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love and always

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How many of you have ever had problems with the in-laws? Or the mothers of your fiancé or S.O.? Come on, don’t be shy, raise those hands. Carter, from fanfic phenom Sophie Jackson’s A Pound of Flesh series certainly knows what we’re talking about. In LOVE AND ALWAYS, the latest installment in the series, Carter and Kat find out just how much of an influence on their big day Kat’s mom will have … and it’s decidedly more than they anticipated. 

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever gotten into it with your S.O.’s family to enter for your chance to win a copy of A POUND OF FLESH and a free download code for LOVE AND ALWAYS! And keep reading for a sneak peek at LOVE AND ALWAYS.

Wesley Carter had never been a big believer in fate. Until recently, he didn’t believe in anything. Not even himself.

If he’d been asked eighteen months ago, when he was sitting in a cell at Arthur Kill Correctional Facility, if he ever imagined he would be here, his response would have been a cynical laugh. Back then he’d been drifting aimlessly, stumbling from one ginormous fuckup to the next, with no rhyme or reason to his life, and no inclination to even find one. He’d been rebellious and lost, and happy to be that way.

Until she found him again.

Breathing in deeply from his place on the beach house’s sitting room floor, he could smell pine and cinnamon wrapped in the scent of lovemaking that clung to his skin like a warm blanket. Oblivious to Carter’s epiphany, Kat hummed blissfully into his collarbone, making a high, sated sound. Her naked thigh rested just below his belly button while her leg curved around his hip, with the heel of her foot pressing deliciously into his ass. His hand meandered from where he cradled her temple, over her hair to the damp, warm skin of her bare shoulder. He smiled and turned his head, whispering his lips across her sweat-speckled forehead, nuzzling gently, breathing her in, knowing that he’d never been more content. His woman, his Peaches, in their home, it was a dream he’d thought out of reach.

Her small fingers danced through the sporadic hair on his chest, conjuring a satisfied sigh from deep within him. Opening his eyes gradually, he watched as the diamond he’d placed on the third finger of her left hand sparkled in the lights of the Christmas tree they’d made love under. Taking her hand in his, he brought it to his lips and placed a tender kiss on the stone.

“It’s perfect,” she whispered, her voice slightly hoarse from the screams of pleasure he’d elicited from her not twenty minutes before.

He dipped his chin at the same time she moved back and looked up at him. “You’re perfect,” he said and kissed her because Jesus, what else was there to do?

She gripped the back of his neck and pulled him to her, making their bodies roll until he was back on top of her, cradled between her thighs. He smiled at the one leg of her work pants that was still attached to her ankle and the silk blouse underneath her that would have to be replaced after he’d ripped it open in his haste to have her. Fuck it. It was only money. And who cared about shit like that when the love of your life had just agreed to marry you?

In a brief moment of doubt, he pulled back from her eager mouth, tracing her flushed cheek with the back of his hand.

“Did you mean it?” he asked seriously, watching her carefully. “Will you really marry me?”

Her eyes met his and a slow smile teased at the edges of her lips. “Yes. With my whole heart, I meant it.” She lifted her head, hunting out his tongue with hers. “I love you.”

“Christ,” he murmured, dropping his face to her neck, reveling in the sparks of lust and passion her words sent through his body. His hips undulated against her, driven by the want and desire he’d forever felt for her. “Baby,” he growled as he licked her throat, holding her grabby hands to the floor. “Do you know what your words do to me?”

Her response, as she arched her neck, was a wanton sigh.

He smiled. “I’m hard again.”

Her moan was all the beautiful assurance he needed as he once again pushed into her welcoming body.

Contest begins at 9:00 a.m. Thursday, August 6th and ends at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 13th. Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only. Please click here for complete contest rules. 


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Love and Always

Love and Always

Sophie Jackson

Kat and Carter's story continues in this sequel to A Pound of Flesh!

A Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh

Sophie Jackson

A strong-minded prison tutor discovers that her sexy bad-boy student is far more than he appears to be...



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  1. I would LOVE to win these books! Lucky for me I have never gotten into it with my husbands family!

  2. therock38545

    I’m not married so I haven’t gotten into any fights with my in-laws haha. I would love to win! 🙂

  3. My amazing husband had put up with my parents for nearly 27 years (23 yrs of marriage). All of what I’m about to say has happened in the past two months:
    My parents (who we now know have narcissistic personality disorder) did not want to believe our son had learning disabilities or health problems. So they tried to take him away from us.

    We had to retrieve him via police escort. They demanded to go to his Dr appointments or they’d call child services. We said no to the crazy. That night, dcf showed up at our door. (Fortunately the guy could see we are good parents and this was just revenge for stepping out of line).

    Then they called our college age daughter and my cell and the house and my husband’s work cell, stalker style. I was DONE. We had to block them from every means of communicating with us. My son and daughter–who never want to see their grandparents again–similarly blocked attempts at their need for attention.

    Then they shut off my daughter’s phone which was a gift (haha). Never mind she was on her way back to college and on a long drive.

    Then….ready for this? They sued us and our daughter for money they gave her to help pay for a car. We told them we were sending it, there was a problem in paperwork (it was a trust fund from my in laws, made before my beloved MIL died after a five yr battle with cancer). Nope they wanted it now now now, like a toddler throwing a tantrum so they had the gall to have our daughter served at college.

    We are preparing a file for a restraining order. I’m a wreck, they abused me my whole life. I put up with it because I thought they were good grandparents.

    It’s been hard on all of us, but the kids are doing great. I’m still grieving–they made me believe I was bad, and never deserved their love. But now I can truly live my life without their abuse. My husband told me he never liked them anyway 😉

    How’s THAT for in-laws (and parents and grandparents) from hell?

  4. Tanya Guthrie

    Haha, that is an understatement! In the beginning it seemed like it was all the time. Now we get along great but it took about 8 or 9 years.

    • That’s wonderful! It took many years for me as well. Sadly what brought me closer to m my MIL was her five year battle with cancer. She told me she now understood how it was for me to have autoimmune diseases all the time. She passed away in 2008, and I miss her terribly.

  5. lowdenkatie

    I actually haven’t gotten in with it with my in laws. My MIL lives out of state so that might help. 🙂 And my FIL stay out of stuff! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance.

  6. No in-laws yet, but I have had nothing but great relationships with my boyfriend’s parents. Hopefully my good luck streak continues when I do get married! :p

  7. I love my in-laws, not so much as my husband and my family. They actually wanted to join us on our honeymoon. They think he is not doing “his job” by not giving them grandchildren even though I told them I am the one who decided not to have kids.

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