What Happened Last Night? A Mystery in Post-Its

We’ve been featuring suspense novels on XOXOAD this week, but sometimes it’s life’s little mysteries that make us think the hardest. One enterprising young woman has saved herself the trouble of inventing time travel by leaving her sober self notes when she comes home after a night on the town. Here’s a lovely sample of Hannah’s recent work:

drunk notes



Nice to see that Drunk Han is a thoughtful and considerate roommate:

drunk notes 2


But hey, Drunk Han can’t be responsible for everything:

drunk notes 3


To see how the whole evening progressed (in notes), go to Hannah’s Tumblr for all the photos. Let us all learn from this level of post-party planning–way to go, Drunk Han!

Wonder if Drunk Han knows Taylor Bell, coiner of the term “cunt-punt” and author of the upcoming novel DIRTY RUSH?

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Dirty Rush

Dirty Rush

Taylor Bell

You know her as the "cunt punt" girl--now, with the help of the filthy geniuses behind Total Frat Move, she's written the almost-real-life story of a girl, a sorority, and thousands of red Solo cups.



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  1. Never thought of leaving drunk notes…brilliant & hysterical.

  2. I have never left myself postits when I was drunk…interesting….very interesting.

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