Spring Break Boot Camp: Words of Wisdom and a Sweepstakes!

It’s hard to believe spring break is in the air, but alas! And we’re here to get you good and rearing to go, whether you’re off to Cabo or kicking it at home. Below are some words of wisdom from Taylor Bell, author of Dirty Rush, on how to maximize your spring break potential. And keep reading to enter an exciting sweepstakes sure to equip you for any spring break situation!

dirty-rush-9781476775289_lgThis may only be my second Spring Break as a proper college student and Beta Zeta and to that I say “so what?” I feel like a pro when it comes to the subject because I have such a knowledgeable Big who has shown and taught me everything I need to know when it comes to breaking, spring-wise, that is. The first thing Meg taught me about Spring Break, was that you need/must/HAVE to go somewhere warm. If you live somewhere that’s warm already, then great, you win at life, good job, save money, stay there, you are great, whatever. But if you live somewhere in Delaware like us, it gets cold as F all winter and by the time Spring Break comes through, we need to flock to the heat. SO flock we did last year, and flock we will this year.

The next thing that one must do in order to come back to school rejuvenated, reenergized, and generally better as a human being post-break, is to curate your list of travel partners (or whoever you’re hanging out with over the week) very wisely and discerningly. Spring Break is the world’s “me time.” So, make sure that you chose to surround yourself with positive people who enjoy and are good at getting drunk for large percentages of the day. If that’s your thing, of course. It’s not really mine on an average day, but Spring Break should never feel average, otherwise you’ll come home thirsty for more. No, the objective here is to return with a hangover that lasts a few days into the next semester.

The last major thing to contemplate, and you wouldn’t think but this might be the most clutch of all, is a good book, or several. Every morning, you’re gonna need to give yourself at least three hours to wake up slowly, eat something delicious for breakfast, get back in bed, read, long shower, etc. Make your mornings the fantasy mornings you dream about during finals. And, I swear, a good fucking book makes it more of a fantasy. Sounds nerdy, and that may be true because I’m a nerd, but it’s so true. Meg wouldn’t lead me astray on this one, and neither would I lead you astray. So, whatever you do, wherever you go, just make sure to give yourself a real break. From everything. Your phone, your school, your parents, all of it. I know you can handle doing you for a week.


Tell us in a comment below what your spring break essentials are for your chance to win the following prize pack. Full list of books after the photo!

Spring Break Prize Pack

Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell

Psychos by Babe Walker

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates by Mike and Dave Stangle

Nice is Just a Place in France by The Betches

Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran

Has Anyone Seen My Pants? by Sarah Colonna

Manwhore by Katy Evans

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

He Texted by Lisa Winning


Sweepstakes begins at 9:00 a.m. on March 6th and ends at 9:00 a.m. on March 20th. Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only. Please click here for complete contest rules.

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Dirty Rush

Dirty Rush

Taylor Bell

You know her as the "cunt punt" girl--now, with the help of the filthy geniuses behind Total Frat Move, she's written the almost-real-life story of a girl, a sorority, and thousands of red Solo cups.

Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

Babe Walker

If you or anyone you know has ever suffered from a shopping addiction, frenemies, or other White Girl Problems, PSYCHOS may be just the book for you.

He Texted

He Texted

Lisa Winning

FINALLY! An invaluable guide to dating in the digital age, from decoding Facebook friendships, to reading the intentions behind a guy's perplexing texts, to deciding when (if ever) to text him first.

Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy Boy

Christina Lauren

Book One of Wild Seasons: One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.



Pamela Redmond Satran

A hilarious and insightful story that proves you're only as young as you feel--now a TV series from the creator of Sex and the City, starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff!

Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

Sarah Colonna

New York Times bestselling author of Life as I Blow It Sarah Colonna is back with a hilarious, honest look at life in her late thirties in all its messy, pants-missing glory.



Katy Evans

Is it possible to expose Chicago's hottest player without getting played? The New York Times bestselling author of REAL brings you the first in a sexy new series.

Nice Is Just a Place in France

Nice Is Just a Place in France

The Betches

From The Betches, a book on how to deal with your problems when you have no problems. You're welcome.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Mike and Dave Stangle

Two reckless but lovable all-American bros make a strong case for maturing slowly through their outrageous yet enlightening misadventures across this great country of ours.



202 comments so far

  1. RobGrieco

    My spring break essentials are everything included in that bag above! 🙂

  2. My to Go bag for spring break or just a break needs to have many books & my Kindle, my polarized sunglasses (better to see the cabana boy with) & sunscreen too! 😉

  3. Sunglasses, sunblock, and books 🙂

  4. nowischick

    Tequila, sunglasses, kindle and books 🙂

  5. mp3 player, paperbacks for the beach, and kindle for everywhere else.

  6. For spring break I want to stay home and relax. To do that I would need to get a little warm weather to melt all the snow so I can sit outside and read in the sun. A few new books would be great. Can’t wait.

  7. Sunscreen is a must because I’m a redhead. Other than that my phone and a great book.

  8. lesliemp_

    Sunscreen booze books an unlimited battery for my cell and e reader

  9. As long as I have sunscreen, sunglasses, and a toothbrush, I’m good.

  10. jess1186

    Books, Sun & sleep!

  11. Books and sunblock

  12. Specialk401

    Sunglasses, books and hopefully enough time off to read all the amazing books I want to read!

  13. Books, plenty of ice cold diet coke and a variety of treats to eat.

  14. Cowboysfan40

    I would have to say sunblock, books and my smartphone. That way I could listen to some podcasts I have downloaded. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  15. mzpoodle2u

    Books and a full tank of gas. 🙂

  16. ladyy622

    My spring essentials are: a great Simon & Schuster book (there are so many great ones to choose from), a great pair of shades, my white fedora hat, and my favorite sunscreen.

  17. GretchenH

    sunglasses, sunblock, a comfy chair and a great book

  18. I can’t go on any spring break without my Kindle, flipflops, 12pk of Cherry Dr Pepper, and iPhone of tunes!

  19. abeckman75651

    My kindle some sun and quite time.

  20. DonnaGirts

    Sunshine, Beer, Comfy Chair, many great books to hold me over for the time I’m their relaxing..

  21. mglawler

    A beautiful day, a comfortable chair and a bag of must read books!

  22. warm weather and a good book

  23. froggiegirl621

    A few books, some cocktails and a nice comfy reading chair!

  24. heatherp438

    A chair by the pool with my sunglasses and a fruity drink 🙂

  25. fplastini

    Ice cold water, an apple, a few good books on my to read list, sunblock and a lounge chair!

  26. A hammock, a good book, and a tasty beverage

  27. jenniferedit

    All I need for spring break is some great reading material for when I’m relaxing, my tennis racket for when I’m not, and some good meals to fuel body and brain. Oh — and ditching the alarm clock is a must!

  28. My spring break essentials are books and some peace and quiet!

  29. My spring break essentials are sunscreen, a good ball cap, a nice reclining beach chair and a few good books. And soon, this tote full of great reads.

  30. a beach, a beer and a broad

  31. Books, books and more books AND the time to read them. I am one of the unfortunates that don’t get spring break off. Pooh! But, while I am reading, I can pretend at least until work calls or the chapter ends.

  32. bookbunny68@yahoo.com

    Spring break requirements for me – sun!! Open windows, spring flowers, getting the grill out again.

  33. alexandras3520

    All I would need for Spring Break is a sunny day on the beach, a good book, plenty of snacks, some sunnies and a comfy chair.

  34. skkgagnon

    Sunshine, beach, sunglasses, swimsuit & cover, sandles, blanket, umbrella, cooler filled with snacks and drinks, family, good friends, and great books to read!

  35. My Spring break essentials are everything in this bag to help me survive my long rode trip to Ohio. I need something to read while on that long drive & to read at night to unwind. This would be a fantastic win.
    Thanks for the chance.

  36. barneshd

    Beach, boys and tons of BOOKS! 🙂

  37. An air mattress, blankets, truck bed, radio, backroads and some wine, not to mention books to read on all the trips down roads that lead us on our next adventure.

  38. mjtdisney

    Books and more books … no plans and lots of relaxation!

  39. My spring break essentials are lots of books, wine, a blanket and a rocking chair on my front porch so I can see people go by while I read

    • divergent

      My springbreak essentials include my nook, su nscreen, sunglasses, a beach towel, a boogie board, several books, and cash.

  40. jenndonald

    Books and wine! That’s what I need. 🙂

  41. A Swimsuit – and anywhere it can be worn! (and a Mojito!)

  42. I HAVE to have my Kindle and at least one paperback as back up.You never know what the occasion will call for!

  43. missmaria

    Lots of books to read, sunscreen, lip balm & gloss, sunglasses, & a great moisturizer. A good bottle of wine, a soft pillow, & a warm blanket would round it out!

  44. Jodelle55

    I would love to win this bag of books!

  45. mstacey33

    Essential = Books, Books & more Books!!

  46. Lbparker06

    Spring Break Essentials: My Kindle HD with all my magazines and books, chapstick and lipgloss, my fav Victoria’s Secret lotion, a brush and clips, my PINK hoodie, flip-flops, my phone, a spiral notebook and a few colorful pens and mechanical pencils, VS Angels Only perfume and a big tote to carry it all in.. I can go anywhere as long as I have all of that!

  47. crcoordinator

    books, books and more books!!!!!

  48. Bikini, books, kindle (I never leave home without it), shades, sunblock, and bottled water. Oh and even though this last thing wouldn’t fit in any bag I still would have to bring it along… my boyfriend!

  49. reneesnooky

    for sure I must have a blanket and a book to lay in the sun and read

  50. ccarroll

    My spring break Must Haves – Warm Weather, Hot Eye Candy, Steamy Erotic Reads, and Frozen Margaritas to cool me off!

  51. lisawright

    Ice cold drink and a great book to kick back in the sun and read till my hearts content,before returning to the real world 🙂

  52. The beach, over-sized soft towel, sunglasses, cold drink, hot sun, headphones and music, and my nook. There is nothing more relaxing then soaking up some sun and reading through a great series! (The BF can come but he’s going to have amuse himself with some Candy Crush while I read and relax!) 🙂

  53. My essentials are: beach, sun, a few cocktails and a bunch of books. Can’t have Spring Break without them!

  54. Lots of books and cold drinks 🙂

  55. AlaskaEll

    books, and directions to the nearest local bookstore 🙂

  56. Kimbirdie8

    ipod player, sunscreen, a cooler with healthy snacks, water, and beer.

  57. sunglasses, books and wine!!!

  58. msswingle

    Summer plans involve reading with my ipad by the beach or pool as much as possible or a campfire if cannot get to water.

  59. My books and sunshine are my spring break must haves. This prize would be awesome for spring break.

  60. BookBriefs

    Sunglasses, a cold drink and my ipad

  61. majickat

    A bag full of books and no worries

  62. Books and Books and no cell phone . I am looking forward to it .

  63. My spring break includes reading all of those books listed above and just relaxing at home.

  64. Sun, sand, a gentle breeze, a fruity tropical drink and my kindle. The perfect break.

  65. boileraopi

    awesome books, sunscreen and new shades

  66. oknockout

    Loads and loads of books of unread books on my kindle and I’ll be one happy girl!

  67. grandmareads

    I couldn’t make it without books, my kindle, sun glasses and sun block.

  68. If I win this contest, I’ll be all set for any kind of break! If I don’t, I’ll still take breaks of any kind and muddle through with what I have!

  69. divergent

    My springbreak essentials include my nook, several books, sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, and cash.

  70. Bookworm Brandee

    I need my skis and/or swimsuit – sometimes both – sunscreen, and lots and lots of books!

  71. My spring break essentials are the beach, an umbrella, and a good book.

  72. jogabyjo

    Books, Food, Lemonade, and dont forget the occasional hot guy to look at;)

  73. werehunterfan1995

    Lots of Books <3

  74. smclement5

    Spring Break essentials: Sunglasses, suntan lotion, my kindle, assorted paperbacks, diet vanilla coke zero and my towel. Love the beach!

  75. KimberleyC

    My Spring Break essentials are Books, Coffee, Ice Tea and

  76. Lots of books!

  77. Boredfrog

    Sunshine and a couple of great books~

  78. Forget the sunblock, just my Nook and a blanket on the couch for me. I am happy as long as the book is tasty.

  79. Books, wine, sunglasses and Sun. Sunscreen is a must. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. All I need for Spring Break is enough time:
    1. to spend with my kids.
    2. to write
    3. to have some alone time to relax.
    4. to visit family

  81. chanpreet

    My essentials for a great Spring Break are few. I need good books to read on the way there and back. People whose company I enjoy, and good weather. And if the weather stinks, then books to read in the meantime! Water and sunscreen are also a must!

  82. Terri Shortell

    Books, Sun, iced tea, and quiet.

  83. Ruth Gutscher

    For me, spending time with family and friends,having a bar-b-que or a picnic whether it be here at home or in the cooler climates,always have to have my books/kindle,and my southern sweet iced tea… awesome giveaway,Thank you for the chance !!

  84. Countrysunrise

    My essentials would have to be – a cute sun hat, my sunglasses, a beach towel (or two), sandals, a hand-held cooler with a couple of cold beverages, a radio/cd player with cd’s for mood music, and most of all, something to read, preferrably that great bag of books I saw at the top of the page!! If not, I’m sure I’d be able to come up with a magazine or something!! Great contest, and thank you for the opportunity to win it!!

  85. nice warm sunshine!!

  86. devotedtofiction

    My spring break essentials include only one thing I can’t seem to function without: my eReader. I never go anywhere without it! Why take just a few books with me when I can take them all? 🙂

  87. frenchy3792

    The lake shore, a good book, and a couple of cold beers 🙂

  88. exotica080

    My spring break essentials include my comfy hammock, sunglasses, my book reader, some snacks and a cold beverage! Thank you for this giveaway!

  89. Willow13

    Sunscreen, sunglasses, and great books 🙂


  90. WyckedGranny

    Well, being in Texas, with the weather co-operating with awesome, warm temperatures, I don’t need to go anywhere! I need a few good books, a Luke Bryan Spring Break CD or 2, and my grandsons out of school and hanging with me! The only thing that could make that any better is if we could head off to the beach!

  91. turtle6422

    Depends on where I’m going. Books are always needed for any location. Thanks.

  92. vikafika

    Good book, sunscreen and nice drink!

  93. Lisarenee

    My essentials are books, food, drink, sand, sun, swimsuit, and more books. Thanks for doing the contest and congrats to the winner if it’s not me.

  94. spongebob2285

    I never go any where special. I always end up working. So I would have to say plenty of books to escape reality.

  95. bombi9923

    My spring break essentials are an SPF moisturizer and lip balm, books, my cell, and my glasses/sunglasses, of course!

  96. My kindle, contact lens supplies, sunglasses, lipstick and mascara and sun screen. Oh, and a couple of bottles of red wine!

  97. cldegraaff

    Taking my girls to Orlando.Planning on spending lots of downtime at the great pools on site at the Universal Studios Hotel-whoo! I am taking some great romance and paranormal books along with my kindle, sunscreen, sunglasses and planning on hitting up the swim up bars.

  98. fairelaine

    Light reading and a sturdy tote!
    Wish me luck!

  99. reniazen

    Sunscreen and shades, fully charged stocked kindle, painted toes and a rosy outlook- those are my Spring Break Essentials!

  100. copperqueen

    Lots of books, ice water and insulin.

  101. My kindle and a warm beach

  102. pghlauren

    Wine, margaritas, BOOKS, and some sunshine!

  103. vampireserenity

    My two eReaders, my knitting, and a beach.

  104. susanbeamon

    For spring break I would need money. With tuition, books, housing, money was always in short supply.

  105. Penguins106

    paperwhite, beach and sunglasses

  106. My spring break which I am very thankful to get will consist of BOOKS,coffee in the morning and BOOKS, wine in evening. 🙂

  107. A good book, and a glass of sweet tea on my deck or at the beach 🙂

  108. kindle, nook, and an extra day off

  109. denise1641

    A milk chocolate bar,a chocolate strong man a sizzling book and a down comforter…..

  110. Will have to have my NOOK with 100’s of books to choose from. My granddaughter and lots of play with her and the rest of the family.

  111. A beach, a cold drink and lots of books.

  112. Jaded_Angel_4_Life

    A nice hot bath ,a book and some earplugs.

  113. Apachewoman59

    sunshine, comfy chair, cold drink and a lot of books

  114. allymurf

    Spring break needs… the 3 B’s: beer, books and bed. Total relaxation 🙂

  115. kellyandkeithwest

    My spring break essentials are setting in the HOT Arizona sun at the pool side, reading a really good book, sipping on a really cold glass of ice water during the day time and my Kindle fully charged with a fully stocked library, setting in the air conditioner, drinking a nice warm cup of coffee and a reading my kindle in the bed!

  116. Parker51

    Must have a whole pack of books to read and enjoy in a comfy spot with sunshine!!!

  117. Janetteach

    Books, books, and more books. Oh, and sunscreen and a beachchair.

  118. jewells91

    The beach or pool, great book, sunglasses and an icy adult beverage

  119. stressed.silly

    Books and magazines

  120. serenade

    Books, sunglasses, sunscreen and swimsuit.

  121. I am a book lover through & through!!!

  122. My Spring Break essentials is my Nook which is filled with over a thousand books! A beach getaway would be great but I’ll be happy with staying home and reading.

  123. efender1

    My kindle fire, a lounge chair and sun 🙂 thanks for the awesome giveway!

  124. Amanda011

    My idea of a great spring break is just that a break! No having to take the kids everywhere and a lot of alone time with my nook! Oh yeah and an infinate amount of money to buy however many books I can read! No mommy duties for a week that would be awesome! Oh yeah and I want all of this while sitting on the beach with lots of margaritas!!

  125. Spring Break needs friends, music, the beach , a few cocktails and some hot books to read.

  126. A few good books & sunglasses

  127. Kathy Rando Giannone

    For Spring Break I need nice sunny warm weather, books to read & the time away from work to be able to enjoy it all!

  128. The way I spend Spring Break has GREATLY changed over the years! Now, I stock up on books (for me), books for my grandskids, some new games, and a list of what local exhibits for kids are available. I usually spend about 3 days of quality time with at least the three youngest, and try to have at least 1 with my 4 teenaged granddaughters.

  129. Springbreak would not be complete without my Nook, a strong WiFi connection just in case the urge hits to add a few new books to the collection and a nice supply of fresh fruitto munch on throughout the day…

  130. chrisreads

    A cozy lawn chair and lots of good books you read!

  131. Valotte68

    Good books, sunscreen, bathing suit, cozy beach towel.

  132. tinlizzay

    Spring Break Essentials – Beach, good friends, more books than I can carry!

  133. My Spring Break essentials are a full Kindle, a quiet place ( I don’t care where as long as it is quiet) a few new paperbacks because I love real books to read and a comfy place to read. Food is optional, reading is life!

  134. My essentials include:
    my lounge chair on my deck
    my current stack of books
    a big cup of coffee

  135. YankeeBelle03

    Unlimited cash flow, and a private beach cabana

  136. jfaerybaby

    Some good new books to read and unlimited coffee!

  137. SKlocinski

    Being retired, spring break is kind of a moot point. I am eternally on spring break but since spring break is a state of mind, I’d say my essentials are beach, booze and books

  138. Relaxing in lounge chair under the sun with tall cold glass ice tea with my pile of books to relax and read. Pretend no one else is around.

  139. aculver1

    For Florida, the only thing that is essential is a steamy hot novel and air conditioning to stay cool with.

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  141. kareische

    All I need for spring break is a bottle of pinot and some sun!

  142. goodoleamy

    took a year off of college to do volunteer work and live in poverty for the year. no help from the parents.

    if I could go on a vacation right now- I WOULD LOVE LIFE.

    but my spring break essentials = my best friends, my boyfriend, my flipflops & the sun!

  143. ryanthegirl_

    I NEED chapstick, my camelbak, a book, and fresh fruit on the beach. Sunscreen optional.

  144. Meandmybookboyfriends

    The bag above seems perfect to me. Must have for any vacation would be several books, cooler stocked with water and wine
    Nice chair and toes in sand book open …sigh perfect!

  145. All I need for my spring break is a playlist made by my friends and I, a car with a full tank of gas, beach supplies and a lawn chair to relax by whichever lake we drive by first. Add a few books and that sounds awesome!

  146. amforester

    Books, ice cold lemon water, and lots of sun! You can never have too many books!

  147. Liffer09

    sunglasses, beer, shorts and sun!

  148. cmmonica

    Spring break essentials:
    warm weather
    Tanning lotion
    good drinks
    good books
    good music
    friends to party with at night

  149. rcatbarr

    a super thick book, ipad, and a pillow

  150. yiayia79

    To win the bag would be great Then I would have everything I need.

  151. lsheldon5

    Friends and a place to relax

  152. karriedee

    The perfect spring break essentials are:
    1. Relaxing destination…be it the beach, the slopes, the countryside, whatever!
    2. Fun-loving friends to party with!
    3. A delicious drink in one hand…
    4. …And an intriguing book in the other!

  153. I need a warm day by the pool under an umbrella and a great book!

  154. My spring break essentials include: my wonderful bag o’books (both on Kindle and in print), a notebook and good pen, snacks, beach towel, sunglasses, great potato vodka and outstanding mixer (sugar-free), a wonderful lounging chair, a great floating device, and some huge body of water. Companions are optional for sun lounging, but necessary for night activities.

  155. barblima

    A credit card and a smile.

  156. Eljohn18

    Just need my swimsuit, a beach, and a great book!

  157. Debbie T.

    I would need what is in that bag and my Kindle and probably even some more books. Then of course, there has to be caffeine and chocolate.

  158. meccastribling

    My spring break essentials include at least ten books that I have probably already read, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, and snacks

  159. ashleighw17

    A few bottles of white wine, malibu, a warm sun, a good read, and a nice looking frat boy is all I need for my perfect spring break #takemeback

  160. SexyBrat

    My spring break essentials are my family. They are all I need.

  161. AshhCarrr

    Spring Break essentials:

    DD Ice coffee
    Harlan Coben Book
    Maui Jims and Croakies
    Lounge Chair
    Good friends
    A Camera for lots of photos and memories
    And Aloe for my new sunburn!

  162. karinbyrnebingo

    A good sexy romantic novel, suntan lotion, sunglasses, fragrant body spray and a beach towel are my spring break essentials.

  163. My essentials are books, magazines, chocolate, and my kitty boys!

  164. gerrissister

    My spring break has to have a good cup of coffee or glass of iced tea,and as many new books as I can carry to the front porch swing.

  165. My essentials are a book, a beach, and the sun!

  166. I must have books, books and more books!

  167. KarnagesMistress

    My dog. Even if we were just walking through still-frozen woods in Illinois, my Selene-Moe and I needed each other. The sun is still here. Florida and Cabo are still here. Selene isn’t.

  168. KatiieVictoria

    My spring break essentials are everything included in that bag above! Also my puppy, a glass of wine, and the sunny beaches of Florida.

  169. I need bright warm sunshine and a book with nothing but time to relax! Of course the tote bag is a must.

  170. PearlsClassandSass

    My spring break essentials are a good book, a cold drink and a cute bikini.

  171. bernardoni@yahoo.com

    Spring Break essentials – My wife by my side! Then everything else is good.

  172. blazegirl

    Give me a bikini, a towel, big sunglasses and some sunscreen, and I’m ready to hit the beach!

  173. A few good books, sunscreen, some free time and a drink with an umbrella wouldn’t hurt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. tsmith61008

    My essentials are comfy clothes, sunglasses, a good book and a Diet Sierra Mist. I would like to include a Kindle but I don’t have one.

  175. HotHoney

    Sunscreen, shades and sangria! And those books of course 🙂

  176. saturdaynightfever

    A beach, an umbrella, a book!

  177. michdtucker

    I have to have my kindle loaded with steamy romance books, sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel, flip flops, water and snacks. 🙂

  178. susan1215

    My spring break essentials are sunscreen, snacks, drinks books and a nice reclining beach chair.

  179. Books, books and more books

  180. trishamckee

    My spring break essentials are books, Red Bull, and some water nearby to take a cooling off break every now and then.

  181. Here’s my list: an umbrella I can stick in the sand, a reclining beach chair, lots of water and lots of books.

  182. garrettsa mbo

    My essentials are a beach chair, umbrella, sun screen, drinks, snacks, my nook and ebooks.

  183. versatileer

    I need some good, warm weather, good food and drink, and to relax a bit.

  184. My spring essentials are plenty of books, bottles of water, fruit to munch on when I read my books and my fav jazz CD’s to listen to as I read.

  185. wikichoco

    my Spring Break essentials are a big tote filled with trashy novels, shades,sunblock, french fries and a couple of cold beers next to a pool in Florida

  186. My essentials would be books,beer and sunscreen 🙂

  187. My spring break essentials are sunscreen and a swimsuit

  188. sunscreen, snacks, and books

  189. CherylMc

    books and time

  190. Sunscreen, friends, water and debit card.
    discriminating_diva at yahoo dot com

  191. A book, hammock, iced tea and a gorgeous sunny day

  192. rosannepm

    My Spring break essential is a 30 sunscreen and a good book

  193. My must haves are books, sunscreen, a big floppy hat and a fruity beverage!

  194. Shazzizme

    Spring break essentials for me include a beach chai, sunglasses, Ice cold sweet tea and my favorite books to enjoy!

  195. My Kindle, paperbacks, my cell phone, sunscreen, and a sun-blocking hat.

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