12 Days of Giveaways: Day 8

UPDATE: This contest is now closed, but there’s still two more days left of fantastic giveaways! Here at XOXOAD, we love doing something special to usher in the holidays, and this year, we’re celebrating with 12 Days of Giveaways! Enter each day for your chance to win a different prize pack of books perfect for any reader—and we hope you get everything you wished for. Our eighth day of giveaways is brought to you by Swept Away series author J.S. Cooper! To enter the contest, please leave a comment telling us your favorite memory of the holiday season!

Christmas carols.

Marshmallows roasting over an open fire.

The glittering lights on the Christmas tree. 

The sounds of children squealing in excitement.

The presents wrapped up all tight waiting to be opened. 

The cookies and milk waiting patiently to be sneakily eaten by Santa Claus. 

These are the memories that I conjure up when I think of Christmas Eve. The only missing ingredient from this magical night is the moment I get to snuggle up on the couch with a new book. Every year, I go to the bookstore and choose five books that I allow myself to savor during the holidays. It’s my gift to myself and it never gets old. Settling in with a new book surrounded by warmth and love is what makes me warm and cozy inside. It’s when I really and truly feel that the Christmas spirit has entered me. 

Today’s giveaways are:

Resolution by J.S. Cooper

Before by Anna Todd

Sustained by Emma Chase

Searching for Always by Jennifer Probst

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J.S. Cooper

Indie sensation and New York Times bestselling author J.S. Cooper brings us the final novel in the Swept Away series, a trilogy of heart-pounding romances about a woman marooned on a desert island with a sexy stranger--but is he friend or foe?



Anna Todd

Book Five of the After series—Anna Todd’s Wattpad fanfiction that racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated romance readers across the globe! Before explores Hardin Scott’s life before Tessa, reveals what happens after After, and gives new insights on their turbulent #Hessa romance.



Emma Chase

A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight. When you’re a defense attorney in Washington, DC, you see firsthand how hard life can be, and that sometimes the only way to survive is to be harder. I, Jake Becker, have a reputation for being cold, callous, and intimidating—and that suits me just fine. In fact, it’s necessary when I’m breaking down a witness on the stand. Complications don’t work for me—I’m a “need-to-know” type of man. If you’re my client, tell me the basic facts. If you’re my date, stick to what will turn you on. I’m not a therapist or Prince Charming—and I don’t pretend to be. -

Searching for Always

Searching for Always

Jennifer Probst

An expert in helping others de-stress, Arilyn Meadows is running on fumes. Will she spark a mind-body connection with an angry policeman who she's tasked with turning more zen?



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  1. cruising around with the family looking at light displays

  2. My favorite memories are the little traditions my hubby and I started with our two boys. I made a felt /sequence Christmas tree advent calendar when my oldest was 5. They loved putting “up” the ornaments every day counting down to Christmas. We even continued the tradition when they went to college. When they were home on the weekends, they would take turns “catching” up on the countdown. They are 22 & 24 and I still have to put it up even though it is only me putting up the ornaments. “Mom, it just isn’t Christmas without the count down tree”. I have 2 kits to make them for when they have their own kids so they can continue the tradition.

  3. My favorite memory of the holiday season is baking and frosting cookies with my grandma when I was younger.

  4. Favorite memory of the holiday season is decorating our tree and playing white elephant!

  5. My favorite memory during the holidays is definitely putting up the Christmas tree with my family. We would put Christmas music on. Dance and sing ! It’s always been so much fun! The only time of the year when everyone is really happy. 🙂

  6. My favorite memory is us kids seeing all the pretty decorations and presents. We were always trying to peek inside without Mom finding out! Smile

  7. Dragon_ladyjo

    When my son was born, my family started attending Fantasy of Trees , which benefits the local children’s hospital. We made thumbprint ornaments and a few other special keepsakes. We have attended every year since with both of my children, mom, and cousins. When my mother passed away in 2011, no one wanted to go but we went anyway because she wouldn’t have wanted us to stop. This year, my sons are 10 and 13 and they didn’t want to go but promised to make the ornaments if I brought them home. I knew if I made them go, it would be a miserable trip. I tried to tell myself it would be fun and my cousins and I would have a girls day. Sadness still fell upon me while we were there, missing my mom and the fun my children used to have there. At church the next day, I came across a text in the church bulletin written by K.E. Hoarsely that read, ” Change is enevitable. Job tells us that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Change can be exciting, painful, or awkward. But change is a part of life. So enjoy the traditions you hold dear, but be ready to let them go when God show’s you it’s time. ” I am so thankful of the times we all had together. I look forward to continuing the tradition with friends and other family members, and maybe someday with my own grandchildren.

  8. Asking Santa to leave me snow from the North Pole…. I lived in Florida at the time, and when I woke up Christmas morning to a ziplock bag of ice water I was beyond thrilled. Santa left me snow!! Sure it melted but so what, it was offical snow from the North, freaking, Pole!

    Of course it wasn’t, but I didn’t know that at the time, lol.

  9. My favorite Holiday mmemoryis the last Christmas we dat down with my Mom, Dad and 2 brothers. Laughing and talking. and having a great time. It was the last Christmas we’d all be together before they. passed away.I thank God we have our precious memories.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • NormaStar5

      Dear Carol L.,

      God Bless your memories, and may you hear a tiny bell ringing on Christmas Day from your family in Heaven. God Bless you, dear.

  10. Christmas eve and the raclette

  11. Christmas night at my grandparents house. There was a huge dinner and no presents were touched until carols were sung and the Christmas story was read by my Grandpa. (Grandma’s rules) Their house was so cramped as families continued to grow but no one seemed to mind on those nights

  12. My favorite memory is the year my oldest child received her bouncing horse. She rode it for years and her sibling rode it after her.

  13. When I was 8 years old, I received a bicycle and it was the most exciting gift I ever received.

  14. always like the big family dinner

  15. On christmas eve of 2013 my whole family got together at my granny’s house and my cousins from Denmark came by surprise . we hadn’t seen them for 5 years therefore it was the best Christmas ever.

  16. Tina S Perkins

    Decorating the Christmas tree and listening to my Nat King Cole Christmas cd.

  17. Having our annual Christmas Eve party, seeing all our family and friends.

  18. flamingbagofpoo

    The first Xmas with my first born son Henry. Was such a magical feeling to experience Xmas with your children

  19. The first Christmas with my nephew.

  20. pattygangl

    A special memory is the Christmas after my dad passed away when all my friends brought a surprise Christmas Party to my house along with the tree, ornaments, food, drink and most of all LOVE. Thanks to you all.

  21. One year my mom and I went to Dollywood/Gatlinburg for a long Christmas weekend to see the light displays and enjoy sometime hotel time with an indoor water park. On Christmas day we couldn’t find anywhere open to eat. Finally we found this hole n the wall Chinese place. We were starving so we ordered half the menu. Best meal ever. Evey year since we’ve gone out to get Chinese.

  22. My favorite memory of Christmas is not the presents (although those are great) but Christmas morning as we open our stockings as I prepare our special breakfast. Mornings are special to me anyway and Christmas morning is magic in the feelings it evokes and memories it stirs of Christmases past. I love it.

  23. Texas Book Lover

    My favorite holiday memories are every year I’ve been able to spend with my family all together. I know there aren’t many left so I cherish them all.

  24. My favorite Christmas memory is looking around the room on Christmas morning surrounded by my family and piles of ripped wrapping paper.

  25. Baby’s first Christmas

  26. My mother made a gingerbread house every year when I was growing up. She cooked the gingerbread and cut out the pattern then put it all together.

  27. my husband proposed to me 24 years ago on Christmas eve. That was the start of many good memorable moments together and with our children.

  28. decorating together

  29. FMABookReviews

    This may sound sad, but really, it isn’t. My favorite memory is the last Christmas I spent with my father. He was feeling relatively well and the entire day and night was spent with family gathered around. We shared stories, laughter and love. It will be a memory I cherish forever!

  30. My favorite memory of Christmas was the year we were all ready early and decided to make gingerbread houses on the 24th. We had to go out in a snowstorm for the ingredients and had a wonderful relaxing day decorating the houses.

  31. KristineAz

    Growing up, every year, on Christmas Eve we got to open one present. It was always, without fail, a new pair of pajamas. I figured it was so we would look decent in all the Christmas pics the next day.

    Tree by the fireplace so we could light a fire (regardless of temperature outside) to open our presents.

    I so very much wish we could recognize the important moments when they’re happening–especially as a child. It’s those moments we all miss most when we reach an age where family members are no longer living.

  32. Bookworm2005

    Looking at the window displays on 5th avenue in N.Y.C.

  33. ruthboaz373

    My favorite memory is spending Christmas with my grandmama. The tree would be lit. I miss her.

    • NormaStar5

      Dear Ruthboaz373,

      Cook your grandmama’s favorite dish and enjoy it on Christmas Day in her honor. All her love is with you. God Bless You.

  34. Having Frank Sinatra’s Xmas album playing while decorating the tree.

  35. konakouture

    My favorite memory is always the lights…love the christmas lights and smells!

  36. Watching my family opening the gifts that I got them and not only being surprised by what it is I got them but also loving it.

  37. NormaStar5

    When I lived alone in a studio apartment. My little friend, Bandit – a toy fox terrier – and I would sit on the wooden floors and look up at our tiny Christmas Tree sitting on the end-table, adorned with my handmade ornaments and at the feet would be the Holy Family figurines passed down to me. I would sing along with the radio playing Christmas songs and Bandit would either howl or yawn and roll on the floor. Then Fr. Quintin would call to make sure I had arrived safely from Mass and then call the rest of his flock to ensure they also got home. I never had family call me and I had no friends, but I never was without God being there. I love Christmas.

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