12 Days of Giveaways: Day 9

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thank you for your entries, and happy holidays! Here at XOXOAD, we love doing something special to usher in the holidays, and this year, we’re celebrating with 12 Days of Giveaways! Enter each day for your chance to win a different prize pack of books perfect for any reader—and we hope you get everything you wished for. Our ninth day of giveaways is brought to you by Chloe, the daughter of one of the team members here at XOXOAD and a huge YouTube star fan! To enter the contest, please leave a comment answering this question: What do you think was the best holiday gift you’ve received?


Today’s post is brought to you by a true YouTube fan, Chloe, age 10. 

Why do I like the holidays? Well, for starters, I love the traditions and seeing my family. It’s not just about the gifts, it’s about the excitement leading up to Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or any other holiday you and your family celebrate.

I know the holidays are not just about the gifts, but if I had to choose the best holiday gift I ever received, it would be my laptop. When I came downstairs on that Christmas morning and opened it, I was ecstatic. I hadn’t yet heard of some of my favorite YouTubers like Miranda Sings, Tyler Oakley, and many others because I didn’t have anything to watch them on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend all my time on YouTube. What I am trying to say is coming downstairs and seeing my laptop sitting there was amazing.

My favorite holiday tradition is to go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve. I get to see all my family and open my holiday gifts from my relatives a day early. And I am the only granddaughter/niece, so all of my family loves seeing me. I have to say, I don’t mind the extra attention.

Please have a safe and happy holiday season, and have some fun!

Today’s giveaways are:

Selp-Helf by Miranda Sings

Binge by Tyler Oakley

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland

Hello Life by Marcus Butler

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Miranda Sings

Over six million social media fans can't be wrong: Miranda Sings is one of the funniest faces on YouTube. For the first time ever, Miranda is putting her advice to paper in this easy-to-follow guide, illustrated by Miranda herself. In it, you'll find instructions on everything: how to get a boyfriend (wear all black and carry a fishing net), to dressing for a date (sequins and an orange tutu), to performing magic ("Magic is Lying"), and much, much more!



Tyler Oakley

If you don't know who Tyler Oakley is, find the nearest pre-teen and ask. When the high-pitched squealing subsides, you'll both be ready to read this collection of madcap, hilarious, and moving stories from the YouTube phenomenon.

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise Pentland

YouTube star Sprinkle of Glitter, also known as lifestyle and beauty vlogger Louise Pentland, offers a delightful guide to finding happiness and sprinkling positivity into every area of your life, from nights out with your friends to the trinkets you display on your vanity.

Hello Life!

Hello Life!

Marcus Butler

Learn how to be an almost adult in this indispensable guide from British YouTube star Marcus Butler. For a twenty-three-year-old, Marcus Butler knows a lot about life--and not just from his own experiences but from the millions of followers on YouTube who chat with him on his irreverent channel, known for its mix of hilarious sketches, light-hearted banter, and deeply empathetic take on serious issues.



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  1. i hate to say it but I will go with money. my extended family always buys me clothes that are 2 to 4 sizes to big. so its nice not to have to figure out who to regift something to or where to return it to.

  2. My favorite gift was from my then 5 year old son. He gave me a pack of gum so I would never run out. Of course, he was the one who always chewed the gum. It was small, simple and straight from the heart. He was so proud of that pack of gum.

  3. ashley-pan

    My favorite holiday gift was from my sister who crocheted me a monkey from scratch. We named him Elton John, and it is still one of my favorite gifts.

  4. I inherited a dog.

  5. Schlauberger

    A hand knitted sweater.

  6. sweetrainy

    My favorite holiday gift was a rescue puppy given to me when I was 12.

  7. gift cards for me

  8. A story written and illustrated by my 10 year old niece.

  9. KristineAz

    I remember when I was a kid and I got my first stereo. Absolutely flipped out. I was 13 or so. Years before that, when I got a bike.

    But now I think the best gift was always time. Time together. Time to celebrate. Time to laugh and carry on traditions. All the minutes and hours we were all still together.

  10. a tabletop hockey game when i was a kid

  11. Bookworm2005

    A trip to Mexico from my then new husband on our first Christmas together.

  12. squirrelburrito

    One Christmas morning in middle or high school, one of my friends randomly showed up with a dozen roses just because. Totally surprised me. That was awesome. 🙂

  13. Texas Book Lover

    My kindle!!!

  14. a typewriter

  15. My favorite gift was a “MOM” necklace that my daughter bought for me from her school’s Santa Secret Shop when she was 6 years old. That was my very first mom gift and it was very special

  16. my ipad mini

  17. konakouture

    The best gift I’ve received is…Jewelry!

  18. Dragon_ladyjo

    A Barbie townhouse when I was a child

  19. kbentondelauder

    This is probably telling my age, but the best gift I ever received was a Nintendo (yes, the original system) from my parents when I was in grade school. I didn’t have much growing up and all the “cool kids” at school had one. I asked for one but never dreamed I would get it! I cried real tears of joy over that thing because I knew how much it cost and how hard my Dad had to work to buy it!

  20. NormaStar5

    My Rosary. Fr. Quintin gave me a Rosary that I still have and cherish more than ever because he is in Heaven now.

  21. Without a doubt the best Christmas gift I ever got was a holiday cruise to Mexico with my mom and brother 2 years ago!! It was Mom’s treat!!

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