Win Summer Lovin’ Reading Sweeps!

Ideally summer is meant for days full of lounging on the beach with a book and drink in hand.  Unfortunately, not all of us can lounge on the beach all day, thanks a lot day job!  We can however refresh your bookshelves, give you some very cute XOXO After Dark Sunglasses, a plush beach towel and a bottle opener! Now you just need to find the beach…



Let us know in the comments what your favorite vacation spot is and you could win:

  • Illusion by J.S. Cooper
  • That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart
  • Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando
  • A Place For Us  by Harriet Evans
  • Kiss Of A Demon King by Kresley Cole
  • In The Prince’s Bed by Sabrina Jeffries (not pictured)

Sweepstakes begins at 12:00 p.m. Friday, June 12th and ends at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, July 3rd. Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only. Please click here for complete contest rules.


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J.S. Cooper

Get swept away by indie sensation and New York Times bestselling author J.S. Cooper!

That Chesapeake Summer

That Chesapeake Summer

Mariah Stewart

From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the latest book in her celebrated Chesapeake Diaries, a small-town romance series in the tradition of Barbara Freethy, Susan Mallery, and Robyn Carr.

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair

Chantal Fernando

She's a good girl, a law student; he's vice prez of the Wind Dragons MC. Forget "opposites attract": this is opposites COMBUST.

A Place For Us

A Place For Us

Harriet Evans

From international bestselling author Harriet Evans, an engrossing new novel about a woman who, on the eve of her eightieth birthday, decides to reveal a secret that may destroy her perfect family.The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day.

Kiss of a Demon King

Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes a spellbinding standalone novel set in the Immortals After Dark universe: the story of a demon king trapped by an enchantress for her wanton purposes and the scorching aftermath that follows when he turns the tables and claims her as his captive.His obsession.

In the Prince’s Bed

In the Prince’s Bed

Sabrina Jeffries

From bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries comes the first dazzling novel in a sexy new series featuring three half brothers. Bound together by the royal father who denied them, they've formed a pact to help each other achieve their every desire...including the women of their dreams.



342 comments so far

  1. lrhubble

    my favorite vacation spot is the beach. Love the sound of the ocean. 🙂

  2. Nswaffar

    My favorite spot is by the beach in Pismo California

  3. The beach!! Loved Illusion so much!!! J.S Cooper sent me over!!!

  4. rosangelina81

    My favorite vacation spot is the lake. It’s so relaxing to just laze around and watch and listen to the sounds of the lake!!

  5. aznangel_dd

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach! Just to lay out and read while soaking up the sun. 🙂

    J.S. Cooper sent me.

    • nutmeg12

      My favourite vacation spot is wherever my kindle or a book is. Seriously lol. If i had to pick on place though it would be Budapest (Hungary). Main city Budapest 🙂

  6. My favorite vacation spot is Saranac lake.

  7. Lil_mack3581

    I would also love to go to Bora Bora. Never been!

  8. kateivan

    While most any seaside location will do nicely, my favorite spot is San Diego.

  9. Boshckaaa422

    My favorite vacation spot is my in-laws cabin! It’s completely secluded in the woods and very peaceful with lots of adventures to entertain my kiddos!!
    J.S. Cooper sent me 🙂

  10. Ipimpmyauthors

    My favorite vacation would be Greece

  11. rosedesiree

    My favorite spot is Arizona! I miss it!

    J S Cooper sent me!

  12. Cricutgirl

    My favourite vacation spot is camping.

    J.S. Cooper sent me! 🙂

  13. My favorite vacation spot is in Wyoming at the grand Tetons!! We always used to go every year in July and I had some of my best childhood memories there..

  14. SAREEV4835

    I’ve never had a vacation really. I’d love to have a week to explore Washington DC (I’m a history major). The trick would be finding someone to care for my dogs the entire week!

    JS Cooper sent me

  15. carriefranksfink

    my favorite vacation spot is Galveston, TX.
    Stewart Beach and Kemah Boardwalk are great places to hang out

  16. Rachael Brown

    My favorite vacation spot is the beaches on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

  17. hhadley3809

    I like the mountains, camping, it’s so relaxing listening to nature all around & the fresh air. J.S Cooper sent me!

  18. nutmeg12

    Sorry aznangel_dd. My stupid phone put my comment in the wrong place!

    My favourite vacation spot is wherever my kindle or a book is. Seriously lol. If i had to pick on place though it would be Budapest (Hungary). Main city Budapest 🙂

  19. jrey8971

    My favorite vacation spot is the the Oregon Coast! I love Seaside, Astoria, Newport and all the little towns in between! I just came back from there in May – loved it! So beautiful!

    P.S. J. S. Cooper sent me! 🙂

  20. nutmeg12

    Also J.S.Cooper sent me!!

  21. Anywhere by the water is my favorite place to go.

  22. Spursgirl21

    So this will probably sound lame but favorite vacation spot is to just rent a hotel room for a weekend and just stay in with no communication with anyone what so ever. I just love thise vacations where i can just be alone with my husband and stay in bed eat junk food and watch tv or read all day long. To me that’s our way of recharging our relationship!

  23. lynnareynolds

    Growing up our vacation spot of choice was Old Orchard Beach Maine. The minute you crossed the border into Maine all the stress was left behind. Morning walks on the beach are fantastic but you have to brace yourself for the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean.

  24. I love the beach, lake side but my favorite is the ocean and cruising now.
    J.S. Cooper sent me

  25. amyswan3

    Emerald Isle in North Carolina is one of the best beaches to to just lounge and soak up the sun and read a steamy novel!!!

    P.S. J.S Cooper sent me!

  26. PrncsStace34

    My favorite vacation is The outer banks. Shopping, seafood, beaches and the calming sounds of the ocean. Not to mention the salty air that can help clear any head cold.

  27. danielsden

    JS Cooper introduced me to her great books. Illusion is my vote for the best way to spend your vacation. A desert island with a hot male, does it for me.

  28. mhillenbrand

    I like to cruise, but if you need a land vacation, I really enjoy fishing at Panguitch Lake, Utah.

  29. maryhudson33

    Colorodo River

  30. Melissaadkins

    My favorite vacation spot is mrytle beach S.C. I love laying on the beach soaking up the sunshine while reading and sipping on a icy diet Pepsi. Thanks for the chance,all of those books look awesome I’d love to read them specially kiss of demon king.

  31. I want to go to Prague. Yet to date, any beach is perfect vacation spot for me !

  32. Hampton Beach, Panama City Beach or Hawaii. I like them all for different reasons.

  33. SKlocinski

    Hilton Head Island, SC (or anywhere else there is a beach!)

  34. A.L.Goulden

    I love south Maui. There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be.

  35. Home in air conditioned splendor. I don’t usually travel in the summer cause heat and sun is not my friend. I enjoy going to Arizona in February though.

  36. sbsounds

    Any place I can relax with a book……preferably by the pool…..maybe San Francisco.

  37. Hhorton04

    My favorite spot to be is on the beach! I love it even more at sunset, relaxing and listening to the waves crash!

  38. angiemt123

    I love to hang out in my back yard with my sweet tea and hammock!! That way if it gets to hot I’ve still got the A/C!!

  39. angiemt123

    Oh yeah JS COOPER sent me! Lol

  40. teresafay

    any where long the beach in florida

  41. lballman

    The most perfect beach I have ever been to is the beach on Aruba….could spend a lifetime there if I had enough books!!

    Thanks Sabrina Jeffries for informing me of the contest. Love all your books!

  42. Tara8272

    Fun in the sun at the beach!

  43. ngreene1949

    I have vacationed at the beach every year of my life (all 65 years). It is my favorite place in the world – on the ocean front.

  44. abfantom

    My favorite vacation spot is any place in the Caribbean

  45. dscripter

    My favorite vacation spot is Curtis, Michigan in the upper peninsula.

  46. Tanya Guthrie

    I have never actually had a vacation, but I love taking the boys to our local beach. With lots is sunscreen, we are all redheads. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  47. melissaq739

    Galveston, Tx Love the beach! =D

  48. ChristinaReads31

    Laying on the beach in Mexico with my favorite cabana boy bringing me fresh and fruity drinks.

  49. brandiswendt

    My favorite place to read is the balcony off my room. Unless it’s raining and then a quite room. We don’t really travel much. But I can read anywhere quite

  50. AshleyHedden

    Anywhere with my husband 😉 js cooper sent me

  51. strawberry3d

    Fort fisher n.c.

  52. Annmarnie1022

    White sands of Pensacola Bay.

  53. My favorite vacation spot is New Orleans. I love the culture, atmosphere and all the love entertainment. I especially love exploring all the little shops in the French Quarter!

  54. achilton

    Destin, Florida! We always try to get a condo and just spend the whole week eating and reading books by the pool or the beach.

  55. We love to go to Myrtle beach SC to relax

  56. ColeBowl91

    My favorite vacation spot is the Mountains! It’s so beautiful there!

  57. Cathy Henderson

    I love the beach!!!

  58. I, too, love the beach.

  59. geriangel

    I love driving to Dana Point, taking a charted boat to whale watch. We marvel at the grey whales, sea lions and dolphins.
    Then we go to the beach and I sit in the sand reading hot romance novels. I love watching my grandson play in the surf, collect shells, and build sand castles.
    Then we go for dinner to one of Dana Point’s amazing ocean front restaurants to eat sushi and ahi. Blissful.

  60. Clearwater, Florida.

  61. My favorite vacation is going on a Disney Cruise! Just love those

  62. The beach is my favorite vacation spot. The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the ocean breeze and an engrossing book…or two…or three… to read make for the perfect getaway.

  63. Glenda Hefty

    I would love to finally get to visit my two brothers’ house on St. Simon’s Island off Georgia. We have a standing invite but just can’t afford to go at this time.

  64. ladysusan46

    Above anything else, I love being by the
    ocean – watching the waves break, hearing the roar of the ocean, smelling the salt in the air, walking in the soft warm sand. To read by the ocean is my
    idea of perfection…

  65. My favorite vacation spot less a minute on a raft in my pool with a summer book in my hand.

  66. cdf81471

    I would love to visit Fiji, Australia, and Hawaii. Although, Durango, Colorado was absolutely my favorite vacation so far.

  67. gypsyluna

    New Orleans is my favorite vacation place!

  68. buttmuffin

    emerald isle, NC… its not too far from home but its such a beautiful beach, and we feel so relaxed there

  69. My favorite vacation place is in the shade tree of my backyard with a ice cold lemonade and a good book.

  70. This year so far I would highly recommend Virginia Beach.

  71. jmesparza

    My favorite vacation spot is South Padre Island.

  72. crystaldavis825

    My favorite vacation spot is in my backyard enjoying my garden and a really good book!

  73. allofmemyway

    So far my favorite vacation spot is these 3 lakes not far from my house. We take the kids camping there and usually the rest of my family will follow. Meaning 14 adults and 23 kids, its hellish and wonderful at the same time. I LOVE IT

  74. reich1st

    My favorite Vacation spot is wherever my hubby and I can be together. Of course warm weather and fun drinks in hand make it even better!

  75. marigold

    My favorite spot is anywhere that allows me to do walking tours, like Italy, Maryland, New York. Stay cations allow me time to read book after book with a comfy bed and snacks.

  76. jennlgreer8

    My favorite spot is anywhere I can get away from the noise and read a book. Sometimes that is my own backyard on a nice day. Otherwise any beach will do.


  78. vettegal

    Tahiti is the greatest place on earth!

  79. Any place by the water, but our favorite is the Oregon shore.

  80. ithriveonstress

    Any place where I can kick back and relax with a good book.

  81. Living in FL my favorite place is the beach followed by the numerous springs that are around me

  82. rcatbarr

    The Outer Banks o f NC

  83. manahilnisar311

    Anywhere outside of the house!!! Haha, but I LOVE hotels. I know it’s not exactly a “vacation spot”, but any decent hotel with free wifi and breakfast is the place for me!

  84. manahilnisar311

    Oh! And J.S. Cooper sent me! 🙂

  85. thereadingrebel

    Surf City, North Carolina.
    My favorite place in the world.

  86. jmach226

    I love to vacation at the Chesapeake Bay or Bushkill Falls. I hope I so these awesome books!

  87. bookshellz

    I haven’t been many places, but my favorite spot SO FAR is the beach at Ocean City, MD. Someday I’d love to try a vacation in Hawaii though!

  88. Sharlene Wegner

    Walt Disney World, Orlando Fla. I know, I know!

  89. catslady

    I have to say Cocoa Beach, FL – it’s close to a lot of nice places too.

  90. specialkfl12

    Anywhere where the sun shines, the weather is warm, and there is a pool to lay next to 🙂

  91. jcarr1187

    Myrtle Beach!

  92. I live in hot Arizona so we go to the beaches in San Diego every summer to cool off.

  93. My favorite vacation place St. John’s USVI – best beaches!!

  94. I have always wanted to vacation in India! I have such a passion for the culture, itself, and would love to visit sometime.

  95. mayebaby88

    Myrtle Beach on the balcony of my hotel where I can see and hear the ocean when I need to rest my eyes. I can get lost in my books sometimes.

  96. Seattle, Washington.

  97. ihoplady

    My favorite vacation spot is Curaçao. A nice spot on the beach is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

  98. crcoordinator

    In a chair or on the porch swing at the cabin by Lake Erie with a book!!!!!!

  99. elisemark

    Anywhere I can just relax, don’t have to cook, and can spend good times with my family.

  100. brigittenrich

    As an adult it’s Seaside Oregon. My stepfather bought my mother a rundown cabin, that they spent 2 summers renovating, and after completion, we, all the family met up for a fulfilled vacation and have continued every year..
    As a kid, my own backyard! It was such a relief to know that swings, pools and coloring books, halter tops, shorts and flip flops were all we had to worry about the whole summer.

  101. JanMoutz

    Nags Head!


  103. jawsie1964

    A cruise anytime, to anywhere!

  104. bjdial74

    My favorite is either the beach or Disney World

  105. I would love to go to Rome. Or maybe to France again – oh well I will stick with Rome. Rome and romance sound very much alike LOL

  106. bjcsimpson

    Anywhere with water and a beach!

  107. featherlight

    The Florida keys! I went there for my dad’s wedding in 2008 & would love to go back again! Would love to win this prize pack!

  108. ayannali

    My favorite spot is somewhere where there is a sunny day, a cool breeze and a book nearby.

    Though i would love to be in Mystic CT and visit and read by the water after seeing the aquarium.

  109. Anywhere in Florida or California!

  110. I want to go to Hawaii

  111. reac2005

    Sleepy bear dunes. Lake Michigan

  112. Lakegirl

    My favorite place to read is laying on the dock on
    Little Star Lake

  113. Martha’s Vineyard island. Off of Cape Cod, MA. ❤️

  114. eyvonner

    My favorite vacation spot is Colorado. I live in Flatlandia and it is hot and humid. I love to get away to the mountains.

  115. kllsummers

    My favorite vacation place is down at the Jersey shore! Any one of the beautiful shore points will let me escape into my hot summer stack of novels.

  116. JS Cooper sent me! I would like to go to Hawaii, but I have two favorite vacations, the first would be Orlando and the second would be camping at Dale Hollow Lake.

  117. kimberlybreid

    My favorite vacation spot is Panama City, Florida!

  118. frabjous

    Duck, Outer Banks, N.C. I love the area there it’s so relaxing.

  119. daewalker1

    A shady spot, a comfortable chair, fresh air, easy access to food and beverage, wait a minute… This is sounding a lot like my back patio.

  120. The Suburban Eclectic

    The beach!

  121. Bookworm2005

    A weekend in spectacular Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. Awesome!

  122. Carolina

    I enjoy any place my family is, but my all time favorite spot is the Virginia mountains, particularly Hot Springs and The Homestead Resort!

  123. tglinski

    Best vacation spot was the few days spent with my father in Florida before he passed.

  124. Southern beaches…sound of the surf and a steamy book…life is good.

  125. Gebhardt53

    It’s not necessarily a place, so much as quiet, great books, good music and good food, good company doesn’t hurt, but isn’t necessary.

  126. vkeyserrn5

    My favorite place to vacation is in the backyard under the shade tree with the phones and TV turned off and a tall glass of peach red tea and the steamiest romance novel in hand!

  127. deona819

    I love the beach! Pensacola beach is a favorite of mine.

  128. On a Lake in the N GA Mts

  129. My favorite vacation spot is Disney’s private island Castsway Cay. The only way to get there is on a Disney Cruise Line.

  130. mollyann

    I love any of the Hawaiian islands, gorgeous weather, sand and water

  131. deebarber54

    My Favorite place would be on one of the Greek Island’s beaches. A more beautiful sight you would never see. Give me Gyro and a drink and I would be in Heaven.

  132. hafelina

    Hawai’i, or Japan.

  133. janeolivia

    It has to be Marsa Alan in Egypt

  134. rangerswife

    I love the Oregon coast. The storms in winter are fantastic!

  135. easyreads101

    Under a shady tree with gentle breeze in Key West FL, great setting for reading a good book

  136. Paris…………always beautiful, always new

  137. I t would be during the Summer in a field of Heather in the Scottish Highlands. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750. (at) aol (dot) com

  138. Lavernl714

    Pocasset Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

  139. ccarroll

    My Favorite spot to curl up and veg with an awesome collection of summer reads is the beach in Monterey. Not too hot and not too cold! Just listening to the crashing waves and sipping on a cool cocktail – Heaven!

  140. kidisitor

    Not necessarily a summer spot, but London England. If I’m looking for a beach, it would have to be Cannon Beach, OR. 🙂

  141. Honeypie411

    My favorite vacation spot is st Bart’s

  142. My favorite summer spot is hanging out poolside in my backyard!!

  143. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the Upper Peninsula ( Michigan ). 🙂

  144. cmmonica

    My favorite vacation is st any beac. I like feeling the sun soaking into my bones and looking out over the water to the horizon. And there is nothing better than walking along the beach in the moonlight with my someone special.

  145. The coasts of Oregon and Northern California are wonderful!

  146. llovejoy66

    Anywhere there is sun, sand and endless margaritas ! Lately i’ve been craving the quirky shores of Key West

  147. Our fav is on Cape Cod

  148. Costa Rica! But I’ll settle for any beach.

  149. Las Vegas is my favorite spot so far

  150. nukstreasures

    I love Las Vegas. There is no place on earth like it!

  151. blazegirl

    I’ll be there in a few short weeks… Wildwood Crest, NJ!

  152. saturdaynightfever

    I heart Kauai, Hawaii!

  153. disneyworld

  154. trishamckee

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach, with lots of shops nearby and restaurants.

  155. readingwithcupcakes

    Out in the wilderness amongst the trees and away from civilization.

  156. My favorite place to be on vacation with my not so young children…Disney world.

  157. nikkireader

    Kenai Peninsula, Alaska!

  158. xxbeccaannxx

    Any place where there is a beach!!

  159. susan1215

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach.

  160. Chincoteague Island, VA is my favorite vacation spot.

  161. Las Vegas is my favorite vacation spot.

  162. 1vafamily

    I love any vacation spot spent with my family-we’ve enjoyed Ocean City, MD, Greece, Hershey, PA, and Disneyworld in the past few years.

  163. garrettsa mbo

    Orlando is my favorite spot to vacation.

  164. choa4925

    My favorite vacation spot is Orlando, Florida!

  165. soulkissed2003

    As long as there is a swimming pool, I’m happy!

  166. In the backyard, under my shade tree.

  167. nowischick

    My favorite vacation spot is somewhere quiet that I can enjoy time with my family. Maybe a nice cabin on a pristine lake somewhere 🙂

  168. mlynpeters

    I love Sedona, Arizona at the Wishing Well B7B staring at the Red Rock !

  169. My favorite vacation spot is my own garden – all the comforts of home, surrounded by flowers and butterflies!

  170. I would have to say that Colorado is my favorite vacation spot. It is absolutely beautiful there.

  171. A sunny beach with a cool breeze!

  172. majickat

    Since I’ve never really taken a vacation since the family trips as a kid I have no idea where a great escape would be. For now it’s just a great day reading at home.

  173. My favorite vacation spot is Gettysburg, PA . I love to sit and relax and read there.

  174. I’d love to go back to Budapest and Prague on vacation!

  175. LilacLady57

    Love to vacation at the East Coast Beaches, Ocean City, Nags Head, Myrtle Beach. Great places to read or just relax.

  176. The beach. Anywhere I can read. The carolinas. Florida. Thank you for the chance I would love to win.

  177. wickster72

    We have property in the Missouri hills. I love that place.

  178. KirbyTails

    Mine is going to visit my mom in Wisconsin.

  179. marcygold

    A warm but shady lakeside cabin or camper.

  180. jwollesen

    My favorite place to read is in the shade anywhere!

  181. Norris Lake, TN

  182. My favorite is Destin, Florida, read at the beach is so relaxing

  183. I’m a hammock in the shade at the cabin girl.

  184. mjtdisney

    If I’m not having fun at a Disney park somewhere in the world, I want to be enjoying a shady deck with a great book!

  185. jwarner6

    Just returned from Nova Scotia. Want to return!

  186. Joysnotes

    I have two favorite summer get aways. The first is in an out of the way cove at the beach where I can hear the sounds of the ocean. My favorite position to read is in a beach chair in the water with the water lapping over my legs. My other favorite location is in the mountains. At a lake or stream with my legs dangling in the water. Devine.

  187. aculver1

    I love reading in the mountains by the lake. The quiet sounds and sights of nature sooth me.

  188. Moureeng

    I will always pick Cannon Beach as my favorite summer reading spot. Such a wonderful, relaxing feeling there and beautiful scenery.

  189. bookbunny68

    I love Cole. Been wanting to try Cooper and the Dragon’s Lair looks good.

  190. I like to hang out at home and spend time with my kids during the summer.

  191. Christinak

    My favorite vacation spot is the Shenendoah mountains. I love the quiet perfect environment to relax and read!

  192. Snoopyvet

    My house as I’m away 4 days a week for work

  193. It’s a toss-up, really: I like comfortable days at the beach, and I like cool days up in the mountains. If it’s rainy, I like forests, as long as there isn’t any lightning, and on super-hot days, I like sitting inside with a book.

  194. My favorite family vacation spot is one that will accommodate adult interests as well as kid’s interests. We have been successful over the years doing that. Many years we have gone to Hershey Park and a few at Rehoboth Beach.

  195. TStonefld

    I love to vacation on Cape Cod!

  196. My favorite vacation spot is Wisconsin Dells.

  197. duelalias

    My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod

  198. AuthorUnpublished

    My favorite vacation spot ever is/was a cabin my parents used to own on 10-mile lake in Oregon, outside of Lakeside. It was a beautiful 3-acre spot in the woods, right on the lake, with no road access, and I spent most of my childhood summers and weekends there immersed in nature. They’ve long since sold our cabin, but I’d give anything to go back.

  199. nanadebs

    I retired officially yesterday so I am on a perpetual vacation! However, I love to read anywhere our RV is parked. I’ve been known to sit under the awning when it is raining, enjoying a book, glass or cup of something yummy and feeling blessed!

  200. I love vacationing in the Blue Ridge.


    Backyard porch swing or you know Any gorgeous beach

  202. rosebud101

    I would love Scotland

  203. Blythespirit

    Fort Walton Beach, Florida for a family wedding and reunion! Can’t imagine anything better than all twelve grandchildren at the beach.

  204. ramonaejohnson

    Love a log cabin in the mountains of Wyoming!

  205. Camping. Preferably in the woods while it’s perfect weather and light out and I have a my books and a cotton chair hammock big enough to lounge with pillows in that is hanging from a tree branch. That’s what sounds like a vacation to me right in this moment. Tomorrow…probably an attic room decorated in new “old victorian” or in a country that has amazing views and food….as long as I can read I’m easy to please.

  206. love Florida beaches, Destin or Jacksonville

  207. kat52891

    Sitting on the porch reading a great book with a iced beverage

  208. reniazen

    My fave spot for a vacation is anywhere I can get away, unplug and unwind, usually near a lake or river so I can connect to nature!

  209. ChiKittie

    I am going on a cruise this summer where I will be doing some summer reading. 🙂

  210. soryoung1

    I am not picky my favorite vacation would be in my room on a quiet day without the kids.

  211. amberhamilton90

    I love going to our lake house. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. Plus the perfect place to get lost in a book.

  212. Lisarenee

    It would have to be on a beach in Hawaii.

  213. I loved my vacation in Tampa-St. Pete. My 2 daughters and I went with my sister and her daughter for Mother’s Day several years ago.

  214. KimberleyC

    My favorite vacation spots would be in the Rocky Mountains.

  215. Any place that isn’t work

  216. danadillon

    My favorite vacation spot is a cabin in the woods!

  217. chrisreads

    My favorite vacation spot is Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri!

  218. My best friend’s backyard in California.

  219. Tabperry625

    Colorado…in the mountains!

  220. celtichighlanderlass

    I have all ready read one of Marian Stewart’s books. It happens to be the one called Wonbderful You. I knew when I read the back of the book that I wouldn’t be able to put the book down until I have finished it. I’ve cried all most trough out the intire book from the first page all the way to the end of the book. It is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite author’s.

  221. My favorite vacation spot is the BEACH, BEACH, BEACH. Give me a the beach, sand and an adult beverage and I am in Heaven!

  222. KarnagesMistress

    Favorite spot? Anywhere I’m comfortable and happy! Peace inside of my living room is worth more to me than misery in the best location.

    That said, we’re currently saving for a trip to Germany ;P

  223. Gosh, I’d have to say either Colorado, or a small town where I can just hang around for a solid amount of time. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  224. In the mountains or on the water is where I love to be.

  225. pumpie24

    The beach is where our family finds it’s serenity

  226. I love going to the beach both Gulf Shores and Florida have some beautiful beaches.

  227. Anywhere close by a beach would be my ideal vacation spot.

  228. kimberly8

    In a boat floating through the peaceful waters of Ausable Chasm in upstate New York. It’s not too far from WhiteFace Mountain. It was the most soothing and breathtakingly beautiful place. The sky was the bluest. The water, so clear and cool. And all I heard was the water gently hitting the boat that held me.

  229. ladystorm

    My idea vacation spot is touring Ireland through Bed and Breakfast. I can wake up to a beautiful view and do a spot of reading before sight seeing. 🙂

  230. From experience, I know the beach is not for me. I burn really easily. So we like to sit on our deck and take in the wildlife and nature around us. We are nestled in a little valley between 2 hills with a small creek to one side. And if it’s too hot, into the air conditioning.

  231. Irish_Rose

    I can’t say I have just one place I would like to go to vacation to, but where I really want to go is England in their secluded outskirts since I ain’t ever been a fan of lots of people so I would love to go to the secluded outskirts of England & see for myself my ancestors world I won’t ever truly know because I’m happy in the United States.

  232. My favorite place place is on Maui.


    My favorite vacation is going camping! The peace and quiet is relaxing .

  234. Prague is my favourite place to vacation, though I love reading by the lake or river in the summer

  235. grobiemum

    My favorite vacation destination is to the coast in Northern California.

  236. heatherp438

    My favorite vacation spot is in a cabin up in the mountains in Gatlinburg, Tn. I love to spend time on the deck reading.


    I favorite vacation spot is outside of Flagstaff AZ Lake Powell.

  238. churl345

    I love San Francisco, Ca


    My favorite vacation was when I went to Ireland. I would love to go back some day!

  240. tranquil80

    The Bahamas

  241. Jaded_Angel_4_Life

    curled up with a book on the couch!!!!!!

  242. Reading_Queen

    Disney World!

  243. I like to go to the Jersey shore and sit under an umbrella and listen to the sound of the ocean and smell the fragrance of the air then open up a book and climb inside!

  244. jacquib281

    my vacation spot is Disney World – the minute I walk through those gates I get a smile on my face and it stays there until I am on the plane home. It lets me suspend reality and be a kid again.

  245. I have different spots for different reasons — I recharge by visiting NYC or SF; I “get lost” in Chicago; I eat my way thru New England (fish, please!!!) but Honolulu is my favorite place to watch the ocean, with a book in one hand and a drink in the other!


    My fave vacation spot would be the beach eating seafood and fresh fruit grilling out and enjoying family and fun with a great book to read in between. Which will actually be in a couple of days for my birthday.

  247. cubbiecutie

    My favorite vacation so far has been to Vegas because well you know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas 😉

  248. Amanda011

    My fav place to go on vacation is the beach! I love listening to the ocean! I have always wanted to go to Ireland and Rome. I will someday!


  250. Suesreadyread

    St Martin island, beautiful beaches, great food. Reading by the hotel pool!

  251. Suesreadyread

    St Martin island, beautiful beaches, great food.
    Reading by the hotel pool!

  252. Lorimsid44

    Somewhere warm, &getting hotter as the month goes on

  253. cheleghao43

    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. Nothing is better than a staycation on the islands!

  254. Eeyore1110

    My favorite vacation spot is Ocean City NJ!

  255. llevine72

    I like exploring California in the summer.


    My dream vacation spots would be Germany or Scotland! IDK? I read so many romance novels that I would love to someday travel to the UK !
    Locally, I love Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas!

  257. Julie Solorio

    My favorite vacation spot is a tie between Long Island, NY, where my family is and Disneyland!

  258. I would love to spend the summer sailing around the Greek Islands.

  259. DiAragon

    My favorite vacation spot is a beautiful beach the likes of west FL o western Puerto Rico. Second best will be a road trip with no solid plans nor compas to guidance.

  260. ReaderGirl82

    I think my favorite vacation spot is, is wherever my family is. As long as I have them I know it will be fun. Although if I were to take a vaca by myself then anywhere the sun is going to be I’ll be okay with that. Thanks for the chance!

  261. Mexico Beach, Florida!

  262. wolf2644

    my favorite vacation spot is Brady mountain in hot springs, Ar. camping, fishing and an amusement park

  263. With two small kids anywhere I can read undisturbed is a favorite vacation spot lol

  264. Godmother57

    I love to read on the porch, by the pool, or anywhere it is comfortable.


    My favorite vacation place is Deep Creek MD where I can enjoy the mountains and the beach at the same time.

  266. BellaLW13

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach. We don’t have great ones around, but as long as there’s sun, sand, water, and a good book, I’m a happy woman.

  267. Since my son isn’t into flying, we usually stay close to home and one of our favorite vacation spots is Laguna Beach.

  268. Diane Sallans

    I love being near the water, beach or lake, in a shady spot – that is perfect for reading!


    I love to get away at a rustic campsite and sit by the lake and read for hours

  270. froggiegirl621

    I love the Outer Banks!

  271. I love Hawaii, but any place with a warm water beach will do!

  272. Fav beach; Mendocino, California coast, North of San Francisco! Beach is beautiful, and the small city (town??) is quaint & very artistic based!!

  273. amy2read

    My favorite summer spot is either on the beach or in the mountains 🙂

  274. Oxford , England surround by books and beauty.

  275. styxx956

    My favorite vacation spot is Hawaii. I have never been there but I would love go. It’s on my bucket list.

  276. Jacilyn01

    My favorite vacation spot is cinnamon bay on St John USVI! Great place to find a hammock and cuddle up with a good book and listen to the waves roll in!

  277. BookAttict

    My fave vacation spot is Malaysia–rainforests, ancient ruins, exotic culture, beautiful beaches and luxe hotels with all the amenities!

  278. Wolffaerie17

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach and the ocean.

  279. cldegraaff

    We saved up for a few years and this year we finally got our new family pool! Looking forward to reading on the deck while watching my tweens frolic and reading some great books! We also have some short( but sweet) camping trips planned so I am planning on enjoying my girls before they grow out of wanting to hang out with old mom! : )

  280. Love Monroe

    I would love to back packing in Europe with my family. It’s one on my bucket list.
    Thanks so much for the chance!! <3

  281. Astroyic

    Favorite vacation was going to Australia. Loved Bondi Beach, Palm Cove and Port Douglass and scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef was Fantastic. Also went to Frazier Island all sand island souch a great time. Then we went to Figi and we wished we would have stayed in Australia Longer.

  282. My ideal summer vacation spot is obviously outdoors. Nothing beats the natural beauty of Mother Nature. I absolutely enjoy reading during the summer up in the Rocky Mountains!

  283. Hlkparis

    Ooh, Rome. Or Maui!

  284. San Francisco CA

  285. As a child it was Nags Head in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but now it’s Bermuda.

  286. My favorite vacation spot is Saratoga Springs, NY.

  287. Any place where there is a beach! Of the places I have been-St Thomas Of the places I’d like to go Bora Bora!!!

  288. Betterina

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere I can hear the crash of waves on the shore. I don’t love being IN the ocean, but I love watching it in all its moods and I love falling asleep to its sounds.

  289. Mrytle Beach with my husband and boys.

  290. I love hanging out in my backyard. It has everything I need and I don’t have to travel.

  291. My favorite vacation is always at the beach. I love to listen to the waves.

  292. linda604b

    Love the mountains, especially if there is a gurgling mountain stream closeby.

  293. hafelina

    A nice cabin with a fire and a great big library of books to read.

  294. My favorite place is Las Vegas.

  295. rwalbridge

    No place in particular for me. Just anywhere with a beach!

  296. susanbeamon

    My favorite place to vacation is in my backyard. It’s quiet and nobody expects to find me there.

  297. DragonLight

    I have never been on a real vaction but I love the mountains!! To me the perfect time to me is spending some alone time in the mountains surrounded by the splendor of creation!!

  298. Cindi169

    If I could go anywhere, I’d love to vacation in Ireland and Britain. If it’s a past vacation, my choice would be when my entire immediate family–19 of us–rented a condo in Gatlinburg, TN and stayed for a week. Parents, siblings, and nephews and nieces. Hot tub on the deck, plenty of fun tourist attractions, and each family took a turn preparing a special home-cooked meal for dinner. Mine was a seafood boil. FUN!!! and wonderful memories:)

  299. Out in the mountains camping and enjoying nature!

  300. cwthomsen

    My favorite place to vacation is a warm sunny beach in Hawaii.

  301. The beach! Particularly off the Atlantic side. Not that I would say no to a vacation anywhere!!

  302. laureric1

    I’m definitely a beach girl. My favorite vacation spot is Isla Mujeres, Mexico

  303. It would be my backyard with my kindle and some books and snacks to help with hunger. I wish I could go to Scotland, for a vacation. But maybe someday I will save money and go.

  304. LynnsTwin

    I’m headed to one of my favorite vacation spots on Monday, the south of France. Will be joining good friends and will spend time with a good book or two.

  305. I love Hawaii for the warm weather, great views, and plenty of beaches!

  306. Danielle

    I live near the beach, but my favorite vacation spot is in the country where there’s no traffic or noise of the city.

  307. bakingmom

    I would say my favorite is Daytona Beach in Florida, what a blast I had there last time I visited, thanks!

  308. I like to vacation in the Bahamas!

  309. CarrieObrien

    Sonoma Coast

  310. I like to hike so my favorite vacation spots are any that have trails. Trees and quiet and the occasional waterfall are just perks. 🙂

  311. ColeBowl91

    The mountains because that’s where my bf lives!

  312. Rayecast3

    Vacation spot
    San Lucas Cabo, Mexico or South Padre Island….Perhaps a Jakob from The Swept Away Series by J.S. Cooper or perhaps one of Sabrina Jeffries many rogues.

  313. mommietime

    Love to go to Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.

  314. Jesuep83

    My favorite vacation spot is the beach at Rockport, Texas.

  315. lovebooks55

    Favorite spot – on the beach, near the water, with a cool breeze, an iced tea, and a great book .

  316. crazygirl412

    My favorite vacation spot is my home because that’s where my vacation is located at for most of the summer. Woohoo bumming it out!

  317. Sunnymay

    Cape Cod is one of my favorite places for a vacation. We rented a home that was a 5 minute walk from the beach, picked up mussels and tried to make them taste good without a recipe. It didn’t work out as well as expected. We had grilled food instead. A bird flew down the chimney and so an open door and towels flapping at him helped the bird go out. I found the Indian lore around Falmouth was fascinating and a treaty kept overbuilding out for a time, so you can see the shoreline without tall stories getting in the way. Beach, mini-golf, picnics and walks at sundown filled our time along with my 5 kids and relatives who have a beach house and 2 kids. It was a summer full of sand and memories. Plus there was a full bookcase with paperbacks galore to browse.

  318. queeniecondie

    My favorite vaction spot it indoors with the AC running. I’m fair skinned and the sun hates me and I hate it.

  319. KellyG629

    Every weekend we go to our camp, Woodhaven Lakes, where we’re surrounded by trees and deer. Unfortunately, this last June 22 a tornado hit half the campground, affecting thousands of people. Luckily, our home is still standing, though many were crushed. But the forest behind our place was decimated, as well as thousands of trees throughout the campground. But this last weekend, as I was reading on the deck, a mama deer walked through our yard with FOUR baby deer following – it looks like the babies who were orphaned in the storm found foster mamas!! It gives me hope that my perfect vacation spot will be perfect again one day….

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