For today’s author post, we have the wonderful Jennifer Probst talking about what makes a theme in her novels. In particular, she gives the down-low on her Searching For series, including Searching For Perfect, set to go on-sale April 29th! Without further ado…


I’ve been thinking about theme a lot in my stories.

Theme is something a reader shouldn’t know about. It’s a delicate blend and weaving by the author to connect the reader to a broad idea – theme – that pulsates under the entire story.

For instance, in my Marriage to a Billionaire series, family is the true theme in the books and links them together in an overall arc. Yes, there’s a marriage of convenience, but from Bargain, Trap, Mistake, and Merger, family is the primary drive for the marriage. To save family. To protect family. To please family. Most of my broken heroes desperately need a family to love. Mama Conte is the mother to everyone, in each of the books, and her presence gives another layer of theme.

When I began my spinoff for the Searching For series, I wanted to do something different. Again, the theme needed to be something I believed in passionately or it would never transfer to the page. One of the driving forces in my life has been female friendship. I decided to create a matchmaking agency between three best friends who went to college together.

I remember my own college days. Poker nights with a bottle of wine. Sharing dating and heartbreak stories. Finally finding love one by one. Being in each others weddings. Being there for a divorce. Being there for the babies.

Friendship is more delicate than family because you choose. It’s a strong bond that can make a huge difference in life, and this is what I wanted to detail in the series. Throughout the ups and downs, in the search for love, Kate, Kennedy, Arilyn, and Genevieve are the driving forces.

Of course, I add in some super-hot guys, great sex, and laugh out loud humor.

And something a bit deeper with these books. Each heroine has to deal with a serious issue that many have probably experienced. Stuttering. Bullying. Domestic Abuse. Sexual Abuse. Bulimia.

Watching them struggle with real life issues makes them stronger and more real to the reader AND to me.


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