How Well Do You Know Your Magic Mike XXL Men?

Because XOXOAD is nothing if not servicey, we felt it was important to direct everyone’s attention to the following quiz:

Ab quiz


This is the opening screen of Slate’s delightful ab quiz, determining just how good you are at matching the smooth, carved, rock-hard belly to the boy–excuse us, MAN. Click the image above and you’ll hop right to the quiz…but don’t forget to tell us how you did! (This XOXOAD editor is ashamed to admit she matched only 3 of the 8 abs.)

Alright alright alright…

Magic Mike

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Joe Manganiello

I wouldn't mind finding him under my tree...



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  1. I got 6 right!! I can’t wait to watch this for GNO!

    • You are an Ab Expert! I only got 3 right. I’m not sure they’ll let me into the theatre! (Or maybe they’ll see that I really need to watch it a couple of times?)

      We’ll be talking about MMXXL on our podcast next week, so don’t miss it!

  2. vmcbooks

    Sadly, I did not do as well with this one as I would have thought I would!

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