Sweeps – Aquarius: Prizes are in your future!

This month we’re celebrating Aquarius. Enter our sweeps for a chance to win the books below that are tailored to your horoscope sign!

Horoscope (courtesy of astrology.com):  aquarius-icon

Rather than be intimidated by a certain smarty-pants today, why not pick their brain and learn something new? You have ideas to offer, too, and a strong intellectual connection with someone else could be just what you need to add some zing to your day. So open up and share just a little bit more than you might normally be comfortable with. You have the brains to take the conversation in all the right directions, so trust that. Expect to be treated as an equal by this person, and you will be… in bed (is that fortune cookies or horoscopes? We can’t remember)

Let us know what you’re looking forward to this year in the comments section for a chance to win the watery book bundle below!

School of Fish













Sweepstakes ends 1/19/16, for official rules, click here.


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Color Me Mindful: Underwater

Color Me Mindful: Underwater

Anastasia Catris

These intricate and beautifully detailed line drawings of underwater scenes are ready for you to bring to life. Relieve stress, practice your mindfulness, and discover your creative side as you unplug and slow down by filling these exquisite pages with color.

School of Fish

School of Fish

Ben Pollinger

There's plenty of fish in the sea, and Chef Ben can show you how to cook all of them!



J.S. Cooper

Get swept away by indie sensation and New York Times bestselling author J.S. Cooper!



30 comments so far

  1. Mrs.xoxoxo80

    Am looking forward to 2016 because I just know it my year to put all my passed bull that’s been beating for years . So out with the old and in with the new. 2016 look out because here I come. Moon child drops the mic.

  2. bloghappy

    I’m looking forward to reading lots of books and also trying to live a happier life. I want to slow down and enjoy home and family.

  3. bookbunny68

    Family taking my granddaughter to Myrtle Beach for the first time.

  4. This year I’m most looking forward to playing more board games/puzzles with family.

  5. Limecello

    I’m looking forward to taking more trips and seeing more friends – hopefully visiting new places! 🙂

  6. I’m looking forward to some peace and relaxation.

  7. Fredreeca

    I am looking forward to each day one at a time!! I will take anything that comes and do the best I can to handle it with a smile!

  8. marcygold

    I am looking forward to several Kresley Cole books in the Master/Professional series and the Arcana Chronicles. I hope to travel a bit and I’m am waiting very impatiently for Season 2 of Outlander.

  9. I love the adult coloring books. I’ve been working on SPLENDID CITIES by Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick.

  10. This year I’m looking forward to less stress and more down time to enjoy with friends and family and reading, because there are never too many books.

  11. chicamija

    I’m looking forward to doing more arts and crafts

  12. more books to read

  13. looking forward for more books to read

  14. Finishing my MBA!!

  15. Aquarius is my sign, and I’ll celebrate my birthday at the end of this month. I’m looking forward to spending more time with my sister in 2016. She’s my best friend, and we talk on the phone everyday, but nothing replacing actually talking face to face.

  16. In 2016 I am looking forward to embracing new things and leaving the past in the past.

  17. josiearizona

    This 2016 I’m looking forward to reading more! I love reading many kinds of books and blogs. I also want to travel a bit. And I’m looking forward to learn to code. 😉

  18. Im looking forward to having new adventures. Hopefully I get to travel more and experience new places! Also connecting more with family and friends.

  19. I’m looking forward to a remodel in our home. It’s been a long time coming and this is the year. That and a family vacation that is, also, long overdue.

  20. I’m looking forward figuring out a way to wear pants less.

  21. pitkinchick

    I am looking forward to spending 2016 getting closer to my family and God. I have a new grand baby that I can’t wait to teach him lots of fun things and share my love of reading with him.

  22. BonesLover15

    I am looking forward to giving birth to my first (and probably only) child – a little girl!! I’m due in a couple of weeks (February 9th) and we can’t wait! We haven’t settled on a name yet, but we’ve narrowed it down to 2… Thanks for hosting the contest. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  23. joliemisek

    This year I will get better organized. This includes cleaning out old clothing and donating items where possible. Out with the old!

  24. ColeBowl91

    Reading new books!

  25. I look forward to BookCon this year. 🙂 I’m so excited! I can’t wait to meet authors and all passionate readers.

  26. BetsyPauzauskie

    I’m looking forward to reading more books and taking a special vacation with just my husband!

  27. I’m looking forward to finishing my Master’s thesis and closing that long drawn out chapter of my education. Plus, it’ll leave more time for fun books!!

  28. Infinity_Chesh

    I’m looking forward to summer music festivals and being able to relax outside in the warm sun and breezy trees, 🙂

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