Jude Deveraux tells us what makes her holidays lovely

New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux tells us what makes her holidays special! Feeling festive? Pick up a copy of her newly reissued anthology HOLIDAY OF LOVE and get in the holiday spirit!

For many, many years I had a traditional Christmas. For weeks I baked, shopped, wrapped, decorated. I spent the day itself in the kitchen and I was always in charge of cleanup. A few years ago I decided that I’d earned a Christmas that I could truly enjoy! I turned down all invitations. Sometimes I lied and said I was going to be somewhere else.

My Christmases are now wonderful! For about 3 days I get to do what I — me — what I want to do. No emails, no telephone calls, no one asking me questions. Every year is different. I just ask myself what I want to do, then I do it. Quite often it is just staying home and being quiet. With my job, I need to have an open mind to let it wander and find book ideas. Christmas is the perfect time for that. A new book idea is my favorite gift from Santa.

The result of all this has been that I emerge from the holidays feeling great, not exhausted. I don’t mean to be a Grinch, but I can at last look forward to Christmas. For a few glorious days I get to experience the true meaning of Christmas: PEACE.

I hope everyone gets to experience the kind of Christmas that they truly want to have!!!!


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Holiday of Love

Holiday of Love

Jude Deveraux

When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to warm up than with four magnificent tales of love and adventure? Slip into a bubble bath or curl up in front of a roaring fire—and let New York Times bestselling romance authors Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Arnette Lamb, and Jill Barnett whisk you away!



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  1. Connie Fischer

    I completely understand how you sometimes need to simply be away from everyone. While some will say that’s silly, I think we all come to a point in our lives that being alone with just ourselves can be such a relaxing and healing time. It’s rare for me to get that time, but when I do, I love it. Three cheers for you!

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