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New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones was just like us this past weekend and took a break to celebrate the Fourth of July! She stopped by XOXOAD to chat about her favorite things to do during a long, lazy weekend, and (we suspect) to also make us jealous with the views from her backyard! 🙂

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments where your favorite place to watch fireworks is to enter for your chance to win a copy of ESCAPING REALITY and INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, the first two books in Lisa’s brand new Secrets of Amy Bensen series!

So, I’ve been charged with the question: “What did you do for your Fourth of July weekend?” What did I do? For once, despite the book that is begging to be written on my computer, I took a break! Most of you know about mine and my husband Diego’s cheat days every Friday. If you don’t know, it’s a day we break from our diet and exercise and enjoy some delicious food! Oh, how we look forward to those days. Well, this weekend, said cheat day extended into the Fourth. We indulged, but truthfully, we were due! Okay, enough lamenting about the lovely cheat days 🙂 Besides that, we lounged around with our Oriental Shorthair cat Julie. I know that may sound boring, but between my back-to-back deadlines, some family time was demanded.

If you don’t know, we live in Colorado Springs with a gorgeous view of the mountains. I actually have this picture from a few weeks ago after a storm rolled through:

Jones XOXO June 2015 2 (2)

Breathtaking, isn’t it? So just imagine that view, at night, with the sky lit up in an array of fireworks. Just as breathtaking, and possibly several decibels louder. We’re lucky that we don’t have to wrestle the crowds for a good parking and picnic spot for fireworks. We can simply enjoy them from our balcony, and with a skip, hop and a jump we’re in bed catching up on some reading!

I have to admit, that book that was begging for attention. I broke down on Sunday and worked a little. I’d have felt guilty if I hadn’t. But I promise, I took a few hours for a Sunday stroll with Julie and Diego (yes, we take out cats for walks, and she LOVES it! You can watch a video of it here), some catching up on social media, reading and more lounging. In short, it was quite the perfect weekend. I hope every single one of you had just as nice of a weekend! What’d you do? Let me know! Tag me on social media or find me on Facebook and share your fireworks pictures!

Two lucky winners will win a copy of ESCAPING REALITY and INFINITE POSSIBILITIES by Lisa Renee Jones. Contest begins at 9:00 a.m. on July 7th and ends at 9:00 a.m. on July 24th. Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only. Please click here for complete contest rules.

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Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality

Lisa Renee Jones

The first book in the sexy, suspenseful new The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones. A woman on the run from the ghosts of her past meets an entrancing billionaire recluse who wants to push her to her erotic limits...

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities

Lisa Renee Jones

Secrets and Lies. They are everywhere: haunting her, tormenting her. In the midst of it all, he'd been her escape, her passion. The only person she'd trusted in six years. And then he'd made her doubt that trust, cutting her deeply. But she is ready to fight and not just for survival. She is fighting for the truth and she won't stop until she has it, not even for him.



Lisa Renee Jones

In this third book in the sexy, suspenseful "The Secret Life of Amy Bensen" series from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, we meet Amy's brother, Chad, and the woman who either loves him or wants him dead...



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  1. kellyandkeithwest

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is in Laughlin, NV. I have seen a lot of different firework displays and I think that Laughlin, Nevada had the most beautifulest display I have ever seen and plus it is over the Colorado River and when they get bright, they glisten over the river and it is beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to enter this contest. Good luck to all that enters!

  2. featherlight

    We went out on my cousins boat to watch the fireworks but it ended up being called off because of rain! We ended up shooting some off at their house. But I think fireworks are awesome anywhere!! Would love to win these!! Love the Inside Out series! So I’m sure I would love these!!!

  3. CindyHF

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is in my backyard near Cranberry Twp, Pa We can see them from where we live. Not to mention, our dog Sam is afraid of fireworks. I like to stay close to him, to reassure him that everything is ok.

  4. We have a yearly bbq contest where family and friends come over and we vote on who has the best bbq. The competition gets very heated, but it is a lot of fun.

  5. My favorite 4th of July Fireworks show was during a vacation to Disney World. It was amazing…

  6. We enjoy watching fireworks across the river from the huge fireworks show.

  7. bookwitch

    I’m not sure if I have a favorite place. Downtown Chicago at Navy Pier is pretty cool

  8. on the tailgate with my husband

  9. wolf2644

    watch the fireworks from the yard. both the ones that go off in the sky and the neighbors being crazy.

  10. adendyut

    We grilled with the neighbors.

  11. rinkobc9

    My favorite place to watch the fireworks would be at the Bandshell in Daytona Beach on the ocean on a Saturday night sitting next to my better half!

  12. ehurley12

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is out on Long Island – my family has a house out there and there’s some beautiful places along the beach and the bay where you can sit and enjoy the fireworks.

  13. momof3boysj

    just a quiet weekend at home–watched fireworks from an upstairs window

  14. crboland1

    My favorite place to watch them is on the deck overlooking the lake while the fireworks are going off.

  15. I loved to watch fireworks on the river when I was a kid. Now, I just hang out with my family in our backyard, but it’s still fun to take a break from everything and spend time together.

  16. downita0912

    I sat on an old concrete pier in Lake Michigan and watched the fireworks in Racine. The colors light up the sky and the water. The sound of the waves slowly lapping up to shore are relaxing.

  17. close_ashley

    I’m a country girl, so my favorite place to watch fireworks has always been at my grandparents place out in the middle of nowhere on the bed of a truck!

  18. skilgore

    I love to watch from the beach and see the fireworks launch over the water. Would love to be on a boat for it but haven’t gotten there yet!

  19. bookbunny68

    I like seeing them at Disney World or Kings Island.

  20. cybertygr

    I love to watch fireworks from the roof of my 11 story apartment building. You can see just about EVERYONE’s fireworks from neighborhood ones to the ones at the big venues. Second favorite would be from the water on a boat!

  21. I love watching my kids do fireworks in my front yard.

  22. ccarroll

    The fireworks in our town are held at a closed AF base which is not far from our home so we can see the whole show. We take a few chairs and some beverages to the school just down the road and set up for the show. Lots of people show up and it is always a fun time!

  23. Danielle B.

    The best place to watch fireworks is at my friend’s house in the middle of nowhere. Bunch of people, lots of good food and volunteer firefighters lighting off fireworks!

  24. jodihunter

    Magic Kingdom, Ultimate place for all

  25. sbobalik

    Love your books, they are just like potato chips, once you start them you can’t stop.

  26. We watched fireworks at the Frederick Keys ball park and they were awesome. They had fireworks I have not seen before: cascading flowers and a whole sky full of fireflies.

  27. mlynpeters

    I love to watch the Navy Pier fireworks in Chicago along the lakefront


    Watching them with my family before my brother passed.

  29. Countrysunrise

    My favorite spot is Lexington Harbor in Michigan, overlooking Lake Huron. Here, it’s more than the fireworks. Since it’s a small town, the people help make it a very enjoyable evening, on top of the beautiful backdrop!!

  30. MiriamBader

    I live just outside of Washington DC so our favorite place to watch fireworks is on the lawn of the National Mall. So many people are there. It’s truly wonderful to have the Nation’s Capital as a backdrop to the fireworks display.

  31. I watched them from my back porch.

  32. My favorite place to watch fireworks is from inside the house through a big window. I know it doesn’t seem very exciting but it’s so humid where I live, I get the best of both worlds by staying inside… the a/c and the fireworks show! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  33. I don’t go to watch someone else shoot off fireworks. I like to do the show myself. I can stay home and have the time of my life.

  34. Surprisingly it’s the roof of my house. We are surrounded by three other cities so it’s easy to see each cities fireworks display by just pivoting in a different direction on the roof.

  35. My favorite place to watch the fireworks is from my backyard. My town does a display every year and we can see it by just watching the sky.

  36. marthab33

    My favorite place to watch firework is from my deck. I can see the Cape Cod railroad bridge in Buzzards Bay, MA and I get to watch fireworks from 2 different towns at once. Bourne and Wareham, Ma. It is such a treat!

  37. My favorite place to watch fireworks is downtown Houston, sitting on the hood of the car.

  38. Amandanicolebooks

    I went to my hometown, where I watched them as a kid and brought my kids there. The street is filled with food vendors and they sell fun toys and everyone lays out blankets and eats all night. We sat on the firehouse lawn and watch the fireworks fly over the high school football field. So many sentiments.

  39. I would like to be on the beach in Jamica the sky is so pretty the colors of the fireworks mixed with the color of the sky oh boy love it

  40. So far, my favorite place to see fireworks has been driving across Indiana and Ohio. It’s pretty flat because it’s farmland and as we went from one town to the next, we watched firework displays. Okay, I watched and my husband glanced 🙂

  41. courtcobb

    I’m from DC so I should say the Mall but my favorite place to watch fireworks is from the roof of my building. No crazy crowds!

  42. vickimarie2002

    My favorite place is anywhere with my family, of course. Wherever they are, is where I want to be as well. I do have to say, the best place was in the middle of Lake of The Ozarks in Missouri. Just sitting in a boat watching fireworks!

  43. mjreynolds32

    My favorite firework spot is a big boulder in the yard of a family friend on top of the West hill in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Growing up in this small town was wonderful, and watching the Buhl Park fireworks with my parents, siblings and friends as a kid is one of my fondest memories. Thanks for the chance to win some new reads!

  44. Cherwong

    This 4th of July I was sick in bed… but my favorite place to watch fireworks over the water at the beach.
    I lived in Hawaii for 18 years, and miss it a lot!

  45. JennyDauksaSchaber

    I don’t know exactly where I was, but we sat along a lake in The Ozarks. It was so clear and the display way fantastic!

  46. VRValicento

    I watch them from my backyard. It’s not great, but there are no crowds.

  47. aprilbrookshire

    After a Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. They put on quite a show.

  48. bdwat1853

    I love watching the fireworks on Lake Wawasee in Northern Indiana! They use barges and when the fire works go off they are so beautiful over the lake!

  49. barneshd

    My fav place is over the water in Safety Harbor, Florida.

  50. jazzyjacque

    my favorite place for fireworks is Narragansett ,Rhode Island sitting on the beach with cozy fire pit and wine

  51. Rosolync

    Since I was a child, I’ve always watched the 4th of July fireworks show at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. It’s always a tradition to set up lawn chairs down by the water, eat homemade ice cream, and enjoy the show with family.

  52. Favorite place to watch fireworks is at Walt Disney World

  53. So far, my favorite place is at Mt Rushmore, South Dakota. The fireworks as a backdrop to the carved president heads looks just right.

  54. hhadley3809

    We like to watch from our front yard, we can see the fireworks from a bunch of different cities & it’s Great!! Don’t have any pictures though, cuz we’ve only lived here for about a year. Thank you for a chance to win some more great books

  55. chrisreads

    I enjoyed watching fireworks with my family right from my own back yard.

  56. hikerdee

    I love to watch fireworks anywhere that I am with family, especially grandkids!!

  57. kimmiepooh

    My favorite place to view the fireworks is inside our home watching A Capital Fourth every year on our television set.

  58. My family likes to meet up in town and gather together to watch the fireworks go off from the park across the street. Myself, I prefer my usual of cuddling up with my special someone and watch from my back deck. The country landscape and privacy provides my perfect setting for watching the Fourth of July fireworks.

  59. My favorite place is on a rooftop in the Bronx. It is nostalgic to me. You can see the fireworks display of Macy’s, Citi field (Shea stadium), all the personal ones. I have seen some of Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and New Jersey. But Im not about crowds and i love seeing all the fireworks in a city sky, like the stars i didnt get to see like when i lived in Ohio for a year.

  60. Chapter2books

    The St Croix River in Wisconsin.

  61. mnjlove66

    My boys are grown and on their own. This year was very special when l all four boys and their families meet at our oldest sons house to enjoy the weekend and fireworks together.

  62. My favorite place to watch fireworks is at the local park here in Gas City, Indiana. They take donations all year to throw a HUGE fireworks show that lasts for an hour. Also through out the days there is a festival going on in the park too and they let people camp there for the holiday.

  63. Get up early, eat pancakes in the park, watch the parade, head home to BBQ, and chill the rest of the day.

  64. llevine72

    I love the Macy’s fireworks in NYC.

  65. princess441

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is Macy’s In New York City!

  66. I love watching fireworks from every place I have been. This year I worked at Verizon Amphitheatre in Irvine for the 4th and got closer than ever. Loved it!!!

  67. jennyfur76

    Hi All! If it wasn’t for “one” lone tree in a neighbor’s yard, we could watch our city’s fireworks from our back yard. So, instead we drive down the street and watch from the cemetery! I know it sounds creepy, but it’s really not, and the view is spectacular!

  68. My absolute favorite place to watch fireworks from is The Kings Inn in Moriah, NY. Across Lake Champlain, The Basin Harbor Club sets off fireworks every July 4th! It is magical watching the fireworks reflect off of the water. The fireworks are really the best I have seen and of course you have to love both places! I can’t wait to go again!

  69. I love watching them from the mountain area in my home town in New Jersey. On top of Eagle Rock you have a view of the Manhattan Skyline. But you also get to see several of the town’s fireworks displaysd.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Carol L

  70. kat52891

    On my porch

  71. Watch fireworks from my Grandma’s front porch is the best. She lives in a very rural area so we can shoot off our own, but there is also a town a few miles down the road that does a big display so we get to see those too without all the crowds.

  72. ladyhd64

    I love watching the fireworks from the NJ side of the Hudson River against the NYC skyline – just beautiful. This was my 1st year missing it as I moved to Vegas full time – now I’ll have to find a new favorite!

  73. sindee45

    I love to go over to the smaller Finger Lakes and grab my chair and blanket and enjoy a toddy while watching the lights around the lake and then the fireworks going off all around it.

  74. Bearsmom

    We spent the 4th doing absolutely nothing but sitting in our backyard drinking beer.

  75. DarylS_1

    my favorite place to watch the fireworks is right in our back yard or in our house. We can see everything that is going on around our house & oh & ah & so forth but still keep our dog happy.


    we joined friends in the vista calif area for swimming, barbque, good conversation, and from their hilltop hone we could look west and watch the sunset over the ocean, then watch five different area fire works, vista, oceanside san diego, del mar racetrack. Beautiful evening with good friends enjoying the freedom that our armed services men and women have won for us. Hard Fought Freedom.

  77. I’ve seen some beautiful fireworks in my life. I used to live in Colorado Springs and the fireworks by Garden of the Gods are pretty amazing. The fireworks on top of Pikes Peak set off by the AdAmAn Club each year are pretty awesome too 🙂 I grew up and currently live in Michigan and the fireworks over the Detroit riverfront are top notch each year. My all time favorite fireworks are the fireworks by the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan!!

  78. Karinabze

    I have never watch the fire works here in new York just moved here a couple years but I hope I will get that opportunity to do so in the future but from my experience back home its an amazing experience you enjoy with family friends and your other half the excitement of screaming out that specific occasion, the greetings and hugs and the love we shared all around us even with strangers around us. Well I might not have got the oopportunity to celebrate a 4 th of July here yet but watching it on TV is still a little exciting seeing the excitement and the happiness of people enjoying the day.

  79. I am grateful to live about 3-4 blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. I love that I can stand/sit on my second floor balcony with my love and watch the fireworks as they shoot over the tops of the lush palm trees as they gentle sway in the breezes from the beach.

  80. I have a front row seat to see the most spectacular fireworks display from my own backyard in Las Vegas. A minimum of 5 hotels on the strip let off fireworks from their rooftops every year. It’s simply breath taking……….

  81. KarnagesMistress

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is from the parking deck at National Airport in DC. You get a great view of the Mall without fighting the crowds. Plus, I’m in love with National Airport– I’ll take any excuse to go.

  82. Chrisbails

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I love watching them in the downtown. They have a festival and food. A car show, kids activities, and music. We go down early in the day and hangout. Read and eat some food.

  83. we watch fireworks from the local park that is a 5 min walk from our house

  84. ihoplady

    When I was a small child, we used to go to the Perth Amboy waterfront, now living in Florida many years later, I like to go to 2 different places both the beach and the casino. Both have wonderful displays!

  85. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful fireworks in my life. I used to live in Colorado Springs and the fireworks over Garden of the Gods are stunning. The fireworks on top of Pikes Peak set off by the AdAmAn Club each year at New Year’s after the hike up the mountain carrying them are a pretty amazing site. I currently live in Michigan where I was born and raised and the fireworks over the Detroit riverfront have always been spectacular. My favorite fireworks, though, are the fireworks over the Mackinaw Bridge between the Upper and Lower Peninsula!

  86. steamybookmomma

    My favorite place to watch 4th of july fireworks in the base lake. There is always a picnic type thing and then when it gets dark they do the fireworks.

  87. Backyard hanging with the family and BBQ ‘ing.

  88. My favorite place to watch fireworks is right where I live!!! West Palm Beach does a beautiful display right over the water near the intercostal. It’s fun to be there with friends to eat and drink before dark then once night falls the fireworks begin. Then it’s back home where we have our own fireworks and they not outside!!!!

  89. mzpoodle2u

    From the safety of my neighborhood while all of the neighbors let off their purchased goods.

  90. crcoordinator

    At the county fairgrounds on a blanket with pizza, soda and sparklers!!!

  91. joycehanc

    I enjoy watching fireworks in a noncrowded park with my family.

  92. mzpoodle2u

    From the safety of my own neighborhood while the neighbors take turns letting off their purchased goods.

  93. distantlands

    Here in Pasadena, the best show is always at the Rose Bowl. You can catch part of the show for free from the Colorado Street Bridge. But the funniest fireworks show I ever saw was at the beach in Santa Monica, just before dawn on the 4th. Morning fog obscured the show, turning the “fireworks spectacular” into a colorful artillery bombardment!

  94. nowischick

    I live only a few miles from Disney, so I love to go up on a small hill and I have the perfect view of their fireworks, without all the crowds!

  95. rubenesqueme

    I am a volunteer for The Medical Reserve Corp and The American Red Cross. So, for the past 5 years I have watched fireworks above the Philadelphia Art Museum while volunteering in the Medical Tent at the Welcome America Concert! Very rewarding and beautiful!

  96. h2olady8

    For the Fourth of July I watch fireworks from my house because our neighborhood really gets into fireworks and sets off not so legal fireworks. I also like to go to my town’s fireworks show and watch fireworks sitting on the grass (of course, only if someone else is watching over the three dogs that live at my house).
    Parades and running around are what make up the day leading up to fourth of July fireworks.

  97. frabjous

    At my local fair they have fireworks over the 4th every year.

  98. beachcomber42

    We like the fireworks at Freedom Park in Scotia, NY along the Mohawk River! Unfortunately, this year I was sick in bed with a stomach bug-Ugh!

  99. My favorite place to watch fireworks for the 4th of July holiday was Yorktown, VA. We listened to great military bands, saw historical reenactments, and then enjoyed watching the fireworks that were set off over the river. We were lucky enough to enjoy this 2 years in a row. Some day, we’re making the trip again!

  100. My uncle used to own a house on Mobile Bay, AL and we watched fireworks from their pier and it was amazing.

  101. sk kelly

    My favorite place is in the mall in Washington, DC., the place my hubby and I had our 2nd date in 1984!

  102. I stayed home on the fourth as I do every 4th as my husband is a Vietnam vet and has a problem with fireworks. My kitties don’t like them much either.

  103. My favorite 4th of July Fireworks shows were during the time I worked in downtown Manhattan!

  104. gincam44

    The front porch of my home in our little small railroad town in the mountains of Virginia is my favorite seat for the fireworks theater. There is a creek running across the road from my house, and neighbors shoot off fireworks that not only light up the night sky, but reflect in the water of the creek. Lovely, lovely small town Americana.

  105. We watch them from our Village park, you’re right in all the action!

  106. Ashley_cool19

    OMG yes i need this series 🙂
    Thank you for the amazing chance.

  107. styxx956

    Our favorite place to watch fireworks is on the military base near our home. They are so beautiful.

  108. HunterLiz72

    Favorite place is Hollywood beach, FL . Fireworks are spectacular!

  109. SereneLiz

    I had a relaxing 4th of July weekend, with my husband Dave and eldest son, Tim, who recently got home from two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are so blessed to have him home safe and sound. We grilled and watched the fireworks from our backyard.


    I watch the fireworks from Frontier Field in Rochester, NY. After the ball game, there is a fireworks show at the stadium. At the same time the Rochester city fire works show is going on in the background. And during the game you can see some of the fireworks spread out in the special show going on in the Genesee river gorge at High Falls. Fireworks all around!

  111. DisneyAngel

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is at Disneyland! But on the fourth of July, we are lucky to have friends that live near the San Diego Bay, and from their house you can see about 6 different fireworks displays! Its great! So that’s where we usually spend our fourth!

  112. Danielle

    I live across the road from the Phillies practice field so i can sit outside on my porch and watch fireworks.

  113. Dmbieber

    My favorite place is in Glendale Colorado. We sit on the roof of a multi-level parking garage. We go early and bring games and food anxiously anticipating the darkness. There is an awesome view and we share this fun location with hundreds of happy people!

  114. Barbara_stoker

    Bestbuy parking lot. My family and I have been going there for over 20 years long before it became bestbuy. I went with my grandparents and my mom. Now that they passed away I go with my son and my man. And all these years later I still have the best seat. Next to my family

  115. I live at the Lake of Egypt in Southern Illinois and my favorite place to watch fireworks in on our pontoon boat in the middle of the lake. We have “official’ Elk’s Club fireworks and all sorts of unofficial displays too. Not matter how hot the day is, there is always a cool breeze in the evening and sitting with an adult beverage watching all the displays is magic!

  116. Apachewoman59

    over lake ontario from a boat

  117. Dora Balfour-Lyda

    I enjoyed the 4th of July with my grandsons and Family, went down town Aurora for the Beautiful Display and came home and did S’mores!

  118. I like to sit on the front porch and watch the fireworks as they break over the top of the trees in bursts of sound and color. It’s the best seat in the house.

  119. Jluvsbooks

    I live in Las Vegas, NV. So, You can pretty much see the fireworks from the Las Vegas strip from anywhere in Las Vegas. Even my backyard! It’s a bit far though, so instead of having to deal with the big crowds, we just park close by and get in my hubby’s truck bed. We get nice and cozy and watch the entire sky light up! So far Las Vegas has had the best fireworks I’ve seen, but I’ve never been to NY. I’m sure they have some major competition

  120. I know they say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but by the few covers I seen of Lisa Renee Jones, I believe I have myself a new Author.

  121. I just relax for the 4th of July and watch the fireworks. It was okay, but the group, don’t pop fireworks long like they use to

  122. briannamoira

    my favorite place to watch fireworks is in Westerly, RI on Winnapaug Pond.

  123. I love sitting on the tailgate on the divide overlooking the valley and watching ALL the fireworks going on.

  124. Lavernl714

    In the town park in Milltown, NJ

  125. kellberry

    The best fireworks I have ever seen have been by Disney! Of course, the Detroit fireworks are nice over the river, but I’d much rather be at Disney!!

  126. Kdrumm9279

    Beach Haven NJ with my family and friends

  127. MandalynnJDG

    I love watching fireworks anywhere!

  128. Truanimefan

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is at the lake with my family.

  129. rosebud101

    My favorite place . I can see the ones from the park is on my front deck and neighbors.


    I love being at my best friends house surrounded by family kids and friends. We can see the fireworks from her porch while having cocktails and BBQ. Excellent times

  131. theresadsmith

    We were in Ireland visiting our daughter and husband. We went to a lovely little place to eat and while there we ran into two families from Texas, not far from where we live.

  132. Vihousgirl

    My husband and I sit on our front porch and watch the fireworks. This is so nice and comfy and can eat or drink whatever we want as we are home. Nice not to get caught up in all the traffic afterwards.

  133. Valotte68

    My favorite place is with my family watching at the River Walk.

  134. I spent time with family then watched the Twilight Zone marathon.

  135. onejewel

    We had a big cookout.. My favorite spot to watch the fireworks is from my porch…You can see them from every direction.

  136. My favorite place to watch fireworks is at the lake behind my house. It is actually a large pond but, in the dark and with the reflection of a thousand tiny stars falling toward it, this perfect little spot seems as large as the explosions going off above it. Of course, it is more pleasant at New Year’s Eve than in July when the bird-sized mosquitos are not present. Why can’t Independence Day be to celebrate our freedom from tyranny AND blood-sucking bugs that want to drain you dry?

  137. My favorite place to watch fireworks is on a boat on the lake, watching the fireworks explode over the Tennessee Dam (Pickwick, TN). It’s wonderful, peaceful, and lovely.

  138. I watched fireworks from my front porch. They were wonderful, colorful, and quite loud. What a great way to spend the 4th.

  139. susanbeamon

    I don’t go out to watch fireworks much any more. I find the shows are just too noisy for me these days. I used to go to the Jefferson County fairground with my daughter when she was young. We watched the Westernairs, a youth horsemanship group, put on a performance before the fireworks. I don’t know if that show is still going on. I stay home with my cat now on the 4th and hope none of my neighbors burn down my house with their fireworks.

  140. efender1

    On TV 🙂 my dog doesn’t like fireworks so we tend to stay in and snuggle until they’re over. Thanks for sharing!

  141. efender1

    on TV 🙂 my dog doesn’t like fireworks so we usually stay in and cuddle until they’re over. Thanks for sharing!

  142. Nickinoodle

    At the park on the bluff over looking the river in my hometown. The fireworks are set off from a barge on the river.

  143. silver424

    Spent the day outside with my family just having a BBQ and swimming!

  144. silver424

    Spent the day outside with my family with a BBQ and swimming!

  145. TStonefld

    At the beach with the husband!

  146. cooked out and watched my 20 somethings lite fireworks

  147. bamaforever

    There is an old park with nothing but a couple of tables that we like to sit at every year when our town does our local fireworks show.

  148. jksgreen2

    The 4th of July is my wedding anniversary so anywhere my hubby & I are at is my favorite place to watch fireworks!

  149. ChelMahBel

    I haven’t watched fireworks in years, but my favorite place to watch them is on the beach. Of course, the fireworks show at Six Flags Great Adventure is amazing too. 🙂

  150. bambi_unbridled

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is along the levy on the Mississippi in New Orleans.

  151. BellaLW13

    My son and I love to go to Wakefield, MA to watch the fireworks. We bring a blanket and sit along the lake and watch as the fireworks light up the sky and dance along the water. Absolutely beautiful.

  152. I love to watch the fireworks right from the back yard of our cabin.

  153. bulls2373

    I love to watch fireworks at Navy Pier in Chicago over the lakefront.

  154. I love watching the fireworks in our backyard. It is next to the desert and is nice and dark.

  155. xficklefangirlx

    Unfortunately it was raining so I wasn’t able to watch any fireworks. Watched them on tv instead.

  156. My favorite place to see fireworks is right in my own backyard. Every Memorial Day weekend my tiny town celebrates community days with a fair and ends it with a bang — literally. Our town puts on a brilliant fireworks display. Twenty minutes of ohs and ahs. It’s amazing!

  157. wrmousey1028

    In the comfort of my home watching out the window. I also enjoy seeing the fireworks on tv live from Macy’s.

  158. pgadsden72

    At the South Street Seaport in NYC

  159. boileraopi

    I love Freedom Fest, a week long celebration on the beach.

  160. I watch fireworks at home on my TV. I like the shows they have in New York and D.C. I also don’t like crowds so it works out fine for me.

  161. My favorite place to watch fireworks is in the front of my home with family and neighbors.

  162. Gebhardt53

    Turn off the lights, open the blinds, watch out the windows of my family room.

  163. I went to my daughter’s house by the Ohio river. There is a park right behind her house that shoots off fireworks every year at their festival.

  164. darine.yass

    i watched the best fireworks demonstartion in kiev during weddings and new year evenings! they are bright and cheerful and people in streets always react to them and feel like dancing :P!!

  165. FrayedKnot

    My thundering herd all went to Riverfront Park in Spokane…to watch the fireworks set off along the (what else?) riverfront…

  166. llovejoy66

    Best and favorite place to watch fireworks. Growing up in NYC, my step father worked for PanAm on the 32 floor of the PanAm building ( Now the MetLife building). Standing in the full size windows with the fireworks level with me was so cool !

  167. danadillon

    I like to stay home and watch the fireworks from my front porch. My neighbors always put on a good show.

  168. abbatatwins

    Disney World it really is such a magical place

  169. Pensacola Beach, FL. You can even see the fireworks from all the surrounding communities.

  170. RoxiG974

    We like to go to the local Ritter’s Frozen Custard and get a special treat and watch the fireworks from one of their outdoor tables. They have a perfect view without the hassle of finding a parking spot and a place to stand.

  171. aculver1

    The best place I have been to watch fireworks was the balcony of the library I work at. It overlooked the lake where the fireworks were shot off and gave me a close view of them. They were yards away and spectacular! Best part was being with family and friends to see them.

  172. momlrg04

    Fireworks! Anywhere my family is.

  173. My favorite place to watch the fireworks is from the sea wall on my godmother’s property on Compo Beach in Connecticut. Her grandparents winterized the beach house when I was a child, so that they could live there all year round. We used to throw huge parties for the 4th of July, with somewhere around 100+ people coming by for food, fun & fireworks. Thankfully the beach was just a mere 20 feet away, otherwise it would have been too crowded. But every year, they’d let us kids (there were around 20 or so of us) hang out on the wall to watch the fireworks. It was always such a great show!

  174. dfrancis

    On the beach at Martha’s Vineyard!

  175. D56alpine

    We have a baseball stadium about a mile from our home and they do fireworks most weekend nights from April to September so if our kids are awake around 9:45, we’ll pile in the car and head up to the stadium several times a summer, even if we’re in our pajamas! There’s a lot right across the street that will fill up with families and highway drivers who stop to see the show.

  176. My favorite place is right on my front porch. Every year my neighbors have a huge party and set off the most extraordinary fireworks that rival the official ones downtown.

  177. DawneOne

    My favorite spot to watch fireworks used to be the hilly back parking lot just off Barton Creek Shopping Center in Austin, TX. In recent years, developers have built up the surrounding area so now there are apartment complexes blocking the lovely view of the Austin Metroplex. From this location, one could see four fireworks displays: Austin, Lakeway, Bee Cave, and Pflugerville, and a little bit of the Round Rock display. I bemoan the fact that commercialism has spoiled this holiday treat. Oh, well……..there’s still Auditorium Shores at Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin!!! The Live Music Capital of World!!!!

  178. tonironih

    Not far from Lisa actually, about 30 minutes south of her in Pueblo West, Colorado. We start the day out with “The Wettest Parade in the West”, play all day in the water, enjoy a BBQ and then watch the fireworks put on by the local fire department. Its fantastic!

  179. I enjoyed a campout with a bunch of friends for the 4th. I enjoy your books your picture is beautiful

  180. shawnyve

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is on a boat on a lake. Just a unique experience.

  181. My favorite place to watch fireworks is at the Tri-State Arena in Cleveland, TN

  182. 1trickpony

    On my front porch with an amazing view of the fireworks display in this small midwest town. Most folks would park along the riverbank, line their lawn chairs and watch it as one American community. There’s something comforting to celebrate our nation’s birthday in unison.

  183. abbey7412

    My parent’s anniversary is July 4th, so it’s always a big deal to be able to spend time with them on that day if they are in town (they travel a lot now that we are all out of the house). So when we can, the three kids, our significant others, the grandbaby, and the dogs all go and sit out in the middle of the Milwaukee Polo Fields (1 polo field is the equivalent of 3 football fields and my parents house is next to 2 practice fields and a playing field) and watch the fireworks together. It is beautiful and we can see for miles! Seeing as it is in Wisconsin, there are lakes in every direction and we can see the fireworks shot off from all of them! Every direction that we turn, we can see a different show. It’s really a lot of fun and a beautiful view.

  184. Love to watch them over the waters of the Gulf I live in C. C. TX. and its so beautiful. You can see them anywhere you park you don’t have to be downtown the waters all around us. Gorgeous!!!!

  185. lilytiger

    I went to my sister’s house on the 4th. We grilled out and set off fireworks and played with her kids. It was fun and best of no crowds.

  186. alterlisa

    We like to lay on the trampoline and watch the fireworks from the Crawdad park

  187. This year for the 4th of July we went to a local amusement park, Knott’s Berry Farm, to enjoy the day and fireworks as a family. I have to say it was one of the best 4th of July’s we’ve had in a while and the fireworks show was fabulous!! It is definitely a new family tradition that we will continue to take part in on the 4th.

  188. hubble714

    We usually battle the crowds and go to community day at our town park. Once we went to the Macy’s fireworks in NYC (I would really love to do that again).

  189. Stone Lazy

    At my sister’s in Toms River, NJ watching the fireworks over the Toms River.

  190. eyvonner

    I like going to the park so I can see the reflection in the lake!

  191. MamaVac51

    My favorite place to watch the fireworks is on my friend’s back porch. He has the perfect view of the town fireworks show, and we don’t have to drive to the beach, or find a parking place. It is a great place to have a beer, food and be with friends!

  192. sharyonda

    In my house on the bed curled up in front of the TV. No crowds, no traffic and plenty of food and libations!

  193. This year we stayed home because I was under the weather :-/

  194. We usually do a small display in the backyard

  195. jkrieker

    Celebrated my daughter’s birthday and reflected on where I was 20 years earlier watching fireworks over the bay from my hospital room at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA.

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