Quiz: What Kind of Dog Are You?

What do you get when you put a couple dogs in a photo booth? Only the cutest book ever!


Lynn Terry, captures the adorableness that is dog selfies in her new photo book, Tails From The Booth.  We hosted Lynn and some of her furry friends in our office and it did not disappoint.  Spending all day with dogs and peanut butter was a slice of doggy heaven we would trade for any day.  Check out the video below of their day in the S&S office and Sit… Watch… Smile!

You may have spotted some special guest stars in the video… Susie and Simon from Susie’s Senior Dogs!


Take our quiz below to find out what type of Tails From The Booth dog you are!


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Tails from the Booth

Tails from the Booth

Lynn Terry

Sit, stay, smile! Furry friends meet photo booths in this quirky photography book that captures all the cute canine action when the leashes come off and the dogs are the star of the show. If dogs could take selfies, it might look something like Tails from the Booth.



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  1. Adam Wilson

    I got the Otto the Weimaraner — that’s why Abby Z. and I are friends!

  2. Ha! I am Otto the Weimaraner! I don’t know what my hound mix puppy will say about that. 🙂

  3. I’m not sure about this result, but Otto is adorable anyway.

  4. tammybean04

    Result: You’re a cat

    ROFL!!! I am so totally a cat person, and until the last few years never ventured much into dog territory, so I am not surprised in the least.

  5. loonyalana

    Result: You’re Riley Kate the Boston Terrier!

    (Although I think I’d prefer to get tammybean’s result and be a cat… is it bad I’m more of a cat person despite owning a dog as well?)

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