    a favorite memory of my mom was that she could make a party out of very little: some soda and candy bars and popcorn or she’d make a cake. we always had lots of laughs!

  162. My memory is how hard she worked but always had time for me.

  163. When I was sick one time, my mom put together a cactus plant for me. I still have the little green pot it was in.

  164. susan259

    so many memories as others have said but pretty sure I have my mom to thank for encouraging my love of books and reading…and so many other things. A memory that stands out were trips that we took, just the two us to Disney Land and Disney World.

  165. HMSHoney24

    Unfortunately I never knew my Mother and didn’t have a Mother figure that stepped in. I do love to read though and would love the opportunity to win these books! Thank you!

  166. My mom was a bad @$$ while i was growing up, if something needed done it was, if something was bothering us she found a way to fix it, if i did something stupid she would punish but only to the degree that it called for. Love my bad @$$ mom.

  167. lovebooks55

    I am lucky, my mom is still alive. One of the things that I remember, is her cooking. She cooked for all of us on Christmas Day.

  168. My mom started reading to me the minute she brought me home from the hospital, and that was 55 years ago! She read to all of her children, but I took to it the fastest, learning to read at age 4 and getting my library card at age 5. She was a nurse and an amazing cook who loved to bake, so she’d make us cookies or cupcakes or pie so that when myself and my brothers got home from school we could grab a warm cookie and eat it while we did our homework before we went out to play. Since I couldn’t play outside much, I stayed indoors and read books. My mom still relies on me to send her books in Arizona where she’s retired.

  169. catski39

    My mother is a super woman who raised kids and she is still my go to person for advice. One of my favorite memories was when she took all 5 of us on the train to the Mets game and my younger sister who had to be about 3 fell asleep in her arms as we sat and watched the game. Wouldn’t you know it the batter swings and hits a foul ball right toward my mother who stretched out her arm and caught the ball bare handed right before it hit my sisters head. Like I said super woman.

  170. My favorite memory is at christmas a few years ago. All my sisters and our children final got to come together after so many years. My mom had to be put in a nursing home. We was able to take her to my sisters home and surprised her. We chipped in an brought her a new tv for her room and she got to meet her great grand babies for the first time. I am luck to say she is still with us and I get to see her and talk to her every day.

  171. Sandicmxr

    I have so many great memories of mom. Probably one of my faves is watching her get ready for bed. She would make sure her makeup was washed off and put moisturizer on, brush her hair and turn out the light. She would talk to me the whole time telling me about when she was growing up and the things they would do. She would also tell me to use plenty of moisturizer because our body needs it. Huh, thanks for this. It really made me think.

  172. Miss my mom so much… she loved to cook and made the best fried chicken ever.

  173. cbaker106

    It was rare that Mom would share stories of her childhood growing up in war-torn Germany, but the times she did helped me to understand and respect the strong survivor she became.

  174. Dmbieber

    My mother was pretty guarded with her affection. She was abused as a child. I remember watching a television show once and how she stroked my hair as I sat on the floor near her. This has always stayed with me.

  175. eabreese

    Watching her take care of my grandparents without it being obvious that she was. Having them over for dinner once a week was part of the routine by the time I was a senior in high school and the leftovers always went to their house.

  176. amber123

    My favorite memory, is when my mother, frustrated by her 4 small children’s lack of table manners, spread the spaghetti on the kitchen table and instructed us to stand with our hands behind our backs and eat the spaghetti off the table.

  177. My mom was a very caring, nurturing person taking care not only of me and my 2 sisters, but also all 3 grandparents, plus always making meals for neighbors and friends who were having problems.

  178. mgkamish

    I remember a particularly quiet dinner (remember when everyone all ate dinner together?) when Mom burst into an aria. We talked about that for decades!

  179. Bears2luv73

    My mom introduced my brother and I to reading. She’d take us to the library once a week to pick out books and we’d have a picnic afterwards at a park and have an awesome time!

  180. christy9339

    Great memories made just today. My Mom is probably in the last few years of her life right now, so I enjoy every second I can.

  181. winkie12

    My favorite memory of my Mother is going to the bookstore to pick out books. We would spend hours there together.

  182. My favourite memory of my mum is taking me to the woods climbing trees and picking bluebells even though she was 8 months pregnant with my sister at the time, The flower Bluebells are still my favourite 38 years later xx

  183. julierod

    So many memories but some of my favorites were getting to help out preparing meals for family get togethers.

  184. YankeeBelle03

    My favorite memory of my mom is her standing by me when I got pregnant as a very young 15-year old. She kept my son so I could finish high school, and has always been available for advice and help.

  185. tanksmom

    We share our favorite books. We are our own 2 person book club when we get hooked on a series. Sometimes we’ll even let one of my sisters join.

  186. nevans72

    My best memories of my mother where how hard she worked to take care of me and still had time and energy to take me out shopping after work. She was the best single mother and made sure I was protected from all the evils of the world. She was a true supermom!

  187. beckymmoe

    My mom gave me my first book to read with a sex scene (several, actually) in it–though I’m not sure she even thought about that aspect of it at the time. It was Benchley’s JAWS, and what I remember most about reading it was how shocked I was that she had given me it to read–not the scenes with the shark at all. (Sex on the beach! Blow jobs while recipient is driving! Extramarital affairs! All quite shocking to this fairly innocent (at the time) high schooler….)

    Thanks, Mom! You’re the best 🙂

  188. After giving me a really horrible haircut, consoling my mom by telling her not to worry – it’s only hair.

  189. 2readorNOT

    Mom is still with us at almost 88 years of age. She has always been my rock, through all the ups and downs of life. I know I can talk to her and she will listen and give me good advice. Good luck to all who enter.

  190. frabjous

    I always loved baking with my mom now she bakes with the grandkids.

  191. My favorite memory of Mom is when the six of us were little, she would read to us every evening and when we were older she would play word games with us. Sometimes she just picked a long word from the dictionary and we had to make as many words as we could from it. (I always win that game at showers!) Miss you Mom!

  192. JillBean

    Love this idea for a giveaway!! My favorite memories of my mom, are of her being a librarian and her live of books. Every holiday, or gift giving situation, she would give a book. I don’t go anywhere without a book in my purse because of her! I’ve done same thing with my children. 🙂

  193. Rubyclark

    I have tons of special memories with my mom . We both loved to read and quilt . My mom passed away in September of breast cancer. I miss her dearly

  194. My Mom had a wonderful sense of humor. Even though her final years were challenging due to dementia, her love life and laughter still were an integral part of . I still miss her….

  195. cconrad47

    My Mom taught me to read before I started school. Reading has always been one of my greatest pleasures. A good book can take me away from my troubles and take me to the faraway place I long to see.

  196. My mom once told me..
    Beware of boys with eyes of brown, they’ll kiss you once and turn you down.
    Beware of boys with eyes of blue, they’ll kiss you once and ask for two.
    I looked at her and asked; What about girls mom?
    I didn’t know my mom could blush…
    Mom I meant does that mean I should ask for two?
    We shared a great laugh that day.

  197. hubblegal

    My mom would have loved the Little House Cookbook. Wish she were still here to enjoy it. One of my favorite memories would be the wonderful meals she made for her family. She was such a great cook!

  198. susanbeamon

    My mother ran the world when I was younger. She only slowed down after she hit 80.

  199. My favorite memory to travel together!

  200. My favorite of memories were of our lazy Sunday mornings together. We would have coffee and catch up on the weeks events. We both had such busy day-to-day lives. I lived with her until she died in 2006. I miss my mom, but I am a mom now and if I can be even be half the mom my mama was, I’ll be doing pretty darn good!

  201. cooking together


    I used to think that my Mom was disappointed in me until after I had children of my own… She told me that I did a wonderful job and that I should be very proud of all of my accomplishments,she didn’t know if she could of done what I did all on her own. That comment settled my heart and my fears of failure.

  203. As a child I was afraid of thunderstorms. So when there was a storm my mother would hold me in her lap, sitting in a rocking chair, and she would read to me.

  204. meredithfl

    My mother used to love to just get out and go places, even if we didn’t have a destination. Some days we’d pick up grandma and just drive until something interesting sparked our fancy.

  205. krather99bq

    My favorite memory of my mom is of me learning at an early age how much she loves reading and then passing that love for books on to me. Mom always said I could be anything that I want to be and she always encouraged me to follow my dreams. I love you mom, no words can express how much I love you and how grateful I am of your help and support all of these years.

  206. My mom taught me how to cook and how to make healthy meals and plan ahead for crazy days which helps me everyday with having 3 kids & working full time

  207. branfarm

    My mom was one of the kindest, gentlest women in the world, laid back and quiet. She loved to sew and bake, and taught me how to do the same. I miss her each and every day, and know someday we will be together again.

  208. mmherman

    My favorite memory of my mom is her teaching me how to bake chocolate chip cookies. We used to follow the recipe on the back of Nestle Chocolate Chips. I now follow a recipe for chocolate chip cookies I found on a can of Crisco shortening. My mom also taught me how to bake pie crusts from scratch.

  209. My parents both were readers. My Mom now has a Kindle that I purchased for her so that she can make the print bigger. It was one of the best Christmas gifts I ever got her. She still loves it.

  210. JeanetteP

    My mother was literally a Saint! She rarely complained about anything when things didn’t go her way. She just smiled and prayed for me and my two older brothers!!

  211. JeanetteP

    My mother taught me how to read at age four!
    She took me and my brothers to the public library every week!

  212. My mom encouraged me to be creative. She loves go paint and is a master of all things crafty! She still displays my childhood artwork – I’m 29.

  213. Belindasaturn

    My mom is always there for me.

  214. Mary Thompson

    My mom encouraged me to learn every day something new. To enjoy a good book and share it with others.

  215. skscheelk

    I was blessed to have two moms! My birth mother was Irish and I remember how much she loved St. Patricks Day.

    My second mom was a very special lady! She was a devout fan of the Minnesota Vikings and she shared her season tickets with us!

  216. acaralla

    I remember sitting in front of her on the floor as she’d comb my hair after a bath as a child.

  217. Townsend76

    I honestly have so many stories of my mother to share. Let me start by saying she has become one of my best friends, and is the best Mema ever…. Should I go sassy, sad, sexy, serious, or totally saucey? During my Labors she kicked everyone out of the room, except my husband, per my request… And took the heat from all the in-laws.. God I love her!!!!!

  218. cbales1984

    Lots of memories, hard to pick one right away. Two years on Mother’s Day we went to a BBQ festival/competition and there was a wing eating contest. It was a trip. A fun day together.

  219. katonahreader

    My mom loved to read and always took us to the library as kids to get as many books as we wanted.

  220. Cainster

    My mom always read before bed, in her chair, at the same time every night.

  221. I remember her making my Halloween costume when I was about 5.

  222. Making chocolate chip pancakes together on Sunday mornings.

  223. Getting lost in the Catskills going back to our vacation rental after dropping my dad off at the train station, almost running out of gas and having to stop in a bar and ask for directions at midnight. I have a lot of other memories also my mom was my best friend and we had fun traveling together. We spent a great exploring Austin TX when she went for a work conference.

  224. beantownmrs

    My favorite memory of my mom is the first time she saw me in my wedding dress. I will never forget the look of joy, happiness, and surprise on her face.

  225. Memamich

    My greatest memory of my mom is when she would always take us to see the James Bond movies at the theaters and because of that I fell in love reading romance novels.

  226. beehive563

    It is hard to pick one thing, I still miss her, and she has been gone for 10 years🐝

  227. Rosewick

    My favorite memory of my mother is baking Christmas cookies every year. We would make batch after batch of beautiful yummy cookies for our family and as gifts.

  228. featherlight

    I can always just remember when I was little if I was scared or upset that I just wanted my mama! Well, I guess some things never change because if something’s wrong she’s the first person I usually call! I love my mom so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

  229. rudycwright

    My mother was a special ed teacher who loved her students and worked day and night to help them succeed. What a great role model!


    The most memorable moment of my mom is both the happiest and saddest moment. It was when she dropped me off at college at Florida State University. It was sad, because I missed her dearly and I knew I would have to learn to stand up on my own and grow up. At the same time, it was the happiest time, because it was symbolic of all the sacrifices and encouragement she made over the years, so I could have a more promising future. It was a time that we both felt that “we had made it” and “the best was yet to come.”

  231. My mother was always honest and open with me about everything and I hope my girls would say the same about me. This is a great assortment of books in this sweepstakes.

  232. My favorite memory is baking my mom’s lemon sugar stars at Christmas. To this day…it doesn’t seem like Christmas till I’ve made them!

  233. Cozyreader

    My mom came to pick me up after Kindergarten one snowy day. I was late getting out, and she walked to a window to peak in to check on my progress. The teacher spotted her, and sent me out to report that “parents should not peak in windows!” Luckily, mom had not seen what we were doing – and my special black silhouette portrait was a perfect Christmas surprise!

  234. Farmgirl5353

    I don’t have many…my mom and I didn’t get along. Maybe it was being in church choir together. Thanks for the chance.

  235. anidarksky

    When I was a young teenager my mom and I would go out every Saturday afternoon for ice cream and talk over boys and other things, It was our time to share and bond with each other.

  236. wrmousey1028

    Best memories that mom taught us was to love everyone.

  237. I love that our mom taught us so much, including how to swim in our back yard pool, how to sew, how to wear what flatters me! She taught me to be “Myself” to trust my instincts – thanks for letting us recognize our MOMS

  238. smfsprout

    My mom would hand sew clothes for me. We still love to laugh about our “fitting sessions “.

  239. honeycreekMO

    My mom did every bit of my laundry when I was in college. I worked two jobs and took extra classes to finish two degrees in three years. The time I had to dedicate to studying was scarce. I’ve told her, but I doubt she’ll ever realize how grateful I am for that laundry service. Today I do the same thing for my son and he’s repaying me by being at the top of his class!

  240. My mom loved to spend her free time reading.

  241. cherylburnside

    The surprise congratulations letter I got from my mom during my sophomore year in college after a particularly tough, homesick-filled school week is one of M favorite memories of my mom. It was an awesome, how-did-she-know-I-needed-that moment.

  242. kendrapt

    I remember a road trip with my mom from CA to WA through storms and flooding. She kept saying if we stalled we could always sit on the roof of my car protected by my shower curtain

  243. geminieyez83

    Recently my mother, sister and I have started our own mini book club. Each reading different books throughout the course of a few weeks then getting together over coffee and chatting about them, then switching books and comparing perspectives when next we see each other. It’s a lot of fun actually. It’s a great way for us to get to know one another on a more adult level as friends as opposed to the mother/child relationship we had when we were younger!

  244. FrayedKnot

    I remember my mom marching on the school when she thought my education was not being done properly. I remember my little 4’11’ mama shaking her finger at my six foot tall sixth grade teacher….My mama on a mission….

  245. maryannecl

    I used to love talking to my Mom.
    We’d have long conversations about life.

  246. My mother is my best friend. As a child she would take me to the library every weekend which was a real treat.

  247. Reader16

    My favorite memory of my mother was being in the kitchen helping her cook on the holidays that’s when we had the greatest girl time. She taught me everything. When she passed away on my birthday of cancer I lost huge part of my heart.

  248. cathyguzik

    Just being with my mom….shopping, movies, quick sandwich, TV time at night, family all together….miss you mom and dad:) You were a great couple!

  249. plskorka

    My Mom worked 3 jobs to support my sisters and I, but she always made time to teach me to dance, watched Million Dollar Movie with me every Saturday and go to church on Sunday. She will be 97 on May 22nd. I love her so much.

  250. ferialabbas

    Her sketches and drawings in my books – she passed away TODAY eight years ago – MISS HER SO MUCH

  251. My mother was a librarian and always made sure that our house was full of books. She encouraged us to read anything that we wanted to. My favorite memories are of sharing book suggestions and new authors with each other when I got older.

  252. I just spent 2 weeks with my parents, and managed to find time to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in almost 20 years. The first thing they asked was “Is your mom still a dragon lady?”

    Yes, she is. But a nicer, softer, dragon lady. 🙂

  253. autumnnh

    Camping and hiking together in the summer!

  254. Cordelia

    My Mom named me from my Dad’s favorite book, King Lear. I love my name and the story behind it even more. It was impossible for me not to love reading with this start.

  255. I love how my mother would practice volleyball with me. My mom is very athletic, good at most sports and great at volleyball and softball but I am just ok at most sports. She was always very patient with me and always encouraged me to keep trying and kept working with me to help me improve.

  256. :::waving from way down below::: My mother and I traveled a lot. She took my sister and me to Europe in the 80s. Then we went to Scotland in 2010. Because of her I’ve been in almost every state in the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Hawaii.

  257. SappellC

    My mother was a voracious reader, we shared many books over the years, and books were always a popular gift for any occasion. Some of my finest memories are of mom driving us kids to the library in the summer to pick out more wonderful books to savor on leisurely hot days.

  258. salvatorec

    My mom is still the BEST-95 and still going strong!!!!

  259. stacbec50

    My mom always put us kids first and still does. She loves fall and always decorates with the best decorations. My favorite times were building our own gingerbread houses from scratch.

  260. robindpdx

    My favorite memory is my mom earning a second Master’s degree between the ages of 40 and 50, while maintaining a full time job.

  261. neverdust

    My dad cried every time they dropped me off at college. My favorite memory is her laughing at him, every single time.

  262. One of the many favorite memories I have of my mom was the time we went to the lake. I was a typical teenage daughter who knew everything and was being a completely pain. She decided to take me down a notch or two and we wrestled along with her twin sister and all of us ended up in the lake. We may not always see eye to eye but we are best friends to the end; that is why she was my Maid of Honor on my wedding day.

  263. arobillard

    My mother used to read in her chair in the living room, opposite my father, reading in his. She would occasionally read aloud to him something she found particularly interesting. He would put aside his paper, chin up, with an attentive expression. It was wonderful to witness their interest and respect.

  264. Cbeckner78

    It’s hard to pick just one memory. My mother has been there through everything with me. My first break up, and countless after, my wedding, the birth of my daughter, heck even the birth of our newest mutt, Hazel. We are avid readers and I would really like to take advantage of this opportunity and give her something she will really love!

  265. Parrotclaw

    My mother and I are as different as night and day, but we’ve always shared a love of books. Her greatest gift to me was a library card, acquired at a very young age. To this day, we still trade books, each of us having a special affinity for romance and historical fiction. I’m forever grateful to my mom for the gift of reading!

  266. Countrysunrise

    My Mom took time out of her day to play with my Sisters and me when we were kids. We had so many great times together paying games! She also would sew outfits for our Barbie dolls She used to bake the best cinnamon-raisin bread, and the neighbor would always come over, to sweet-talk a loaf from her. The one thing she taught me was to always take care of others, since I remember her paying visits to her older Sisters, as well as me taking me to her Brothers’ house to take care of them, when they became ill and bedridden. She’s been gone 15 years now due to Alzheimer’s, but it seems like only yesterday, and I miss her terribly. We were the best of friends all the way up until the end.

  267. beachcomber42

    My mother set a good example of reading for enjoyment; reading has become a lifetime pleasure for me. I was the proud owner of a small independent bookstore for 15 years!

  268. Yvonne_57

    We were on her bed and we talked a while about marriage and men I never knew my mom did the things she did or at least said she did. But we laugh and had a great deal of fun.

  269. I loved when my mother used to tell us the story of Rapunzel. She would be curled up on the sofa and I would put a pillow on her hip and lie in the nook created by the curling of her legs.

  270. Britgirl50

    My favorite memory of my mom is that when we visited her from the US to her home in England, she would cook each of our favorite meals, one each day. Also she and I loved the same books, so she would buy them and read them, them I would bring them back to Michigan with me. Sadly she left us early at the age of 76 🙁 We truly miss her!

  271. My favorite memories of my mom are when she was teaching me to make our traditional family foods, such as homemade polish sausage, and strudel from scratch.

    • We would go to bed and Mom would read to us every night. I remember when she read the “Harry Potter” series one night my Dad came in and asked her why she was still reading, since both my sister and I had fallen asleep? My Mom replied, “I marked where the nodded off and we can pick it up together tomorrow, but I just had to read on to finish the chapter to know what happened!” To which my Dad responded, “Yeah, I get that. But why are you still reading in the character’s voices out loud….?”

  272. Angelique C

    My favorite memory of my Mom is reading me the Velveteen Rabbit , over and over as I was sick with the Flu .. I can still remember the sound of her soothing lilt as I lay in bed feverish and with stomach ache.. I Loved that story. I still do I purchase it for every baby shower present . I’ve read it to my own Children , My nieces ,My nephews .. This story will forever be tied to the memory of my mother <3

  273. melisann

    My favorite memory also has to do with books. We always did the summer reading programs where we would win prizes based on how many books we read. Mom always took us every week to get new books.

  274. jamminsport16

    My favorite memory would have to be when she helped me adopt my rescue dog Buddy! She drove 4 hours with me to rescue my dog <3

  275. A favorite reading memory of my mom is of her reading aloud books to my younger brother and me. Indian in the Cupboard, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, etc. I remember the Secret Garden, too.

  276. cindiizzy

    My favorite memory of my mom is our holidays were very festive.

  277. off2europe

    My favorite memory is of us travelling to Egypt and visiting the Pyramids

  278. jkrieker

    While visiting my step-mom, she asked me if I wanted to go on a morning walk with her. It was wonderful, calm, relaxing and rewarding. I felt very connected to her and asked if I could call her “Mom” instead of “Wilma”. She was stunned and we both cried a little. She’s an angel.

  279. ireetoopretty

    Taking trips to the country seeing the farm animals and planting a garden

  280. My favorite memory of my mother is all of us sitting on the floor playing games. Whether it was cards or a board game, I can always remember having a great time.

  281. Cdrocdoc

    My favorite memory with my mother was every Christmas from when I was little we would set aside a day to bake Christmas cookies just the two of us. All kinds of cookies from sugar to snowballs. As I got older we would use the time to catch up. Even when I went away to college I would come home for break and we would have a day for set aside. It was our day not only for the cookies but for the time together. I live in another state now and miss getting that day but we travel together at least once a year. I still bake Christmas cookies each year and she now does it with the grand kids but this will always be my special memory with her.

  282. sunshine_mntn

    My favorite memory was when about a year after I was married she drove from Ohio to Michigan topick up my gramma and made a surprise road trip to Connecticut to visit me! It was wonderful and the first and only time my gramma had traveled out of the state of Michigan!

  283. sunshinehdfan

    My favorite memory of my mom is when we went to Vegas and she said we’d carry our own bags to the room. Normally that is fine but in this case, the directions to our room were take this elevator up 1 floor go to the end of the hall and take that elevator up and your room is at the end of the hall. Well 3 miles later by time we got to the room, our arms were ready to fall off, we both laughed so hard we peed our pants and we were exhausted! Needless to say, we always get someone to deliver our bags when we travel now! We really learned our lesson!

  284. shrub62

    My favorite memory of my mother was baking Christmas cookies with her. She always baked up dozens of different types of Christmas cookies and then we would take trays of cookies to people… many older people that were not able to bake themselves. One elderly lady in particular stands out because she tried to bake one year and had used plaster of paris instead of flour. Great traditions with an awesome mother.

  285. sweans

    My parents have never had a lot of money, but growing up it was especially bad. They only had one car and had to work opposite schedules. Anyways, one day my little sister got sick at school and needed to go home early. Problem was, my dad had the car and my mom had no way to pick her up. Her solution was to roll our little red wagon over a mile to the school to pick her up and then all the way home with sick little sister inside of it. That’s some mama dedication!

  286. NanaSue55

    My mom was always supportive of us, and encouraged us to ! . I love reading to this day

  287. cpr040304

    We’ve had our ups and downs, but through it all we have grown to accept each other like never before.

  288. ChrisRay5

    My mom was always there when I needed. Love me unconditionally. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t gthink of her. Her favorite author was Danielle Steele. She had me reading her books at a very young age. I miss my mom.

  289. Cattnrnd

    I remember laying on the grass with my mom while she read Watership Down to me.

  290. JohnsJane

    My favorie memory is sitting under the shade tree in the evening talking while getting vegetables ready to can.

  291. catcat

    My favorite memories are yet to come, I think!


    My mom was always my best friend, she had to be living with Dad and 4 brothers! She was a Registered nurse who retired to be our amazing homemaker! She was an amazing cook and was always laughing and smiling. She is now 86 and still my best friend even though she is mostly bed-ridden with arthritis and pain.

  293. sallykay

    My Mom joined every book club she possible could, both for us kids and for herself–she even bought books for my Dad, who didn’t have much time to read them. We’re all still big readers many years later!

  294. Benita

    When I was little, my mom used to read me a bedtime story every night before going to sleep.

  295. Renee8589

    My mom used to take me out of school on Fridays and we would either go scour garage or yard sales for used books or go up to Kmart and hope and pray that they had a new YA book for a decent price that I could get because we didn’t have much money. One time at Christmas my mom took me to pick out 5 books and then she took them from me and kept them to give them to me at Christmas and that was one of two gifts I got 🙂

  296. Schlauberger

    Growing up, my Dad loved to grow fruit trees. After a couple of year we had quite the apple orchard. I remember my Mom’s delicious apple strudel that she would bake every autumn, more than we could eat. All the neighbors loved the special delivery that she would make, surprising everybody with homemade strudel!

  297. MaryEve

    My favorite memory of my mom was when I was eighteen. I had been the baby of the house and was due to graduate from high school that year(1987) in May. My mother was 43 and my sly dad was 52. My mom gave birth to my baby sister in March, one month after my eighteenth birthday and two months before I graduated. It was the most magical day. I always wanted a little sister. My mom was beautiful that day. My mom is beautiful everyday, though. She’s an inspiring woman, a lovely person, and my dearest friend. Thanks for being the greatest role model, Mom! You Rock!! I love you!!😙

  298. 7Fishes

    She taught us to save and plan for the future.

  299. Honeypie411

    My favorite memory is of our time cuddling and she would read to me as a little girl.

  300. Karen Dieffenbaugher

    Among the many wonderful things she did this one stands out…When she was very ill she was giving things to her children..To me she wanted to give a ring and I didn’t want to take it …She said, ” You either take it now or I will give it to your youngest sister…” She had me and she knew it….

  301. klp1965

    My favorite memory is my mother taking my brother and I to the playground on the weekends

  302. susansmoaks

    i loved it when my mom showed me what it means to be a loving mom. she is the best.

  303. momlrg04

    My mom instilled a love of books in me from the time I was born. I remember her saying books are my friends every time i was sad that we had to move (my dad was in the army). When I had to move for my career many years later and was afraid of going where I didnt know anyone, that phrase came to mind and the first place I went to was the local library to get a library card and see what they offered in terms of social activities. One of my best friends was met there!

  304. we used to love baking cupcakes and cookies

  305. starzine

    Brushing my hair, while I read a book.

  306. My favorite memory is our wonderful weekend brunches

  307. hippiechick

    One past memory of my mother is when we (5 children) were young, my mum sold her wedding ring to put food on the table . While it’s not a “happy memory” to many, to us children it signify’s how much she truly loved us and to me; well that is read happiness.

    Mum never got another wedding set.

  308. saturdaynightfever

    For my birthday, there would always be a chocolate angel food cake with mint icing.

  309. trichie

    My favorite memories are of my mom as my softball coach

  310. I hope I win for my Mom. She loves all of these topics and the new TV show Younger, starring Sutton Foster.

  311. laura57

    My best memories of my mom was the way she made things which would seem ordinary to most people seem extraordinary to us. She was raising 3 girls on her own with very little money. She loved to read and wanted all of us to love to read too. Every Saturday she would make sure we dressed nicely and then we would go to the library where we were allowed to pick out 3 books each. Afterward we would go to the corner store and each pick out a fruit to eat. We would go to the park eat our fruit and start to read a book. 30 years later this is still my favorite memory of her.

  312. My favorite memory of my mother is her great cooking. It was so delicious for her to cook for us.

  313. buttmuffin

    my favorite memory of mom is when we would attempt to make an elaborate recipe. it always ended badly but we would laugh so hard about it.

  314. remembering.lucy

    I guess my favorite memory of my Mom is the look on her face when she saw me after the birth of my baby girl. She came into the recovery room and looked down at me and burst into tears and said “She’s beautiful.”

  315. garrettsa mbo

    A favorite memory of my mom is her baking at holidays. She always baked a lot of cakes and pies.

  316. Atreau

    My mom always encouraged my love for reading by buying me books all the time as a child!

  317. going out to eat

  318. KateT16

    Favorite time with my mom: Vacations! She was always more relaxed and fun then… I’ve always LOVED books and reading, but unfortunately my mom thought it was just a “waste of time” 🙁 Fortunately, my child has inherited my LOVE of books, reading and writing 🙂

  319. My mother started me reading when I was less than 4 yrs old…she took me to the library and let me choose my titles to take home…she loved books and had an extensive collection at home that I enjoyed(even the more adult subject matter when she wasn’t looking:)
    I am a bookworm and proud of it!! Thanks, Mom!!!!

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