Happy Mistresses’ Day!

The ladies celebrate Valentine’s Day early!

Kate explains why NYC is her boyfriend, Abby shares her anti-Valentine’s Day burning party and Lauren tells us about her first VDay with her husband.

And… did you know about Mistresses’ Day?

We’ll spare you their singing and just let you listen to Lauren’s Valentine’s Day song: “So Lonely” by The Police


So much drinking, so much burning.  We absolutely love Abby’s anti-Valentine’s Day bonfire of bitterness party.  Let us know in the comments what you would burn!

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  1. Scifigirl1986

    The flower sale for Valentine’s Day was always a bit depressing for me. The only year I enjoyed it was my junior year when one of the girls in my class got a card that said some guy was in love with her juicy ass. It sparked a conversation, which was literally a re-creation of the lyrics to “Baby Got Back.” Black guy turned to white guy and said, “Even you guys like big asses, right?” I nearly lost it laughing and then the girl who got the card realized what was happening, so she lost it too. LOL. (FYI, my amusement had nothing to do with my friend being embarrassed.)

    My first year of Grad School a bunch of us single girls had an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. We didn’t burn anything in the Bonfire of Bitterness, but we did watch a Disney marathon and had an awesome pot luck. (We had to vote on whether we were going to do a Disney or a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. Disney won by a slight margin.)

    • Ah, flower sales, traumatizing and amusing teenage girls across the generations! Your anti-Val party sounds great too, even without a bonfire :).

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