Imagine: a Contest YOU win!

Well here’s something you don’t hear everyday: a New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author wants to write a story about YOU!

That’s right, in celebration of IMAGINES: Celebrity Encounters Starring You—an anthology of 33 Wattpad authors she’s headlining—Anna Todd is offering a contest through XOXOAfterDark in which you can win not only a copy of Imagines, but also a story about YOU + a celebrity—written by Anna herself!

To enter, all you need to do is comment below on which celebrity you’d like to star alongside in an Anna Todd short tale. It’s that easy! (And no, we won’t be publishing this in book form and embarrassing you—it’s just for fun and you’ll get a printout of it, so go crazy with your suggestions! …but keep it PG-13.)

P1910856.JPGAnd after you do that and you’re waiting to see if you’ve won, you can imagine yourself running around the city, dodging paparazzi with Jennifer Lawrence…

Or imagine Justin Bieber setting up a romantic scavenger hunt for your anniversary, retelling the story of your love…

Or imagine selfies have been outlawed, making Kim Kardashian a freedom fighter who needs your help in bringing justice and good lighting to the people…

All these scenarios and more will be included in the #ImaginesBook, which is filled with second-person stories in which YOU get to interact with your favorite celebrities. So get ready to star in some great stories with the anthology—and then maybe again in a personalized Anna Todd short.

It’s going to be quite an April—and that’s not just your imagination talking!

Sweepstakes ends on April 15, 2016. For official rules and terms & conditions, click here.

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Anna Todd

Anna Todd plus 32 Wattpad authors bring you an anthology of stories in which YOU star alongside favorite celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron, Jamie Dornan, Zayn Malik, Jennifer Lawrence, and more!



139 comments so far

  1. mywolfs_booktaste

    I believe this would be AMAZING!! A true dream come true. To be IN a BOOK! I hope I get lucky!! posting this as my entry!! (^^)/

    • So glad you’ve entered…but remember to tell us which celebrity you want to star with you!

      • mywolfs_booktaste

        Omg sorry gt too excited. I would love to be in a mission w/Liam Neeson or be in a Romcom w/Theo James or Alex Pettyfer or Ian Somerhalder 💙

    • thefaultinourfeels__

      Hi! I think that this is an amazing contest which by having Anna only makes it even better!!
      If I could have an imagine, it would be Harry Styles (I’m a huge fan of After💕) writing me a song or singing one of 1D after my birthday or a fight.
      Thank you so much!!

    • Hello! I truly love this contest! Thank you for the opportunity! I would like to be Ian Somerhalder/ Logan Lerman/ Joseph Morgan’s lover, that would be awesome! A story full of passion and pain…yeah I’m kinda like Tessa XD.
      Fingers crossed,

    • Vashappeninmajo

      This is amazing. I would love to have an story about me and Niall Horan or Harry Styles ❤❤❤❤

    • Eleanor_Lambert

      It would be beautiful a story about me and Louis Tomlinson.. I know it won’t be realize… I’m a delusion for everybody.. Why you should chose me

    • Regina Corona

      Hi! I think it would be amazing to start in a story (specially written by Anna) with Harry Styles, because he’s been my celebrity crush since I was 12 haha (it’s been too long)

    • Breeanndenise

      I would love something about me and Theo James 😍😭

    • KarlaBarker50

      My favorite actor is Nicholas Cage and ever since I seen him in Valley Girls he’s only gotten better with age and acting. I wouldn’t mind what situation*t was. It would just be cool to be featured in a story with him

      • I would love to have a Story with Niall Horan and Selena Gomez 😍 Im obsessed with both so it would be unbelivable great to have a Story with both written by my favourite author of all time 😱😊

    • jessicaxxx

      Oh lord that would be amazing!!!An amazing adventure around the world with Harry Styles!!this is a very good idea😁

    • Id love to be in a story with Johnny Depp going full throttle on the black pearl!!!

    • Id love to be in a story with Johnny Depp!!!! It would be full of fun and excitement!!!

  2. Adam Wilson

    Kendrick Lamar! And the entire cast of Modern Family! And Liam Neeson!

  3. momof3boysj

    I think Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts would be great girlfriends to pal around with…

  4. flybystyles

    I’m a bit obsessed with Joseph Morgan right now and would love to star in a romance/drama type story with him 😉

  5. aristine

    I would like to be in a story with Omar Rudberg and the rest of The Fooo Conspiracy (A Swedish/Hispanic Boy band). Whether we’re a group of friends who are secretly heroes fighting crime together but we don’t find out each other’s identity until the end; or it’s the old school love story.

  6. I Would Love To Have My Imagine With Matty Healy 😊😄 If Possible xoxo

  7. Shawsharman

    I would love a story with Daniel Sharman!!! I know he is going to be featured in the book but I would still love to have a story with him haha! Thanks for the chance.

  8. LoredanaLori989

    Me, Chris Brown and the entire cast of Empire ❤️ That would be dope !

  9. JosieAlexander

    Jason Statham! Shirtless…driving a really fast car 😉

  10. JennaF54

    I’d definitely love to co-star in a Imagine alongside Shawn Mendes. Definitely think our fellow Canadian banter would be awesome lol. Can’t wait to read the Imagines book!

  11. It’s so hard to choose one celebrity. But I’ll have to say Alexander Skarsgard!!

  12. morgenfrances

    The first person I thought of when thinking about a celebrity story was Jennifer Lawrence. I think she’s amazing. If some how I win this the storyline wouldn’t matter to me. It would just be awesome to read it 😉

  13. Elyssa_may123

    Me (Elyssa Cutajar) and Dianna agron she’s my idol 😍

  14. Omg, I would love a story about me and Johny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio!!❤️❤️

  15. lxttleeva

    That would be so cool! It would be so fun to have a story where I am best friends with Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz! I bet they’re so fun to be around, that’d be a dream coming true! 🙂

  16. Andreea Claudia

    I would like a fanfic with me and Louis Tomlinson

  17. Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Lawrence or Sam Claflin

  18. Fanny1234

    I kind of intrigued in having an imagine about me and Hardin Scott, I know that it’s a fictional character, so if that’s against the rules, I’d like an imagine with all of one direction, including zayn. I fancy Harry the most, but if you don’t want to write about Harry all the time, I’m also fine with Niall! Love this concept!!

  19. Chicchetta

    OMG! I’d really love if a book was about meee! And obviously about Theo James tooo! I uncoditionally love him! XOXOXO

  20. Snookie0103

    Niall Horan and a funny romance would be perfect for me😊😂

  21. That’s an amazing idea!! I’d love to be in the book alongside Big Time Rush, or maybe Anne Todd in person! It will be a big dream come true: my own story with famous people (or person) in a real book!! Oh my God I can’t believe this! *-*

  22. Niall horan thanks

  23. Angioleyta

    I would like enter in a cast of grey’s anatomy with Patrick Dempsey 😍😍😍

  24. bandboymc

    Michael Clifford or Colin O’Donoghue 🙂

  25. xjustfangirlingx

    I would love to be in story with Liam Payne and Stefan Salvatore (aka Paul Wesley) from The Vampire Diaries. I want to be a hot vampire girl who falls in love with a human (aka Liam) and Stefan would be trying to convince me to stay away from him because he thinks it’s not a good idea to be in a relationship with a human.
    Lots of drama and love included ha xx

  26. directioner2609

    I’d love to have imagine with me and Liam Payne. It would be really cool if we could have the setting be a masquerade ball and everyone is wearing masks and somehow me and Liam would be dancing together and we would end up falling for each other but we don’t know who the other is.

  27. SabrinaPayne

    With Micheal Clifford and with all the 5sos band!!*.*

  28. Ale28Hood

    Wow!! I think that it’s an amazing and interesting thing, also a beautiful experience. I would love a story with me and 5 Seconds of Summer 😍. They’re my idols. Thanks for everything😊.

  29. Prof.Fangirl

    Omg this is so…I guess I would like to be with Kian lawley or Jc! I also this for a different imagine a Troyler one should be thrown in the mix!

  30. Alexandriab224

    A romance with Niall Horan heheh good luck everyone have fun!😂😂❤

  31. lexieshamir01

    Harry Styles! Literally this is like a dream come true, having my favorite writer write about me! x

    • lexieshamir01

      like have it be that he and I have been friends for ages and I’ve begun getting slightly jealous when he’s mentioned in the spotlight with a girl (because he’s still famous) and he gets the idea I like him and we play like some stupid drunken game of truth or dare on my birthday or something (because he wanted to throw something for me and he ditched this appearance thing to be there for me since I don’t have many friends (true story lol)) and I end up confessing I like him and we kiss and YEP ITS MY DREAM TO HAVE THIS

  32. AfterFan4ever

    Am… I’d like Anna makes a story of me and Zayn Malik please!!! Thanks to give us this opportunity!!! I love you Anna, you’re the best writer in the world, really. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  33. It will be an honor to be in an Anna Todd’s imagine. And if I have to choose one celebrity I would like him to be Harry Styles, but maybe Ana is tired of writting about him, so if she prefers, the main character can be Logan Lerman. Thanks!! 😘😘

  34. mzpoodle2u

    I would love to be in a story with Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy. A definite comedy for sure!

  35. maris8614

    This is such a great contest! I would think a book about myself and Demi Lovato since, we have shared similar struggles and growths in our lives. There needs to be more books out there about empowering women and great role models!!

  36. Chrisbails

    To be in a book would be great. I would say that would live to have Joe Manganiello along with me or Taylor Swift.

  37. scoopie77

    James McAvoy is my favorite dreamboat, but it would be good to have a story much happier than his turn in Atonement. I still cry thinking about that.

  38. NickiSlater

    Melissa McCarthy or Tina Fey or Amy Poehler!!!

  39. quinnitukqutpauwau

    I would choose Gerard Butler. 🙂

  40. Tricia316

    Oh I would be so thrilled to be in a story with Ryan Gosling. He seems so nice and down to earth.

  41. My favorite Hottie is Timothy Olyphant…..🔥⚡️💥. Love him!😊

  42. larry_7058

    I want with Drew Dirksen, please. I really want this. Me and Drew in a fic it’s amazing!! I can’t believe it! ^^

  43. librarylady

    An adventure with Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren.

  44. LightningLdy21

    What an ingenious idea and an incredible opportunity…I love it!! I’m thinking either Shemar Moore or Chris Pine and Melissa McCarthy as a bestie! Thank you for your consideration and Good Luck to everyone!😄

  45. Mick Jaggar!!

  46. Granny Teresa

    Omg! This is awesome .For a girl it would have to be Reese Witherspoon and a guy would be Gerald Butler

  47. I’m a fan of Indy Jones
    And love his derring-do!
    Out & about with Harrison Ford,
    In a book, would be so cool!

  48. Vcwexler

    Hmm… Mark Harmon

  49. Bridgette_9

    This would be such a dream come true If I could read an imagine that had Jamie Dornan and Harry Styles in it. Of course I would be stuck in the middle of rhe two of them fighting of me. I would more than likely pick Mr. Styles and still stay best friends with Jamie!:)

  50. Marisolayala

    I would like a story with me and Luke Hemmings or Daniel Sharman , where we meet some kind of way and then we hang get close and he asks me out in a super cute special way!☺️

  51. panda_zap

    I would really love to be in a story with Harry styles, it’s my platonic love and I think it would be awesome not just because of being in the story, also because I’m a big fan of Anna Todd and I just love how she express herself.

  52. Vashappeninmajo

    This is amazing. I would love to have an story about me and Niall Horan or Harry Styles ❤❤❤

  53. marbella1689

    My favorite celebrity is Jason Statham. I think he would be a great drinking buddy hanging out at a favorite pub.

  54. BriNicole

    My Name is Brittany! I thinkkkkkk my celebrity would be Ashley Benson!

  55. annareyesrdgz

    I don’t know if it’s only a romantic imagine/story but if it is I’d love it to be Harry Styles because he makes me really happy. I haven’t had the chance to meet him yet and reading a story about me and him would make me the happiest girl in the world. If it doesn’t have to be romantic, I’d love it to be Barbara Palvin because she’s such an inspiration and I’d love to be friends with her, she’s the reason why I’m confident and I just love her so much. Anyways, thank you so much for the opportunity! x

  56. _je_ss_i_

    I’d like to be in a story with Ed Sheeran😍 Hope luck is at my side for once 🍀

  57. Christianewagar

    This is absolutely brilliant! Nina Dobrev as my best friend & Evan Peters as my love interest❤️ Any storyline you choose would be a dream but maybe an action type storyline? Some type of apocalypse with a strong female lead or really anything you write would be brilliant! Xx❤️

  58. Leenave1

    The character that I want my story will be with is Luke Hemmings or Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer❤️ I hope I will win🙏🏻❤️

  59. Gabriele Fernandes

    Hi, omg this is soooooo cool, i’m very excited for this! Well.. i think Daniel sharman, or Evan Peters…Or ROBERT Pattinson! So cool! I talk about Uchiha Sasuke… but he is not real… so sad 🙁 ooookay, i hope everything be ok hahaha

  60. giugiu2223

    OMG! That’s so perfect! I wish I could star with Daniel Sharman! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. Lottie_2801

    Hmm.. This is tricky. I like a lot of celebrities. It would have to be either Anna Todd herself orrrr Cheryl Cole. (don’t hate me, I have actually loved her since I was tiny!)

  62. IsidraChavez

    This sounds so amazing, honestly! Imagines are an important part of every fandom because it helps us connect with our fave’s without actually having to embarassed ourselves infront of them. I’d love to be a part of an imagine with, I’d have to say, Mylie Cyrus because why not get a chance to “meet” such an outgoing and unique celebrity?! I’d love to get a tour of her house, too! Something like an Alice In Wonderland experience, I would think XD.

  63. voxlibris

    I’d love to see Michael Fassbender because Michael Fassbender. 🙂

  64. douglasvasquez

    Hey! I would love to be featured in the short tale with Katy Perry! <3 Crossing fingers x

  65. Wow very nice idea! I’ve never won something from all the gifts Anna is giving, but I keep on trying !
    Hum I won’t be very original if saying I would love to have a story written about Harry Styles and I .. ! But if you’re fed up with that, I might like Jared Leto aswell ! I liked him at the beginning in the TV serie My so Called Life.. a story inspired of his behaviour back then I guess , mysterious, flirty in a shy way … :p ! 🙂

    Thanks a lot for being so close to your readers.
    I wasn’t reading much until I started After .. now I’m always the nose in a book, thanks to you !

  66. Lplacido

    I love this!! I would love to have a story written about me and one of my favorite actors that is very underrated – Joe Cole. It could inspired in the show he is in (Peaky blinders) or not. It can start with just a professional relationship and then turn into something more than that. xx

  67. Chiara Bortolotto

    Hi my name is Chiara and my crush is Luke Hemmings from 5sos. This opportunity is amazing bc it gives me a chance to be a protagonist of a love story. I’m the classic girl who isn’t loved by anyone and it’d be great to have someone beside me.
    My mother and me love After soooo much!

  68. Chiara Bortolotto

    Or maybe also Cameron Dallas💓

  69. LisaLovesLiterature

    I would love a story about me and Chris Evans-Captain America, although I love him most in the movie What’s Your Number. Or maybe Matt Damon, or a cleaned up Norman Reedus.

  70. temporaryfixhes

    Hello! God I’m so excited for this contest! Can’t believe you guys are giving us the chance of being the main character in a story written by the sweet Anna! It is truly awesome! Anyway, if I ever win the contest, I would choose Harry Styles and Josh Duhamel! It would feel absolutely awesome to have my own story with them and to have the incredible writing talent of Anna in this small imagine<3 Thank you so much again for this beautiful opportunity! Xx

  71. elfish51

    Troye Sivan! I know he’s gay, but I’d love to have an imagine written by Miss Todd as his sister….or best friend!!

  72. My choice is Steve Carell. He’s HILARIOUS!!!

  73. Kimmy771

    This is so incredible! Can I please have a story of me and Michael Clifford. Maybe like a high school au like The Duff or Easy A?

  74. Jasleenkaur

    Hey! This is such an interesting contest. I really love this idea. Anna is such an amazing author and I love her work so so so much! If I were to win the contest, I would choose David Beckham or Ansel Elgort.

  75. infinityafter

    Oh my gosh I love After so much! I’m so excited for this contest. Anna is the cutest Cx Anyways, If i would have the chance to win the contest, I would love to be with Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson. I love them very much💘

  76. Lesley_robles

    Hey, for anyone who is reading this. I would like to be a part of this amazing project and of course have an imagine with Harry Styles. 💖 Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  77. Carolsluiz

    I’d love to be in this short tale with Ed Sheeran, being his girlfriend, it will be a dream coming true ( just my imagination talking)

  78. hardinisbae

    I would love to win the contest to get a imagine with Ian Harding 😊❤️ Anna is the best writer ever ❤️

  79. kisanhueza

    I can’t believe that this amazing opportunity is real … I love Anna Todd and after saga , is really incredible how you can feel the emotion of the book and making part of you ❤️ I would love to have my own story with nico millagrero or Ian somerhalder , it would be amazing having my own story with Harry styles but I reserve it to tessa.
    Love u Anna you are amazing a the things that you do for your fans are awesome !

  80. valerieannette18

    hi there! I’m absolutely in literary love with Anna Todd’s After series ❤️❤️❤️😍 so it would be an absolute dream come true to have my own version of Harry Styles/Hardin Scott and myself (even though I love Tessa!) Harry/Hardin have become my soul mate in literature; Anna Todd captured his style (tattood, British punk rocker bad boy with a good heart who also loves classic literature and majoring in English) and caught my heart in the process with her extraordinary writing and I’ve never found any other series that can compare. Thank you eternally Anna !!! 💙

  81. jenniferedit

    Pierce Brosnan, for sure. I’ve had a crush on him since Remington Steele days — and loved him as Bond! We both play tennis, so include that somehow! What fun — thanks for the opportunity!

  82. HESSA123

    I love the after series . I love anna todd even more for creating currently at school enduring a rather boring period so i went on twitter and looked up anna todd i do this because i dont want to miss any after movie news #im exicted ,and then I found this competion so if it isnt any trouble i would really love a Louis Tomlinson imagine i hope i win because I never win anything ..wait no actully once I won a flute(I dont know how to play the flute) anyway it would be a dream come true if you wrote me a imagine xoxo. i luv you so much <3 NOTE: Sorry if my grammers bad i did this is a hurry.

  83. HESSA123

    I left a comment earlier but im not to sure it sent but i love the after series i love anna todd even more for creating it .If it woundt be to much trouble i would really like a Louis Tomlinson Imagine. Ily anna todd <3

  84. Roxangely

    Hi! I’m a directioner and After fan. I’ve never been to a 1D concert or been lucky enough to meet one of the boys 😢. If I won this contest it would make me really happy!!! 😊 I would like a cute and romantic story where I would meet Harry or Niall (so hard to choose 😕) and even though I was shy we become friends and through time it turned into something more…
    – Roxangely – ❤

  85. HESSA123

    I love the after series I love Anna Todd even more for creating it. Im currently at school enduring a rather boring lesson so I went on twitter and looked up Anna Todd .I do this because I don’t want to miss any after movie news #im so excited , and then I found the competition so if it isn’t any trouble I would really love a Louis Tomlinson imagine .I hope I win because I never win anything….. wait no actually once I won a flute ( I don’t know how to play the flute ) anyway it would be a dream come true is you wrote me a imagine xoxo I luv you so much<3NOTE: Sorry for the grammar I wrote this in a hurry also I might have already made a comment but im not sure if it sent or not that's why I sent another one.

  86. Hazza_Emily

    Omg I’d absolutely love to have a story written about me and Harry Styles! I love Anna Todd and I think she’s an incredible writer and I love to write and read books myself so this would just be sick!

  87. InstantRedhead

    I wouldn’t mind having a book about me. Lol. I always wanted to be written about with either Harry, Niall, or Grant Gustin aka The Flash. That would be so cool plus I’m a huge fan of Anna Todd! Her After books are to dye for! I’m addicted!!

  88. HESSA123

    I love the after series I love Anna Todd even more for creating it. Im currently at school enduring a rather boring lesson so I went on twitter and looked up Anna Todd .I do this because I don’t want to miss any after movie news #im so excited , and then I found the competition so if it isn’t any trouble I would really love a Louis Tomlinson imagine .I hope I win because I never win anything….. wait no actually once I won a flute ( I don’t know how to play the flute ) anyway it would be a dream come true is you wrote me a imagine xoxo I luv you so much<NOTE: Sorry for the grammar I wrote this in a hurry also I might have already made a comment but im not sure if it sent or not that's why I sent another one.

  89. Roxangely

    Hi! I’m a directioner and After fan. Anna is an incredible writer and human being and it would be an honor to have a story written by her!! If I win this contest it would make me really happy!!!  I would like a story with Harry or Niall (so hard to choose ).

  90. (One from The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals cast) 🌹IAN SOMERHALDER🌹 🍕JOSEPH MORGAN🍕 🍫DANIEL GILLIES🍫 🍹NATE BUZOLIC🍹 🎬DANIEL SHARMAN🎬
    P.S : thanks for existing Anna Todd and writing After 😊

  91. Marielle

    It’s amazing ! Such a great idea 😀
    I think a story where Tyler Joseph invite me to and where I meet the group (twenty øne piløts !) would be great to me 🙂
    thank you for making some of our dream come true !
    Marielle ! Xx

  92. astullahoma

    I would choose to be in a romance with Roman Reigns! He’s so …handsome and strong!

  93. lenaa2714

    This is such a good opportunity to have a chance of winning this great book AND be in a story written by ANNA TODD!! If I get chosen I’d love to be in a fiction with Harry Styles. I just love him so much! To know that this will be written by Anna herself is soo.. omg! I’d love to win this and would be happy for every other winner. Thanks for this great contest!! Lots of love xx Lena

  94. It would be so fun,adventurous and exciting to be in a story with Johnny Depp!!!

  95. Whoa! That’s a cool contest and I’d love to be in a book with Angelina Jolie, two bad-a** female characters 😉

    I keep my fingers crossed that I win this

  96. infinitieh

    Ian Somerhalder! He does charity through his foundation AND he’s hot!

  97. abbystorey18

    I would love to be in an imagine with Niall Horan!! Where we’re on a vacation to a secret getaway and someone leaks where we are and in order to keep them from finding us we come up with all these different crazy and silly disguises to wear out in public so no one realizes who we are and we can still have fun on vacation and enjoy being secretive and sneaking around!

  98. after.italy

    Wow! That’s a really great chance!
    Well, if I could be in a imagine, I’d love to be in a Zayn Malik one. Okay, that’s my imaginary imagine: maybe I’m a normal teenager and I attend high school and Zayn is a badboy. I meet him during the denention(bc I was in some strange truble, idk) and he starts to talk with me and bothers me. I let Anna continue!(i hope)

  99. If I could be in an Imagine short story, I would love to be in one with Dalton Rapattoni (Final Four Contestant on American Idol), Hardin Scott (if that’s possible), or One Direction.

  100. margaridarv

    I would looove to have an imagine writen about me and Niall Horan! Like with us travelling and visiting heavenly places… It would be awesome 🙂

    Keep doing things like this Anna , love you

  101. Barbiegirl

    I would love to be in a story with Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

  102. Pixiewriter1

    I’d love to see a story with me and James Maslow. A sweet romantic night with a surprise engagement after two years of dating.

  103. BettyBoop72

    I would love to be in some Greek type tragedy with the amazing Ewen McGregor please!

  104. Leahsmyname

    This is such an amazing contest! I would love to be in a story with Hardin from After. (Dark Harry Styles if you will haha) I’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet him and it would be amazing to have a story about it. 💕

  105. nxveroutofstyle

    I would really love to be in a story with Harry Styles or Channing Tatum. Either would be amazing! Because let’s be honest here, everybody loves them both! 😀

  106. This is actualy a dream come true. An imagine with your famous crush and even better WRITTEN BY ANNA TODD!!! Its per-fect. I would like an imagine with -dificult question- harry styles or troye sivan my new crush where we go traveling around any country in the world ❤ thnx

  107. brezinnia

    I’d really love an imagine with Taylor Swift where I perform a song with her that we wrote together. I’d cry just reading that happening, and that’s the closest I’ll ever get haha! Xo

  108. awkwardpancake

    This would be so so so cool 🙂 An imagine with Bradley Simpson of the band The Vamps would be absolutely amazing.

  109. sunshinehdfan

    Can you imagine me and Keith Urban in a story? Perfect!

  110. KarnagesMistress

    This is a bit of a stretch, but I’d like to hang out with Lillie Langtry in Victorian England, partying with Wilde, Whistler, and all of the other bohemians.

  111. Hugh Jackman

  112. Scott Eastwood

  113. Thank you Anne Todd for writing for the people.
    My story is coming from Nairobi, Kenya where Solange Knowles and I are promoting black women to embrace their natural and authentic self. It would be us promoting street art and music in the lively urban city as well as absorbing African culture at our open air fashion markets.
    Thank you.

  114. Ilianna12878

    #imagine that me Ilianna Zepeda was trying to help Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore solve all the murders in Mystic Falls. No Vampires were killing anyone and The pretty little liars cast helps us discover who this new ‘A’ is. 😍😘😜🤓😬😀 I’d love to read that lol

  115. smutstyles

    you’re probably tired of writing about harry, but he just stole my heart and won’t let it go 😅 it can be anything from early 1800s arranged marriage for a kingdom to a pen pals falling in love 💘 I love your writing by the way, you have gift . All those twists and turns and plots in your writings, absolutely wonderful!

  116. me (Caitlin) and Vince Vaughn . Me younger and him older romance. 🙂

  117. Oh yeah… this is easy! Me and Jensen Ackles would make an epic Supernatural team! Bring on the salt, the stakes and the romance… he needs me in his life even if it is just fiction. 😉

  118. Hailey Johnson

    Oh my goodness, this would be an absolute DREAM. I completely adore Anna Todd, her writing style is so relatable, uniquely tragic and all around wonderful. May I just add the After series is completely my FAVORITE series I have ever read (I’m a huge reader, so that’s saying a lot.) I have recommended the series to all of my friends and they have fallen in love with it as well. Having a story about me, written by my favorite author would honestly make me the happiest girl in the world. 
    If I could choose anyone, I would have a story written about Kendall Schmidt (Yes, that guy from Big Time Rush) and I. I’ve met him a few times, and he is the kindest soul I have ever encountered. He is quite honestly my favorite human being in the entire world. To me, he is all of the things that are good and bright in this world. It is absolutely refreshing to have someone who holds such a positive outlook, looks for the best in everyone & everything and is unbelievably driven. In my life, he is my greatest inspiration. 
    ANYWAYS, I went off on way too long of a tangent. But I would adore a story written about He and I running into each other on a chance encounter, falling in love and traveling the world together. Love you Anna! Please, please pick me!

  119. Hailey Johnson

    My comment said its awaiting moderation..oh goodness I hope it uploads in time):

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