Let’s Talk Turkey!

Let’s talk some turkey! Whether you spend it with family or celebrate Friends-giving, Thanksgiving is a holiday chalk full of traditions and wonderful food.

PSA: turn down your volume around minute 6 unless you want Lauren’s piercing screams to damage your eardrums.

The ladies share their holiday traditions and chat with Associate Director of Publicity, Kristin Dwyer!

The ladies wrap up with a Thanksgiving version of Taboo.  This is a 2 balls of fire episode, and remember, the best conversations happen after dark.

You’re going to want to get away from family after a while, so why not cuddle up with a free book?


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  1. Love this!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  2. SciFiGirl86

    I love this podcast and I think you girls are awesome, but I felt compelled to comment on this post because I don’t think it is right to ever screw around with someone’s birthday, especially when they’re young and have no control over anything. I’m a late November baby and my birthday was always superseded by Thanksgiving. I never had a real birthday until I moved out for Grad School and had friends who appreciated me more than my biological family did. When I lived at home, my birthday never mattered, even when it didn’t fall on Thanksgiving. My family always said it made more sense to combine the two because no one would want to come over twice in the same week, which would have been fine if anyone ever acknowledged the fact that my birthday existed. If I had a birthday cake, it was put on the table with the other desserts and nothing would be said about it. This year, one of my aunts called me 3 times on my birthday and never once wished me “Happy Birthday.” She was too busy complaining about the number of people coming to the house on Thanksgiving. It made me feel like I was nothing. Insignificant. I hate them for that. It is the reason I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving now that I’m on my own. I treat it as an extra birthday for all those years when no one cared. I pretend that the parade is for me and make my favorite foods (no turkey). No one should ever feel like they’re not important because their birthday falls close in time to a major holiday.

    So, Happy Birthday, Mac and all the other late November Babies. You matter.

    • As an almost-Christmas baby, I sympathize, SciFiGirl! I’m sorry you had those experiences, but we so appreciate your choosing to comment and share them with us. You’ve definitely given us something to think about!

  3. I love working with Kristin! Hope y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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