Contest: Try Me On For Size

Our lovely Pocket Star author Stephanie Haefner keeps us laughing all the way through her debut sexy romance; TRY ME ON FOR SIZE. In this saucy, sexy romp a lingerie shop owner, determined to save her shop, hatches a rather interesting plan with her best friend and co-business owner. But ladies, as we all know, finding a lingerie style that suits you is incredibly important. And nobody knows that better than the owners of Classy ‘n’ Sassy Lingerie, and author Stephanie Haefner!


Lingerie is an extremely personal choice. It touches your body more than anything  (or anyone) else. 😉 It serves a purpose, so it’s gotta fit right, and it has to look good, if that’s a priority for you. (It should be a priority!) But either way, every woman needs to choose the right lingerie for her.

Here’s my quick and easy lingerie guide!

Let’s start simple. Cross Your Heart Bras and Cotton Panties. These are sturdy garments. Functional, no nonsense. They’re for women who don’t want frills, and their partners don’t care either. They’d rather you ditch them before bed anyway! And you like it that way. Get to the good stuff faster.

Next up, Silk and Satin Nighties. These elegant pieces are for women who like luxurious things. You like the caress of delicate fabrics on your skin, almost as much as experienced hands that know how to work a little sex magic. You’re the kind of woman who doesn’t like to show it all right away. You like a little mystery.

Let’s move on to Lace and other Sheer Items. Is there anything sexier than seeing the goods but still having them covered and inaccessible? These types of bras and panties are for women who like to be seen, but still make their lover work to uncover her.

And last, but certainly not least, the Cupless Bras and Crotchless Panties. These are for women who are always prepared, like a Boy Scout. (Well, not a Boy Scout!) She’s ready for sex at the snap of a finger, no need to get naked. And if you’re in a dress, even better. We’re talkin’ coat room quickies and backseat rendezvous. So hot!

So there ya have it! What’s your lingerie style? Or do you like to mix it up? Whatever you choose, enjoy it!


Tell us your preferred style in a comment below to enter for your chance to win a promotional code to download Try Me On For Size and a gift card to Victoria’s Secret! There will be 1 grand prize winner and 2 winners who receive promotional codes to download Try Me On For Size!

Contest begins at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 12th and ends at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 20th. Sorry, contest open to U.S. residents only. Please click here for complete contest rules

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Try Me On for Size

Try Me On for Size

Stephanie Haefner

A sexy, laugh-out-loud love story about a woman trying to save her failing lingerie business with a new product --personal massagers -- made to the specs of the spokesman of her choice! Ooo la la!



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  1. amazinkt69

    Definitely lace! I love the old fashioned Sensual Sexy way you feel!! But it can hurt to have a few cupless and crotchless item in the wardrobe either! 😉

  2. I prefer some lace and sheer lingerie! It’s a time to be sexy in the bedroom, so instead of just dropping all of your clothes to the floor, why not feel sexy for a moment. Explore your body and allow your partner to still have a chance to imagine every part of yourself naked! Take the time to feel close and really touch each other!

  3. starlitsky14

    I like babydolls with lace and sheer fabric. Never had any complaints! 🙂

  4. I’m plain jane cotton some days and cute lacy numbers the next. I don’t think I could venture into cup/crotchless!

  5. Katie.Reuscher

    I’m a silk and satin nightie kind of girl. 🙂

  6. My daily underpinnings consist of Cacique cotton briefs and the same style of Vanity Fair bra I’ve worn since graduating from a training style. These are the only items I’ve tried that haven’t needed adjustment during the day. I could use some help in the night-time department. My preference would be a fairly sheer and short silk nightie … easy on, but more importantly easy off!

  7. I am a Cross Your Heart girl with Satin and Silk tendencies, Lace and Sheer memories and Cupless/Crotchless fantasies.

  8. geenakmom

    Satin and silky with little trim of lace is what I love.

  9. I love satin and lace

  10. Definitely lace 🙂

  11. wingowife

    Whatever my mood calls for

  12. satin, satin and more satin

  13. I love the sheer stuff! It makes me feel sexy and desirable with the added benefit that it slows my partner down (but only a little)!

    Thanks for the contest!

  14. ehurley12

    I wear bras for comfort, so I really like cotton T-shirt style bras. However, sometimes lace and silk are definitely nice.

  15. aeellis426

    Plain jane (still with a nice silhouette!) most days with some upgrades for special occasion. He doesn’t care too much either way!

  16. sandyannn

    I am soft cotton girl at heart, my undies shouldnt be prettier than me lol!

  17. I prefer push ups and boy shorts.

  18. Until recently I was a cotton kind of girl. Now I have discovered the fit and feel of silk and lace. Love them and so does the hubby 😉

  19. Lace and sheer fabrics!

  20. I love Warner’s Bras and Panties & Thongs

  21. shirley_frances

    Definitely something silky. Not a fan of the lace.

  22. sexyposes

    Vintage style!!! Marilyn Monroe-esque, garter belts , stockings, lace, corset style, anything classic looking.

  23. cbales1984

    Mostly cotton with some silk and satin in the mix.

  24. I’m fairly well endowed so my bras need to have substance. In order I go for comfort , colors, fabric. I like boyshorts (funny, autocorrect changed boyshorts to boycott!) cotton; again, comfort first.

  25. elizabeth-n

    If you journeyed back in time, you would find people traveling great distances to transport the glorious and sensual material known as silk. They would risk property and life, confront bandits and thieves, to bring silk to the sensual. Yes, the Silk Roads are no more but silk is still the sexiest material for lingerie. May silk caress your body and your lover’s too!

  26. Melinda89

    I am a cross your heart type although often these are colorful or have a fun print but upon occasion I jump into lace territory…it’s nice to mix it up sometimes!

  27. Lachelle101

    I recently tried a black satin gown with red see through lace panties and bra, which is completely daring for me since I’m more of a cotton person. It was time to spice things up which is what brought out a more daring side of me. I’d defiantly put it on again

  28. A little of everything! Depends if I am feeling naughty or nice 😉

  29. I’m a plain cotton kind of girl. It’s very hot where I live, so lace and satin are rather uncomfortable.

  30. Whatever I have long as its comfortable…normally cotton. But I do like the lace and sheer.

  31. I like the silk and satins but when I want to feel naughty I go for the sheer and lace. Gotta mix it up a little in the bedroom.

  32. readinglucy

    I’m mostly a Cross Your Heart Bras and Cotton Panties kind of girl. I do have some variety, such as silk, and lace, for special occasions. I think that being in one category is difficult, I would not like to go to work in a tong… 12 hours shift…

  33. Trinitee Mitchell-Dunn

    I like to mix it up. A bit of silk and lace.

  34. dynamicleverage

    I’m a 34G (34F, UK) so it seems that bra selections for me are fewer, except for a few online shops. I prefer underwire for support and separation for everyday wear, with a bit of sheer and lace thrown in, unless my bra has to do its duty under a t-shirt (no seams) or the comfort of a tight-fitting sports bra when working out at the gym or running, of course with pretty colors on it. I love the selections and styles available at Victoria’s Secret too.

    • dynamicleverage

      Oh, I forgot to add my two cents about other lingerie items, such as panties. Ok, so I am kinda obsessed about being sure my bras and panties match, unless the matchng panties are thongs or made of some uncomfortable material. I prefer full coverage panties rather than thongs, for instance, but wish panty lines were less evident. And, as for other lingerie pieces, I love satin camisoles with a lace trim, and a matching bottom for sleeping at night, or a 3/4 length satin nightgown. Oh, and I almost almays wear a comfy sleep bra to keep gravity at bay for just a little longer (in my early 40s).

  35. ruthannyeaton

    I like to mix vintage styles (especially from the 1950s) with current stretchy styles. Love the satin and colors of the past. Love the fit (especially bra fits!) of the present. And adore wide lace waistbands on panties. SO VERY pretty, even with a little bit of “muffin top” body. I must say, if the lingerie doesn’t have a delicious color, it will never make it into my closet!

  36. fplastini

    Definitely like to mix it up!!

  37. Californiagang

    I LOVE the VS nighties! Soft and really comfortable. Would love to pair those with reading Try Me on For Size. Haven’t heard of this author, but look forward to reading the book.

  38. When going all out to feel sexy I like the sheer and silky. The hubby likes the lace and see through.

  39. Kushkitten

    I’m a porcelain skinned, voluptuous woman, and my favorite style of lingerie is vintage pinup. I adore feeling comfortable and confident, while looking alluring. That means lots of corsets, demi bras, paneled panties, high waisted tap shorts, thigh highs, all in vivid jewel tones or black! I don’t discriminate against fabrics, unless they are uncomfortable or hard on the skin, because mine is very sensitive. Thank you for this excellent opportunity!

  40. Cross your heart bras and cotton panties for days. Sexy satin and lace for evenings. Sometimes I wear satin days.

  41. Love sexy night wear!!!!

  42. I am a fair skinned lady with natural blonde hair and fair skin that burns easily.
    I do not wear much sexy outer clothing as I am no longer a “spring chicken”

  43. Diane Sallans

    I love something pretty! But I want comfort too!

  44. I like to mix it up based on how I’m feeling and if something different is in the offing.

  45. I like a bra with a front closure that allows a glimpse of cleavage. I do not like thongs at all but a high cut panty feels good and allows free movement.

  46. jocelyn3069

    comfort.. but sexy comfort… no thongs… not anymore.. boy shorts are preferred these days as I travel so much and they’re comfy… but pair them with cleavage…

  47. I like to mix it up – definitely!

  48. kimberlyc730

    It definitely depends on my mood. I don’t have a favorite lingerie set because I like so many different kinds, from cottony and comfy to cupless and sexy. It is fun to experiment and try out new looks.

  49. bombi9923

    I like a pretty, but not over-the-top sexy back close underwire bra that is lightly padded and in colors or prints….anything but white! Panties are prints or colors as well, and hi-cut briefs. I feel feminine, but definitely comfortable!

  50. irisrossi1

    Silk and satin but sometimes a little lace is nice.

  51. BellaLW13

    Lots and lots of lace!! ♡♡

  52. your1chef

    I will quietly whisper that I have no lingerie. Before I met my husband I had some, but after two kids, I am not feeling sexy. If I can kick these last 15 pounds- I would love to try on some lingerie. I am not sure about my style- blah maybe?

  53. lace and sheer for me

  54. I like to mix it up. Anything soft, lacy and sexy. Especially if it is in purple.

  55. BLeigh1130

    I like my little cotton panties & my comfy bra’s that hold me in lol. I guess i’m boring lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

    Take care & I hope you have a great day!
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  56. I like to mix it up depending on my mood. 🙂

  57. beckysheart

    Lace & other sheer items is my style, but it might be fun to take the girl scout approach every once in a while!

  58. I like a good fitting bra and cotton panties. Bring on the bright colors and patterns! It’s all about being happy and comfortable, that’s the best kind of sexy.

  59. Lace and silky.

  60. duncansmomma

    I’m a simple girl so I like a little bit of lace and sheer fabric, but nothing too over the top. And I LOVE pink…

  61. Crystal161981

    I’m mostly a silk n satin kinda girl but I do love the sheer lacy on occasions. Who doesn’t love feeling sexy?! <3

    • dynamicleverage

      I think guys really miss out on the, as you said, “feeling sexy” aspect of women’s lingerie. I mean, what do they have, silk boxers?! I wear my lingerie, mostly, for myself because I really enjoy it and feel attractive, even sexy, and not necessarily for the benefit of some guy to oogle me. They should make sexier guy stuff so they can understand what we enjoy IMHO.

  62. chloekeats

    t-shirt and boyshorts

  63. I like Cross Your Heart bras with thick straps and cotton panties but I also like soft nighties after my bath; however nude is my choice of sleep attire.

  64. I have work undies which are sturdy serviceable cotton. I have every day lingerie that is nicer and sexier. Thongs, lace, ect. Then I have my special occasion lingerie that consists of matching bra and pantie sets along with stockings and garters.

  65. tdkcarpenoctem

    I definitely love satin and lace! Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. i like to mix it up. but never tryed crotchless panties.

  67. lacy under garments in all shades of color, silk boxers and gorgeous slip nighties

  68. I like to have a variety of different lingerie

  69. I’m more the silk and satin type.

  70. leanniefae

    Sheer for sexy time, cotton for every day life. It’s super hot where I live, so I have to let my skin breathe. My husband likes sheer and see-through though. 🙂

  71. Kantu Malhotra

    Just lost some weight. So I’d like to try all of them!

  72. I have my push up bras panties are a mix cotton for the week lace for fun

  73. dragonfly69

    Cross your heart & cotton!

  74. JessieL62

    Silk, satin, lace & sheer. Occasionally, cotton panties. It all depends on the mood I’m in. I like to mix it up.

  75. You can get sexy styles now in comfy cotton

  76. I prefer my partner in sexy silk or lace.

  77. BookBriefs

    I like lace and push up bras. (My girls need all the help they can get)

    This is a fun contest! Thanks so much!

    Michelle @ Book Briefs

  78. mayebaby88

    I like to mix mine up.

  79. I need something with support because i’m busty but i do have a few sexy numbers with satin and silk that I fortunately found in my size. I do love silk nighties and baby dolls though or just some boy shorts and hiphuggers 🙂

  80. Depending on my mood it may be cotton, or lace and satin!

  81. yannogoner

    I’m a satin nightie or babydoll kind of woman. They feel luxurious but are relaxed enough to feel comfortable.

    Thanks for this contest!

  82. brittbratt1990

    Love to have some lace or silk or anything that makes me feel sexy. If it fits right and looks good I love to wear it because nothing says sexy like confidence and nothing says confidence like that little secret bit of lingerie under your clothes that No one knows about But you. 😉

  83. Lace and satin are two of my faves.

  84. Lafleurdeplume

    I go through phases and love the way silk feels on my skin, but right now I’m into lace 😉

  85. Definitely somewhere in the middle: satin, silk, lace and sheer! Colorful and fun always catches my eye…especially if it all matches! I’m sure I’d find alot that I would love at Sassy n Classy! 😉

  86. ducktapegurl

    I like lace! It makes me feel pretty! 🙂

  87. I like to mix it up! But I feel prettiest in push ups and lacy panties!

  88. kaisquared

    I like silk and satin gowns over lacy high cut panties and a supportive bra (but no underwires!) It helps if they are easily removable as needed! 🙂

  89. Definitely lace and sheer! I like the mystery it evokes!

  90. dixielandcountry

    I love silk when the mood fits, and I am a matching set of Body by Victoria style for my day to day.

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