SWEEPSTAKES: The Thirteenth Day of Manganiello

UPDATE: Congratulations to our three winners, who will have Joe goodies in their stockings this year! 

Grand prize: sdorado; second prize: kaylabeck; third prize: Star89. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Okay, we know there are only twelve days in the song, but we had so much fun with this that we had to extend it just one more day…

Dec. 16

…aren’t you glad we did? That’s definitely a wolf I’d go for.

Without further ado, *drumroll please* we are so excited to finally present all of you with our Joe Manganiello sweepstakes! All you need to do to enter is tell us in the comments below what your favorite day of Joe was!

Grand Prize: One signed copy of Evolution by Joe Manganiello and seasons 1-4 of True Blood on DVD (each signed by Joe!)

Second Place: One signed copy of Evolution by Joe Manganiello, one signed poster of the Evolution cover, and a copy of Magic Mike on DVD

Third Place: One signed copy of Evolution by Joe Manganiello

Be sure to let us know which Joe was your favorite in a comment below by 12 p.m., Thursday, December 19, for your chance to win! One grand prize winner, one second place winner and one third place winner will be chosen at random. **Click here for complete contest rules.

Don’t forget to scroll down for a whole lot of Twelve Days of Manganiello goodness (and I dare you not to sing it.)

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, XOXO gave to thee…


12 Joes a cheesin’…

Dec. 13

11 Joes a swingin’…

Dec. 12

10 Joes a kickin’…

Dec. 11

9 Joes a pullin’…

Dec. 10

8 Joes a flexin’…

Dec. 9

7 Joes a gazin’…

Dec. 8

6 Joes a liftin’…

Dec. 7

5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

Dec. 6

4 manly punches…

Laughing JoeFierce Joe

3 alter egos…

Dec. 4

2 rock hard pecs…

Dec. 3

…and a beautiful shirtless Joe!

Thanks for joining us for these twelve days! Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes in the comments below!

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Joe Manganiello

I wouldn't mind finding him under my tree...



430 comments so far

  1. RickyDricky

    What. Do I have. To do. To win this. Alcide is definitely my favorite Joe. duh-duhhhhhh.

  2. II think #5 is my favorite. I like the mystery of what’s under the t-shirt. ;-)

  3. Very difficult choice, but I have to go with #1. Or #3. Or #10……no, definitely #1.

  4. Well he is super sexy in all of them. My favorite, if I must choose one, is #9. I can see all his yummy abs and chest and arms and hot damn! I also have a weakness for guys with ponytails, on a carnal level. And Joe Manganiello looks SO fine with and without one.

  5. atticusfinch1048

    No 2 the hard pecs as thats what I wish I had

  6. CMTHadding

    Love Joe!! It’s so hard to choose!! My all time fav is def number 1, but 5 is a close second.

  7. Joe #6!! Joes a Lifting!! This man is amazing!

  8. A BEAUTIFUL shirtless Joe!

  9. I’m all for #11 Joe a-swingin’!

  10. amaraeternal

    Difficult to choose, but I love #5 the most.

  11. After some deliberation, I have to choose number 2 as my favorite.

  12. girlfmkitty

    Mother, may I please have this shiny device? What, it’s not shiny? May I please have it anyway?

  13. I love #5! Great arms! :)

  14. 7 or 3, are my favs.. but they are all fantastic. none would disappoint. the man is perfect

  15. bookgirl46

    I remember memorizing muscles in anatomy class. If the drawings and diagrams in my anatomy book had been pictures of Joe’s muscles I am sure the entire process would have been much less painful. Muscular arms make my heart rate triple so number 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg is my favorite!

  16. So hard to pick just one :) Okay I will pick #2 rock hard pecs…

  17. lesliemb88

    7 Joes a-gazin.. Wow.

  18. I’d choose #12 because it shows that Joe can chill with “mere mortals” (second choice would be #10). Thank you and happy holidays!

  19. Pwiggins2007

    Wow. I can’t choose! I’ll go with 5 ;)

  20. I like #3! hehe :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  21. sassy_book_jedi

    Number 7 is very artsy ;-)

  22. aye sarita

    I LOVE day 3! You can tell Joe loves his work and love to work! :)

  23. leniquette

    #7 is a great shot, but #3 shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously which i love!

  24. valeriacrown

    In love with #5! Really shows his manly biceps and makes me swoon (heavenly sigh).

  25. Love them all! Not fair to pick only one. I would have to say #7 if I must pick a favorite.

  26. 7 Joes a gazin look phenomenal! He evokes everything masculine and shows his caring and thoughtful side. But all of the days are wonderful! Especially the beautiful shirtless Joe <3

  27. CatherinePia

    I love 3 alter egos because I love a grounded celeb who can poke fun if themselves. Part of physical health is having good mental health. You always need to be able to laugh at yourself once in a while!

  28. Yessss!!!! Great pics, great prize!! Thanks!!

  29. sunshine3880

    9 joes a pullin for sure… theres nothing sexier than a man who can lift his own weight and look sexy doing it..looking at the veins popping out and the back muscles responding and watching him jump down looking at me gazing and all he says is…”what”" lol…like he dont know

    • Day 7 Who is counting! Free place at my Christmas Day dinner joe.

  30. They are all fantastic but my favorite is 7 joez a gain! You can see every muscle just amazin!

  31. I hate word correction …my comment should have been:
    All are fantastic but my favorite is 7 Joes a gazin You can see all his muscle really amazin!!!!

  32. They are all amazing but I think I’d definitely have to go with number 7!! I think I’d cry if I actually won!!

  33. spacecadet90

    Love them all! But my favorite is #5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  34. 11. Everyone looks better in B&W!

  35. Beautiful and distracting pics that showcase all of Joe’s hardwork and dedication. I love numbers 1 and 10:-)

  36. This is great! Very Creative!! Just love!!

  37. Spookygirl

    So hard to choose! (pun intended) but I think #5 or #2 are my favorites!

  38. Oops forgot to mention… 7 Joes a gazin’… pa-leeezz!

  39. I wanna say. Day 12 Joe’s a cheesin’ because that’s more Joe. ;-) But the 7 Joe’s a Gazin’ is my favorite! :)

  40. There are no adequate words. Only OMG. Wow.

  41. Goldengirl81

    #5 biceps straining! I’d want him on my team for tug of war!

  42. All of them. I want all of them. I have to pick only one? OK…. I think I like #5 the best. :-)

  43. I’m going to go with #1. Shirtless is ALWAYS good with Joe :)

  44. Eric_s_angel

    7. Joes a gazin’…

  45. #10!

  46. 7 Joes a gazin’ definitely!

  47. #11 Joes a swingin’! Though I love them all, 13 days of Joe is not enough!!!

  48. OKAY!!! He looks so hot on all of them but my favorite is number one . I can’t imagine how would be like slide my fingers across his chest.

  49. akashathedamned

    It is so hard to pick. so many reasons. if forced, I would pick 7 Joes a gazin’… It shows off his hard work… plus it’s so animalistic. I love it.

  50. i’ll go with 6

  51. Marcy4life

    I’ll go with a beautiful shirtless Joe! <3 <3

  52. Dragondeva

    # 7 is my fav…. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it :)

  53. Bryanswife0717

    11 Joes’s a swinging is pretty AWESOME!!!

  54. #5 I would love to uncover the mystery.

  55. My favorite is 7 Joes a gazin’

  56. metalgoddess21

    7 Joes A Gazin..mhhm! Yeah baby!

  57. Drool worthy!

  58. #9 is my favorite, i like that hair pulled back!

  59. Jamie.Cadmus

    3 alter egos. :) Love that he laughs at himself. ❤️

  60. 7 Joes a gazin’ was my favorite!

  61. kpreachers

    Gotta go with Joe number 3. Alter egos are the way to go with this one.

  62. sunshinehdfan

    10 Joe’s a cookin….Oh Yhea

  63. lovethebeach21

    It’s so hard to decide but I think I will go with 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  64. bdebbipete

    #1. Please, please, please!!!! Need to win this <3

  65. sunshinehdfan

    10 Joe’s a kickin…sorry I was all hot and bothered when I wrote the above. LOl

  66. evrythngzen

    Day #5 is my absolute favorite to look at but Day #13 is my favorite Joe. I love how he is so great with fans, so humble and kind of goofy!! I adore him!!

  67. sunshinehdfan

    How about just 10 Joes’

  68. made4books

    3 alter egos!!!! But it was a close call!!!!

  69. RedfordPhyl

    5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg! Or any of the Joes.

  70. I like #10! I missed how to enter the first time. Too busy looking at the pictures.

  71. Number 9, Joe’s a pullin’ is my pick <3

  72. JuliaMom11

    All of them!!!!

  73. I would say 7 Joe’s a Gazing, but it was so hard to choose!

  74. #3 alter egos, it shows his sense of humor.

  75. All of the Joe’s are just luscious, but I think the shirtless Joe is my fav!

  76. I love them all, but if I had to choose, I pick #7! : )

  77. jenngreene

    #5 without a doubt. I like leaving things to the imagination ;)

  78. valkyrie911

    6 I guess, I miss Joe from Spiderman…I’ll bet he doesn’t!

  79. #2, #2, #2 it is.

  80. jordanarmy1

    My fave day of Joe is Day # 7: 7 Joes a gazin’…Lookin’ good is 1 thing, but if your eyes look good, while you’re looking good, well that’s just H-O-T! Gaze this way J-O-E! ;)

  81. I am all for #7 since I would like to go mountain climbing or enjoying that whole view as well ;-)

  82. I love #7 AND #6…and, of course all of the others!!

  83. Wow! hard decision! I would have to say 1…or maybe 5…or possibly 7. It’s so hard to choose. They’re all great!!

  84. KimberleyC

    I would say #7 Joe Gazing! #5 is a close second.

  85. SeeingNight

    Such a hard decision I was torn between 5 and 6. But Im going with 5 because of those arms and a man that looks good with a shirt on and off gets major points in my book :)

  86. I’m torn… 7 or 3.. awesome view(s) or the must-have sense of humor… sigh…

  87. 5 staring biceps!!

  88. 8 Joes a flexin, oh myyyy! Really, this was hard to pick just one favorite…this man emanates sexy! Just what I needed on a stressful Monday!

  89. I would love to win one of these wonderfully exciting books.

  90. I’ve been exceptionally good this year and I think I should be rewarded with 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  91. kleannhouse

    i think my favorite is #7, Joe’s a gazin

  92. 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg! :)


    It was tough, but #1 just barely beats out #2! Helloooo Joe!

  94. I have to go with #7!!

  95. Wonderfluf

    I choose 7 Joes a gazin’

  96. JulieReviewsBooks

    Definitely “5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!” I love nice arms and he looks just as good with his shirt on.

  97. Day 5 5 biceps straining

  98. racegirl1022

    nice muscles Joe :)

  99. I love #11 Joe’s a swinging. Luscious!!

  100. Love # 10 a little abstract, a work of art!!

  101. maggiewal72

    2 rock hard pecs… !!

  102. Wow, talk about an EXTREMELY tough choice! I’m going to go with #9, though. Love that one!

  103. ybaldeagle

    it was between two and one but I think #1 , shirtless Joe is the winner, don’t call him 8 pack for nothing.

  104. 3 alter egos… because I love a man with a sense of humor

  105. Neon_angels

    My favorite day out of the 13 Days of Joe Manganiello was 8 Joes a flexin! It’s unlike any other day and looks great :)

  106. I’d chose Number 5, Biceps straining,

  107. I like 1 and 5. I just love Alcide YUMMY!!!!

  108. madhoydenish

    Since variety is the spice of life, I like The Third Day of Manganiello. Two Joes is better than one.

  109. cranepuffin

    10 Joes a kickin!

  110. RoyalCheryl

    All of the Above. Joe is the MAN!

  111. sewanee2010

    I love 7, 5, & 2. But since I have to make a choice, I’ll take #5 since I can pretend its me he’s pulling into him and besides a little bit of clothes makes him even more sexy.

  112. deniseckin

    My fav would be day 5 Biceps Astaining.

  113. Vilissa Thompson

    My fave Joe is #6, Joe flexing! :)

  114. They are all so great! I would pick number 7. It shows more of the luscious goodness that is Joe. And it looks like he is thinking hard about something. He he.

  115. momof3boysj


  116. Definitely #7, Joes a gazin’

  117. topspeedslow

    HMMM decisions, decisions…. #5 biiiiiiceps straining


  119. Def #5….Hot!

  120. jlmcarlotta80@hotmail.com

    8 Joes a flexin’…is my number 1 fav, but with 7 Joes a gazin’…an amazingly close second…

  121. retrograve


    Give me #9 Joes a pulling any day…

  122. Crystal Young

    Not easy to pick one but I say #7.

  123. CarrieObrien

    Alter Ego, for sure!

  124. joyfulfive

    number 8 is my favorite

  125. CrystalMirror

    Day 3

  126. Number 5 is my favorite.

  127. 5 biiicceepppsss ssttrraaiiiinniingggg. I have been good this year;) santa bring me Joe.

  128. Every one is beautiful. How can I choose? I guess I’ll go with 2 Rock Hard Pecs, if I absolutely must. :)

  129. let’s see. i prefer a shirtless front view, #1 shirtless Joe

  130. i like 7 joes a gazing.

  131. number 5. I like a mystery too. plus I think a simple white t-shirt can be sexy on a man. Especially a man built like Joe. *wipe drool off my face*

  132. I like day 7. Joe looks hot just gazing like that.

  133. Love me some Joe…love all 12 days… I pick #6 joe is liftin..,,yum!

  134. 5 bookkeeper straining. Holy Maloney!!!

  135. staycoolbye

    My favorite is 3! <3 he can laugh at himself and not be so serious about it

  136. Hah! All days of Joe are my favorite. How can anyone ever choose!!!!! ;)

  137. mrsworldwidewebb

    my favorite is #2….I love the side view and oh my the pecs are definitely wonderful!!

  138. 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  139. careysabala

    #5 is my fave!

  140. diamondcarol27

    #8 Joes a flexin.

  141. “5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!” Could it get more perfect? I just don’t think so….

  142. definitely day 5 – alcide

  143. would have to go with #5

  144. BlackwaterMama

    Joe – swingin

  145. NO. 6 Joes a liftin’…

  146. Can’t I just choose them all?!?!
    HOT! HOT! HOT!
    Ok I’m done drooling now….number 5.

  147. And a shirtless Joe under my Christmas Tree.

  148. Number 7 is the best!

  149. tiara_thomas12

    #7 joe gazing is my fahrenheit even though its almot impossible to choose.

  150. We can pick only one?! Darn. Well then I pick #7; Joe looks soulful in and in his natural setting.

  151. 11 Joes a swingin’… Very hot

  152. Wow all of them, but if I had to pick one it would be #7.

  153. Definitely #11 for me – oh my stuttering heart!!!

  154. OH MY this is great my favorite Werewolf. I would love any of these but #1 is my favorite.

  155. 3 alter egos… You get the best of both worlds! Shirtless & clothed!!!!

  156. All of them, I want to lick and drool over each and every one of them. Please!

  157. Just what I wanted for Christmas.

  158. jiggetts0829

    a beautiful shirtless joe..honestly all of them

  159. I will take all of those pictures! Please and thank you :)

  160. OMGoodG!! My friend would LOVE this!! I would so love to win this for her!!

  161. Julie Solorio

    Day 3 is the winner for me. He is so hot!!!

  162. downita0912

    7 Joe’s a gazing is my favorite. He looks so ready to take on the world or protect a delicate woman.

  163. Beyond HOT shirtless Joe…yummy.;)

  164. biiiiiiceps straininggggg and shirtless Joe. so so sexy

  165. Celestinaortega@yahoo.com

    #7! Joe’s a gazin!!!! My fave! I would love to Catch his attention!

  166. number 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Day #6! Oh yeah.

  168. ambersalley

    #6 –I pick the liftin’!

  169. Tamaris210

    Day 1 is the hottest

  170. Hard choice but Day 2 Rock hard pecs!!!

  171. tiffanyfreund

    I think #7 is my favorite. Though I love them all ;P

  172. Lemuhammad

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE # 6 Joes a liftin’…

  173. 7 Joes a gazin’ is my fav. But I love anything with Joe on it :D

    Missie Jones
    missie25524 (at) netzero.com

  174. Love them all! And I’m like everyone else it is hard to choose but #6 with his Converse shoes on just tipped his Yumminess into Adorable.

  175. I’ll go with 7 Joes a gazin’….

  176. ooh — 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg …. whew!

  177. Joes a flexin = my fave!

  178. Nicole9375

    I will go with day 7 as my favorite day of Joe. I love every Joe day….

    Happy Holidays!

  179. wholovesyababy

    2 rock hard pecs

    YIKES!!! :)

  180. 7 joes a gazin! Is my favorite. Love his gaze. Meet him a few times and that stare is priceless. Love this man!

  181. Love them biceps! 5 definitely!

  182. Natalie823

    5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg! or 3 alter egos!!

  183. #7 Joe agazin lol

  184. All are drool worthy but I’m gonna go with 6 Joes a liftin !

  185. my fav is 5.

  186. “Wow! Now that’s a HOT werewolf!” was my first thought when I first saw Joe in True Blood (season 3).

    Then I started noticing him in other shows, like CSI:NY and White Collar, as well as the movies Magic Mike and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

    GO JOE!
    Good luck with your book and acting career.

  187. I like “5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!”

  188. Wow wow wow but my fav would be 7 joe gazing!!!!! Shew!!!!! Um yeah. Wish he was gazing at me!!!

  189. day #7

  190. You mean I can’t have one of each?! Hmm… Well, in that case, I’ll have to go with “5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!”

  191. Love them all but my favorite is Day 7 Joe gazing. He’s just YUMMY and lick-a-licious…LOL.

  192. I love them all, but #6 is my favorite. I would love to know his secret. Losing weight and keeping it off has been extremely hard for me.

  193. Day 3 is the best. He laughs so well.

  194. Joe astraining

  195. Wow! I’m going to have to go with #5.

  196. #6 but it was difficult to choose.

  197. My favorite day is 7. Love it!!

  198. I love pics #1, #5, and #13. # 1 cause it really showed the hot intense sex appeal of his body. # 5 cause of the look on his face which is so cunning and alluring; plus his muscles outlining his shirt which made his look even more alluring also rugged. then #13 cause of him showing his animal side by howling which I find beyond sexy. All the other pics were great, but these were my favorites.

  199. duncansmomma

    I seriously have to pick just 1?? I’ll go with #7 if I can only have 1.

  200. booksthings

    WHY do I have to choose. Can’t I have all the Joes? Seriously… can’t I????? :D

  201. #3! ;-)

  202. #9.
    I hate that exercise. Good for him!

  203. evolvhealth4u

    #2 if I have to choose
    Would love all of him!!

  204. 11 Joes a swingin’…
    That’s the Joe I like best.

  205. arlinebabka

    7 Joe’s a Gazing!

  206. #7 joe gazing…but any pic of him is worth gazing at :)

  207. Sandy Kenny

    I’d love #5! What a hottie!


  209. parisdreams

    Choices..choices… so hard to choose, but #7 most def! :)

  210. Lolapunk20

    All the days are hot, but if I had to choose one day it’d be #7!

  211. leightim83

    #5, whoa, he is so hot!!!

  212. MollyM2013

    My favorite Day of Joe is Day 1…no, Day 6. Day 7. Oh, I can’t pick just one!! ;-)

  213. So hard to choose…..I guess I would have to go with a beautiful shirtless Joe :) I am watching True Blood right now and loving Alcide!

  214. missmodote

    Okay, 10 Joes a kickin works, So does 2 and 5.

  215. tarynmaria94

    My favorite is definitely day 7!!!

  216. kkennedy013

    Joe is mighty fine. I’d have to say my favorite is Day 5, but Day 7 comes a very close second. :) )

  217. # 7 is my choice. My eyes are watering from too much beauty and brawn!

  218. cleophatra911

    I gotta go with 7 Joes a gazing. I like that outdoorsy shot.

  219. cliffordstubblefield

    looks like the book I’ve been waiting/looking for.

  220. This is really hard but if I’m forced to choose it would be…Picture 5 with the “biiiccceeepps” and the white t-shirt! It shows that you don’t need to be shirt less to be HOT! He is so perfect!

  221. AllStarship

    5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!
    Love to see a man work!

  222. ChristyErp


  223. *deep sigh* #1 A beautiful shirtless Joe.

  224. number 7

  225. conjurerbartlett

    I would have to choose 7 because he looks so well yummy but also very deep in thought, and 5 because just damn, sometimes it is good to leave a little bit to the imagination(even though we know what is under the shirt already. Alcide is by far the best True Blood character!

  226. Mercedesv1

    Day 7!

  227. Five biceps straining!

  228. Neicysjohn

    Omg I love all the days but I have to say day 5 is my favorite!!! Oh yeah!

  229. 10 Joe’s a Kickin’……but any will do!

  230. 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  231. Vampireluvr

    They are all good, but shirtless Joe is so yummy. The veins look scrumptious.

  232. courtney34

    No.7 IS my favorite of joe a gazing .He is so hot looking

  233. lisa2sports

    Three alter egos lol funny

  234. Joe’s a gazing does it for me – wish He was gazing at me!

  235. pookeysmom

    Shirtless Joe! YUMMMM!

  236. Day #3 because he’s smiling! !!! :)

  237. Three. So funny

  238. Day #6

  239. infinitieh

    Mmm…. that beautiful shirtless Joe gets my vote!

  240. Day 2 is my favorite. Ohhh my… whew! He’s a whole lotta man!

  241. weluvdopey

    Do I have to have a favorite, Joe is WOW in everything!! I LOVE him in all of it, hehe. But if I have to choose I will go with Joe Gazzin #7. :)

  242. BookLober62

    Day 3, with the pic of Joe laughing.

  243. Masquerader888

    I’m going with day 8, I like the black and white aesthetic.

  244. Mstrsravn3113

    3 alter egos. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?

  245. 7 Joes a gazin’…

  246. rkellyssranc

    Wow!!! Number 7!! :D

  247. 6 Joes a liftin’… that dude is tough

  248. well, since you are MAKING me choose………….I guess I’ll go with 5.

  249. dirty mojo

    the Day 2 of Joe’s rock hard pecs…

  250. My favorite Joe is day 11. I wouldn’t mind swinging with Joe

  251. kaydstephens

    day 6…those muscles…wowza.

  252. 7 joes a gazin! What an intense actor!

  253. Love them all…. but my favorite is 7 Joes a gazin’… mmmmm

  254. SexyWriter

    I refuse to choose! They are all my favorite of Joe!! *eyelash flutter* *sigh*

  255. Would love to win! (He could park his shoes under my bed anytime he’d like!) ;)

  256. Dora Balfour-Lyda

    All looks yummy!

  257. i really like the pecs one!!!

  258. crystalglenn88

    I’m going to have to go with all of them :)

  259. All of them are yummy as hell!!! If I had to pick just one it would be shirtless Joe… Oh the things I could do to him ;)

  260. geekygirly

    7 Joes a gazin! Yum!!!

  261. Feralredhead

    #7 , Love Joe in an outdoor setting!

  262. Zoeypeacock

    Joe 11

  263. I think my favorite is number 7! :)

  264. jenniferedit

    #10…though I wish I could see more leg. I love strong men’s legs….which so many men neglect. They tend to focus on their upper halves — my calves are bigger than some men’s quads in the gym!

  265. I’ll have #5 please

  266. My favorite is “7 Joes a gazin’…” :P

  267. Lord have mercy!! 10 Joe’s a Kickin. Heck all Twelve are just fabulous. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I feel like I already won.

  268. Beth aka Scifibookcat

    Number 5 though it’s a tough decision.

  269. Day 10! I love powerful legs on a guy.

  270. daisymay95

    Without a doubt – Day 3!

  271. nickieandremus

    Number 5 is my favorite

  272. absmith623

    Day 5! Love the biceps!!!!

  273. OMG! He is so hot! Any day would be great. Just let me win so I can watch him and his pals any day of the week.

  274. ChurchBelle

    DAY 7!!

  275. decarillion

    7 Joes a gazin’

  276. I love Day 7 – like a wolf surveying his territory

  277. My goodness and I’m all a flutter…12 Joes a cheesin’!

  278. … And a beautiful shirtless Joe! (Yeah, like I could really choose one)

  279. Iwishterri

    JOE’S A GAZIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. Day 7 but …. He’s hot all the time <3

  281. 7 Joes a gazin’…

    OMG…that sight’s amazin’…

  282. #7 is my favorite!

  283. It’s too hard to pick!! But I love #3! Double the Joes plus it’s great seeing him laugh and relaxed.

  284. Day 5 is my favorite

  285. Shirtless Joe :)

  286. Oh i want er i mean i like 7 Joe’s a gazing ….

  287. If I must only pick one if will be number 7, wow;)

  288. Designwizard

    Day 5.

  289. All Joe all the days…a girl would have to be crazy to pick one of the days over another!

  290. treasurygirl

    I would have to say #5 please!!!

  291. 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!

  292. Wow…I have to pick just one? Let’s make it 7 Joe’s a gazin’

  293. Definitely 10 Joe’s a kickin – what a beautiful picture!!!!

  294. W.O.W. my kinda Joe!!

  295. I love number 6. The look on his face is priceless.
    Plus every time he is on the screen of true blood the scene gets hotter!

  296. I’m not very good at choosing. They all look delish. But if I had to choose, it would be Day 7….

  297. 3 alter egos…a hunk with humor!

  298. Mamawinsitall

    Day 3. Holy cow!

  299. Number 10, there’s so much to see and do with that position!

  300. Day five!!!!! :)

  301. so many choices!! #7 is my fave!

  302. I can’t pick just one so i narrowed it down to #’s 1,2,&5. I am 29 and Joe is my 1st Hollywood crush. He his the only reason i started watching True Blood. He is so good looking!!!

  303. #5 Handsome, funny and sweet– Merry Christmas to me !

  304. I vote # 9!

  305. Ummm… how about all of them? How could I only just pick one!? Especially with the beautiful song that all just made. Yeah, I totally just read all those “Joe’s” in lyrics. It’s awesome.

  306. BookAttict

    There isn’t a day of Joe that I don’t absolutely love!

    My fave is the 11th day of Joe — just brings into focus that although he is totally smokin’, he really works for it….something this mere mortal can appreciate!

  307. #2.

  308. Love them all but since you’re making me pick I’ll say #6.

  309. Must I choose? Well, then, One shirtless Joe!

  310. #5 is my fav!

  311. VRValicento

    I confess–I watched Magic Mike because of him, not Channing Tatum.

  312. #2 is Hawt! But #3 show a great sense of humor…laughing at yourself…priceless! He even thinks his own hype is funny! Better than any thing, humility!

  313. glorioushonor

    I am having a hard time deciding but, there is something about #5 that I love.

  314. Joe is hot!

  315. undostrois

    Day 7 Joes a gazin’… yummy :)

  316. lisaguertin

    7 Joe’s a gazing and 1 shirtless Joe!

  317. I love them all !!!!!! but if I have to choose I would like a shirtless Joe under my christmas tree. (and I mean a real shirtless Joe under my christmas tree. :-)

  318. frameavenue

    10 Joes a kickin’…

  319. #5 biceps yum.

  320. Diane Sallans

    I like #7 – Joe a gazin’

  321. KimHolliday

    I really want ALL of em cuz I’m just a selfish bitch and ain’t afriad to own it BUT the rules say to pick one so #7 Joe’s a gazing :)

  322. 7- Both lovely and sexy. rawr!

  323. I would pick #2 that body! that stare! it’s like he is looking at me

  324. Joe #5

  325. number 7 joe’s a gazin’

  326. Day #3 looks so good!

  327. Mmillhouse73

    I will go with day 5.

  328. MoonWillow83

    I love 3 Alter Ego Joes. Hes so great and sexy its hard to pick just one.

  329. mhoffman49002

    OMG! He is so freakin’ beautiful!

  330. Okay, so they’re all hot! But #7 is probably my favorite.

  331. #5!

  332. 11, 7, & 1====I’ll go with #1

  333. These pictures definitely took my mind off not being done Xmas shopping!

  334. Sorry, Shirtless Joe is definitely the picture I would pick if forced to…

  335. AquarianDancer

    I’m going with Day 7.

  336. My favorite was day 10 Joes a kickin’… !! Very hard to choose. All are amazing!!

  337. lacydaniel

    Number 2 no wait shirtless joe ugh choices ok number 2 I choose you lol ;)

  338. evelynchuter

    I love #7!!! 7 Joes a gazing!!!!

  339. I’d love to find HIM under my Christmas tree!!

  340. I have to go with Day 6. Just wow!

  341. I want them all. But if I have to pick one. It would be #10

  342. My fav is the 3 alter egos… because you get to see the different sides of Joe

  343. Three

  344. alaskanwolf0405

    Day two

  345. Sibohan Nightfire

    My Pic is Day 7. When you just think about what he is looking at. What is waiting for him just out of his view. Makes your mind wonder what he is capable of with all his strength and agility.

  346. Wow,put him in my big sack, stocking too small,that way I can drag him home…ALONE!!!

  347. amandadalon

    Day 5 biiiiiiceps straininggggg!
    what you don’t know, is that i’m on the other end of the rope…….well thats how my dream went anyway.

  348. Wow, saw him when he was a kid. Big difference.

  349. ducktapegurl

    #5 is my favorite!

  350. Day 7 is my favorite. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  351. Cheyenne Davis

    Day #6!!!

  352. You make us choose just one???? Well, it was a tough one and I had to study each one REALLY well, but I’m going with day 1.

  353. I like #7. Love muscular legs. I like his thoughtful expression. He looks at peace with himself and the world.

  354. Day #7. Wonder what he’s thinking so HARD about?

  355. I would like him to pull me!
    So number 9!

  356. Love Day 3, he truly is a lot of fun!!!

  357. 5 biceps straining!!

  358. Day 3 Alter Egos

  359. I like day 2. He’s even better in black and white.

  360. I like number 5.

  361. HeatherM74

    Day 10 – Joe Kicking is my favorite! Yum!

  362. 5 Joes a kickin’ – WOW

    • Overcome by too many Joes! should have been
      10 Joes a kickin’- Double WOW

  363. They’re all drool-worthy, but if I had to pick, #7 would probably be my favorite.

  364. I want to win this, and make a friend’s day!

  365. One Beautiful Shirtless Joe is all I need for Christmas!!!

  366. Although ALL pictures of Joe are drool worthy – #7 is the best of the best. He is gazing in the distance looking for me with lower lip waiting to be bitten by me. All those muscles needs to be massaged with my warm hands. The face, hair, lips, body and the intangible (like intelligence) qualities you can’t see! Just had an o moment!

  367. JerryJerry

    3 alter egos… funny-is-everything Joe! ;-)

    Happy holidays all.

  368. elainekelly59

    I love number 5

  369. number 5 for sure!

  370. I pick 3 Alter Egos because Laughing Joe and Short-hair Joe are just as hot as Shirtless, Long-hair Joe. Yum!

  371. Day 5- Biceps straining

  372. I had to put a great deal of time into this…I pick 2!

  373. day 5 he’s so sexy and the shirt leaves some what of a mystery. even though you can see what’s under the shirt in the other pictures lol :) just yummy lol

  374. mccluske@msn.com

    day 13 joe’s acheezing

  375. I love the 7

  376. busywinner

    Day 7-7 Joes a gazin’ is my fav-sexy Capricorn out on the rocks! Happy Birthday, Joe!

  377. Flippa Bird

    #7 woohoo!! He is such a sexy beautiful gorgeous piece of man!!!

  378. kelleytackett

    I would let that man eat crackers in my bed anytime. Lord have mercy!

  379. butrflyz15189

    My favorite is 10 Joe’s a kickin…oooooh la la

  380. susanmcelroy

    #5 sends my head a spinning

  381. erinbadams

    #2 rock hard pecs! He worked hard for those pecs and the black and white pic is awesome! #BurghProud

  382. I like # 11!

  383. I like Joe swinging

  384. Shinimegami23

    I think “7 Joes a gazin’…” is definitely my favorite.

  385. grandmareads

    Joe is great in every picture, but I’ll pick number 2

  386. All of them are awesome. If I really have to choose I pick 10

  387. I like them all but if I have to pick I’d say 10…….drool…. :p!

  388. Flippa Bird

    So I know I already commented, but I had to come back again and look at these pictures and to say #10… Damn!

  389. Number five, bicep training Reminds me of watching the guys at the gym while my Father trained. By the way, if you don’t want your daughter to admire hunks, don’t take her to the gym with you……………. ;)

  390. day #5 is good

  391. Pnkstr1025

    7 Joes gazin is pretty hot. So day 7!

  392. harvardpsycgirl

    Number 5. A little mystery is a beautiful thing :) .

  393. DAY 6

  394. I like #10!!

  395. I have to say love them all but love 5

  396. #5 because I would love to tear that white shirt OFF!!!

  397. TrueBloodDiaries

    True Blood is my FAVORITE show! I think Joe is a brilliant actor. He’s definitely more than just his muscles.

  398. ALL JOE ALL THE TIME!! I would die if I won!

  399. Number 3 is my favorite. Being able to laugh about it all.

  400. Gayle Cochrane

    2 rock hard pecs…

  401. tiffanyevelyn

    10…um yeah 10…

  402. 3 alter egos, for sure…:)

  403. Definitely 7 Joe a gazin

  404. #7 Definitely!

  405. Had to come back… 5 biceps straining!!!

  406. mikadiddle

    The beautiful Shirtless Joe. He is smokin!

  407. kimberlybreid

    Five biceps straining is my favorite!

  408. dixielandcountry

    It is so hard to choose however it’s day 7 for me! That is one fine man!

  409. monica0516

    best one is 13th day. Joe looks like someone just hurt his soul mate and he is crying out in a fit of rage..that’s the first thing that came to mind..that picture has a lot of meanings

  410. Day 5! Gotta love the biceps!

  411. i would LOVE to win this contest, just for the first 4 season’s of True Blood… oh yea and Joe would be an added bonus. *wink*

  412. forgot to mention, my favorite picture is #10 Joe Kicking… just imaging what he can do with the strength in those legs makes me drool

  413. EnterTAYned

    Very difficult to choose just one picture but my choice is #1 Shirtless Joe. Not just because he’s shirtless (he is in many of the pics) there’s something about that particular picture that is just so sexy, sort of a come and get it invitation! ;)

  414. Love the picture of Joe “a-gazin”! Number 7

  415. Day 5 though all the days of Joe have their place.