12 Days of Giveaways: Day 5

UPDATE: This sweeps is now closed, but don’t miss the remaining 12 Days of Giveaways! Here at XOXOAD, we love doing something special to usher in the holidays, and this year, we’re celebrating with 12 Days of Giveaways! Enter each day for your chance to win a different prize pack of books perfect for any reader—and we hope you get everything you wished for. Our fifth day of giveaways is brought to you by Half Moon Hollow series author Molly Harper!  To enter today’s giveaway for paranormal romance fans, tell us in the comments about a person who brings out the best in you!


9781476794433My husband, David, and I celebrate our “real anniversary” on Christmas Eve. In December 1992, at age 14, we went on our first real date on Christmas Eve and during that date, I leaned over during a showing of The Bodyguard and I told him I didn’t want to date anyone else and I didn’t want him dating anyone else, either. He said, “OK, then.” And 22 years later, we’re still together. So while we were married in July, we always take some time right around Christmas to have a special date night and celebrate the day I told him resistance was futile.

The great thing about growing up with the person you married is that you influence each other’s personalities. Over the years, he has made me a reasonably responsible adult-shaped person. I have brought out the snarkier, funnier aspects of his personality. The smart aleck banter between my heroes and heroines is entirely based on the way my husband and I talk to each other, ellipses and all. Without him, I might not produce the quirky, sexy men between my pages.

So the lesson here is, find the right person, find him early and then tell him he’s unavailable to anyone else. And do it right around the holidays so your anniversary is easy to remember.

Today’s giveaways are:

The Single Undead Moms Club by Molly Harper

Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love by Erin Quinn

Caged Warrior by Lindsey Piper

Contest rules can be found here.

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The Single Undead Moms Club

The Single Undead Moms Club

Molly Harper

In the next book in Molly Harper’s Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, Libby (a widow-turned-vampire) struggles with her transition, and finds out it sucks to be the only vampire member of the PTA…

Sweet Ruin

Sweet Ruin

Kresley Cole

#1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole continues her Immortals After Dark series with the mass market edition of this sixteenth installment, featuring a would-be superhero who's come to believe in her villainry--unless one sensual enforcer can make her see the truth.

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love

Five Deaths of Roxanne Love

Erin Quinn

Joe Black meets Nora Roberts in this paranormal romance featuring a woman who can cheat death and the Reaper charged with ensuring her mortality. When Roxanne and Santo get together, they find that love and death make dangerous bedfellows...together they will either save the world--or destroy it.

Caged Warrior

Caged Warrior

Lindsey Piper

Eight years ago, Audrey MacLaren chose to marry her human lover, a decision that marked her as an exile from the Dragon Kings, an ancient race of demons who were once worshiped as earthly gods. Now, she must protect her natural-born son from the merciless Cage warriors--or die trying.



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  1. My BFF is the best person I know. She has me in a positive attitude when I’m around her. We check out new things all the time. She’s someone I inspire to be.

  2. Jenn Benando

    My hubby and kids bring out the best in me. I want to be the best for them.

  3. I don’t know if I can narrow this answer down to one person. All of the people I love bring out the best in me…not because they require it of me but because I want to be better for them, to see the love and admiration in their eyes because I give my best to them and for them.

  4. Awww, what a romantic Christmas Eve story!!

  5. My husband brings out the best in me. His support has helped me come out of my shell.

  6. My husband brings out the best in me, he makes me be a better person.

  7. My children bring out the best in me. They are my world.

  8. My dear SO, Jeffrey brings out the best in me. He challenges me to push myself when I need it, but he is also there to offer support as needed.

  9. My children and grandchildren are the best thing that I have in my life. Ive been ill for some time. My daughters always call everyday to find out how I am. They will come to me at the drop of a hat. I lost my oldest daughter now 13yrs ago. She left behind 3 sons 1 of which I have raising since he was 8 months old. The love and strength that Ihave instilled in my children is overwhelming. I love my family even when I’m feeling down they can make me smile.

  10. tracytwilight40

    My husband is the person who brings the best in me because he always there when I needed someone and always listens to me when I am needing advice about anything and he courage me when I want to do something.

  11. My husband of 29 years is the one that makes me want to be a better person every day. He is my champion, partner, best friend. He gives selflessly every day to me and our boys. I try to be at least half the wonderful person he is.

  12. My husband brings out the best in me.

  13. My children bring out the best in me. I want to be a good role model.

  14. My husband brings out the best in me. He supports me and calls me out when I’m being a jerk. lol. Thank you!

  15. nowischick

    My fiancé, he was my biggest supporter while going back to school, and makes me want to keep up with him in the fun department with our kids!

  16. kenyaainthappy

    My husband brings out the best in me because i’d be lost without him he is my anchor

  17. One of my best friends, Tracee, brings out my fun side … which is definitely my better side!

  18. My best friend Nancy, she is so kind and caring that you can’t help but be the same around her.

  19. My son. Since I’ve broken my ankle and had surgery he has really stepped up and paid the bills and helped take care of me. And he’s only 23.

  20. My best friend.

  21. midnightallie

    My husband is so good to me that he makes me want to be a better wife every day. He encourages me to try new things. I’m braver when he’s near me.

  22. my teammates at work are good at bringing out the best in me when we work together on projects

  23. My husband has a way of bringing out the best in me. He can make me feel like no other, good and bad, as he knows me inside out. Sometimes to see the best, you first have to look at the worst.

  24. My husband and kids bring out the best in me. My students do as well.

  25. heatherzilla

    My husband brings out the best in me. He always encourages me when I need it.

  26. The person who brings out the best in me isn’t a romantic interest, but they are certainly a love of my life. My best friend keeps me calm when I might otherwise lose my mind; we are fierce partners in crime; and the only person I’ve ever lived with and never fought with. Maybe that sounds insignificant, but they are the only person to make me feel normal, especially when I feel like everything is wrong, and to bring out all my best qualities, despite myself.

  27. My husband is my best friend , lover, and my biggest supporter! He makes me feel good about myself and is a wonderful dad to our two children! I know if I am down , he knows exactly how to lift my spirits!

  28. my gf brings out the best in me

  29. Stephanie F

    My husband brings out the best in me. We were friends for years before we started dating and he always put me in my place then and taught me to be the best I could. He’s loving and supportive and I could never have succeeded in all that I have without him.

  30. My fiance brings out the best in me for sure!

  31. my neighbor. she’s 80+ and she has been like a grand mother to me.

  32. The best? I’m not really sure. After 23 years of marriage I can tell you who brings out the crazy!

  33. always challenges me to do better

  34. tootsiebutt

    My husband and kids bring out the best in me. I know cheesy lol but true. They accept me for all my goofy and wacky antics. They don’t expect me to be something or someone I’m not

  35. mcdonaldrenee

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway and good luck to everyone entering!

  36. My husband totally brings out the best I me! We balance each other out, and I’ve grown so much as a person since meeting him!! Thanks so much for the chance – what a great giveaway! I love all these authors! Happy Holidays!

  37. These books look so fun. Am enjoying entering the contests. Thanks so much for the chance!!! Happy Holidays

  38. I loved your husband’s response. Sounds like a typical guy answer. My husband also brings out the best of me. My family claims that I’ve changed for the better since I’ve been with him. But then I was always an awesome person so I have no clue what they’re talking about.

  39. My husband brings out the best of me in many ways. He’s very supportive of me.

  40. stephcullers@gmail.com

    I must admit that I am inspired by my nieces and nephew. They bring out the best in me. Jace, Alec, and Avry make me want to be the best that I can be and to be a positive influence in their lives. They remind me to not take things too seriously and to enjoy the simple things in life like time spent together, so for this holiday post I recognize them.

  41. Fruityjenn

    I Love your books. And now for some reason I want to picture Dick Cheney providing the commentary for your husband.

  42. My best friends Julie and Tiffany always support me. It helps me accomplish my goals when I feel like giving up.

  43. My Mom. She’s inspirational.

  44. My family brings out the best in me. They always inspire me to be better and do better.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  45. Bookworm2005

    These look like some interesting reads.

  46. NormaStar5

    The only person that comes to mind is Fr. Quintin A. Neyland, O.F.M. because of his constant guidance and help. He always taught me to leave all in God’s hands and it has been a blessing. Especially when so much is upon me, I am reminded of my best and only Friend’s words. Still, even though he has passed away, I can still feel his presence in my life – especially when so much is going on and I can somehow feel his words from the great beyond guiding me.

  47. sunshinehdfan

    My Mom brings out the best in me because she is a beautiful person. The best I know. You can’t help but try to be good when you spend any time with her, you’d know.

  48. My best friend, who I have had the pleasure of knowing since we were in 1st grade.

  49. Ashley5724

    My husband is the person who brings out the best in me. He is the most giving person I have ever met and he makes sure that I do not forget to help out any time and in any way that I can.

  50. KristineEL

    My husband definitely brings out the best in me!

  51. Barbiegirl

    My husband is my best friend. He makes me a better person!

  52. I have to saay my children. As a mother they always make me want to do the best and be the best. When you have 7 I couldn’t narrow it down.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  53. My mom is the person who brings out the best in me because she’s done a lot for me and all I want to do is make her happy and proud of me.

  54. KristineAz

    This would have been easier to answer last year as the answer was always my dad.

    But we buried him 5 days after Christmas last year.

    He was the most incredibly honorable and ethical person I knew. Always did the right thing, regardless if anyone else witnessed it.

    Massively funny–we had the same sense of humor. Sarcasm, exaggeration.

    Lover of sports and world events. Very intelligent–and he was the writer in the family.

    He was the sort of human everyone else should strive to be.

  55. I think my students bring out the best of me.

  56. My grandkids bring out the best in me. I’m more patient, more generous, more fun…just *more* whenever I’m with them. 🙂

  57. My 13yr old son brings out the best in me. He has ADHD and his meds have just recently stopped working. He has had an awful time at school with his grades and his peers. With help from his doctors and counselors I have been able to start to homeschool him and hopefully lead him down a happier path. All I can say is he smiles more now and that just melts my heart.

  58. Lurline.4@me.com

    Caring for my daughter’s dog, when I didn’t want another dog, makes me a better person.

  59. featherlight

    My BFF! We have been best friend since we were 7. We are now 37! We don’t get too see each other as often these days but when we do, we have a blast!!!

  60. he’s been my “man” for over 34 yrs now bringing out the best in me each and every day

  61. Dragon_ladyjo

    My husband, my rock 💕

  62. My bff my husband I suppose

  63. My friend, Ada, brings out the best in me. I am Agoraphobic and in poor health. But when I talk to her she brings out the outspoken, fun, Mel.
    I love Paranormals!! This is the day for me! Happy Holidays!

  64. Hmmm, I love my family, and while they bring out the best in me, they also bring out the worst, so I’d have to go with all of the little kids in my life.

  65. My husband brings out the best in me, in about a zillion different ways. One of the most useful: thanks to him I am a much better cook! Happy holidays to all.

  66. Definitely my husband but also my mom and dad. They are the best people I could hope to be and they bring out a better me!

  67. Schlauberger

    Mom and Dad, they had always been there for me and I don’t want my children to experience anything less growing up in our household.

  68. TheLoveJunkee

    My best friend brings out the best in me – I aspire to be as awesome as she is!

  69. Texas Book Lover

    My daughters always bring out the best in me!

  70. My husband brings out the best in me. His encouragement gets me through.

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