Sweeps: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Happy March everyone! It feels like winter is on its way out and is making way for a lush, green spring! Β St. Patrick’s Day is also around the corner… we’re starting to see a pattern, GREEN! Β What better way to celebrate March than with a Sweeps!

St. Patrick’s Day has us daydreaming about all the sexy Irish men… and all the British Isles men. Β Which accented man do you prefer? Take our poll below!

Let us know in the comment section below what you’re looking forward to this spring for a chance to win the books below!

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Sweepstakes ends 3/15/16, for official rules, click here.


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Eat Raw, Not Cooked

Eat Raw, Not Cooked

Stacy Stowers

Can spinach really taste like chocolate ice cream? YES! Stacy travels the country teaching families like yours how to add more whole, raw, unprocessed foods into their diets in the simplest, most satisfying way possible.

Thread of Fear

Thread of Fear

Laura Griffin

In THREAD OF FEAR, forensic artist Fiona Glass joins a small-town sheriff in a race to catch a serial killer--a race which turns deadly when the killer targets Fiona.

Affair Without End

Affair Without End

Candace Camp

If a sophisticated beauty proposes a clandestine affair, could even the most proper gentleman resist? New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp concludes her scintillating Willowmere series with a seductive tale of an alluring lady who dares to break the rules. . . .

Flirting with Fire

Flirting with Fire

Kate Meader

The first installment in Hot in Chicago, a brand-new, sizzling series from Kate Meader that follows a group of firefighting foster siblings and their blazing hot love interests!

Wicked Sexy Liar

Wicked Sexy Liar

Christina Lauren

When three college besties meet three hot guys in Vegas, anything can happen. Book Four in the New York Times Wild Seasons series that began with Sweet Filthy Boy (the 2014 Romantic Times Book of the Year that Sylvia Day called "a sexy, sweet treasure of a story").



297 comments so far

  1. Looking forward to all of the books.

  2. maiganwipfli@yahoo.com

    I’m looking forward to nicer weather!!

  3. These look great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. rinkobc9

    I’m looking forward to the warm weather and wearing shorts and going outside!!

  5. cmnrandau

    Looking forward to the warmer spring weather.

  6. caseroo7

    Wicked Sexy Liar! I haven’t read it yet and I love Christina Lauren!

  7. plskorka

    Can’t wait for Spring and Summer reading. Nothing better than a warm spring breeze and a good book.

  8. moschima

    What am I looking forward to for spring? In drought-stricken California, it better be rain, or there will be no green.

  9. mzpoodle2u

    I’m looking forward to baseball season!

    • belladonna1026

      I can hardly wait to read Flirting with Fire, I send my husband everyday to work in uniform. Oh wait did I mention he is a Fire Chie, Paramedic, Firefighter. It’s wrong to send to them off to work looking likemail that
      JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!

  10. All of the books look good – but I am especially looking forward to the next book from Kresley Cole! Obsessed!

  11. gottobeme

    I would love to win these wonderful books!

  12. annakaye

    anything green is always nice and always looked forward too!

  13. Dragon_ladyjo

    I can’t wait to start work in my garden and see all the beautiful blooms.

  14. Nothing sexier than a Scots accent! I’d love to win these books.

  15. mollylyon69

    I’m most looking forward to more day light and sunshine!!

  16. I’m looking forward to everything, but especially Thread of Fear, thanks for the giveaway!

  17. shamdorf

    Looking forward to a lot of local music outdoors and also reading outside under an umbrella!

  18. Kettlebelle

    Warmer weather so we can get outdoors more

  19. Susanlhenson

    Books, books and more books…and some sunshine!!

  20. Jennifer huelsebusch

    Definitely the start of baseball season and hockey playoffs!!!

  21. jmcgaugh

    I’m looking forward to the birthdays in the family.

  22. ravensfan

    Looking forward to warmer weather.

  23. amiller5209

    I love reading, I hope I’m a contender for the prize

  24. my son’s birthday on the 17th

  25. Nothing better than finally being outside on a warm spring day, sitting with my feet up, sipping some mint iced tea, and reading a steamy new romance. Ahhh….

  26. Looking forward to looking through bridal magazines and planning an amazing wedding!!

  27. I am looking forward to growing flowers and veggies. Going to try a herb garden this spring right outside the kitchen door.

  28. Diane Sallans

    This month I’m all Irish! Tho truthfully – love ’em all – especially the accent & cadence of their speech.

  29. reniazen

    I’m looking forward to finally starting and working on my first garden!

  30. Ohh so many books!! Would love all.

  31. Looking forward to GARDENING! and all of the new books that come out πŸ™‚

  32. bethanym

    I vote for English!!
    I’m looking forward to all of the good reads!!

  33. gustafson_angi

    I can’t wait to begin cleaning and being outside with my daughter!! Can’t wait to take her the park

  34. I’m looking forward to the warm weather.

  35. ShelleyAnn

    I’m looking forward to warm, sunny days so I can sit on the porch in the sun and get lost in some great books!

  36. Looking for new authors…these look good!

  37. marcygold

    I can’t wait to get my hands on Wicked sexy Liar. This is my first series by Christina Lauren thanks to XOXO After Dark for turning me on to this author!

  38. Irish voice to Brit… must be my roots

  39. JOXY1969

    Better weather and great reads!

  40. Pebbles818

    I look forward to Spring because of all the new Colors! Green, yellow, blues, pinks & lavender! It’s New & it’s Life renewing!

  41. I am looking forward to the wonderful weather that way I can sit outside up under my big tree and read these nice books that you guys are giving awayπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  42. Debbielie

    Besides sunshine, and spring flowers, I’m looking forward to sitting under my favorite Oak tree and reading with a cool breeze to keep me company.

  43. pattygangl

    I’m looking forward to sitting outside in my swing in the warm breeze, hearing the birdsong and enjoying a new book.

  44. I’m looking forward to being able to read outside without freezing!!

  45. rwalbridge

    I look forward to hanging at the beach and having time to read more.

  46. Can’t wait for reading outside in the sunshine!

  47. skkgagnon

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, getting out in my garden and reading on my deck! =D

  48. Looking forward to warm weather and hot reading!

  49. swbookworm

    I am looking forward to my 50th birthday this month! I know that sounds crazy but I am going to OWN my 50s! πŸ™‚

  50. graduating college!

  51. March 17th is my birthday and I would love to check out these books.

  52. I just want to see what’s next.

  53. annettena

    I love British, Irish, Scottish and Welsh accents….I think that is in my genes because those are all back there somewhere. These books sound like a great deal of fun.

  54. I would enjoy all these books in my hammock while I take a break from gardening.

  55. I like the Irish accent, also the Scottish accent.

  56. What a great giveaway! I am looking forward to the warmer weather and try to grow some vegetables to harvest all summer long. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  57. Dirty Sexy Liar and Flirting with Fire are the top two choices!

  58. Pauline Digaletos

    I’m so looking forward to be swept away in a Romance such as these for St.Pat’s….Best escape ever! <3

  59. KimberleyC

    I’m looking forward to planting flowers with my little grandson. He is so excited about digging in the dirt and putting flowers in!

  60. wickster72

    Just to be outside and not be cold.

  61. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and all the colors that will bloom. And definitely the great reads coming or aleady out there. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750. (at) aol (dot) com

  62. momof3boysj

    spring flowers

  63. Looking forward to celebrating my 20th anniversary.

  64. AmberT87

    I’m looking forward to nicer weather!!

    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  65. Jessicahaywood

    I’m looking forward to some sunshine!!

  66. endlessflowers

    I’m looking forward to some good weather this spring so I can read books on my favorite spot in our garden

  67. Spring means “new beginnings” and fresh opportunities!

  68. Chrisbails

    I am looking forward to flowers sprouting and the birds chirping. Also looking forward to being able to sit outside in my front yard and reading my book.

  69. Dawn_Roberto

    For the days to be longer and winter to end.

  70. sidheanlace

    I’m looking forward to the spring rains and flowers and reading my book next to the window on a sunny day. Or even read it outside when it’s warm!

  71. bookshellz

    This spring I’m looking forward to all the hot new romance reads, of course! Oh heck, pretty much ALL new book releases!

  72. RoyalCheryl

    I would love to go green with envy to win such wonderful books. Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

  73. I look forward to my flower and vegetable gardens

  74. conehead

    I am looking forward to reading in warmer weather!

  75. mzavala11188

    I’m looking forward to all the outdoor concerts.

  76. rendonfam0304@aol.com

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, pretty flowers, and more ebooks for my kindle.
    Rachel Van Dyken has some I’ve been panting for!

  77. barneshd

    Books! Books! Books!

  78. voxlibris

    I’m looking forward to fresh spring smells and lots and lots of books.

  79. Lbparker06

    I am looking forward to that NEW feeling. New Years we make all these affirmations and resolutions but SPRING is when it actually feels like the NEW is beginning.

  80. Definitely looking forward to it

  81. joycehanc

    I am looking forward to warmer weather and colorful flowers.

  82. Reading outside on the deck swing!

  83. Vcwexler

    Looking forward to a very special vacation with my husband and sons. Can’t wait!

  84. reneesnooky

    I am so looking forward to spring so I can get out and walk and walk and enjoy the sun and warmth, and look at he pretty trees and flowers

  85. ninipascua

    Looking forward to great spring weather so I can sit and read in our backyard

  86. nevans72

    Being able to spend more time outside and see all the new flowers bloom. Spring is the best time to also do my yearly spring cleaning. I also get a chance to wear all my cute sandals!

  87. Countrysunrise

    The warmer weather, so that after I finish my cleaning, I can sit outside and enjoy all of the new books coming out!! They sound great!!

  88. kimlrkim

    I love spring with all the flowers and trees blooming. Everything is green. I can seat on my swing outside and read. It is a wonderful time of year. πŸ™‚

  89. I am looking forward to all things Spring including the possibility of winning this awesome prize package.

  90. I am looking forward to having more time to read and relax !

  91. Amdrane2

    Wow. All these books sound great.

  92. jenn200sx

    Can’t wait for warmer weather and lots of flowers and greenery!

  93. eabreese

    The warmer weather!

  94. Omg would be in heaven having all those books

  95. I’m looking forward to a new job and a new beginning. So I would like to win these books to escape reality for awhile.

  96. Cathy Henderson

    I’m looking forward to the warmer weather!!

  97. I’m looking forward to being able to walk our 2 dogs at the same time without them getting muddy from the snow and muck! And then maybe outside and sitting with them in the warm sun to read and relax!
    I can dream!

  98. JulieReviewsBooks

    I looking forward to have some time to read some of these great books! I already have Wicked Sexy Liar pre-ordered and am very intrigured by Flirting with Fire.

  99. cutiepie

    Wicked Sexy Liar

  100. I’m looking forward to a cruise with my dad and sister in May.

  101. Jessica.Mast

    For it to get warmer, so I can sit outside, let the dogs play and loose myself in book, after book, after book!!

  102. midnightallie

    Looking forward to throwing open the windows and letting in the fresh spring air.

  103. tiffany5981

    I’m looking forward to St. Patty’s Day. Who doesn’t love a holiday that celebrates all things green, beer, and men with sexy accents!

  104. rimmyreno

    Green is my favorite color.

  105. What a great prize package! Can you throw in the Scot?

  106. styxx956

    I am looking forward to reading The Beast by J.R. Ward

  107. BookwormBee

    I was looking forward to Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster & now I’m looking forward to some of the great books above! Also the smell of fresh cut green grass… Proof of spring to me!

  108. Radzec@hotmail.co.uk

    Looking forward to lots of reading in the lovely spring sunshine

  109. pookeysmom

    Looks like a great assortment of books. Can’t wait for the drawing!

  110. Looking forward to the sun!! The PNW needs it!!

  111. pjmillion

    I’m looking forward to the warmer weather.

  112. Bookworm2005

    I’m looking forward to the return of Outlander on Starz Network in April. I loved Diana Gabaldons books( read all of them twice), and am impressed by how faithful the series is a to the novels.

  113. Spiritofnlmk

    Looking forward to opening the windows for fresh air and I just love when it’s nice enough to read outside in the sun with a lovely light breeze. Okay that just made my Spring fever even worse lol.

  114. frabjous

    I’m looking forward to the flowers blooming and finally having some color outside after winter is over

  115. rosaliem2001

    Looking forward to a little, and I DO mean little, California rain this spring.

  116. Connie Fischer

    I have a lovely list of TBR books and am always looking to add more. Big spring thing for our family is a cruise at Easter. Ten family members – hubby, children, and grandchildren all together. It should be a fabulous time.

    Thanks so much for the Generous and GREEN Giveaway! πŸ™‚

    Happy Spring, Everyone!

  117. Infinity_Chesh

    Looking forward to being able to sit outside and read, feeling the sun kiss my skin as my books kiss my mind ^_^

  118. Aneisafraga

    Flirting with Fire!

  119. Maria Iwaniukowicz

    To be able to sit outside and read!!

  120. Looking forward to some great weather and a sexy read.

  121. bridgetlinda

    I am hosting an exchange student from Germany soon, and I am excited to share food, laughter, and fun times!

  122. I am looking forward to great weather and being outside in it.

  123. I’m looking forward to sunshine and to warm weather to sit outside and read a good book!!!!!

  124. I want to read and win them all from Eat Raw to Wicked Sexy Liar and everything in the middle—Thread of Fear, Affair Without End, & Flirting with Fire.

  125. tinlizzay

    Warmer weather and PLA!

  126. This spring, I’m looking forward to reading great books, delicious wine, and Sunday brunch with good friends.

  127. JoLawless

    Reading in the sun

  128. centricity

    I live in Florida, so I’m looking forward to the few weeks of the year where the windows can be open! (As long as I take my allergy medicine!) =D

  129. shannonea4

    I am looking forward to festivals, being outside to enjoy nature, and having a good time with friends and family.

  130. PearlsClassandSass

    I’m looking forward to all of the nice weather so that I can spend more time reading outside.

  131. Looking forward to reading these books in the beautiful spring weather!

  132. adugas65@gmail.com

    Some long overdue rest and relaxation

  133. cwthomsen

    Love to finish out the series of Wild Season.

  134. I am looking forward to warmer weather and some new books to read.

  135. Outdoor activities, books, of course.

  136. Danielle B.

    Looking forward to pretty weather, the dogwood trees blooming and friends visiting from out of town!

  137. sunshine_mntn

    This spring I’m most looking forward to my flowers blooming and the return of the humming birds! I love to sit outside and read amongst the flowers with a cocktail and catch a glimpse of the hummingbirds! So very peaceful and relaxing!!

  138. I’m looking forward to warm weather and spring flowers.

  139. GSalinas79

    Looking foward to start wearing Flip Flops! πŸ€—

  140. ninaChan01

    Definitely Wicked Sexy Liar!
    Christina Lauren always delivers when it comes to sexy fun ^_^

  141. stephcullers@gmail.com

    In the interests of international diplomacy, I choose all of them πŸ™‚

  142. March Madness

  143. theresan

    I’m looking forward to planting my garden.

  144. I’m looking forward to some new reading material and the variety of reading that’s being offered in this wonderful Prize Package πŸ€

  145. Barb.france

    Spring is all about renewal, so I am looking forward to change; new & better!

  146. Looking forward to reading all of these wonderful hot books this spring! Hope I win!

  147. missmaria

    Flirting with Fire looks fantastic!

  148. tburkhardt001

    I can’t wait to sit on my deck with a glass of wine and read a great book!!!

  149. silvatrend

    Affair Without End by Candace Camp and many more Historical Romance Reads.

  150. fplastini

    Some good books there. A couple are on my to read list!!

  151. featherlight

    My husband and I are going to Hollywood, Florida For our 10 year anniversary St. Patrick’s Day weekend! I can’t wait! This would be a great anniversary present!! 😍😁❀️

  152. susanbeamon

    Would love to add these books to my library.


    I am looking forward to all the beautiful flowers!

  154. barblima

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather and walking 5ks.

  155. booktique

    Love finding a new author.

  156. angelbun

    I look forward to visiting my grandson in TN. And of course, to finding and reading new books!

  157. Madalyn1

    All except Eat Raw, Not Cooked

  158. Pretty much the same as other years–flowers and fresh greenery, with warmer temperatures.

  159. rojo13864

    Looking forward to being lean, sleek and out in the green fields with my horse!

  160. mjreynolds32

    I generally love Scotsmen above all, but when Henry Cavill is the choice for the English gents I may have to revise my choices! I love his Super-manliness. This spring I am looking forward to getting outside and walking and setting up my swing in the backyard so I can get my reading on! Thanks for the chance to win and may the luck of the Irish be with all of you. πŸ™‚

  161. MyGreatEscapes

    Hope for better times for my daughters and myself and all your books to sink into which will also keep my mind off of what is now. Best books ever! Thank you for the chance!!

  162. Callie41

    I am looking forward to the warmer weather and pretty blooming flowers!

  163. This spring I am looking forward to nicer weather!

  164. Dmbieber

    Oh that firefighter one looks really good. I think I would look forward to reading that!

  165. ealvarez709

    Looking forward to all the juicy drama and romance!

  166. Lots of sunshine and longer days to spend reading books.

  167. Time with loved ones, warmer days, pretty colors, and yummy treats.

  168. Looking forward to less rain….it might just be a few weeks of sun but those are the best 2 weeks of the year.

  169. bjcsimpson

    I’m looking very forward to a girls’ beach trip in Aoril. It’s with a group who have gone together for years so it will be a wonderful time of visiting, reading, soaking in the sun , shopping, and eating! I absolutely can’t wait! Would love to win these books to take and share! 😎

  170. Im hoping to move. I can not deal with how things are anymore. I need a change. Xoxo

  171. michaaaaela

    I’m looking forward to the warm weather!

  172. looking forward to the warmer weather, the flowers and spending time outside reading!

  173. tamsroses

    I am looking forward to my Grand daughter’s 1 st. Birthday in April and the sun shine, and putting in a garden!

  174. llevine72

    Looking forward to spring cleaning

  175. All sound great but looking forward to Wicked Sexy Liar the most πŸ™‚

  176. Also looking forward to all the books, and hoping I win since my birthday is later this month!

  177. KirbyTails

    I’m looking forward to Candace Camp book. I’ve liked her books in the past.

  178. I am looking forward to everything being green and colorful instead of brown and depressing. It’s so much for cheerful to be surrounded by beautiful things πŸ™‚

  179. sheilag2367

    Laying under the sun with a book/kindle in my hand!!

  180. thecharmed4

    I’m most looking forward to giving the house a good spring cleaning! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  181. labrat35

    I’m looking forward to baseball, spring flowers and books.

  182. lilytiger

    Looking forward to warmer weather and several new book releases.

  183. tejotabe

    This spring I’m looking forward to seeing all the cherry blossoms bloom!

  184. jessilouwho22

    I’m looking forward to long evenings spent on the porch rocker with a book & a glass of sweet tea!

  185. Penguins106

    I look forward to the warm weather.

  186. I am definitely looking forward to getting back outside for spring clean up and working in my flower garden. In fact, today I was online shopping for a new potter’s bench and supplies.

  187. moomoocake

    I’m looking forward to having longer days and spending more time outdoors!

  188. Lavernl714

    Looking forward to being outside in the warm sunshine.

  189. I’m looking forward to daylight savings time and flowers in my yard!

  190. Karen Dieffenbaugher

    Getting ready to put in the garden and preparing the outside for flower planting…This is all weather permitting…Until then I enjoy reading …

  191. Looking forward to Easter and looking to add new dishes to our holiday table, Eat Raw, Not Cooked would be an interesting addition.

  192. Texas Book Lover

    I’m looking forward to pretty sling flowers, flip flops and of course great new books!

  193. jannetaylor44@yahoo.com

    I can’t wait to start all the seedlings for my garden. I really miss the flowers.

  194. nuggles58

    The freshening of the garden as new life springs forth through the cold hard soil to enrich visionary enjoyment and olfactory pleasure.

  195. Plsbitemenow

    Warmer weather

  196. Looking forward to warm sunshine to read in.

  197. Looking forward to Wicked Sexy Liar and Eat Raw, Not Cooked

  198. CaptivatedBookLover

    I’m looking forward to the fresh air (hopefully allergy free) and fresh new book releases!

  199. crazygirl412

    I’m looking forward to sitting back and relaxing with a good book alongside my 3 cats. πŸ˜€

  200. spongebob2285

    Looking forward to Barbara Veys Reader Luncheon this April. So excited to meet so many awesome authors. Thanks for giveaway.

  201. I’m looking forward to snow packs, resevoirs and water tables being back to normal levels.

  202. Reneeboomer

    Looking forward to spring and to read all of these books

  203. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and longer days.

  204. Eclecticsoul13

    I’m looking forward to the cherry blossoms blooming here in the #PNW and being able to escape into nature with a good book to decompress.

  205. Can’t wait for Spring and all these books!!!

  206. I’ve been wanting to read something by Candace Camp, so I’m excited for that book!!

  207. 2readorNOT

    Looking forward to more great reads and a great growing season for the garden.

  208. Susan0138

    I am looking forward to spring & warm weather so I can sit on my deck and read!

  209. Can’t wait for the longer days and warmer weather, reading outside in the sunshine!

  210. shakblak

    I’m looking forward to reading my books outside without freezing!

  211. adidenko

    This spring I am looking forward to getting out of the house! Taking the kids to the zoo and to the park! Reading on the deck bed, while the kids play in the backyard!

  212. Fresh foods, baseball season and reading on my porch.

  213. Barbara_stoker

    Wicked sexy liar
    And flirting with fire.
    Thanks for the chance

  214. DiAragon

    I’m looking forward to the new installment from Christina Lauren Wild Season series, the rest is bonus.

  215. I look forward to things slowing down so I have a little time to read.

  216. Happy st. patty’s day to all my fellow readers.

  217. amber123

    I am looking forward to my kids learning to buckle themselves in. We are SO CLOSE. It’s going to revolutionize car trips (aka our daily life).

  218. MaDluvs2read

    Sitting outside, in the warmth reading!!!

  219. sweetnkue

    I can not get enough reading romance books outdoors in the beautiful warm weather. I can’t wait for spring and beautiful green grass to do it in πŸ™‚

  220. Wishing for rain to end our drought , love to end mine and of course a good book.

  221. kimberlybreid

    I’m looking forward to all the new releases coming out!

  222. orangefeline128

    I am looking forward to warm weather and seeing my bff in April.

  223. Tina Jost

    I really WANT these books reading between the sheets – after gardening, a little or a lot of R & R in the bath would be just divine…..thank you.

  224. smmarti7

    I am looking forward to celebrating my son’so 4th birthday this month. He is a St Patrick’s baby, born at 1:45 am lol. This year is special for him, because he will finally be old enough for Space Camp which is the week of his birthday πŸ™‚

  225. I am looking forward to reading some new books in the spring.

  226. I agree! Can’t wait to read all the sizzling books for the March contest! Yum!

  227. Warmer weather and sunshine!

  228. katatita

    Looking forward to baseball season starting and, of course, reading!

  229. Cattnrnd

    Longer days

  230. FrayedKnot

    I’m looking forward to the hawks returning to the park across the street

  231. llovejoy66

    Wicked Sexy Liar is so on my TBR pile !
    My upcoming ‘one click’ March releases:
    Chloe Neill’s Midnight Marked, Us by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, True Confessions by Tiffany Reisz

  232. Phyrenzi33

    I’m looking forward to the Robins coming back, the greening up of the grass and trees, and of course the flowers.

  233. Drwagner

    Baseball! And of course lots of new exciting books.

  234. debradocd

    Looking forward to spring, gardening, beautiful weather and sitting down with a good book.

  235. Christine V

    Looking forward to the greens of St. Patrick’s Day (and the NYC parade!) and spring, more sunlight, warmer weather, daffodils, tulips and lily of the valley and wonderful new books to read!

  236. I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures, the flowers starting to sprout, and the trees budding out.

  237. Michaeljay

    Reading outside in the spring air

  238. autumnnh

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather and longer days!

  239. Looking forward to warmer weather, being able to open up windows.

  240. I voted for Gerry – nothing but the best!

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, more sunshine, and getting the veggie garden started again. I so enjoy gardening and the harvest it involves. It is my form of therapy.

  241. I’m looking forward to no longer being cold and wearing shades when I read instead of trying to find batteries for my book light!

  242. I am looking forward to the warmer weather! I love to read outside on a beautiful day!

  243. onejewel

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather and great new books to read.

  244. elisemark

    Looking forward to warm weather and reading Beautiful Boss. Love Hanna and Will.

  245. kerel409

    I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can read by the lake while my husband is fishing!!!

  246. I am looking forward to seeing the spring flowers bloom! Also ready for a refresh-ready to try new adventures this spring. This is seriously the best prize bundle! That cookbook looks amazing and looking forward to reading those books by Christina Lauren and Kate Meader!

  247. wolf2644

    warmer weather so I can garden

  248. librarypat

    My husband just retired and we are looking forward to a quick escape for a few days this month. Saint Patrick’s Day is a favorite to celebrate. If we are in town, we will host a big dinner for our family. If not, we will find an Irish Pub to celebrate. We were lucky enough to be in New Orleans one year for St. Pat’s Day. Almost as good as Mardi Gras. Wish we could go back again.

  249. Looking forward, to reading a hot new romance with a alpha male who tames her fiery nature. introduces her to kinky fun and steamy nights.

  250. The best time………. relaxing in the yard on a blanket reading.

  251. hippiechick

    I start pining for signs of spring 2 weeks into winter . I long to hear the sounds of baby bird cheeps and tweets. Watch the peonies burst open and bumblebees swirl around their crowns of pale cotton candy petals. Smell freshly cut grass and spring showers. Toss goldenrod and dandelions in my face, achoo , I don’t care. I’ll take Zertec and blow my nose . Hurry spring , I can’t hold out much longer. How can I live without you. Give me spring or
    give me death .

  252. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. I’m very tired of snow!

  253. I’m looking forward to my 47th birthday.
    March 5th.

  254. ruthboaz373

    I am looking forward to warmer temps and all the new reads!

  255. Barbiegirl

    I love Gerald Butler! He is my Phantom! Would love to win these great books!

  256. Warmer weather!!

  257. vladaraar

    Summer and Freedom and Love

  258. I’m looking forward to more sun and more books to read.

  259. I’m looking forward to not having to wear a winter coat.

  260. I look forward to seeing my 22 month granddaughter and reading as much as I can

  261. cldegraaff

    Looking forward to putting away all the coats, scarves, mittens, boots, shovels, ice melt, etc…. You get the picture πŸ™‚

  262. YankeeBelle03

    Warmer weather, and lots of great books!

  263. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can read outdoors, and work in the garden.

  264. KarnagesMistress

    I’m looking forward to opening the house back up and letting it air out! Like Florence Nightengale, I believe in the medicinal power of fresh air.

  265. :::waving from way down here on the bottom::: I’m looking forward to baby animals in Spring. Already hearing baby birds. “It’s not easy being GREEN!” I love ya’ll for St. Paddy’ day. πŸ™‚ Please make mine happy. I do feel lucky. Thanks.

  266. libra108

    I love the English Victorian times books. The story lines can be amazing.

  267. attessac

    I am looking forward to flowers blooming and reading on my deck

  268. I can’t wait to go outside without feeling like a marshmallow!

  269. Eeyore1110

    This spring I am looking forward to reading some great books!

  270. therock38545

    I’m looking forward to the final Crossfire series book by Sylvia Day.

  271. joliemisek

    I’m looking forward to flowers, green grass, warmer temperatures and NO SNOW! πŸ™‚

  272. sunshinehdfan

    I look forward to being outside and grilling this Spring!

  273. Warm weather, flowers, & wearing shorts & flip flops once again!

  274. AlaskaEll

    Looking forward to planting my garden this spring. Getting my hands in the dirt has a calming effect…

  275. Bambingbling

    Looking forward to starting the new job

  276. I’m looking forward to seeing things starting to bloom outside and being able to start reading outside again πŸ™‚

  277. I’m looking forward to some beautiful weather this Spring.

  278. Looking forward to escapism–reading and writing! Two of my favorite things to do!!

  279. momlrg04

    I’m looking forward to reading outside, and this “green” collection would be a great way to celebrate the nice weather!

  280. Lauraadams

    I look forward to daylight lasting late into the evening/night.

  281. ReaderGirl82

    So many things!! Vacation to see my family, my garden, canning pickles and salsa, water fights with my son, camp fires, all the books coming out! So many great things about spring!

  282. bbbookin

    Thread of Fear

  283. bombi9923

    I am looking forward to warmer weather because then we go camping all summer, as we are retired and have our camper in a campground on a river!

  284. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and a vacation!

  285. Definitely looking forward to the warmer weather! I love Spring and rain and I don’t like being cold. πŸ™‚

  286. amyescy9

    I live in Los Angeles, CA so its sunny pretty much year round so the weather doesnt excite me about spring what does it the faires and festivals, St. Patty’s Day, Spring Break, and being one semester closer to transferring to a four year University. I’m looking forward the seasons newest book and book finds.

  287. I can’t wait till my grass is green, and my flowers are blooming. I have daffodils blooming now, and tulips are up. I want to read outside in my lawn chair. πŸ™‚

  288. kansassweet

    Flowers growing, trees budding, grass turning green. Warmer weather, the smell of rain in the air. I’m so ready. πŸ™‚

  289. allison2554766

    Looking forwards to spring! Especially the “April Showers” bit

  290. hippiechick

    Wearing less clothes. I love specially hate winter clothes and coats. Give me a tshirt and shorts everyday!

  291. Truanimefan

    Light jacket weather, being outside without worrying about catching a cold. Picnics and cookouts and spending time with everyone outdoors.

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